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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - WWE vs. TNA (Round Three)
By Super Chrisss
Jun 20, 2013 - 12:35:30 PM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

Just when you thought it was over (i.e. I completely forgot to finish this series), I'm back with Part Three of WWE vs. TNA. For those of you who missed the first two rounds, the concept is simple. I have pre-selected twenty-three members of the current and active WWE roster and I will judging them in comparison to their TNA counterparts. As it stands, TNA is in the lead by tWO points, but there's still plenty of time for McMahon's soldiers to catch up. Before we jump into today's match-ups, here's a look at the revised and updated brackets:


#1 John Cena
#2 Dolph Ziggler (WON)
#3 CM Punk
#4 Randy Orton (LOST)
#5 Alberto del Rio
#6 Ryback (LOST)
#7 Chris Jericho (WON)
#8 Sheamus
#9 The Shield
#10 Daniel Bryan
#11 Kane (LOST)
#12 The Miz (LOST)
#13 The Big Show
#14 Mark Henry
#15 Wade Barrett
#16 Kofi Kingston (WON)
#17 Jack Swagger
#18 Antonio Cesaro (WON)
#19 Fandango
#20 The Prime Time Players (LOST)
#21 Team Rhodes Scholars
#22 Kaitlyn (LOST)
#23 Aj


#1 Jeff Hardy
#2 Bully Ray (LOST)
#3 Sting
#4 Kurt Angle (WON)
#5 Devon
#6 Aj Styles (WON)
#7 Samoa Joe (LOST)
#8 Joseph Park/Abyss
#9 Aces & 8s
#10 Austin Aries
#11 Bobby Roode (WON)
#12 Magnus (WON)
#13 James Storm
#14 Kenny King
#15 Chris Sabin
#16 Matt Morgan (LOST)
#17 Joey Ryan
#18 Christian York (LOST)
#19 Robbie E
#20 Bad Influence (WON)
#21 Chavo & Hernandez
#22 Mickie James (WON)
#23 Velvet Sky

Scoreboard - WWE: 4 TNA: 6

Round 3

#3 CM Punk vs. #3 Sting

Mic skills: Punk vs. Sting. Straight Edge vs. The Icon. For one reason or another, it's a dream match-up that no one ever talks about. Mainly because they're too busy fantasizing about Sting wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, or Punk wrestling IronMan matches against other former indy talent. That being said, when it comes to promos, both Punk and Sting are extremely talented on the mic, but neither could be fairly described as "the best". Last week on Impact, Sting gave one of the better promos of his lengthy career, and he put so much passion into it that he hyped up the return of Main Event Mafia all by himself. The thing is, Sting has always excelled at firing up the crowd and telling a story on the mic, but his opponent does it so much better. Punk has been part of a large wrestling company nowhere as long as Sting has, but he's cut plenty more memorable and historic promos than The Icon has. His pre-Money in the Bank 2011 promo, for example, is a moment that will not be soon forgotten. Point: Punk

In-ring skills: This one is a bit hard to judge, because 2013 Sting doesn't stand a chance in the ring against someone with the mat skills like CM Punk. But back in his prime, over twenty years ago, a younger Sting was having Match of the Year candidates against Ric Flair. THAT Sting would easily give Punk a run for his money. But since he first debuted in WWECW, and even to this day, Punk has been wrestling one good or great match after another. Look at his DVD - almost every match that was featured I would rate 3.75 stars or higher. Sting has had his share of classic matches, but so has Punk, and Punk isn't slowing down anytime soon, while it has almost become a chore to watch Sting wrestle. Point: Punk

