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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss: Destination X Was Right On Target
By Super Chrisss
Jul 9, 2012 - 1:12:55 PM

1. Day 1 - The Return Of Pros & Cons (RAW)

2. Day 2 - Impact Thoughts & Destination X Predictions

3. Day 3 - Destination X Was Right On Target

1. Day 1

Writer's Note: Yes, it's been a while since I last reviewed RAW (or any show for that matter) so we'll see how rusty I am. This edition of Pros & Cons won't be as long as my previous efforts but hopefully you'll still be entertained. Sounds good? Then let's-a-go!

PRO: It's the cluster**** of all cluster****s!!! (Hi Hustle)

What happens when you get six superstars cutting promos in the same ring at the same time? Most often, nothing good. Although I agree with the masses who claim this was a very "odd" way to kick off the show, I liked it. John Cena's Money in the Bank promo was a good way to hype his inclusion in the WWE Championship ladder match, and I really enjoyed his interaction with both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. In my mind, Cena has to be a favourite to win the contract because I can almost taste a huge Cena vs. Punk or even Cena vs. Bryan world title match at SummerSlam. But that's a story for another day.

The rest of the segment was alright, as it gave critics a reason to care about the main-event tag team match as well as set up Big Show vs. Kane for later on. I also enjoyed Jericho bringing back his old catchphrases (shut...the hell...up!) But of course, Big Show ruined the fun by laying everyone out to end the segment. God, I hate that guy. He really should have stayed a face, or stayed fired.

CON: Is this a house show or a TV taping?

Can someone please explain to me why WWE decided to cram four of their champions into one match? I understand Tag Team Teddy is running the show, but WWE could not have formed a more mismatched heel team. Darren Young & Titus O'Neil, although improving both in-ring and character-wise, are still kind of new, and David Otunga is David Otunga. This basically left Cody Rhodes as the only star to take on two midcard champions and the tag team champions.

Not long after the commercial break, Otunga was abandoned by his teammates and forced to feel the wrath of all his opponents PLUS Brodus Clay who threw him back into the ring (which should have been a DQ, by the way). After Santino put Otunga away with The Cobra, everyone started dancing in the ring to celebrate. Not only did this feel like something you see at a live event, but when you think about it, it took five of WWE's top faces (four of which are champions) to put away David Otunga. And people wonder why WWE's midcard scene is a joke...

CON: Del Rio takes out Sin Cara

Here's another head-scratcher for you. RAW comes to us from a Spanish-heavy city of Laredo, Texas, so you'd assume WWE would take full advantage of their Latino talents to appeal to the crowd. Well, that didn't happen. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara had the potential to be a really fun match, but instead, they went with the option of Del Rio squashing Cara outside the ring and putting Del Rio over. As much as I dislike Cara, this made no sense. Del Rio is one of the few fluent Spanish-speaking wrestlers on the roster who can have a good match with Cara and WWE decide not to even bother. What's worse, a Rey Mysterio return after Del Rio was basking in glory would have made perfect sense, but it didn't happen. A complete waste of time, really. Del Rio is once again number one contender to Sheamus' world title, but again, who cares?

PRO: Paul Heyman's still got it

I've got to hand it to Paul E, the man really know how to cut a promo. Whether he's in the middle of a WWE ring, or live via satellite, Heyman always seems to bring his A-game. Mind you, his announcement was disappointing, as it was merely an announcement to set up another announcement three weeks from now, but Heyman made you care about the Brock Lesnar/Triple H feud. Hell, I'd argue that his promo last night was the best since his return a few months ago. I hope the locker-room was taking notes, as Heyman took a lot of full-timers to school last night.

PRO: Aj can do no wrong, and neither can Ziggler

Here's a riddle for you: did the mixed tag team match between Sheamus/Aj & Ziggler/Vickie get the 10pm time slot because the world champion was in the match, or because Aj was in the match? Hmmm...

I liked this contest, as it was 99% Sheamus vs. Ziggler, and as we've seen many times in the past month, that's never a bad thing. Things got interesting when Ziggler tagged Vickie into the match and she had to square off with Aj, who had no trouble putting The Cougar away with a Shining Wizard (props to Vickie for taking the shot). What's intriguing is that Ziggler can now blame Vickie for the loss and Aj got a big win under her belt. Oh, and of course we got no build to the Sheamus/Del Rio match at MitB, but that's no surprise, is it?

