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Posted in: Oliver's Twist
The NXT Review: 21/08/2014 – Cut Your Hair
By Oliver
Aug 22, 2014 - 6:35:00 AM

Hello again NXTians, and welcome to another week of The NXT Review! Now, when we left things last week, Tyson Kidd had just spoilt a fascinating championship match between Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze – will there be fallout from that this week? You betcha! In the main event we have, for the first time ever I think, Kidd vs Breeze! Also this week, we will discover who will square off in the final of the NXT Tag Team Number One Contenders Tournament, as the Realest Guys in the Room go two on two with The Vaudevillains, and the makeshift team of Adam Rose and Sami Zayn look to overcome Kalisto and Sin Cara! Let’s do this!

The NXT Review: 21/08/2014 – Cut Your Hair

Realest Guys in the Room vs The Vaudevillains

Bada boom, Realest Guys in the Room! Enzo and Colin get the crowd popping and you can’t teach that! The NXT universe ain’t ever seen Jesus – G’s like us! They’re not S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAWFT! The Vaudevillains continue their run of being absurdly entertaining just from their entrance, which is glorious and exactly the odd sort of quirky thing that works so well on here. They’ve stopped adding more things since they got their own announcer, and I think that’s probably a good move – it could otherwise go way overboard.

English and Cassady start us off, the big guy blocking a side headlock takeover and knocking down his cultured opponent with a shoulder. Cassady is all over his opponent here, striking them both with big knees and dropping an elbow on Gotch. Amore comes in and hits a series of punches on Gotch as he’s held by Cassady, and then Cass throws a charging Amore into Gotch in the corner. Oh, but as they look for another double team move English appears with a dropkick to Cassady! Amore gets caught in mid-air by Gotch, and he and English hit That’s A Wrap for the win!

Well, that was surprisingly short and sweet, it has to be said – I was expecting a little bit of a longer bout between the two…oh! As the Realest Guys in the Room are backing off the Legionnaires attack them from behind! Louis strikes Cassady as LeFort restrains Amore…and then they shave half of Amore’s beard! The bastards! Those bloody Frenchmen! Well, that’s an interesting kink in the story. As I was saying, the match wasn’t really much, and I thought we’d get a bit more between the two teams before the finish, which kind of came out of nowhere. I think it might have worked better if the Legionnaires had distracted Cassady and Amore and that cost them the loss, but hey – a pair of tag team stories developing in the division now, which keeps it interesting, and I think the Legionnaires have kind of needed something to do – it was a bit odd that they weren’t included in the tournament from the start, in truth.

Here’s Triple H, doing an announcement again. Ooh, another two hour live show, NXT:Takeover 2. How lovely. All the belts will be on the line, so I assume that’s when we’ll get Charlotte vs Bayley. A mention of The Ascension gets a big ‘yah!’ chant going, and Triple H announces that we’ll get a new GM announced next week. It’s going to be Mike Adamle, isn’t it?

Tyler Breeze is backstage with Devin Taylor and is all mad about Tyson Kidd being a dick sack last week and running his chance to become the most gorgeous champion in NXT history, and Kidd is about to find out that Prince Pretty is more than just a pretty face.

Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze

Kidd enters, smug as ever and looking pretty chuffed with his titantron video or something. He does a lot of pointing. Byron Saxton says he’s keeping himself relevant and…it’s kind of true, I guess. I mean, this is the best run I’ve seen him go on for ages, and I think it’s arguably better than his time on NXT:Redemption when he was killing it with Trent Barreta and Michael McGillicutty. I miss Trent Barreta. Guy would have absolutely killed it on NXT, but ended up with only a pair of short feuds with Ohno and Kruger. His NJPW work in the Super Juniors was really good, in my book. Breeze gets the big pop his entrance deserves – sporting some glittery pink ring gear today with black fluffy trims to his boots and hooded vest. Those Peruvian Chinchillas must be working overtime to produce all this fur.

Breeze is all about business tonight – no relaxing in the corner, he’s right in Kidd’s face and dominates the opening of the match, flinging Kidd to the corner and stomping him down. Kidd turns it around, though, and connects with a back elbow off the ropes and a kick to the back. He lands a suplex and rolls it through into a neckbreaker, and Breeze ducks a punch but instead gets kicked in the face, then knocked down with a dropkick. And Kidd’s going for the sharpshooter early…but Breeze wriggles to the ropes and out of the ring! And he sack it off! He grabs his phone and marches to the back, saying he doesn’t need it.

Kidd celebrates like he’s won something important, and then throws on Breeze’s jacket. How confusing – this was just getting going and Breeze bailed. Kind of a shame that we didn’t get to see these two go at it competitively, and with Breeze being the one that wanted the revenge it’s odd that he walked out. I mean shouldn’t he be going toe to toe with the guy and forcing him to retreat instead? Slightly odd, that. A second match that didn’t really get going before it was done in a row, as well.

