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Posted in: Oliver's Twist
The NXT Review: 19/06/2014 - Grumpy Kids
By Oliver
Jun 20, 2014 - 7:00:00 AM


Hello once again one and all – let’s do another hour of wrestling, shall we? Tonight – Sasha Banks will go face to face with Alexa Bliss, plus we get a new tag team or two in action and everyone has a big old part. Come on, let’s do this!

The NXT Review: 19/06/2014 – Grumpy Kids

They do a replay of Tyson Kidd throwing everything at Adrian Neville last week but still coming up short, even after a Blockbuster, an elbow drop and a spinny flippy leg drop to the back of the head. Oh, cool, Natalya decided she could fantasy book a Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn tag team for NXT and collared JBL to tell him about it. I can imagine Internet Savvy Nattie just wandering around backstage coming up with fantasy booking scenarios. ‘So Steph, what I thought was, you could push Dolph Ziggler to the World Championship, turn John Cena heel to feud with him, and then maybe re-establish the Intercontinental Championship so it actually means something again.’ Anyway, Mother Natalya gets her wish and her son will team with Sami Zayn tonight to take on The Ascension.

 photo ALEXAVSSASHA_zpsd0f821aa.jpg

Sasha waltzes her way down to the ring, but there’s still some tension between her and Summer Rae who gets complete ‘gurl bye’-d by Boss of NXT at the top of the ramp. Charlotte and Sasha seem all buddy buddy, though, so I guess it’s just Summer who’s the problem. Ooh, Alexa Blis is still a wearing all her bling bling and showering people in glitter. I’m still not sure whether she’s Tinkerbell or Dianna Agron in Glee, but whatever – it’s still a lot of fun and the kind of stuff I like.

Sasha facepalms her off – momentary appreciation of Sasha Banks’ ring gear, which is fabulous tonight, all one shouldered majesty and puprle and orange. Bliss comes back at her after a shoulder block, leapfrogging her and then they do that rolling leap over a fallen opponent thing that you see in every independent wrestling match ever. Banks looks pretty pleased with herself for doing it, but that moment of celebration gives Bliss the opportunity to wheelbarrow up her into an armdrag, and she follows up with a tilt-a-whirl inside cradle! 1…2..nope, Sasha kicks out but then bites a dropkick and a monkey flip for her troubles. Banks blocks another cradle attempt, but Bliss fires back with a forearm…no, Banks reverses an attempted tilt-a-whirl with a beautiful backbreaker for a two count. She talks some smack and throws Alexa around before locking in a Romero Special on her opponent, stretching out her back and shoulders. She eventually drops the elevated position, but now the match switches to being about Summer and Charlotte on the outside, both of whom are trying to get closer to the ring apron. Not sure what the issue is, there’s tons of space there. Sasha is taking it to Alexa in the ring, but the women outside are flicking their hair at each other. Oh, and the destruction gives Alexa the chance to roll Banks up for the win!

Summer and Charlotte continue to bicker at ringside, resulting in some attempt at violence but I’ve seen worse in the pubs of Leeds on a Saturday night. Summer says something about a weave to Sasha Banks and the BFFs are all at odds with each other. I read recently that this pair tore it up at an NXT house show, so had quite high hopes going in – perhaps it was because of that that I felt it was a little flat. Or perhaps it was because it never got a chance, because by the time they were getting to the point it needed to accelerate to a finish the bickering stuff started and it was over. I mean, I can accept matches being done to set up other matches, even if they’re not directly involving the people in the ring, but it felt like there was a little bit more to come from this. Bliss still looks good, although she’s a little bit of a rough diamond at the moment – there’s just a tiny little bit of sheen missing from her moves, the way she transitions from the acrobatics to actually hitting the move. Like the armdrag – she did the wheelbarrow stuff fine, but then stopped and then hit the armdrag. Should be one fluid movement, really. Once that’s ironed out, though (and I’m sure it will be ironed out, I mean, Del Rey ain’t going to let that happen, right?) she’ll be fantastic fun to watch. I guess we’re going to Charlotte vs Summer for the title now, which is a little odd but I’m OK with it simply because it’s all an obvious gap filler until they shift Bayley into a serious feud for the title. Actually, Bayley and Alexa teaming up to take on the BFFs wouldn’t be a bad thing. That could be a lot of fun.