PRO: Slater goes out with a BANG!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to enjoy Heath Slater's matches/interactions with WWE Legends every week. As much as I hate listening to the guy on the mic, he's an excellent jobber and plays his part well. I thought Doink the Clown was the only returning legend, and I was really surprised Slater got the win, even though it was Doink. However, I marked out when DDP's music hit and he got in the ring with Slater. The ginger none the wiser, he got taken out by a beautiful Diamond Cutter. I think DDP's return has been my favourite thus far, I wonder who will squash Slater next week?

CON: Big Show vs. Kane - make it stop!

Okay, so remember how everyone was complaining that Big Show vs. John Cena would headline No Way Out because they've faced off so many times in the past? Well, that's nothing compared to the dozens of times Show and Kane have wrestled one-on-one over the years.

Also, remember how everyone complained about Edge turning face and then heel and back in the final years of his WWE career? Well, that's nothing compared to the dozens of times both Kane and Big Show have switched sides since their WWE debuts, as it appears Kane might be going face again.

Therefore, do I really want to see a match between two guys who have wrestled lots of times in the past and cannot keep the same character? No thank you. I enjoy Kane, but Big Show needs to **** off PERMANENTLY.

CON: No more Tensai, bring back Albert

As much as I love Tyson Kidd, can someone explain to me how Tensai goes from being on an undefeated streak (including getting wins over CM Punk and John Cena) to losing to Kidd in less than five seconds? It makes no sense whatsoever. For the second time, Tensai takes his frustrations out on his manager Sakamoto, while the crowd could not care less. To make things worse, Tensai gets his non-existent heat back by attacking Kidd during an interview backstage. Again, I'm happy Kidd is getting a push, but Tensai needs to drop this gimmick, as it's killing his career.

PRO: A main-event worth watching

Unlike the past several months of RAW, I really enjoyed last night's main-event. Not only did it feature four of WWE's top stars and best wrestlers, we also got a shocking ending, and best of all, NO BIG SHOW! Seriously, I am so glad WWE decided to switch things up by having the two future Hall of Famers in Cena and Jericho fight to the back and allow the next generation in Punk and Bryan to stay in the spotlight and close up RAW. Not only was that a nice touch, and the action great, but Aj's run-in was filled with drama. I never imagined little Aj getting a able in her hands, and the look she gave Punk right after she kissed him and before she pushed him through the table was classic. Aj has really become the best thing going in WWE today, and her involvement with the Punk/Bryan storyline has taken things to a whole new level. Just a fun and unpredictable way to end RAW, I loved it.

YouTube It: The interaction between Cena, Punk, Bryan and Jericho...Heyman's promo...Aj's Shining Wizard to Vickie...DDP laying out Slater...The main-event, from start to finish

Avoid it: The eight-man tag team match...Del Rio vs. Cara...Show vs. Kane

Grade: B- Not the best episode of RAW, but a major improvement from the last month or so. A lot of storylines are starting to click, and the positives are really starting to shine. Unfortunately, the negatives are still there, and until they go away, RAW cannot excel like it should. In general though, it's a show worth checking out.

2. Day 2

Writer's Note: Since I was too lazy to post another edition of TNA Wednesday this week, I'm going to make it up to my TNA readers by giving you both a mini-review of last night's Impact as well as my predictions for Sunday's Pay-Per-View. This way, everybody wins.

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed last night's episode of Impact. We got solid wrestling, storyline advancement, as well as some excellent hype for Sunday's Destination X PPV. Very quickly, here are some highlights:

-Interesting choice kicking off the show with a confrontation between Bully Ray and Joseph Abyss. Up until last night, I gave zero ****s about their feud, but I thought they did an excellent job riling up the crowd, and I was surprised how over "Joseph" was. Hopefully their Anything Goes Match next week will see their rivalry come to an end, and they can pull out as decent match. Oh, and if anyone cares, Bully announced he finally joined Twitter (which should be an awesome follow).

-It was nice to see the weekly TV title match make it's return, and I was shocked Crimson was Devon's opponent. Even more surprising, Devon won in less than three minutes. So much for that eighteen-month-long undefeated streak. Sucks to be Crimson.