Oh, the cameras have caught up with Tyler Breeze backstage and ask him about why he walked away – but he doesn’t really care for answering questions from the media and is more concerned about the big NXT Championship announcement next week, so tells the paparazzo to get away from him. He did say that he and Kidd were fine, for the record.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

I’m still not really sure how I should react to Charlotte – I mean, she’s been mean to Bayley a whole lot in backstage segments and is still kind of playing a head bitch sort of role, but then last week she came out and shook Bayley’s hand, seemingly showing some mutual respect. It’s odd, and I think it plays into how she gets received by the audience here as the reaction is pretty mixed. Becky Lynch continues her transition into modern day Lita, rocking some tartan and head banging all the while. I’m cool with it. Like, I know WWE want us to believe that Lita was the best thing ever to happen in women’s wrestling which…well, she kind of wasn’t in terms of her technical ability but she is in terms of achievements so whatever. But it’s a sort of attitude that’s mean missing a bit recently, and if they’re going to bring it back at all might as well throw it at someone who has red hair, I guess.

They have a ‘woo’ and ‘roar’ off to start, then Charlotte takes her opponent down. Becky’s getting a bit of support from the crowd, and it’s because of technical work like this – she ducks a clothesline into a waistlock, then takes Charlotte down and works the leg over. Charlotte turns it over into a pinning situation and then wraps up the leg of Lynch, but it gets turned into a crucifix style pin, Charlotte kicking out, then twisting the Nature Girl into another one for a two count. Charlotte’s had enough and lands a boot to the midsection, but Lynch dodges her running into the corner and lands a jumping thrust kick off the bottom rope. She gets turned to the apron, but stays on top with a hard forearm…but not for long! When she climbs back in, Charlotte kicks Lynch in the face and takes control, taking this to the mat and locking in the figure four headlock. But Lynch bridges it into a pin! Charlotte kicks out and lands a hard clothesline to wrestle back control, getting a couple of one counts and then beating Lynch down in the corner and clubbing her on the back. Lynch pops up with a European uppercut, but that just infuriates the champ who clubbers her back to the corner…Lynch now fires back with fury and a pair of clotheslines! A calf kick and a pair of leg drops earns a two count, and Charlotte then turns a suplex attempt into one of her own…and lands Bow Down for the three count.

Hey, guess what? Another really enjoyable NXT women’s match! Lynch showed she had learnt from their previous match – working over the leg of Charlotte to avoid her locking in the figure four, bridging out of the figure four headlock to break that – and Charlotte looked impressive in taking a strong win, but not one that was so devastating her opponent looks like a chump. I still don’t like the Bow Down as a finisher and would rather see her work the leg and build to the figure four for tap out victories, but it works fine here and this is the sort of dominant win Charlotte should be getting as champ. What I think is curious about the Bow Down is that it’s not really a cutter anymore – she doesn’t get the arm in front of her opponent, so it’s more like she’s flipping out and hitting a…I don’t know what you’d call it, a bulldog? Or a headlock driver sort of thing? It looks a bit more impactful for not having an arm between the mat and the face, whatever you’d call it. Good match, this, and Charlotte celebrates to another mixed reaction.

Enzo is Smack Talker Skywalker and he’s got a razor lightsabre! Sylvester LeFort better fall back like his hairline, because Enzo is out of his mind and is playing hide and seek and lays down the challenge – Mohawk vs whatever LeFort has on his head at NXT:Takeover! And if he doesn’t agree he’s S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAWFT! Woah, what a challenge! I’m in on hair vs hair so hard, one of my favourite ridiculous stipulations.

Mojo Rawley vs Steve Cutler

Steve Cutler comes out of his corner, lands a series of punches that pushes Mojo back to covering up against the turnbuckles. The ref pulls them apart, but Cutler is incessant – the moment Mojo is back in the middle of the ring he takes him down and mounts him, punching him so hard a tooth comes out. He picks Mojo up, hits a double underarm DDT and rolls into the cover for the three count and the shock victory.

LOL JK, Mojo wins with his butt. Nobody in the crowd gives a shit.

Does Mojo have surgery scars on his shoulder joints? Does anybody know? Oh, there’s a promo here about how angry he is about Bull Dempsey and he promises to take everything he has and keep going. If Bull thinks all Mojo is is a smile, the smile is gone and Mojo’s going to stay hyped forever or whatever. MOJO RAWLEY’S SHOWING HIS NEW AGGRESSIVE SIDE, MAGGLE.

Adam Rose and Sami Zayn vs Caristo

Hey, Sin Cara and Kalisto have matching gear now, all red green and silver, and have a tag team entrance animation from the drop down list of available tag team entrance animations. They are a hand shake away from doing the London and Kendrick entrance, actually. Zayn gets the crowd going nuts for his entrance, easily getting the biggest reaction of the night so far, with Rose getting the second biggest for his Rosebud assisted entrance. It’s funny how Adam Rose only really gets to be a competent wrestler on NXT. Like, his main roster run stalled so hard so quickly and he immediately got shafted into one minute matches where he rubs his butt in people’s faces then hits the Party Foul, but on NXT he gets to be a wrestler with a gimmick, instead of a gimmick with a wrestler, if that makes sense. Unsurprisingly, the former is more over with a crowd.

