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Posted in: Oliver's Twist
The NXT Review: 12/06/2014 – The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)
By Oliver
Jun 13, 2014 - 11:18:00 AM

NXTians! Hello there my special webfriends – I hope you are doing fantastically well on this here Friday. Last night, while Brazil partied away having won the opening game of the World Cup, some wrestlers took to the stage and performed a show. This here is a review of said show. Shall we get on with it?

The NXT Review: 12/06/2014 – The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)

Sexually Unsatisfying Tyson Kidd is a grumpy man. That’s what this video package tells me. He’s desperate, and desperate men do desperate things, like refuse handshakes and pat people on the head. And tell us FACTS. Facts like Tyson Kidd, a Canadian professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, wants one more shot at the NXT Championship, a professional wrestling championship owned by WWE competed for exclusively in WWE NXT, currently held by Adrian Neville, a British professional wrestler who found international fame under the ring name of Pac before signing with WWE, and he gets his shot tonight, June 12th, 2014. FACT.

BFFs vs Powerpuff Girls

Ah Bayley. Life would be so dull without you to turn up and enliven these shows. I have to apologise, by the way, for the slightly less smart pictures this week – for some reason the internet wouldn’t let me make my normal ones, so I’ve got a sort of halfway measure. Anyway, here she comes, still losing her mind about her flappy inflatable arm guys and she waves around with them at the top of the ramp. I’m calling the face team here the Powerpuff Girls, by the way, mainly because it fits near perfectly – Bayley is Blossom, mainly because of headwear preferences, Emma is Bubbles, because…well, bubbles, and Paige is Buttercup, because attitude. Or even ATTITUDE as my fellow writers Mazza and Maverick would have it. Anyway, Emma dances her way to the ring through a wall of bubbles and flips her way into the ring, where Bayley is dancing along, and then Paige’s music hits and she fist pumps. The Divas Champion looks ready for a fight, holding the title aloft as her partners applaud her entrance. The BFFs enter together but to Charlotte’s music, and they all argue about who gets to be the central member on their walk down the ramp. There is a lot of dissension here – let’s hope they can put their differences aside in the ring, hey?

The NXT Women’s Champion starts us off with Emma, who she beat on her way to claiming that title at NXT:Takeover. Emma takes her opponent over with a headlock out of the opening lock up and then gets a roll up on Charlotte, only to be wiped out by an elbow. Emma ain’t happy with that, and comes back with a hard slap across the face! Charlotte takes her out with a knee for that and then pulls her back to her corner, tagging in Sasha Banks although it looked like Summer actually wanted to come in. Banks takes it to Emma in the corner and then switches with Charlotte again…but Emma reverses an Irish whip to the corner and then gets dropped to the apron out of a back body drop and comes back with an elbow to the temple. But the BFFs are conniving sods, and with Charlotte knocked back the Boss of NXT comes and pulls the Aussie off of the apron and to the floor. Meanwhile, on commentary, Renee Young is shooting down Alex Riley – ah, finally. Thank you Renee. I hope you’re enjoying your Dean Ambrose cuddles.

Charlotte and Sasha high five on the outside, and the Nature Girl gets her opponent back in the ring. Summer Rae finally gets her chance in the ring and locks a chinlock on Emma, keeping her under control and mocking her dance after releasing the hold. She takes Emma back to the enemies corner and tags in Sasha, who chokes out the Vegemite Vixen with a boot before switching with Charlotte. She locks in that figure four headlock and slams Emma face first into the mat, and even when Emma bridges up to a pin and she’s forced to release the hold she keeps control, pulling her opponent back from her own corner and locking the hold in again. Charlotte flips through it and slams Emma to the mat for a two count, then hauls Emma back to her own corner where Sasha Banks is waiting…but Summer Rae is taking photos with the fans at ringside! Well, she is a little bit famous now. She’s going to be a movie star and everything! Who wouldn’t want their photo taken with a movie star?