-Fantastic segment with Chris Sabin and Bobby Roode. Sabin has never had many opportunities to cut a promo, but I think he did great job fighting back tears during his "decision" last night, probably because 99% of what he was saying was true. Great idea to have the world champion interrupt Sabin and mock him, as it got him tons of heat. Roode has really come a long way since last summer. I'm also going to miss Sabin - get well soon, bud.

-Of the two Destination X qualifying matches, I was really impressed with the second one featuring Kenny King of ROH (shout-out to Jeff/SOS for pointing him out to me on Twitter) and Lars Only. The first one between Dakota Darsow and Flip Cassanova was sloppy and the only cool part was all the blood. I was impressed with King and I'm glad he qualified. It wouldn't shock me to see him win Ultimate X on Sunday, but I'll get to that later.

-Decent Knockouts tag team match which saw two pairs of BFFs go at it, with the champ Miss Tessmacher (who is REALLY hot) and Tara taking on Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Although short, I liked how Tara let Tess tag in and finish off Rayne to give their team the win. A nice show of respect by the veteran Tara.

-Those of you who are sick of the Daniels vs. Aj Styles feud (and even they acknowledged their year-long rivalry) probably hated the next segment, but I thought both guys did a great job getting under the other's skin and really set the tone for their Last Man Standing Match this Sunday. I hope their feud does end on Sunday, but not before we get a potential MOTY candidate.

-James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy was another good match filled with plenty of near-falls and a hot crowd. I'm usually not a big fan of face vs. face matches, but since I'm lukewarm about both men, I was okay with it. Taz said something really stupid about Storm's Last Call Superkick not being as dangerous as Hardy's Twist of Fate because "it can't come out of nowhere" (which is obviously untrue), but other than that, I liked the match. Good call having Hardy win cleanly and moving into third place in the Bound For Glory series.

-Finally, the show concluded with a Hulk Hogan/Bobby Roode/Austin Aries in-ring segment. This was actually more entertaining than you would think, as both competitors in this Sunday's world title match had some good lines and Hogan didn't steal the spotlight for a change. Regardless of who wins on Sunday, I would love to see this feud continue past Destination X.

Overall, a really strong show that both hyped Sunday's PPV as well as next Thursday's Impact, which is not easy to do. I give Impact an A-. Great show, overall.

Fast-forwarding to Sunday's Destination X PPV, which looks really good on paper, let's see what we got:

Bound For Glory Series Match: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

You know how I often predict one or two matches to be the show-stealer or match of the night? Well, I think this is one of the first times where every advertised match has a legit chance of receiving that honour. In case you're wondering why this match taking place on the PPV despite Angle not being an X-Division wrestler, I'm assuming it's because he wrestles a fast, high-risk style (that's the best explanation I can come up with). But seriously, it's Angle vs. Joe - WHO CARES why they're wrestling, what matters is the match is going to be awesome. As for the winner, Joe is currently second place in the BFG rankings, and you bet both guys will be going for a submission victory to give them ten extra points. My heart says Joe, but my head says Angle.

Winner: Kurt Angle

X-Division Championship Quarter-Finals - All eight men will compete in singles matches with the four winners qualifying for Ultimate X: Kid Kash vs. Douglas Williams vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Kenny King vs. Rashad Cameron vs. Flip Cassanova vs. ???

Pretty hard to predict this match since we don't know who will be squaring off against who nor who the eight man will be. Either way, I'm predicting some solid matches, and really, the winner is anyone's game. The title could go to a veteran like Kash or Williams, or it could go to someone like Ion who's recently been in title contention, or it could go to a promising newcomer like King. In the end, I think TNA are going to go with a heel winning, and that man should be a guy who has loads of potential. My pick is Ion, but I could be totally wrong.

Winner, and NEW X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

Last Man Standing Match: Aj Styles vs. Daniels

I honestly don't remember the last time I saw a Last Man Standing Match take place in TNA. Considering how fast their referees count pinfalls, we could be in for some short dramatic spots. That being said, I'm really looking forward to this match. Many people felt let-down by their match at last year's Destination X, but after a year of feuding, I'm sure both guys are ready to make up for it on Sunday. I wonder how much interference we'll see from people like Kaz, Dixie Carter, Clair, and whoever else shows up, but I don't think it'll take too much away from the action. Like I said earlier, I hope this feud ends once and for all come Sunday (although it probably won't).

