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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - WWE vs. TNA (Round Four)
By Super Chrisss
Jun 27, 2013 - 3:58:59 PM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

Welcome, good people of Lords of Pain, to the fourth and semi-final round of WWE vs. TNA. With only eight match-ups remaining, is it too late for TNA to catch up to WWE's current lead? Or will Dixie Carter's troops find a way to bounce back? Before we begin, here's an updated look at the overall standings:


#1 John Cena
#2 Dolph Ziggler (WON)
#3 CM Punk (WON)
#4 Randy Orton (LOST)
#5 Alberto del Rio
#6 Ryback (LOST)
#7 Chris Jericho (WON)
#8 Sheamus
#9 The Shield (WON)
#10 Daniel Bryan
#11 Kane (LOST)
#12 The Miz (LOST)
#13 The Big Show
#14 Mark Henry (WON)
#15 Wade Barrett
#16 Kofi Kingston (WON)
#17 Jack Swagger (LOST)
#18 Antonio Cesaro (WON)
#19 Fandango
#20 The Prime Time Players (LOST)
#21 Team Rhodes Scholars (WON)
#22 Kaitlyn (LOST)
#23 Aj


#1 Jeff Hardy
#2 Bully Ray (LOST)
#3 Sting (LOST)
#4 Kurt Angle (WON)
#5 Devon
#6 Aj Styles (WON)
#7 Samoa Joe (LOST)
#8 Joseph Park/Abyss
#9 Aces & 8s (LOST)
#10 Austin Aries
#11 Bobby Roode (WON)
#12 Magnus (WON)
#13 James Storm
#14 Kenny King (LOST)
#15 Chris Sabin
#16 Matt Morgan (LOST)
#17 Joey Ryan (WON)
#18 Christian York (LOST)
#19 Robbie E
#20 Bad Influence (WON)
#21 Chavo & Hernandez (LOST)
#22 Mickie James (WON)
#23 Velvet Sky

Scoreboard - WWE: 8 TNA: 7

Round 4

#5 Albeto del Rio vs. #5 Devon

Mic skills: A year ago, I would have said both guy's verbal skills are in the toilet, but in recent times, one of them have really impressed me with some of the promos he's cut. I'll give you a hint: he's not Mexican. Devon Dudley has finally picked up some of his "brother's" mic skills since turning heel and did a relatively good job of representing Aces & 8s on the mic before Bully revealed himself as their president. Point: Devon

In-ring skills: As most people know, Devon is an in-ring veteran. He's been wrestling longer than a lot of guys on both the TNA and WWE rosters. Most of those have been tag team matches alongside Bully, but his current and former reigns as TV Champion proved Devon knows how to wrestle a solid singles match as well. That being said, Del Rio's lack of personality and mic skills don't carry over to his in-ring work; in other words, Del Rio is a beast in the ring. Even during his reign as "The Black Hole of Charisma" (which looks like might be making a return extremely soon), it was hard to knock Del Rio's work between the ropes. He's had some great matches with the likes of Christian, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and so many more. Devon is a tag team specialist and decent singles competitor, but he can't match up to ADR. Point: Del Rio

Career accomplishments: Both men have accomplished plenty throughout their respective careers. I'm not too well-informed about Del Rio's work and accomplishments in Mexico and the CMLL, but I do know he was a big star over there, which does hold merit. As for Devon, he and Bully share the distinction of being the only two men to win tag team gold in almost every major wrestling company (ECW, WWE, NJPW, TNA), a feat which will never be duplicated. But when it comes to singles championships, Devon's resume is pretty bare, with his two runs as TV Champion in TNA sticking out the most. Meanwhile, Del Rio has accomplished a lot during his fairly short time as a WWE superstar. He's a former Royal Rumble winner (the biggest one in history, no less), a Money in the Bank winner, and a four-time world champion. Is is enough to topple everything Devon has achieved throughout his career? It's extremely close, but I have to say yes, it is. Devon has just never won the big one while Del Rio has - more than once. Point: Del Rio

Booking: Is there any superstar on the WWE roster - not counting part-time main-eventers like Triple H and The Rock - who have been booked more dominantly than Alberto del Rio has since his debut? An argument could be made for Sheamus, but even Super Sheamus went through a losing streak shortly after a run in the RAW main-event scene. Del Rio has been main-eventing Pay-Per-Views since 2011, and the only thing that has stopped him from headlining every PPV has been injuries. Vince, for whatever reason, refuses to stop shoving Del Rio down our throats, that it's no surprise that Del Rio is a four-time world champion, despite winning his first world title less than two years ago. His opponent, Devon, is a respected veteran, but never in his career did he - nor many other superstars, for that matter - receive the unfair treatment that Del Rio does, even to this day. Point: Del Rio