Charlotte remonstrates with the original BFF as Banks connects with a suplex in the ring which earns a two count, but when she goes for a body slam Emma slips through into a roll up! The separation created by the kick out gives the Australian a glimmer of hope, but it’s soon shot down and Banks remains on top. And then she lashes out, connecting with a forearm to Paige on the apron! The Norwich Nightmare isn’t happy about that, and comes into the ring to give Banks a piece of her mind. But the distraction gives Banks the chance to pull Emma back to her own corner, and the BFFs work their opponent over – Rae shows off a little to her partners with a choke, and then gets legally tagged in to split the ring in half. But when she pushes Emma back to her own corner, Charlotte gets pissy and demands a tag, then orders Summer to move when she tags in Sasha. Dissension in the ranks! Dissension in the ranks! Banks takes Emma down and then shows her Paige and Bayley desperately reaching for a tag while controlling her opponent with a chinlock. But she can’t reach them – until she dodges Banks running in to the corner! DilEmma in the ropes! Both women are down and desperately crawling to their corners…in comes Bayley! She takes down Charlotte with a series of double axehandles to the chest, a running shoulder block in the corner and a follow up springboard elbow…and a T-Bone suplex variant, I think! That nearly gives her the win, but Sasha breaks up the pin, bringing Paige into the ring to dispatch with the numerical advantage, but Sasha throws her out of the ring! Bayley takes care of Sasha though, and then strikes Summer down in the corner! Charlotte takes advantage of the distraction with Charlotte’s Web though…1…2…no! Bayley kicks out! And Charlotte is furious, pushing Summer Rae off the apron in her anger…which allows Bayley to roll her up! 1…2…3! 3! THREE! Bayley wins! Bayley pins the NXT Women’s Champion!

Bayley is amazed in the ring, celebrating with a big hug from Paige – but the BFFs are falling apart outside of the ring, Summer Rae whipping her hair and turning her back on Charlotte which causes a whole lot of consternation. Summer keeps screaming that she made the other two, which is true in fairness – the BFFs were all her idea. She makes her way to the back alone as Charlotte and Sasha stare on in fury, but in the ring the Powerpuff Girls stand tall. I’ll tell you what, this was excellent. It had everything, Emma made perfect sense as the person to get beaten down of the three, Paige was hardly involved at all but didn’t need to be, and Bayley coming in like a house on fire worked spectacularly. Character-wise, it worked for those three as well – Emma’s always secretly been this confident person who is really a heel but has been forced into a face role. She probably feels she can beat the BFFs on her own, so started off the match but then got into trouble and couldn’t get out of the ring. Paige is hotheaded, hence she charged in when provoked and again when the odds needed levelling up – if Bayley had gone for the tag then, she wouldn’t have had anyone but for Paige it was more important to get some shots in. And Bayley just wanted to be there for her friends – she was desperate for that tag, really wanting to help out as best she can, and when she got it she gave her all. Her on going rivalry with the BFFs nearly cost her the match, as she tried to deal with them all, but in the end she got the big win and presumably is lined up for a title shot in the future. That’s how these things work, right? You beat the champ, you get a title shot? As for the BFFs, they showed that they are absolutely excellent at cutting off the ring, which they’ve done on many occasions before, and also perfect in terms of characters as well – Summer now thinks she’s bigger than the team, taking photos at ringside. Charlotte believes that the title run should push her to the forefront, but Sasha Banks, as the remaining original member, thinks it should be her that gets to be the dominant member. Excellent. In the ring, this played out perfectly too, and…yeah, I can’t praise it enough. I could give you the rest of this column just about how good this match was on so many levels, but there’s more to come.

Backstage, a man in a white mask is signing a contract, watched over by JBL. He’s called Mr. NXT (yup, for real), and looks JBL in the eye, saying he truly Bo…er…believes that he will make a big impression. Hey, JBL, you just got fooled by someone adding some bass to their voice and wearing a mask. Although, I’ll tell you what – Bo Dallas with added voice bass is eerily close to Bray Wyatt. Creepy.

Oh, here are the BFFs – Sasha and Charlotte are blaming Summer for their loss and aren’t surprised that Fandango dumped her. They bicker about it all, but Alexa Bliss turns up to collect a bag, causing Sasha to turn on her and ask her who she thinks she is. Er…Alexa Bliss, Sasha. You were ringside for her match with Charlotte about four weeks ago? Remember? Anyway, Bliss ain’t looking for friendship or a fight, but will have a match with Banks – hurrah! Apparently the dislike of the perky cheerleader has pulled the BFFs back from the brink, as they all make jibes about her height and say they’ll wipe the floor with her. Bliss vs Banks should be good, I’m looking forward to that.