Internet Savvy Natalya finds Sexually Unsatisfying Tyson Kidd backstage and mothers him about being fair and nice, and that he should say thankyou for her getting him a tag title shot. Tyson’s all like ‘I can wrestle, I am a wrestler, that is I compete in a dramatised athletic spectacle where the outcomes are predetermined and the combative manoeuvers are executed with the full cooperation of those involved’ and basically says ‘Muuuuuuuum I know what I’m dooooiiiing, stop cramping my styyyyyyyle’ like a stroppy teenager. Snore.

Ah, an amazing silent movie style backstage promo from The Vaudevillains (I think it’s Vaudevillains and not Vaudevillians, but I’ll probably spell it wrong from time to time) – they’re all well set for going after the NXT Tag Team Championships now, and are presumably going to turn up very soon and do just that. This was great, really old style effects and just interesting in marking them out as different. Gotch and English look terrific together, as well – really in sync with each other.


Mojo Rawley has tucked his t-shirt into his wrestling trunks. As if you need another reason to hate him. Rawley wins with his butt.

Do. Something. Interesting.

Sami Zayn wants he and Tyson Kidd to make up for their recent losses. One of these people is a beloved face and the other is showing signs of turning into a heel. Three guesses for what’s going to happen later.

Meanwhile, CJ Parker has some protest signs again. William Regal wants to run him over with his great big SUV. I feel you, Lord Regal. I really do. Also, Tyler Breeze has entered the building.


The Vaudevillains get an nWo style black and white entrance with a megaphone cone and a microphone held at the end of it by Gotch. English introduces the pair of them and then they have magnificent silent movie style music. Yes – inevitably, I love this and think it’s inspired. Gotch does look a little bit manic in his movements, but otherwise the two work perfectly together as a pair, both looking the part and acting the part. I’m pretty intrigued by how this is going to go.

Gotch puts up his dukes to face Angelo Dawkins as the NXT crowd start up a chant for the new tag team. Gotch locks in a hammerlock and then does some one-handed press-ups on his opponents back whilst keeping the hold in. Dawkins bails and tags in Tyler, but Gotch catches him and drags him to his corner to tag in English. They double team with a European uppercut into a swinging neckbreak, before Dear Aiden drops a leg across the neck of his opponent. He locks up Tyler’s arm and wrenches it back with his legs, before handing over to Simon Gotch on the outside, who repeats the leg trap arm wrench but with added Hindu squats. The Vaudevillains swap places again, English now taking it to Travis Tyler and beating him down but never leaving his own corner of the ring. Good quick switched from the new team here, as Gotch comes in again and lands a hard punch to the midsection, before holding back Tyler from making a tag whilst doing squats. This is incredible. Gotch eventually hauls Tyler back and up onto his shoulders. He backs up to receive a tag from Aiden English before hitting a rolling senton. English follows up with a tremendous second rope senton to earn The Vaudevillains a debut victory!

Outstanding. More please, and more now. Everything from the presentation to the in ring stuff just works with these guys, and they already look like a well-oiled unit. I don’t think they’ll necessarily immediately get a tag title shot, but with the paucity of opponents in the division it probably won’t be long before they do. Hopefully it will also trigger The Ascension moving up to the main roster, because I can’t see much for them to do once they drop the belts. Gotch looked fabulous here as the strong man, with Aiden keeping up the more technical side of things and…yup, loved it. Can’t say enough good things about it right now.

Big Cass is backstage with Devin Taylor – recently, things have been going as smooth as a fine grain leather for Cassady, but he feels like things could be a little bit better because something is missing. He then sings ‘when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s…’ but stops short of the ‘amore’, choosing to tap Devin on the nose instead. Enzo is coming! He is! That’s totally what this was all about! Hurrah!