Career accomplishments: Once again, another tough one to call. Both men have accomplished so much throughout their respective careers, that a solid argument could be made for either man winning. In the end though, I think I have to go with Punk and that's because everything he's accomplished has been with WWE. Don't get me wrong - Sting has had an amazing career. He's a former WCW Champion, has won the TNA World title on multiple occasions, and was even revealed as the first member of TNA's Hall of Fame. But he has never competed for WWE, nor has he won a championship there. And all of those accomplishments in WCW and TNA don't add up to Punk's resume of being a two-time MitB winner, a former five-time world champion, an Intercontinental Champion, tag team champion, you name it. Technically, all that Punk has left to do is win the Royal Rumble and main-event Wrestlemania, and he'll have done it all. Sting may be The Icon, but he can't compare with those accolades. Point: Punk

Booking: This is where the tide finally turns in Sting's favour. Despite all of Punk's success, it took him far too long to get to the top of the card, and it was only in late-2011/2012 that he finally cemented himself as a main-eventer. Meanwhile, Sting has been a legend in the business for decades, despite WCW's terrible booking strategies and TNA's questionable decisions. He may not have the resume Punk has, but Sting has been a certified main-eventer for much, much longer. Point: Sting

Future: I wish I could say this was another category that could go either way, but it's really not. Punk has just recently established himself as a top guy in WWE, and even with reports of Punk's contract expiring in the not-so-distant future, I can't see him giving it all up after everything he's been through. Sting, on the other hand, should have retired a while ago, but Dixie Carter keeps finding a way to resign him another year. Sooner or later, Sting will hang up those boots, and until he does, he can't even challenge for a world title due to his loss at Slammiversary, while Punk could easily go on to win several more world titles. Point: Punk


#9 The Shield vs. #9 The Aces & 8s

Mic skills: You knew it was coming. The battle between each company's heel faction. Even though Bully Ray and Devon have their individual match-ups, I'm including them here because let's face it: Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins would obliterate Bischoff, Brisco, and D-Lo. Now when it comes to speaking on the mic, both groups have their storytellers as well as their weak links. Ambrose is one of the best promo guys today, Rollins is decent, and Reigns plays the silent, intimidating guy quite well. In the 8s, Bully is the clear star on the mic, but Devon has improved leaps and bounds since his heel turn, but unfortunately they have assclowns like Anderson and Bischoff boring us to sleep with their wannabe tough guy act. They may be outnumbered, but sometimes less is more, especially in this category. Point: The Shield

In-ring skills: It's incredible the amount of great matches The Shield have competed in since their in-ring debut at TLC 2012. In fact, their six-man match against Ryback and Team Hell No was my second-favourite match last year. Since then, they've gone onto have more great tag team matches as well as singles matches (see: Ambrose vs. Undertaker, Rollins vs. Bryan, etc.). Meanwhile, other than Bully's battles with Jeff Hardy, the Aces & 8s haven't exactly been putting on show-stealing performances. Sure, they've been winning a lot more in recent months, but their combined in-ring skills aren't anything to brag about. Point: The Shield

Career accomplishments: On paper, The Aces & 8s should get the win here. After all, the current TNA world champion is leading the stable, and they also have a former world champion in Anderson among them, and of course everyone knows about Team 3D's accomplishments. But think about everyone The Shield has beaten since TLC. Ryback, Team Hell No, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Randy Orton...the list goes on and on. Not only that, they suffered their first pinfall/submission loss since December only last week on SmackDown. Holding onto the United States and tag team championships doesn't hurt either. Point: The Shield

Booking: The first six-eight months of The Aces & 8s' run was probably the worst booked period of time for any faction in wrestling history. Their win/loss percentage was a joke, and their most credible member was Devon. That all changed once Bully turned heel at Lockdown and won the world title from Jeff Hardy, as the group rebounded and started winning most of their matches. The Shield, however, have been dominant since their debut, and I'd argue they've been booked the weakest since capturing their titles at Extreme Rules. That being said, one month of "meh" booking isn't as bad as half of a year of terrible booking. Point: The Shield