Future: Who knows what the future has in store for either man? Aces & 8s may be Devon's final major angle before finally hanging up his boots. Then again, it would be hard to rule out one more WWE run alongside Bully before calling it quits. As for Del Rio, the company is in a major pickle. His heel turn last week proved that he's still not over with the fans, nor is he ready to be the next Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio by representing the Latino demographic WWE worries about. However, Sin Cara has proven to be a major flop, so Del Rio is their only choice for the time being. Therefore, look for the Del Rio overpush to continue. May Gold help us. Point: Del Rio


#10 Daniel Bryan vs. #10 Austin Aries

Mic skills: Here we go - the match-up we've all been waiting for. The one pairing where no matter who I pick as the winner, I will receive countless complaints for going one way and not the other. So let's do this. As you'll see with most of these categories, Bryan and Aries' mic skills are pretty even. For "little guys" they pack a big punch into each one of their promos. Bryan has proven he can cut a serious promo as easily as a comedic one. Aries has shown he can be a dastardly heel on the mic, but he can also be a sympathetic babyface. A year or two ago, Aries would have been the easy winner, as many people would have told you Bryan's personality was non-existent. The YesMan has proven that theory completely untrue, but for the moment, I still prefer Aries over Bryan - just barely, though. Point: Aries

In-ring skills: How exactly do you say one of the best pure wrestlers on the WWE roster is more skilled than one of the best pure wrestlers on the TNA roster? It's just not fair! Both guys are amazing in the ring, and already have their share of MOTY candidates under their belt, and that's without counting their work in the indies. But at the end of the day, if I had to watch a Daniel Bryan match or an Austin Aries match, I would have to go with D-Bryan. Aries is a technical genius, but he's lacking the fire Bryan has showed in his matches for quite some time now. Point: Bryan

Career accomplishments: Keeping the trend of razor-close battles intact, it's fair to assess that both Bryan and Aries have done quite well for themselves since signing with their respective companies. Aries, for starters, was the longest-reigning X-Division Champion in history, and was the man to decree from summer 2012 onward, the current X-Division Champion could trade in his belt for a shot at the world title at Destination X. Throw in a successful world title win as well as a tag team title run, and Aries has done pretty well for himself. But Bryan has done slightly better. He's a former MitB winner, former world heavyweight champion, United States Champion, and tag team champion as well. Either man could win this category, but I think I'll side with Bryan again. Point: Bryan

Booking: Between the two, who has been booked consistently better? That's a tough question. Bryan was booked strong after his return to WWE at SummerSlam 2010, defeating The Miz for the U.S. Championship the very next month. He then went on to job before winning MitB, where he continues to job until TLC, where he successfully cashed in. After losing in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania 28 and failing to claim the WWE title from CM Punk, Bryan and Kane (forcibly) formed Team Hell No, and the rest is history. The next six months may be the biggest months of his career, but they haven't happened yet. Aries, however, has been booked quite favourably the last few years. Longest X-Division Champion in history? Check. Former TNA world champion and main-event of Bound For Glory? Check. Seem like a credible main-event talent at all times? Check and mate. Point: Aries

Future: If you've been paying any attention to WWE programming lately, then you'll know WWE has finally smartened up and are ready to push Daniel Bryan as their next big star. Like my colleague and friend The Doc stated in his most recent column, WWE have slowly built Bryan up without shoving him down our throats. It was a slow burn but now the fans - everyone, from marks and smarks alike - are ready to welcome Bryan as a true main-eventer. That headlining match (and feud) with John Cena will be well worth the wait. As for Aries, I see at least one more world title reign in his future, but, sadly, he won't reach the level of superstardom that Bryan will (or already has). Point: Bryan


#15 Wade Barrett vs. #15 Chris Sabin

Mic skills: Well, this is another interesting match-up, at least in my opinion. Both men have their own "fan clubs" if you will, and for good reason - they're loaded with talent. On the microphone, it's clear Barrett has the upperhand. He was the voice of Nexus, and the Corre, and is simply a breath of fresh air anytime he does commentary. As for Sabin, he isn't half bad on the mic, but it's his matches that people go crazy for - not his promos. Point: Barrett

In-ring skills: I know there are a lot of people who aren't sold on Barrett's in-ring work, but I'm not one of them. I think when given the right opponent, or the fans someone care about, Barrett can have a really good match. We just haven't seen a lot of that, since 75% of Barrett's matches have been fought against Randy Orton, with the same outcome almost every ****ing time. Sabin, on the other hand, is a BEAST in the ring. In fact, he may be one of the most exciting wrestlers alive today, and that's me being serious. Naturally, Sabin's high-risk style has resulted in some major injuries over the years, but when he can go, it's at 90mph. Point: Sabin

