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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - WWE vs. TNA (Round Two)
By Super Chrisss
Jun 6, 2013 - 9:56:37 AM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

Welcome to round two of the battle between WWE and TNA to determine who has the better overall roster. Before we kick things off, I would just like to thank everyone for their feedback to part one, as well as a special shout-out to those who listened to my debut show on LoPRadio last Tuesday night (especially those who called in - Randall, The Doc, and Triple R). I do columns (both written and audio) to entertain YOU, the reader/listener, and I'm always honoured to be a small part of your daily schedule. So thank you, seriously.

With that being said, let's take a quick look back at last week's match-ups and winners and then we'll dive right into this week's brackets!


#1 John Cena
#2 Dolph Ziggler (WON)
#3 CM Punk
#4 Randy Orton
#5 Alberto del Rio
#6 Ryback (LOST)
#7 Chris Jericho
#8 Sheamus
#9 The Shield
#10 Daniel Bryan
#11 Kane (LOST)
#12 The Miz
#13 The Big Show
#14 Mark Henry
#15 Wade Barrett
#16 Kofi Kingston (WON)
#17 Jack Swagger
#18 Antonio Cesaro
#19 Fandango
#20 The Prime Time Players
#21 Team Rhodes Scholars
#22 Kaitlyn (LOST)
#23 Aj


#1 Jeff Hardy
#2 Bully Ray (LOST)
#3 Sting
#4 Kurt Angle
#5 Devon
#6 Aj Styles (WON)
#7 Samoa Joe
#8 Joseph Park/Abyss
#9 Aces & 8s
#10 Austin Aries
#11 Bobby Roode (WON)
#12 Magnus
#13 James Storm
#14 Kenny King
#15 Chris Sabin
#16 Matt Morgan (LOST)
#17 Joey Ryan
#18 Christian York
#19 Robbie E
#20 Bad Influence
#21 Chavo & Hernandez
#22 Mickie James (WON)
#23 Velvet Sky

Scoreboard - WWE: 2 TNA: 3

Writer's Note: After listening to some readers' suggestions, this week's rankings will be scored a bit differently, with booking replacing reliability. Cool?

Round 2

#4 Randy Orton vs. #4 Kurt Angle

Mic skills: The Viper vs. The Olympic Gold Medalist - a feud we never really got to see, and one I'm sure many fans would love to see one day before Angle ultimately hangs up his boots for good. When it comes to cutting a promo, you don't need me to tell you who the winner is. Angle can play a goofy or serious babyface just as easily as play a goofy or serious heel; Orton, for lack of a better word, sucks on the mic. I've seen people compare Orton's promos to that of heel Big Show, which is one hell of an insult. Almost without trying, Angle takes the early lead. Point: Angle

In-ring skills: *SPOILER ALERT* Angle wins again. But to Orton's credit, he gave Angle a run for his money. Many people underrate Orton's ability between the ropes. While he's had his share of awful and forgettable matches, The Apex Predator has also had a lot of great matches. Heck, Orton's infamous Backlash 2004 match with Mick Foley remains one of my all-time favourite matches, even nearly a decade later. But Orton's no trick-pony. He can have great matches with workhorses like John Cena and Dolph Ziggler just as he can carry bigger guys like Mark Henry and Big Show to good, watchable matches. Unfortunately, not even Super Orton can top Kurt Angle's in-ring resume as someone who I can't remember wrestling a bad match, period. Point: Angle

Career accomplishments: Despite not even being 35 years old, Orton has accomplished quite a lot in his WWE career. He is a former nine-time world champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former tag team champion, and holds the record as the youngest world champion in WWE history. A resume like that basically guarantees Orton is a future Hall of Famer, even if he's released tomorrow (yeah, right). But yet again, Angle has the third-generation superstar's number. Angle is a former multiple world champion in his own right, both in WWE and TNA: all together, Angle has won twelve world titles. He's also a former European and Intercontinental Champion, a King of The Ring winner, TWO-TIME TNA King of the Mountain winner, and the list goes on and on. With the announcement made at Slammiversary that Angle will be joining Sting in the TNA Hall of Fame, Angle gets another win. Point: Angle