Oh, Devin Taylor also gets to talk to Rob Van Dam. He sounds either drunk or high – I’m guessing the latter. Anyway, he’s found out who the best guy is and wants to wrestle Adrian Neville. He does the pointing thing, because that’s the only thing that’s still over about RVD, and basically just babbles for a minute about nothing otherwise. Neville vs RVD would probably have been good like, 20 years ago? When Neville was doing headscissor takeovers in his nappies?

 photo BREEZEVSKALISTO_zpsb802807c.jpg

Kalisto’s flying solo and ‘lucha’s his way to the ring. He does some flippy dippy entering the ring stuff but is mostly just grabbing at all the midges in the air. Tyler Breeze’s new entrance theme is still the best thing on any wrestling show right now. Any show. After what Breeze and Zayn did at Takeover, this should be absolutely killer – Kalisto is similar to Zayn but with a bit more lucha thrown in, and Breeze is still Breeze. Let’s hope, hey?

Breeze reclines in the corner, staring down Kalisto on the opposite side of the ring – presumably he’s silently judging his awful tattoos. Breeze overpowers his smaller opponent in the opening lock ups, but the pace of the luchador suggests he should be able to get a foothold in the match. He cartwheels out of an Irish whip attempt, for example. Breeze, though, is taking the ‘wear him down’ approach, locking in a side headlock and taking Kalisto to the mat. He manages to get the shoulders down a couple of times, but Kalisto bridges out and gets off the mat for a moment. Breeze is keeping that headlock in tight, and even holds one when Kalisto gets a roll up style pin on him, kicking out but holding on to the neck. Kalisto does make it to his feet, but he can’t push Prince Pretty off even with the help of the ropes and it goes back to the mat. You want to know how long this goes on? I think we’re in minute three already. Kalisto finally creates some space, hitting a spinning springboard crossbody off the second rope when he tosses Breeze off and then headscissoring him out of the ring after using a handstand to stop his momentum off the ropes. He goes for a big dive, but Breeze just bails on him so he bounces back off the top rope. Some more pace developing in this match now, perhaps, with Kalisto on top and Breeze clearly needing to change his game plan.

Breeze manages to regain the upperhand coming back in the ring, knocking Kalisto back with a jawbreaker and then stomping him down in the corner. That causes Tyler’s boot fluff to slip down, so he adjusts it before trying for the pin and only gets a two count. Too much time spent on your clothes, Tyler. Anyway, Breeze locks in a chancery on Kalisto and holds him down on the mat, bucking his hips up into the air for some extra leverage and keeping Kalisto off his feet. The crowd aren’t really feeling this either, but Kalisto finally pops up into a hurricanrana and sparks them into life for a little bit. Breeze flies back with a right hand to the temple, though, and then pounds on his opponent on the mat to keep him down. Regal, as a true villain, is discussing how he would try and twist the mask to cover his opponents eyes. Man, that’s special, and nice to hear while Breeze has gone back to the chancery. The crowd get Kalisto going, but Breeze cuts off the fire with a bulldog into the turnbuckles. Ah, but when he goes for the pin Kalisto rolls to the apron and then uses the ropes for leverage to connect with a kick to his opponents head! Kalisto flies back into the ring with a springboard crossbody and both men are down as a result. Somehow, Breeze takes an eight count as a result of a crossbody. He’d be dogshit in a last man standing match. And Kalisto rolls through a roll up into a kick to the head! He shoots the half but only gets a two count. Breeze climbs to his feet in the corner and back body drops Kalisto, but only to the apron and the luchador leaps over Breeze back into the ring. He stops on the ropes out of an Irish whip, avoiding a superkick and then connecting with a dropkick on the King of Cuteville. But as he springboards in from there Breeze wipes him out with a Beauty Shot for the win!

Well, the ending was quite nicely done, it has to be said. Could have been about five minutes shorter, though – the repeated holds worked in terms of Breeze wanting to ground his opponent, but after the first couple that plot point is established. The only way you can tell a story in the ring is if you develop plot points. The logical point would have been Kalisto finally not being able to be kept down any more, only for Breeze to realise something else, and then so on and so forth until the finish. Going back to the same method of keeping someone down isn’t it. When Plan A doesn’t work, go to Plan B – attack the legs or something to keep him down. Breeze locking in a figure four or something would have developed the whole story further and shown that he had an alternative way to keep him down. It was just a little too much by the end of the match and that sort of made it very dull for long parts. Sort of a shame, but hopefully it’s a minor blip for both guys and nothing major. Anyway, Tyler Breeze has left the building and Tyson Kidd is making his entrance.