Future: I'm a fan of The Aces & 8s, and I wish I didn't have to give The Shield a shut-out victory here, but the grading doesn't lie. The key members of the 8s - Bully, Devon, Anderson - are either in their prime or don't have many years left in the business. Meanwhile, The Shield is so good, and have accomplished so much, yet I feel none of them have been able to realize their maximum potential. While I doubt all three of them are future world champions, I would be surprised if the trio is not a huge part of WWE's future for many years to come. Point: The Shield


#14 Mark Henry vs. #14 Kenny King

Mic skills: What's this? Two black guys competing against each other? Cue the "Super Chrisss is racist" comments in 3...2...Seriously though, I like this match-up because I'm a fan of both guys' work. On the mic, they have a very different style. King's heel turn is fairly recent, while Henry has been a badass for a number of years. Although I was extremely impressed by King's cockiness on the mic, as well as him talent at the announcers' booth, last Monday on RAW, Henry proved beyond a doubt what he is capable of on the mic. He mastered the difficult task of getting a crowd to love you and even cry for you one second and then boo you out of the building five minutes later. Henry has always impressed me on the mic, but his performance on Monday was the final nail in the coffin. Point: Henry

In-ring skills: For those of you who have followed The World's Strongest Man WWE career from the beginning, you'll know that his first ten years was a disaster. He barely had any watchable matches, and was simply terrible in the ring. Fortunately, he finally "got it" after his heel turn in 2010, and has had some very good impressive matches since then. However, Kenny King is a beast in the ring, and is one of the most athletic guys on the TNA roster. He hasn't wrestled a bad match since joining the company and he has all the time in the world to get better. Point: King

Career accomplishments: For a guy that has been with WWE for nearly twenty years, Henry hasn't accomplished a lot. He is a former ECW and world heavyweight champion, but his number of titles is rather small, especially when compared to guys who have been around nearly as long like Kane or Chris Jericho. But he's still accomplished more than King has, which isn't really the Las Vegas native's fault. That being said, King's recently-ended X-Division title run was impressive, but it just doesn't match up to Henry's accomplishments. Ask me to compare the two five years from now and my answer might be different, though. Point: Henry

Booking: There's no denying King has been booked as an exciting newcomer since joining TNA last year. It took him a few tries, but he was the one to finally end Rob Van Dam's lengthy X-Division title run. However, as impressive as he's been, the company knew he was not ready to trade in the belt and challenge for the world title at Destination X next month, so they put the title on Chris Sabin instead. The World's Strongest Man, on the other hand, lives up to his nickname more often than not, as he has been booked quite dominant more often than not these least few years. Heck, his "Hall of Pain" run was reason enough to watch SmackDown. Another fairly easy victory for Henry. Point: Henry

Future: Had Henry's retirement speech last Monday not been a work, this would have been a no-contest, obviously. Regardless, Henry's tank is almost out of a fuel, and we may very well see the big man retire for real come 2014. In 2014, I see big things happening for King, as he might even get a chance to compete in next year's Bound For Glory series and emerge as a real contender to win it. King is a young man with the world ahead of him. Point: King


#17 Jack Swagger vs. #14 Joey Ryan

Mic skills: Wow. Doing a complete 180 from the previous match-up, this one I'm really not looking forward to. Therefore, I won't have much to say in pretty much every category. When it comes to cutting a promo, Swagger's lisp has always held him back. Pairing him up with Zeb Colter was a good move, but it doesn't change the fact that Swagger's mic work is pretty much dreadful to listen to. Ryan, on the other hand, has impressed me with the mic time he's been given, as he made Gut Check less of a chore to get through. I like his sleazy character; he says all the right things to get under someone's skin. Point: Ryan

In-ring skills: Fortunately for Swagger, this is where he shines. I know some people aren't a fan of his slower, ground-based ring skills, but it's effective, and he's put on some really good and competitive matches in the past. Ryan is no slouch in the ring, but he's still a bit awkward. I have no doubt he will only get better as time goes on, but for now, Swagger has him beat. Point: Swagger

