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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss: The Week In Review
By Super Chrisss
Aug 27, 2012 - 5:31:31 PM

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1. Day 1 - TNA Wednesday - Is It Time For Kurt Angle To Come Home?

2. Day 2 - The Week In Review

1. Day 1

It's been at least a month since the lasted edition of TNA Wednesday, but Kurt Angle's recent tweets made me wonder. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's what Angle (or his hacker) posted on Sunday:

"If Tna Uses Me as the top Guy I Will Stay. I Love Tna. If Not, I Will Make A Business Decision."

This tweet seemed to fly under the radar for one reason or another. Possibly because the IWC and wrestling public were in SummerSlam mode, and did not give two shits about TNA and their employees that day. Secondly, Angle has been known to send out "mixed tweets" on a regular basis. Sometimes he tweets how happy he is being part of TNA, claiming he will never go back to the WWE. Other days he assures his fans he will wrestle at least one more WWE match before he retires. Therefore, it's hard for people to take Angle seriously nowadays, especially on Twitter, where he's been known to go off on rants, delete messages, and attack random wrestlers. Simply put, following Kurt Angle on Twitter is like watching over a ten year old in the park. Both are immature and do stupid things.

But that doesn't mean we can't explore the possibility of Angle ever making the leap BACK to the WWE. We all know it's going to happen, eventually. It's not like we're discussing a young talent like Bobby Roode or Austin Aries making it to the big leagues. It's not as if we're talking about Sting finally putting his personal feelings aside and working with Vince McMahon before it's too late. Kurt Angle is a wrestler that you know will one day return to WWE. Whether it happens in 2013, or a few years from now for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, a WWE return for The Olympic Gold Medalist is inevitable. The question is not if, but when.

Personally, I'd rather see Angle back in WWE sooner, not later. This might sound crazy, but I think WWE needs him more than TNA does. Not counting the Bound For Glory series, Angle hasn't really been a part of the world title scene for quite some time now, but has that made a difference? Not at all. TNA is putting on one of it's best products in a LOOOONG time, and Angle, one of their "top stars", is barely a part of it. There are some episodes of Impact that go by with Angle not being used, and guess what? The show goes on. We don't get five video packages dedicated to Angle every week. We don't hear the commentators talking about Angle every other second. Instead, the focus is on the current storyline and those in the main-event scene: Aries, Roode, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, etc. Losing Angle would be a huge blow to TNA, but they've set themselves up to be fine in the long-run by pushing other talent at the same time. Kudos to them.

WWE, on the other hand, is in a runt entertainment-wise. Since RAW 1000, their feuds have either been illogical or jogging in place. They finally started to build some midcard feuds in recent weeks (Clay vs. Sandow, Ryback vs. Mahal, Bryan vs. Kane, etc.) but there is still a huge gap between the midcard scene and the main-event, and the fans know it. To make matters worse, Chris Jericho is off to tour with Fozzy for the foreseeable future, Brock Lesnar and Triple H are both reportedly gone until Survivor Series, and even Randy Orton is rumoured to be taking some time off to film a movie for WWE Studios. This leaves WWE with CM Punk, John Cena, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and...? as top stars. They need another top name to keep the main-event fresh, or else we'll be stuck with Sheamus vs. Del Rio and John Cena vs. Big Show in dark matches for the rest of the year (shudders).

This is where Kurt Angle comes in. No matter how long he's been with TNA, his entrance theme could play on RAW next week and the fans would go crazy. He's such a huge name that he could pull a Y2J by showing up, not saying a word for ten minutes, and just be cheered endlessly. But Angle's best assets are kept inside the ring. With the man himself admitting he doesn't have many years left, you can bet Angle has the itch to come back and add a few more dream feuds to his resume. Angle vs. Punk? Angle vs. Bryan? Angle vs. Ziggler? Sign me up NOW!

Of course, if Angle were to come back next week or next year, it would have to be under a light schedule, similar to that of Shawn Michaels where he only wrestles on TV and at Pay-Per-Views, which is perfectly fine. Angle has earned the right to wrestle at his own leisure, and with his body no longer in mint condition, it's best to not exhaust the man into early retirement. Still, part-time Angle is better than no-Angle, and WWE has to realize this. Their company is a mess right now, and adding Angle to the storylines could help settle things out.

As for TNA, they'll be just fine without Angle. They have created enough new stars to thrive in the coming years, and they still have guys like Hardy, Bully, and RVD to utilize as veteran, top draws. Besides, it's not like Angle's arrival in TNA boosted Impact's ratings to a 2.0 or sold out house shows. Losing a talent the caliber of Angle is not what any company wants, but TNA won't close it's doors if Angle decides to sign a contract with WWE. As a wrestling fan for 10+ years, there's nothing I want more than to see Angle wrestle on the grandest stage of them all while he can still go.

What do you think? Is Angle WWE-bound sometime in the near future? If so, who would you like to see him feud with? Or will he stick with TNA for a few more years?

2. Day 2

Writer's Note: Once upon a time, I wrote a weeklyish column called "Pros & Cons", in which I would review an episode of RAW, SmackDown, or Impact Wrestling by listing the positives and negatives of each show. But as time went on, I found little to no time to recap these wrestling shows, and so I gave up on Pros & Cons altogether. As luck would have it, my schedule has recently cleared up, and I will be able to post at least one column every Sunday or Monday over the next few months. Therefore, what better way to cram a week's worth of 'entertainment' into one column than by looking at the best - and worst - WWE and TNA had to offer. Sometimes the positives will outweigh the negatives; sometimes they won't. But enough chit-chat, let's get down to business!