Booking: While there's no denying the fact that Kurt Angle is simply an all-time great, it would be hard to find anyone from the post-Attitude Era who has been booked stronger than John Cena. The only two candidates who come close are Triple H and Randy Orton. After all, prior to defeating Chris Benjamin to become the youngest world champion in company history, The Viper enjoyed a lengthy IC title reign as part of Evolution. Furthermore, there's a reason countless IWC fans label him as "Super Orton" - he wins pretty much all of his matches. Angle, despite being pushed extremely well early on by both WWE and TNA, has just never been viewed as unbeatable as someone like Orton. Orton may have fallen from the main-event scene thanks to his pair of Wellness Policy violations, but to thousands, he's still "Super Orton." Point: Orton

Future: One of the scariest things about Randy Orton is despite how much he's already accomplished, he's still so, so young. As long as he stays clean (which would result in a year-long termination if he doesn't), Orton could still be main-eventing RAWs and SmackDowns ten years from now. Angle, however, doesn't have that many years left in him. TNA knows it: they put him in their Hall of Fame to try and persuade him not to have a "goodbye run" with WWE, which I'm sure he's been contemplating more than ever lately. As I said earlier, Orton has been de-pushed to near midcard status; he has nowhere to go but back up the card. Point: Orton


#7 Chris Jericho vs. #7 Samoa Joe

Mic skills: Wow, Jericho vs. Joe is a dream match-up that doesn't get mentioned anywhere as frequently as it should. But first, let's rate each man's ability to deliver a promo. Joe doesn't get too many opportunities nowadays to trash his opponents on the mic, but that suits his character perfectly, since he's supposed to be a badass, anyway. Poor Joe just can't compete with Y2J who in my opinion, is one of the greatest talkers of my generation. Jericho can make any crowd love him without even trying, but he can just as easily piss them off. In fact, one thing I've always enjoyed about Jericho's promo work is how he can ad-lib and make it appear natural. His interactions with Paul Heyman on RAW the past couple of weeks is a perfect example of that. Jericho gets the easy win here. Point: Jericho

In-ring skills: Now THIS is a much fairer comparison. If you had to choose five guys each from WWE and TNA's rosters as the best group of wrestlers, I have a good feeling Jericho and Joe would make their respective company's list. Jericho is someone who can do no wrong, at least not in my eyes. Like Angle, he can have a good match with pretty much anyone on the roster, and I can't name the last 'bad' Jericho match I saw. Joe is no slouch, either. His triple threat matches with Aj Styles and Christopher Daniels are simply some of the best matches in TNA history, and Joe's unique MMA offense combined with his aggresive wrestling style makes him a treat to watch in the ring. While I would LOVE to one day see a match between Jericho and Joe, I just can't vote against Jericho in this department. Point: Jericho

Career accomplishments: Anyone who's followed Joe's TNA career already knows how this one will end. For someone who has such a massive fanbase, is a great worker, and has been with the company for a fairly large amount of time, he just hasn't won that many titles. Being a former world champion, TV Champion, X-Division Champion, and tag team champion isn't anything to laugh at, but Joe can't match up to Jericho's accomplishments. The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah is not only a former world champion, he'll also be the first to tell you how he defeated Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night to become the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. Throw in the fact that Jericho holds the record for the highest number of Intercontinental title reigns, how he's a former multiple tag team champion, and a future Hall of Famer, Jericho easily beats Joe. Point: Jericho

Booking: To be fair to both guys, it's hard to say either of them have been booked very well these past few years. Longtime TNA fans will tell you until they're blue in the face that TNA waited far too long before pulling the trigger and giving Joe the world title. Furthermore, Joe always seems to be booked in random match-ups and feuds that don't go anywhere (we're still waiting to find out who abducted him a few years ago). Jericho isn't much better off. His last two runs have been mediocre, at the very best. Sure, he worked a main-event program with WWE Champion CM Punk last year, but Jericho ended up losing pretty much all of his matches that year. This year, Jericho is doing worse, as he's lost almost as many matches, but to the likes of Fandango, not the WWE Champion. Close one, but if we're talking overall career, Jericho slightly gets the nod. Point: Jericho

Future: Quite honestly, who the hell knows what's going on inside Jericho's head? He could end up staying with the company for the rest of the year; or maybe he'll once again leave during the summer to tour with Fozzy or write another book. I doubt even WWE knows how much longer they have Jericho for. At least Joe has always been there for TNA, despite his inconsistent booking. They don't have to worry about him jumping ship as long as he's happy, and he seems content with his position. Joe is much more stable as a full-time worker than the part-time/full-time Jericho is, and someone who could still make waves in TNA. Point: Joe


