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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - WWE vs. TNA (And The Winner Is...)
By Super Chrisss
Jul 4, 2013 - 12:01:25 PM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and readers! Here in Canada, we celebrated Canada Day on Monday, and if you guys party half as hard as we do, then most of you are probably already drunk or high. If that is indeed the case (admit it), I appreciate you spending some time with your old buddy Super Chrisss.

Getting down to business, the day has finally come. After four weeks of nail-biting action and extremely close match-ups, it's time to find out once and for all whose active roster is superior - WWE or TNA's. WWE are currently in the lead, but with four match-ups left, there's still time for TNA to turn things around. So without further ado, let's jump into the final four pairings.


#1 John Cena
#2 Dolph Ziggler (WON)
#3 CM Punk (WON)
#4 Randy Orton (LOST)
#5 Alberto del Rio (WON)
#6 Ryback (LOST)
#7 Chris Jericho (WON)
#8 Sheamus
#9 The Shield (WON)
#10 Daniel Bryan (WON)
#11 Kane (LOST)
#12 The Miz (LOST)
#13 The Big Show
#14 Mark Henry (WON)
#15 Wade Barrett (LOST)
#16 Kofi Kingston (WON)
#17 Jack Swagger (LOST)
#18 Antonio Cesaro (WON)
#19 Fandango
#20 The Prime Time Players (LOST)
#21 Team Rhodes Scholars (WON)
#22 Kaitlyn (LOST)
#23 Aj (WON)


#1 Jeff Hardy
#2 Bully Ray (LOST)
#3 Sting (LOST)
#4 Kurt Angle (WON)
#5 Devon (LOST)
#6 Aj Styles (WON)
#7 Samoa Joe (LOST)
#8 Joseph Park/Abyss
#9 Aces & 8s (LOST)
#10 Austin Aries (LOST)
#11 Bobby Roode (WON)
#12 Magnus (WON)
#13 James Storm
#14 Kenny King (LOST)
#15 Chris Sabin (WON)
#16 Matt Morgan (LOST)
#17 Joey Ryan (WON)
#18 Christian York (LOST)
#19 Robbie E
#20 Bad Influence (WON)
#21 Chavo & Hernandez (LOST)
#22 Mickie James (WON)
#23 Velvet Sky (LOST)

Scoreboard - WWE: 11 TNA: 8

Round 5

#1 John Cena vs. #1 Jeff Hardy

Mic skills: Some would say I saved the best for last, since this is a battle between each company's number one seeds. I know a few people are confused why Bully didn't get the number one spot, but it's simple. Like it or not, Jeff Hardy is the 'guy' in TNA. He may not be their world champion, but Cena wasn't WWE Champion for nearly two years, yet there was no debate whether he was WWE's top dog or not. I would LOVE for Bully to take that status away from Hardy, but when I made the brackets, Hardy was still the 'man'.

That being said, this probably won't be a close match-up, especially when evaluating each man's mic skills. Cena has cut some of the worst promos of the PG era - maybe even all-time - but he has also cut some of the best. Hardy, well, I don't think he's ever delivered a decent promo, except maybe during his feud with CM Punk in 2009. But more often than not, keeping Hardy away from a mic is usually a good idea. Point: Cena

In-ring skills: This is where things get a bit more even. Hardy might be painfully bad on the mic, but his in-ring performance is largely responsible for how he became such a big star. Whether it was his epic tag team matches and feuds with The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian or his singles matches in WWE and TNA, Hardy brings his A-game to pretty much every match (excluding Victory Road 2011). However, Cena has had his share of amazing matches as well. In fact, despite all those people who claim Cena "can't wrestle", the man has several DVDs worth of classic encounters under his name. Both guys are great in-ring workers, but when it comes down to watching a Jeff Hardy match or a John Cena match, I have to go with The Champ. Point: Cena

Career accomplishments: Is there any wrestler who has accomplished more in the 21st Century than John Cena has? In just over a decade, Cena has won thirteen world titles, the United States Championship, the tag team championship, Money in the Bank, the Royal Rumble, and has main-evented or headlined Wrestlemania every year since 2005. The guy is without question one of the most established men in wrestling history. Hardy, while not doing so bad for himself as a former WWE and TNA world champion, as well as winning plenty of other belts with both companies, simply can't touch Cena's record. Nobody on either roster can. Point: Cena

Booking: Both men have been favourably booked by their respective employers, but come on, the internet calls him "Super Cena" for a reason. Cena is almost always in the main-event, regardless if he's in the world title picture or not. Hardy was booked strong by WWE and TNA follows suit, but his resume is once again not on par with Cena's. A lot of teens view Hardy as a hero, but there's no bigger superhero than John Cena. Point: Cena

Future: Who knows how long Hardy will stay with TNA? Obviously, the lighter schedule is more appealing to him, but as they say, money talks. I would be shocked if Hardy doesn't pull an RVD and return to WWE sometime by 2015 for one last run in the big leagues. As for Cena, he's a proven WWE guy who will stick with the company through thick and thin, regardless of how many injuries he suffers or movie deals are thrown his way. A lot of people will be pissed, but Cena isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Point: Cena


#8 Sheamus vs. #8 Joseph Park/Abyss

Mic skills: For those of you who don't keep up to date with TNA, no this isn't a handicap match. Although considering Sheamus is one of the combatants, maybe I should have made it two-on-one. Anyways, not to crush anyone's dreams, but Park and Abyss are actually the same person (shocker, I know), and if it was simply Sheamus vs. Abyss, The Great White would take this one easily. I hate his face character with a passion, but he does have mic skills. That being said, I've been really impressed with the Joseph Park persona and how well it's gotten over with the fans. So thanks to his "brother", Abyss wins. Point: Abyss