CJ Parker is protesting in the crowd – he speaks for the trees and is 100% organic. Hey, you know, this obnoxious eco-warrior Parker is still growing on me.

Sylvester LeFort vs Colin Cassady

Here’s Big Cass, S-A-W-F-T-ing his way into the ring. The amount this guy is over, even without his mouthpiece, is absurd. Once Enzo comes back, they better mush the heck out of them both. Unfortunately, Marcus Louis is on flag waving duty and won’t be having a brawl with Cass tonight, and Sylvester LeFort is facing him instead. Despite attacking the knee to drop Cass briefly, LeFort can’t follow up with anything other than tiny, ineffectual fists and ends up eating the East River Crossing after an S-A-W-F-T sawwwwwwwwwft big boot. Cass is pretty well placed for a good push in the future, but this squash sort of re-establishes him as he’s been off TV for a while if my memory serves me correctly. They better get Enzo back soon though. Just because I like Enzo, and want to see him and Cass making like Cottonelle tissue again. They’re on a roll!

Natalya and her underwhelming husband are backstage, Natalya wittering on about being at ringside and cheering on Kidd – Tyson’s all like ‘pfft, s’all about me, not you, me and the NXT Championship’. Man, if this angle doesn’t end with divorce and Natalya shacking up with Adrian Neville because he’s nice to her it’s a huge missed opportunity.

Oh, Aiden English is backstage and singing to himself…here’s Simon Gotch! He seems to be a mute powerlifter, and he hoists up part of the set to demonstrate his abilities. This is all to establish these two as a future tag team, I think I mentioned it last week, but they have a good look together already, a sort of throwback style, the sort of thing that would look good when sepia toned, and I like it. I like it a lot.

Mr NXT vs Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn makes his entrance to his bouncy new theme song – someone pointed out to me the other week that this is essentially just WWE trying to develop their own version of ‘Ole’ by Bouncing Souls and…yeah, I think it kind of is, really, but it fits him and meshes nicely with his personality so I’ll allow it. Mr. NXT, white mask and all, has his own personalised titantron in black and white and comes out in a red cape. He does some surprisingly Bo Dallas-esque poses at the top of the rope, and the crowd are in on it – they’re already chanting ‘No Mo Bo’ and ‘Bo leave’ so this isn’t working on them.

Mr. NXT looks like he’s confused Sami Zayn, and when he connects with a shoulder block out of the opening exchanges he looks pleased as punch – a ‘yeah baby!’ gives the whole game away, and the NXT Universe start to chant ‘you can’t fool us’. The commentary team are doing their best here, but it’s not like when Zayn dressed up as El Local. Speaking of Sami, he connects with a series of arm drags and then gives his opponent a big thumbs up. Mr. NXT comes back with a knee to the gut and starts to take it to Zayn in the corner with elbows and blows to the mid-section, before celebrating and then pulling him back to the middle of the ring and…oh Christ, Alex Riley, are you really that stupid? This is a direct quote, as Renee Young is pointing out that Mr. NXT’s body shape looks a bit familiar – ‘how can you tell about his body? He’s wearing a mask.’ No, I mean, for real, Riley is actually that stupid. I can believe it.

Anyway, Dal…er, Mr. NXT, rather, beats down Zayn with multiple short-arm elbows before shouting that he is not Bo Dallas at the crowd. He connects with a big clothesline to Zayn, turning him inside out, and then looks for the Bo-dog but Zayn reverses it! He climbs the turnbuckles, but his opponent comes in and puts him on his shoulders for an electric chair…Zayn tries to fight out of it – and does! And takes the mask with him! It’s Bo Dallas under there! Who’d have thought it?! Distracted by Zayn throwing his mask back at him, Dallas falls victim to a Helluva Kick and that gives Sami Zayn the three count.