Writer's Note II: Only RAW, SmackDown, and Impact will be evaluated. Sorry, ROH, NXT and Superstars fans!

Best Promo of the Week

This is an easy one. I may not be John Cena's number one fan, and I'm assuming many of you feel the same way, but you have to give the guy props for his promo on CM Punk last Monday on RAW. When Cena isn't forced to cut 'kiddy jokes' and do bad impersonations of other people, he's one of the best to work the mic. Seven days ago, Cena brought his A-game and delivered what was EASILY his best promo since his feud with The Rock several months ago. I'm sure many people were expecting the WWE Champion to throw another 'pipebomb' and captivate the crowd with his speech, but it was Cena who rattled everyone up, right before...

Shocker of the Week

You guessed it, CM Punk kicking Jerry Lawler smooth in the back of the head. Unlike Cena, practically no one likes The King these days, as his commentary has gotten progressively worse over the years, to the point that Michael Cole is clearly the better of the two. So when Punk called Lawler out, you kind of expected things to break down, but more along the lines of a brawl between the two or a slap in the face. Instead, Punk caught everyone off guard by striking Lawler with a kick to the head as soon as the Hall of Famer turned his back. I know the move was intended to add fuel to Punk's slow heel burn, but come on, how can you not love Punk for doing something many people have wanted to do to Lawler for quite some time now?

Worst Promo of the Week

On the other side of the fence, we have something completely different from Cena's promo on RAW. Santino Marella, fresh off losing the United States Championship to Antonio Cesaro at SummerSlam, was given five minutes to address his loss on Friday Night SmackDown. Safe to say, it was five of the longest minutes of my life. Santino, who is known as one of the more funnier personas in all of wrestling, simply could not connect with the audience at any point throughout his promo. Of course, spending half the time talking and kissing up to 'the cobra' probably didn't help matters. When Cesaro and Aksana mercifully crashed the party, the crowd finally woke up. I applaud WWE for (finally) trying to build up the feud between Cesaro and Santino, but Santino's promo was anything but interesting.

Best Match of the Week

Seven hours of wrestling (not counting commercials, promos, and entrances) can provide for lots of matches to choose from. In particular, I enjoyed both Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton matches, as well as Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus from SmackDown, but Aj Styles vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Robbie E on Impact is my pick for best match of the week. What do you get when you put one of wrestling's most gifted athletes in the ring with a veteran who can still put on a good match and throw in a young guy looking to make a name for himself? A damn good match, that's for sure. Styles and Van Dam worked great together, and Robbie managed to not be over-looked by the bigger names, even picking up the win! This wasn't a four-star match or anything that can redefine TNA, but it was a lot of fun, especially compared to the triple threat WWE title match at SummerSlam last week. Unfortunately, despite giving the fans one of the best matches of the week, TNA also had the...

Worst Match of the Week

For my TNA readers, it's no secret how much I dislike Gunner. I hate his ring name, I hate his look, and everything he does bores me. I would be less harsh on him if he offered something exciting in-between the ropes, but he's a crappy wrestler too. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the monthly GutCheck challenge of Gunner vs. Chris Lewie gets the dishonour of being the worst match of the week. Good God, they had a bad match. No one in the arena gave a rat's ass about either guy, and the wrestlers didn't seem to look like they cared. That being said, it would be typical for TNA to give Lewie a contract this week on Impact, since they often get confused over which talent is worth pushing. Not one of TNA's brightest moments, that's for sure.

Dishonourable mentions: Robbie T vs. Jeff Hardy; The Big Show vs. David Otunga

Feud of the Week

WWE did a lot of things right this week, as they built on a lot of feuds, featuring both midcarders and main-eventers. It was nice to see the likes of Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal get some momentum instead of it being Ryback demolishing a low-card heel just to get him over. At the same time, Aj booking Kane & Zack Ryder vs. The Miz & Daniel Bryan was an interesting idea, even though things didn't go the way I would have liked them to (poor Zack). But I have to again give the nod to TNA for the Aces and Eights Storyline. What started as a rip-off of The Nexus has grown into one of the most interesting angles TNA has come up with in quite some time. No matter what anyone says, I always find it cool to see wrestlers "break kayfabe" by having faces and heels align together to take on an outside threat. Only time will tell if this storyline will be successful or become a hot mess, but for now, I like what I'm seeing.

Wrestler of the Week

If this was any other week, I would have given the award to Daniel Bryan, who has become arguably the most interesting character in all of WWE right now. However, the "No Man" had a relatively quiet week, and so I'm picking Dolph Ziggler instead. Not only did he 'retire' Chris Jericho in a short but good match on RAW, he also went toe-to-toe with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus on SmackDown, and unlike their previous encounters, Ziggler didn't lose by pinfall. To top it all off, Ziggler made ANOTHER appearance at the end of SmackDown, when he attempted to cash-in Money in the Bank, only to be RKOed by Orton. Quite the busy week for Ziggler, but I have zero issue with him getting loads of TV time.

Show of the Week

Of the "big three", none really stood out this week. RAW was once again three hours, Impact was pretty weak (I blame Open Fight Night, which is a column for another day), and SmackDown didn't seem to flow. I give RAW the win, mainly because we saw lots of wrestling (some good, some bad), lots of feud development, and a great conclusion from Punk, Cena, and Lawler.

What do you think? Agree with my picks? Think I'm smoking something? Liked the column? Then let me know!


Did You Know?

Night of Champions has featured only two non-title matches during in it's existence. CM Punk has competed in both of them.

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