 photo THEASCENSIONVSZAYNKIDD_zps32a6efa9.jpg

Here he comes, walking to the ring and flipping into it. Zayn makes his entrance, still over as heck and still skanking. I didn’t realise people still skanked, to be honest with you, I thought it had died a death in the mid-00s. Ah, The Ascension, with their threatening theme music and matching t-shirts. The crowd are yah-ing already, and the most dominant tag team in NXT history roar in the centre of the ring. They’re up for this, and pretty much begging for Zayn and Kidd to get into the ring and get this thing started. Lil’ Naitch holds up the belts and Zayn and Viktor get us started.

The Scalpel of The Ascension shoves his opponent into the ropes and strikes him with a forearm to the small of the back. He’s already flinging around his slightly smaller opponent, tossing him into the corner and beating him down with chops to the chest before repeating the forearm to the back spot. Zayn shows some fire – and bounces off the bottom rope and back over his opponent! He goes for the pinfall but only gets one, then gets cut off going for a tag to Kidd. Viktor drives him back to the opposite corner and brings in the Yah Master, and Konnor proceeds to stomp him down in the corner to the delight of the crowd. Zayn kicks out of a cover by Viktor as Tyson looks on, either unimpressed or confused. I’m not sure which, his face makes no sense to me whatsoever. Viktor continues the assault on Sami, beating him down against the ropes and then grabbing his ears. Zayn’s in the ropes though so the ref breaks it up, but Viktor stays on top gets Konnor in for more corner yah-ing. Yah yah yah he goes as he beats down the one half of Team Canada before tagging out to Viktor who just repeatedly stops Zayn from reaching his partner for a tag, no matter how much he stretches for it. The Scalpel eventually pulls him back by the top of his trunks into a big back suplex…and Tyson is done, complaining about not getting a tag and walking up the ramp. Zayn is firing back in the ring though and connects with a cross body off the second rope to Viktor after taking out both members of The Ascension. But Kidd isn’t there! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, Tyson Kidd! Zayn gets crushed in the corner by Konnor, and that allows The Ascension to connect with Fall of Man for the win.

Bet you never saw that happening, did you? Booking 101, but oh well – it gets us Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn, and Kidd gets even more heat from the crowd for being a douche to the most over man on the show. The match was, you know, pretty much standard The Ascension fair just with added stroppy teenage Tyson Kidd. He’s a stroppy teenager now, probably still spouting facts off but also considering how much he can jerk off in his bedroom before his mother Natalya comes to tuck him in with a kiss on the forehead.


 photo NXTMVPVAUDEVILLAINS_zpsc33b0c55.jpg
The Vaudevillains!

An excellent debut all round, I think we can all agree. Oozing character and quality from the moment they set foot on the ramp, the unique presentation and the quality of their tagging was undeniable. Now, anyone for cricket?


– The Vaudevillains
12/06/2014 – Colin Cassady
05/06/2014 - Charlotte
22/05/2014 - Paige
15/05/2014 – Tyson Kidd
08/05/2014 – Kalisto
01/05/2014 – Sasha Banks

A bit of a flat show this week, especially given the high quality from the week before. Outside of the opening women’s match (I’m pretty sure I say this every fricking time there’s an opening women’s match) which was very good and the debut of The Vaudevillains, I was pretty disappointed across the board with the show. It’s a shame, every now and again there’s just that one poor episode on NXT. The closing match had potential, I think, but it was a little too short to really get that impact. Equally, stroppy Tyson Kidd couldn’t have got a strop on is he’d been tagged in so it couldn’t really go on any longer. Oh well. The less said about Mojo Rawley the better.

Next week, The Vaudevillains wrestl again and I will likely fawn over them some more. Rob Van Dam returns to NXT to face off against Adrian Neville in a non-title match. And the BFFs probably continue to implode as Summer Rae faces NXT newcomer Becky Lynch. Also – will Enzo Amore return and win all of our hearts again by not being S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAAAWFT? Until next week, NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! TTFN!

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