#12 The Miz vs. #12 Magnus

Mic skills: Well, here we go. It's a battle between a man who is very unpopular among the Internet Wrestling Community taking on someone who has a very loyal fanbase in the IWC. I'll let you figure out who's who. Magnus is very young, and is nowhere near reaching his peak. He has showed signs of greatness, both in the ring and on the mic. But right now, Miz has Magnus beat when it comes to a live microphone. You may not like Miz as a face, you may not have liked him as a heel, but it's his promo ability that really helped turn him into a star. Magnus has plenty of time to improve on the stick; then again, so does Miz. For the moment though, the choice is obvious. Point: Miz

In-ring skills: The Miz has improved a lot since his Ryan Seacrest days on SmackDown and chasing the ECW title. He can now have a decent or good match every now and then. But there's no excuse for not being able to apply the Figure-Four Leglock properly, especially after all these months he's been using it. That alone disqualifies him from winning in this category. Don't take anything away from Magnus - he can definitely go in the ring, and like I said, will only get better with time. But if it comes down to watching a Miz match or a Magnus match, I'll definitely choose the latter. Point: Magnus

Career accomplishments: While it's hard to deny that The Awesome One has been on a downward spiral since Extreme Rules 2011, he still has accomplished a lot in the WWE. He is a Grand Slam Winner, having won the WWE title, both midcard titles, as well as the tag team championship more than once. Keep in mind The Miz is also a former Money in the Bank winner who defeated John Cena in the main-event of Wrestlemania 27. With his only claim to gold in TNA being a run with the tag team titles, Magnus just can't compete with Miz here. Point: Miz

Booking: Those of you who don't follow TNA that closely might be surprised with my pick, but I have to give Magnus the win here. Miz, as I mentioned earlier, has been stuck in a rut since dropping the WWE title two years ago at Extreme Rules. He's gone from main-eventing Wrestlemania 27 to being lost in a cluster**** of a tag team match at Wrestlemania 28 to competing in the pre-show at Wrestlemania 29. Magnus, on the other hand, is being booked perfectly. Let me remind you how young he is - Magnus is only in his mid-20s. TNA don't want to rush and shove him down our throats because we'll all be sick of him in the main-event by the time he's 30. So instead, they're taking their time and slowly putting him over. Well played, TNA, well played. Point: Magnus

Future: Two years ago, this would have been a no-contest: many people (myself included) were calling for The Miz to be one of WWE's next mega-stars. After all, he had just main-evented Wrestlemania and was coming off a better-than-expected world title reign on the RAW brand. But I just don't see Miz ever getting back to the top of the card, as a heel or a face, at least not until a much later stage in his career. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. But the way I see it (cheap plug, sorry), Magnus has a lot more to offer for TNA than Miz has for WWE. Point: Magnus


#18 Antonio Cesaro vs. #18 Christian York

Mic skills: This should be an interesting match-up, mainly because both guys spent many years working the indy circuit before finally being signed to major wrestling companies. The only thing is, neither of them really stand out on the mic. York is a decent talker, but he just sounds so ordinary, i.e. he doesn't talk like a wrestler, but as someone you would meet in a grocery store. While you think that would give Cesaro the advantage, Cesaro's biggest weakness has always been his verbal tools. He's kind of awkward and rather boring on the mic, quite frankly. In my book, ordinary is miles better than boring. Point: York

In-ring skills: York hasn't been a member of the TNA roster for a very long time, but he's already impressed by putting on good matches against X-Division wrestlers like Kenny King and Rob Van Dam, as well as former world champion, Jeff Hardy. But Cesaro's in-ring abilities are in an entirely different league. Call Cesaro a throwback; call him unique; call him different. No two Cesaro matches are ever the same, and despite his short time in WWE, Cesaro has already established himself as one of the company's top wrestlers. Too bad we haven't had a chance to see much of that talent in recent weeks... Point: Cesaro

Career accomplishments: Like I said, York is still relatively new to TNA, as his Gutcheck challenge wasn't that long ago. Therefore, it would have been a miracle for York to have won a number of championships during that short amount of time. Cesaro, on the other hand, captured the United States Championship only a few months after debuting on SmackDown as Aksana's boyfriend, and he went on to have one of the longest U.S. title reigns of the 21st Century. That is a major accomplishment right there. Point: Cesaro

Booking: TNA seems to have a lot of confidence in Christian York. if they didn't, they never would have booked him in a lengthy TV match with then-world champion Jeff Hardy only a few months after winning GutCheck. The problem is, he's kind of fallen off the radar lately, as his last appearance on Impact resulted in a loss to fellow GutCheck winner, jay Bradley. Going back to Cesaro, he hasn't been booked much better since dropping the U.S. title to Kofi Kingston, but WWE kept him strong for the majority of his title reign. If you don't count pinfall losses to Sheamus and Randy Orton, since EVERY midcarder jobs to those guys, Cesaro appeared nearly unbeatable from SummerSlam until post-Wrestlemania 29. Point: Cesaro