Career accomplishments: Is it just me, or does it seem like Wade Barrett should have accomplished a lot more in WWE than he actually has? After all, he was the leader of the once red-hot Nexus and even main-evented Survivor Series 2010 in a match where it was almost guaranteed he would win the WWE Championship. Instead, Barrett has had three poorly booked, completely forgettable Intercontinental title reigns and nothing more. Meanwhile in TNA, Chris Sabin is a former tag team and multiple-time X-Division Champion, as well as the current champ, which means he could "cash in" for a world title shot at Destination X if he retains his title on tonight's Impact broadcast. Despite being younger, Sabin has accomplished a lot more than Barrett has. Point: Sabin

Booking: If Barrett isn't one of the worst booked superstars on the WWE roster, then I don't know who. Throughout his last two IC title reigns, I don't recall Barrett winning a single non-tile match. He had a lot of momentum prior to his 2011 injury, where it looked like he was a strong candidate to win Money in the Bank, but The Barrett Barrage never did get back on track. As for Sabin, whenever he wasn't out with an injury, he was a regular on TV, either teaming with Alex Shelley as The Motor City Machine Guns, or lighting up the X-Division. I still think TNA is preparing him for a main-event test run, but more on that in a bit. Point: Sabin

Future: Without giving away too much of a ***SPOILER*** I really hope Barrett wins the world heavyweight Money in the Bank briefcase next month. It's the only thing that would spare him from irrelevancy and possibly get him some heat, because WWE's booking team aren't doing him any favours. But as for Sabin, it wasn't that long ago I predicted he would be one of TNA's next breakout stars, and although someone like Magnus could beat him to it, I stand by my words. Point: Sabin


#23 Aj vs. #Velvet Sky

Mic skills: Closing out round four is the battle between arguably the two hottest women on either roster. While I would have loved to simply compare both ladies' asses, there might be children reading this, so I'll keep it professional. Velvet was an awesome bitch as part of The Beautiful People (remember them?), but as a face, her character is extremely 'meh'. Aj's promos the last two weeks on RAW pretty much explain why she gets the win here. Point: Aj

In-ring skills: Well, neither woman is amazing in the ring, let me get that out of the way. Velvet has proven to be capable of putting on decent matches, but nothing more than that. Aj, on the other hand, hasn't had much of a chance to prove herself between the ropes due to her constantly managing her love fling of the month, but her match with Kaitlyn at Payback makes me wonder what she can do if paired with someone like Natalya (in a real match, not a squash/bathroom break). Neither are outstanding, like I said, but Aj seems to "get it" a lot more. Point: Aj

Career accomplishments: On paper, Velvet is the easy pick here, right? After all, she's won the Knockouts title several more times than Aj has won the Divas title. But then you have to consider what Aj has brought to the product. She's been involved with not only some of the biggest angles of the last few years, but she's managed former, current, and future world champions. She's like the slutty Miss Elizabeth of our generation. The scary thing about it? Aj is just getting started. Oh, and she was also the RAW General Manager for a while. Point: Aj

Booking: Miss Sky can't seem to catch a break. If memory serves correctly, she was injured at the tail-end of her last two runs as Knockouts Champion. Thus, both times, TNA had little choice but to put the belt on a Knockout who was 100%. Maybe she caught the injury bug from her boyfriend, Sabin? Who knows. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but if you can name any diva who's received more TV time than Aj has the last few years, please let me know, because I seriously doubt that's possible. Point: Aj

Future: I'm a fan of both women (and their butts), so it pains me to give Aj a clean sweep here, but do I really have any choice? Like I said, Aj is already at the top of her game, and she has so much time to get even better and possibly revitalize the divas division once and for all. I won't hold my breath, but I'll remain optimistic. Velvet, despite remaining over, has proven to have a bad case of injuries, and with so many face Knockouts waiting for a chance at glory - Taryn, Tessmacher, Taeler Hendrix, etc. - Sky might want to seriously consider asking creative to turn heel before she ultimately loses her spot on the weekly show. Point: Aj


Although the X-Division Champion squeaked one out for his company, WWE reinforced their lead in the rankings and have moved ahead three whole spots in the rankings. Can TNA stage a comeback and win the war? Or will WWE prove their forces are too dominate? Be sure to check back next week for part five - and the conclusion - of WWE vs. TNA.


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