Winner: Aj Styles

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bobby Roode (c.) vs. Austin Aries

I've said this several times in the past, and I'll say it again. Austin Aries does not have to win the title on Sunday to be treated as a new main-eventer. He just needs to have a great showing. Considering how most of Aries' matches the past year have been at least good, he should have no problem pulling a fantastic match out of the longest reigning TNA world champion of all time and the "it factor". This match is a test to see how Aries excels in the main-event spot he's been demanding for months now. However, with Bound For Glory only a few months away, I can't see Roode dropping the title now, and if he does, I wouldn't be a fan of him winning it back next month or something. I like Aries, but I want to see him chase the title, and so I hope he gets a rematch at next month's PPV. This should still be great, though.

Winner, and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

3. Day 3

If you missed last night's Destination X Pay-Per-View, I have some bad news for you. You missed one hell of a show.

Not only did almost every match deliver, not only did we get two TNA Match of the Year candidates, and not only did we see the crowning of two new champions, but as a fan, I was entertained from start to finish. Whenever you decide to take the legal route and purchase a PPV rather than stream it online for free, you're taking a chance. Regardless if it's a WWE or TNA PPV, no matter how great the card may look on paper, you never know for sure if it's wise spending between $35 and $50 of your hard-earned cash on a show that can disappoint you. Fortunately for me, I took a gamble last night and bought my first TNA PPV since last October's Bound For Glory, and I'm glad I did.

The show kicked off with a "Last Chance" Fatal-4-Way featuring the four losers of the X Division title qualifying matches: Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Dakota Darsow vs. Lars Only. Despite the significant lack of star power (most of you reading this have no idea who any of those guys are), the action more than made up for it. This was probably the spottiest, highest-flying match of the evening, and even though the crowd was strongly behind Rubix, it was Mason Andrews who picked up the win after putting away Lars Only. By the way, Dakota Darsow, the son of Barry Darsow (a.k.a. Smash from Demolition), is TERRIBLE. He's not as bad as Garett Bischoff, but he looks awkward, seems uncomfortable in the ring, and is just sloppy. I'm glad he didn't win, and Andrews was an okay choice to move on. 4/5 stars.

Immediately following his win, Andrews had to compete against the veteran Kid Kash in order to qualify for Ultimate X later on. Last night, Kash showed why he's so misused in TNA, as he had a great match against the TNA newcomer and got tons of heat from the fans in the process. Kash played his part well, and there were many near-falls on his part. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn't really into the action, I'm assuming it's because they were rooting for Rubix to win, and the match was considerably slower than the opening contest. However, Andrews would end up getting the shocking, roll-up victory, and won the crowd's admiration afterwards. 3.25/5 stars

Up next was another qualifying match for Ultimate X between the now former ROH talent Kenny King and another under-utilized veteran in Douglas Williams. This was another good match, but not as exciting as the first two, in my opinion. I was shocked to see Williams now had a bit of a beer belly, as he seemed significantly heavier since his last TNA appearance (and I honestly couldn't tell you when that was). I like both men, which made me sad to see one of them lose, but I wasn't surprised at all with King going over. This guy has a bright future and I expect him to become a regular on TNA programming before we know it. 2.75/5 stars

Keeping the qualifiers going, we then saw a returning Sonjay Dutt face off against Rashad Cameron. I like Cameron's look, as his look reminds me of Barry White (random, I know), and he was surprisingly athletic, but last night Dutt really shined. Despite a long hiatus from the company, Dutt wrestled both like never left and as if he had something to prove (which he kind of did). There were some slow spots, but the action was consistent, and the right man - Dutt - won. 3/5 stars.

Taking a break from the in-ring action, we got a Jesse Sorensen video package highlighting his rehab, before Jesse came to the ring to dress the crowd in person. I missed a lot of Jesse's work prior to his injury, as TNA didn't do much for me in 2011, but I liked what he saw. Much like Chris Sabin's promo from Thursday's Impact, Jesse's words were powerful and he came across extremely likable. He said he hopes Zema Ion wins Ultimate X tonight so he can come back and beat him for the X Division title before cashing in the title for a world heavyweight championship match at next year's Destination X PPV. Good promo that transitioned perfectly into our next match...