Future: As much as I like York, the truth of the matter is he came into the big leagues way too late. His GutCheck opportunity was his last chance of breaking away from the indies, but considering he's in his late-30s, that doesn't give him a lot of time to reinvent his career, does it? Maybe I'm wrong and he'll pull off a Bully Ray or JBL metamorphosis, but then again, those guys were on a major wrestling promotion for YEARS, while York is just getting started. So bad, stupid booking aside, Cesaro has to be the one between the two who's future shines brightest. Point: Cesaro


#20 The Prime Time Players vs. #20 Bad Influence

Mic skills: Rounding out today's contest, we have a match-up between two of the oldest, arguably most credible tag teams on either roster - the PTP and TNA's Bad Influence. Truth be told, it took us a long time to hear Darren Young & Titus O'Neil cut their own promo thanks to their long-forgotten mouthpiece A.W. doing most of their talking for them, but when they got a chance to show personality on commentary or in backstage segments, they took the ball and ran with it. Unfortunately for them, their opponents (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) have been one of the most entertaining parts of Impact for well over a year now. Daniels has embraced his heel character in the best way imaginable, and that charisma has wore off onto his partner. Close, but not that close. Point: Bad Influence

In-ring skills: One thing I like about The Prime Time Players is their fluidity as a unit. They pull off double-team moves and work together like very few teams do nowadays, and it adds to their credibility as a duo. Even in singles competition, they have proven they can get the job done (see: Sheamus vs. O'Neil from last week's RAW). But once again, Daniels & Kaz are simply that much better. As a team, Bad Influence are the cheapest, dirtiest heels you can think of. In singles action, you won't make a long list of more athletically gifted men than Bad Influence. Daniels has his share of classics under his belt, and Kaz almost always impresses as well. Point: Bad Influence

Career accomplishments: Poor O'Neil & Young. WWE really got behind them last summer, making them the number one contenders to R-Truth and Kofi Kingston nearly half a dozen times. Then, suddenly, Team Hell No is created almost overnight, and The PTP have their Night of Champions title shot scrapped, with the belts (wisely) going to Curly Kane and B-Dazzle instead. Since then, both guys have really struggled to make an impact in the WWE. Kaz & Daniels, however, are not only former tag team champions in their own right, but have also won the X-Division title a number of times (each), and Daniels even came an inch away from defeating Jeff Hardy for the world title a few months back. Again, not even close. Point: Bad Influence

Booking: I alluded to it in the above paragraph, but WWE are really hot and cold when it comes to pushing the Prime Time Players. One week, they're out on RAW taking Hell No to the limit. The following week, they're jobbing to Tons of Funk. The pair is just another victim of the WWE 2013 method of booking. Meanwhile in Impact Wrestling, Bad Influence are one of the most credible teams on the roster because they've been together for the longest amount of time, and win their fair share of matches. With Gunner and James Storm the new tag team champions, I imagine it's only a matter of time until Kaz & Daniels regain the titles. Point: Bad Influence

Future: This is a tough one to judge. While Bad Influence would be the safe pick, there have been reports circulating that WWE is interested in reviving the tag team division (again), and with The Shield winning the titles at Extreme Rules, The Usos receiving a renewed push, and The Wyatt Family heading to the main roster, the rumours might very well be true. Should that be the case, The PTP might be in luck, as they have been together for quite some time, and when a babyface team eventually defeats Reigns & Rollins for the titles, I could see Young & O'Neil FINALLY getting a chance to run with the belts. Throw in the fact that O'Neil will most likely be pushed as a singles monster down the road, and I think I'll give this one to WWE's boys. Point: The PTP


Well, what do you know? Another strong showing for TNA, as Kurt Angle, Magnus, and Bad Influence have managed to out-do their WWE rivals and further their lead over Vince McMahon's army. Can they pull off the upset? Or will the empire strike back? Find out next week in part three of WWE vs. TNA!


Next week will be a hectic one for yours truly, as I will be joining my good friend The Doc to co-host on LoPRadio next Wednesday at 3pm Eastern (tune in), as well as busting out part three of this here series, AND I'll be sharing my Payback predictions with you all. So keep your tab locked on LOP, folks...

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