Bo Dallas was Mr. NXT, what a shocker! He even tried to cover up his body once the mask had been removed. Nice little match, this, although it wasn’t exactly anything special and was clearly set up just for the post-match shenanigans – Zayn goes and calls the campus security out from the back and sends them over the recently fired Bo Dallas, but he manages to evade them all! After begging off and then refusing to leave, he slips through the ropes and somehow manages to keep evading the cops trailing him. When they finally grab him he clings to the ropes and the apron as the crowd gives him the old ‘na na na na’ treatment – but Bo escapes again! Only to be recaptured as he clings on to the turnbuckle. Man, this is tremendous fun – Dallas grabs a microphone and says they’re trying to kidnap him, that it’s illegal and that one of them touched his bum! The cops finally get him backstage, microphone still in hand, and Bo finally cedes to go quietly – but it’s all a ruse! He slips outside of Full Sail and is now running on the streets! He threatens to call the real police if they don’t let him go but they eventually capture him. He’s still resisting, even after an advert break, but the cops have a firm hold and they take him away in a little police golf cart. Amazing, entertaining and the perfect swansong to Bo’s NXT career – it pretty much nailed all the character points you wanted it to. I can’t wait to see his story develop on the main roster – now that he’s getting ‘Bo-ring’ chants, and I’m pretty sure I heard a smattering of ‘No Mo Bo’ chants in one of his matches too, I think he’s going to really take off. The little tweaks have worked perfectly for his transition, as well, so all in all I think it’s possibly the best NXT call-up they’ve done this year, in terms of the way it’s been handled.

Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd

Neville and Kidd make their entrances, the latter with his wife in tow. You know, one thing I notice now is that they enter the ring in a similar way, flipping over the top rope and then mounting the ropes opposite. Curious, isn’t it, given the story of them being virtual mirror images of each other? Ah, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, Eden gives us the big introductions, the crowd chants ‘Nattie’s husband’ and this one is on!

Kidd with a rear waistlock takedown to start us off, but Neville is quickly out of it. They circle each other, then reverse wristlocks and hammerlocks from each other. Kidd forces Neville down for a once count, but can’t get the shoulders down and they go back to mat wrestling, Kidd staying on top of the Geordie through reversals and counters. Neville eventually flips his way to a momentary advantage, but Kidd quickly slips out and regains the advantage. Having finally had enough mat wrestling and messing about, Neville whips Kidd to the corner, is reversed but bounces over his opponents head, flips across the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to deliver a crossbody, sending Kidd to the outside where he falls victim to a twisting over the top rope moonsault! Nattie looks concerned as her husband lies on his back at the foot of the entrance ramp. Neville chucks him back in the ring but the delay in doing so means he only gets a two count. And that means he has to go back to some mat wrestling, locking in a hammerlock on his rival. So far, I feel pretty much like I did at Takeover – this should be quicker. I’m all for building up to the high impact moves, but the pace is so slow, and the moment it gets raised it’s almost immediately dropped again.

Kidd has the advantage when we come back from a break, slingshotting out of the ring and dropping a leg on the back of Neville. That earns the Canuck a two count, so he whips his opponent to the ropes and lands a hard back elbow, then a kick to the back for a one count before – sigh – going back to a chinlock. Come on guys, I get it, you’re technical, but give me some variation and – oh man, Tyson Kidd has locked in a dragon sleeper. I kind of hate that being used in the middle of a match, but whatever. Makes me miss Maxine, though. Neville works his way out of the hold and sunset flips a ducked Kidd of the ropes, but Tyson rolls through and lands a dropkick in the face of his opponent. He then takes about half a minute to decide to do a leg drop, then a saito suplex earns him a two count so, rather than take advantage of the high impact moves he’s just hit and keep Neville reeling, he locks in a chinlock. The Jumping Geordie fights out and mounts the turnbuckles, but Kidd follows him in, looking for a Russian legsweep…but Neville holds on! Kidd eats the canvas then gets hit with a dropkick. Kip up from Neville, and he charges in with a back elbow, then a bridging wristlock suplex gets him a two count. Tyson’s wife urges her husband to get up, but it’s Neville to his feet first – only to get countered with a kick from Kidd! But Neville catches him running with an enziguiri and then lands a standing shooting star press! Two count only! Kidd back body drops him, but he lands on the apron – only to get met with a hard kick to the head from Kidd! A dropkick from Kidd leaves his opponent hanging off the ropes, and a slingshot somersault legdrop earns Kidd 1…2…Neville’s foot’s on the rope! His foot was on the rope before the ref hit three, and the decision is called off by the man in black and white. Better officiating than in the World Cup match last night, there. Kidd believes he’s won and is devastated when the referee clarifies him – even Natalya joins in, agreeing with the referee. Man, is nobody on Kidd’s side – even his own wife has turned against him! This is because of all the sex they’re not having, right? ‘I told you, you shouldn’t invite your sister on holiday with us TJ. I was going to screw your brains out, but then your sister was there and you were busy watching CNN to pick up more FACTS for your gimmick. You completely ignored the FACT that I was just lying next to you in bed masturbating and instead just noted down the names of the current hurricanes on the planet.’