I know a lot of people dislike (some even HATE) Zema Ion, but I kind of like the guy. He has a unique look, isn't bad on the mic, and is fun to watch (when he's not breaking other wrestlers' necks - just kidding). In any case, I like Ion a lot more than his opponent, Flip Casanova, so when Ion won a relatively short match, I was happy. In retrospect, it's probably a good thing they weren't given a lot of time to work with, as they didn't seem to click. Easily the worst match of the evening so far. 2.25/5 stars

With the Ultimate X qualifying matches out of the way, we got our first co-main-event with Kurt Angle squaring off against Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory series match. Whenever these two wrestle, you're guaranteed to be entertained, and last night was no different. I saw a lot of people on Twitter complaining that their match wasn't as good as their battles in the past, but personally, I thought they lived up to the hype. Since both men were trying for a submission victory (a point the commentators emphasized on), the lack of close near-falls made sense and added to the action rather than take away from it. One of the night's better matches from two wrestling greats. 3.75/5 stars

Moving on, we got a rematch from last year's Destination X main-event (and one of the reasons I ordered the show) with Aj Styles facing Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing Match. With all due respect to the other matches on the card, this was my pick for match of the night. Unlike last year, both men clicked from the get-go and never let up their chemistry. They used the LMS gimmick to their advantage and before long, both men were busted wide open. This match was an excellent reason why WWE should never have banned blood. Having wrestlers bleed every show is pointless, but when you have two wrestlers like Styles and Daniels who have been feuding for exactly a year, blood can really add depth to the story being told. Even better, the predictable run-in by Kazarian was saved for the very end and the match concluded with Styles delivering a SICK Styles Clash to Daniels through a table next to the ramp. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it, that spot was incredible. I doubt their feud is really over, which is a shame, because the sight of Daniels' bloody, defeated face was a fitting end to the Styles/Daniels saga. 4.75/5 stars

With only two matches left on the card, we went from the best match of the night to the most disappointing match of the night as Ultimate X took place. In my opinion, this was one of the worst Ultimate X matches in recent history. Maybe it was the lack of a veteran to keep things together, maybe it was because everyone was tired from their qualifying matches earlier on, maybe it was because Sonjay Dutt's mid-match injury threw everyone off their game, but there was no real flow. The match was short, the action was sloppy, and if you ask a lot of people, they'll tell you the wrong man won. I predicted Ion would win the title, and it did not shock me to see I was right, although I would have preferred to see Williams or Kash qualify and win it instead. However, Ion winning the championship makes sense, as I believe all three of the men who qualified (Andrews, King, and Dutt) will be signed by TNA in the coming weeks and chase after Ion's X-Division title. Still a disappointing match. 1.75/5 stars

Last but definitely not least, it was time to find out if Austin Aries could pull off the upset of his career and defeat Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship. Like I said in my prediction column, Aries hasn't had a bad match since joining TNA last year, and so I expected big things from his match with the longest-reigning TNA world champion in history. After a bit of a slow start, the action picked up, and much like Daniels/Styles, it never slowed down. I can't tell you the amount of reversals and false finishes we got, as both men did everything in their power to pick up the victory. From Aries' attempts at Last Chancery, Roode's Crossfaces, the referee bump, and a whole lot more, we were treated to one hell of a main-event. I was a bit sad to see Roode drop the title, as he had really grown on me, but Aries had everybody's support, and it was no easy victory. Aries winning the title makes you wonder who will win the Bound For Glory series now, and I can't wait to find out what happens next with Roode and the new world champion. 4.5/5 stars

I think the match ratings speak for themselves. Two MOTY candidates in Styles vs. Daniels and Aries vs. Roode, two really good matches in the Fatal-4-Way and Joe vs. Angle, as well as mostly solid qualifying matches for Ultimate X. In fact, Ultimate X was probably the low-point of the evening. One last thing, no Taz on commentary was GREAT! Definitely one of the better TNA PPVs I've ever seen, one of the best PPVs of the year in general. Kudos, TNA. I give Destination X an overall 9/10, or an A-.


Did You Know?

Maxine is not the only diva to quit WWE after being the first one eliminated from a RAW Battle Royal. Last year, Gail Kim would quit WWE after eliminating herself (and being the first elimination) from a diva Battle Royal before later re-joining TNA.

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Quick shout-outs go out to TeamFarell for making the sig and @WWEFunFacts for providing the "Did You Know?" facts.

Thanks for reading!

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