Career accomplishments Let's face it: other than lose Gut Check and turn it into a storyline which got him a match at Bound For Glory, Joey Ryan hasn't really done anything of note in TNA. He's had an opportunity at the tag team titles, as well as an X-Division title shot, but he failed on both occasions. Swagger is a former ECW, world, and U.S. Champion. He also has a fairly impressive Wrestlemania resume. It's another easy one, really. Point: Swagger

Booking: If The Real American isn't the worst booked former world champion in WWE history, then I don't know who is. He's spent the majority of his career jobbing; so much so that when WWE randomly re-debuted him last winter and made him the number one contender for the world title at Wrestlemania 29, the fans didn't buy it for a second. Now, he's off TV and probably taking care of his legal problems. TNA does seem to see potential in Ryan, as they brought him to the roster in unorthodox fashion, and booked him in several Pay-Per-View matches in a row. He's been off TV for a while as well, but I see him returning sooner than later. Point: Ryan

Future: Honestly, who knows what's next for Swagger? Many fans were bewildered that his main-event push continued despite being arrested prior to Wrestlemania. Now it seems he's heading to court to face those problems, where he could possibly face jail time. I can't see WWE ever pushing Swagger once he gets back, and he only has himself to blame for that. As for Ryan, he's a young guy who the company has gotten behind in the past, and I think they will soon enough, as the X-Division could use some new blood. Neither guy's future is anything but secure, but I have to go with Ryan here. Point: Ryan


#21 Team Rhodes Scholars vs. #21 Chavo & Hernandez

Mic skills: Today's final match-up is between a team the IWC loves and a team most of the IWC despises with a passion. When it comes to cutting a promo, LAX 3.0 can't hold a candle to Sandow OR Rhodes. Hell, I don't think Hernandez has said a single world since he started teaming with Chavo! Meanwhile, Sandow is comedy gold on the mic, while Rhodes has never been half-bad either. Point: Rhodes Scholars

In-ring skills: Among the four men, Rhodes and Chavo are easily the most-skilled in the ring. It's each man's partner I'm the most concerned with. Sandow, while a master on the microphone, has never really impressed me in the ring, and considering how much time he spent at FCW, that worries me. As for Hernandez, he's improving in the ring, but is still terribly bad for someone that has been on the TNA roster as long as he has. So I guess it comes down to Cody vs. Chavo. I don't know about you, but I'll watch a Cody Rhodes match any day of the week over a Chavo match, that's for sure. Point: Rhodes Scholars

Career accomplishments: It pains me to know that Damien Sandow is yet to taste championship gold in WWE, it really does. While Cody has been more fortunate (he's a former tag team champion and Intercontinental Champion), his accolades don't make up for his partner's shortcomings. Chavo is a former ECW Champion, Cruiserweight champion, tag team champion in both WWE and TNA, and Hernandez has a number of tag team title reigns to his name as well. LAX 3.0 have got the Rhodes Scholars beat here. Point: Chavo & Hernandez

Booking: Poor Cody and Damien. Whether as a tag team or solo stars, they've spent the majority of the past six months or so jobbing to everyone you can think of. From mega-stars like Cena and Orton to tag teams like Tons of Funk, it seems like the young duo just can't catch a break lately. Chavo and Hernandez have been a bit more fortunate, as they were pushed hard as a tag team for months now, and spent most of the time with the tag titles around their waist. WWE may not know how to book credible tag teams, but TNA does. Point: Chavo & Hernandez

Future: Despite the major contrast in each company's respective booking of each team, any fool could tell you Cody and Damien are future stars in the business, while Chavo and Hernandez are hanging onto relevance. Super Mex may have secured himself a spot in this year's BFG series, but if he's used for anything other than filler and putting other guys over, I'll be left speechless. Chavo & Hernandez have little to offer the company in the long-run, while Cody and Damien - if one day booked semi-decently - could be future main-eventers on WWE programming. Point: Rhodes Scholars


Well, that does it for this week's match-ups. With only two rounds left, can TNA regain the lead, or will they fall to the WWE machine? Check back next week to find out!


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