Rose and Kalisto start us off, then, the big Barbados dweller winning the opening lock up with a shoulder block and prompting a ‘party time, all the time!’ chant. Kalisto spins his way out of a wristlock, and tags in Zayn who will face off with Kalisto…nope, he’s going to have to deal with Sin Cara as the little Mexican tags out. These two start showing off just what they can do with fast, sharp mat exchanges, neither man gaining the upperhand immediately, but Cara eventually bouncing off the middle rope and catching Zayn in an armdrag to send him to the outside. Stereo fake outs from Cara and Kalisto as Zayn and Rose recover on the outside! This has started with a real pace, as you’d expect – with Rose the only real odd man out in the four, I think some quick action was assured.

Back in the ring, Kalisto and Rose are going at it again – Kalisto takes Rose down with a side headlock, then spins out of a back suplex and hits a twisting cross body off the middle rope after ducking a clothesline! He takes Rose back down to the mat, controlling the bigger man…but this time he fails to reverse the back suplex and Rose wrestles him back to his corner and brings Zayn in. Sami hits a back breaker across his knee, and Kalisto is on the back foot – with Zayn sensibly slowing the pace after he lost the opening exchanges, the luchador has been knocked off his game here. But he somersaults out of a side headlock takeover! Woah – he and Zayn dive over each other off the ropes, but Kalisto stops himself in a hand stand, then flips through 360 degrees into a hurricanrana! Amazing stuff – Kalisto really can do ridiculous things you think you’ll never see. Cara comes in and the two double team Zayn, landing a wheelbarrow splash for a two count. Zayn backdrops Cara in the corner but his opponent lands on the apron, then back flips over him off the top rope and lands an arm drag for a two count! Kalisto comes in and takes him down for a two count…and then Zayn lands a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to swing momentum back the other way. Zayn makes the tag to Rose now, and the two isolate Kalisto, Rose playing the heel by landing a series of back kicks ala William Regal and then taking down the high flyer with a chinlock. The smaller man fires up, but Rose immediately cuts him off and takes it back to the mat…but Kalisto blocks him with a kick in the corner…and then gets spinebustered for his trouble! Good Lord, Rose has a beautiful spinebuster. But he takes too long to capitalise and gets kicked in the head! And a tag to Sin Cara who comes in with a house on fire, talking out both Rose and Zayn! Springboard back elbow for 1…2…Zayn breaks up the pin! Kalisto takes him out with a dropkick, and then Cara with a tope suicida to Zayn on the outside! But Rose fires back with a big clothesline and goes for the Party Foul…Kalisto kip ups and lands an enziguiri! Standing shiranui by Kalisto! Falling Star senton from Sin Cara! And Zayn just fails to break up the pin – Cara and Kalisto win!

Crikey was this ever good – Kalisto got to show off in the way he should every time he’s in the ring, as did Cara, but Zayn and Rose cut them off terrifically and at just the right sort of times to get the crowd going. The ending sequence had them all going crazy, even me at home, and after Rose hit that clothesline I thought it was going to be all over. The quality of these guys is not to be overlooked – Hunico was always one of the more underrated WWE performers who never really got to cut loose on the main roster, and is unarguably doing Sin Cara better than the original Sin Cara was. But yeah, this was a great way to end the show, and the match between The Vaudevillains and Sin Cara and Kalisto should be a really interesting mesh of styles. I’m down with either team taking on The Ascension, and although I sort of hope it will be the high flyers who get the shot my heart is begging for it to be The Vaudevillains.

NXT MVP Becky Lynch!

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about the people who really shone this week, but Becky Lynch, with her new attitude, is really working for me right now. She’s crisp in the ring and now she’s cut the crap is showing she’s got the talent to mix it with the best on NXT.


- Becky Lynch
14/08/2014 - Bayley
07/08/2014 - Justin Gabriel
31/07/2014 - Charlotte
24/07/2014 – Kalisto
17/07/2014 – Sasha Banks

Bit of a curious week, this time around – the first two matches were kind of short and didn’t really get going well and sort of sat as just a couple of odd things. The women’s match and the main event, however, were great and hugely enjoyable, so it was an odd split and left us with an average show overall but with two shining matches that are worth a look. I thought the promos from Enzo were really good, though, and the whole scenario with him and LeFort is an interesting development.

Next week – a pair of huge announcements, as NXT gets a new General Manager and a main event for the upcoming NXT:Takeover event. Plus, Bayley shows up once again to build up towards her title shot against Charlotte at the aforementioned special event, and I daresay we’ll hear something from The Ascension about their prospective opponents. Until then, fair NXTians, stay safe while crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! TTFN!

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