Kidd pops Neville into a tree of woe in the corner, kneeing him multiple times in the guts before looking for a running dropkick – he lands it, right on the chin, but Nattie still looks concerned at ringside. Cover him Tyson, don’t jaw jack with the referee! You could have won the match! Kidd locks in a sharpshooter after doing absolutely zero leg work throughout the match, but Neville scrapes and crawls his way to the ropes, forcing the break, and Sexually Unsatisfying Tyson Kidd looks like he is fresh out of ideas. He hauls Neville up…but the Man That Gravity Forgot inside cradles him! Kidd kicks out, but when he charges into the corner Neville avoids and then kicks him in the head! He goes up for the Red Arrow, but Tyson just kicks the ropes enough to knock him to the mat…blockbuster! Neville lands smack on his head from it! This has to be it…1…2…Neville kicks out! The refs hand was just millimetres from the mat on that one…and again from a slingshot elbow drop! Kidd is all out of ideas now, he’s trying to come up with his next move but has no ideas…so he gives up and goes for a steel chair! But his wife stops him because he’s having a secret affair with Adrian Neville, or wants him to play nice with the other children or something – and Neville lands a superkick to the jaw! Red Arrow! Red Arrow! That’s the end of the match right there, Kidd’s shoulders down for the three as Nattie looks on close to tears. He truly is Nattie’s husband.

I didn’t enjoy this until, pretty much, the post Dusty finish. Neville sold the blockbuster like a champ, genuinely making it look like he’d landed on the top of his head and that the move was lethal. The story told was OK too, with Kidd throwing his everything at Neville but never being able to beat him. Why Nattie had to come along and tell him to play nice I don’t understand, but whatever – it played into his desperation to win, and that’s all well and good. But, and this is my main problem with it and was also my issue at Takeover, is that it felt like they were stalling for time in the opening 15 minutes. Up until the false finish, they were dropping occasional bombs but then not looking to capitalise. It was ‘here’s a big move…welp, only a two count, well I’ll go back to a chinlock then’ or similar – there was no drive there. If Kidd’s so desperate to win, why’s he not trying to follow up on his impact moves with more impact? He did that in the closing bit, which is when it got exciting and made a lot of sense as a story, but in the opening it was kind of dull. It didn’t really move forward until the Russian legsweep was countered, unfortunately, and that made the first bit seem a bit of a slog for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong – the mat work was super sharp and crisp as all hell – but it just didn’t really fit with the overall story as well as I’d have liked.

NXT MVP: Colin Cassady!

I don’t know, I mean everyone else on the show I’ve kind of done my bit about recently. Cassady continues to grow as a great performer and I think he’s going to be a good big hoss soon enough – he just needs Enzo back as his mouthpiece and then we’ll be away.


– Colin Cassady
05/06/2014 - Charlotte
22/05/2014 - Paige
15/05/2014 – Tyson Kidd
08/05/2014 – Kalisto
01/05/2014 – Sasha Banks
24/04/2014 – Tyler Breeze

Yeah, this was a great show with the exception of the bit of the main event I didn’t enjoy – loved everything up until those stodgy 15 minutes, but the last 5 minutes almost gives it a bye I think. I want to like Neville vs Kidd so much, they’re two performers I really like, but I just can’t get into their matches right now which is kind of a shame.

Next week, Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss and…er…some other stuff, I guess? Nothing has been confirmed, but I bet it will be good! Until next week, NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! TTFN!

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