In-ring skills: For a man his size, Abyss is not a bad wrestler. There have been a lot of 'monsters' in wrestling history who were a pain to watch in the ring, but Abyss and his alter-ego Park have put on more decent matches than you'd think. At the same time, Sheamus is quite the competitor for someone of his build, and over the years has proved he can wrestle some great matches with the right opponent. Hell, some people LOVED his series of matches with The Big Show, so it proves the man must be doing something right. Point: Sheamus

Career accomplishments: This is actually a close one, as both men have had their fair share of accomplishments to brag about. Let's start with Sheamus; he's a former WWE Champion, world champion, United States Champion, and Royal Rumble winner. Considering he made his main roster debut only four years ago, that's mighty impressive. Abyss hasn't done too bad either, as he's a former NWA world champion, X-Division Champion, tag team champion, and the reigning TV Champion. But when you think about how long Abyss has been with TNA, you'd think he would have accomplished more by now. Therefore, I have to give the nod to Sheamus for achieving more and at a much faster rate. Point: Sheamus

Booking: Sorry Sheamus haters, this will not end well for you. Abyss was once booked as a fearless, unstoppable monster, but that all changed these last few years, as I find him less intimidating than Kane nowadays. While his return a little while back was well-executed, it doesn't make up for the years of bad booking. As for Sheamus, if there's anyone in WWE with a better win/loss record than Cena, it might just be The Celtic Warrior. Chew on that one. Point: Sheamus

Future: I honestly don't know what TNA has in store for the Abyss/Joseph Park character and storyline. Abyss may be the reigning TV champion, but he has barely been used since winning the title at Slammiversary. Park is in the BFG series, although his chances of winning and main-eventing Bound For Glory aren't that high. Sheamus, on the other hand, has a lot left in the tank, and I see him moving back into the world title picture as early as the end of 2013, where he will float in and out of for the rest of his career. Point: Sheamus


#13 The Big Show vs. #13 James Storm

Mic skills: Oh, boy. I'll try not to let my bias against Big Show play a factor, but trust me, that won't be an easy task. As a face, Big Show is fairly entertaining on the mic. In fact, he's quite a likable guy. But as a wise man once said, as a heel, Big Show is the cure for insomnia. Storm, while his character doesn't resemble anything to what I see in Canada, has loads of charisma, and brings such intensity to his promos that you have to listen whenever he speaks. An easy one here. Point: Storm

In-ring skills: Another one-sided category. Big Show has wrestled a certain amount of decent or good matches throughout his career, sometimes against the unlikeliest of opponent (Undertaker, Mark Henry, Sheamus), but more often than not, a Big Show match is slow, dull, and boring. Don't even get me started on the WMD which is one of the stupidest finishers of all-time, in my opinion. Storm, fortunately, can definitely go in the ring, and I've chosen one of his matches as a MOTY candidate on more than one occasion, both as part of Beer Money as well as singles competition. Point: Storm

Career accomplishments: Storm has accomplished a lot in TNA, don't get me wrong. He's won the TNA tag team titles more than pretty much anyone else (albeit with several different partners), is a former world champion, and has headlined plenty of Pay-Per-Views. But Big Show has done a hell of a lot more. He's a former WCW, ECW, and WWE world champion, tag team champion with plenty of different partners as well, as well as a former United States and Intercontinental Champion. Big Show has pretty much done it all. Point: Show

Booking: Now this is a tricky one. Who's booked better, a giant who has won so many titles, or a man I once referred to as "Super Storm" during last year's BFG series? Although Storm has accomplished a lot throughout his career, and is clearly liked by management, he simply hasn't been as dominant as Big Show. For whatever reason, Show is never more than a match away from competing for a world title or feuding with a top name like Cena or Randy Orton. The Giant narrowly pulls out the win, I think. Point: Show

Future: Both men have been in the business for quite some time, but it appears to me that Show's career is slowly winding down. He had his 'last hurrah' as world champion late last year, and he's been mysteriously absent from WWE programming (minus the Payback pre-show), which could mean his days as an active wrestler are almost over. With Storm one-half of the tag team champions, and another world title run some day almost inevitable, I've got to favour The Cowboy here. Point: Storm


#19 Fandango vs. #19 Robbie E

Mic skills: Last and arguably least, we have two men who the majority of IWC cannot stand for one reason or another. Once again, I'll try and put my hatred for Fandango on the backburner and judge this contest fairly, I swear! We haven't had a chance to hear much from Fandango on the mic, but when he speaks, he gets on my nerves. His raspy voice is just irritating and weird. In NXT, Johnny Curtis was decent on the mic, but he didn't really stand out. His opponent, Robbie E, is actually quite funny. You may not like him or take his Jersey Shore gimmick seriously, but the dude knows how to work a mic, no question about that. Point: Robbie

In-ring skills: Anyone who tells you Robbie E is a bad wrestler is lying. Once you get past his gimmick, you'll see he has a lot of talent between the ropes and as I've said in the past, would make for an interesting addition to the X-Division. Fandango, once you get past the shitty gimmick, is still a mediocre wrestler at best. When you can't have a good match with Chris Jericho, then there's something seriously wrong. Maybe he'll improve over time, but as it stands, he's extremely sloppy in the ring. Point: Robbie

Career accomplishments: Simply put, Fandango has accomplished nothing in the WWE. I know, I know. He had his debut match against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. He had a theme song climb the iTunes chart for like a week. He won NXT and received his tag team title shot about a year later on a show that doesn't even air in the U.S. But so what? The Fandango phenomenon has been an utter failure, and I laugh at people who predict he'll be victorious at Money in the Bank next Sunday. At least Robbie E has actually held gold in TNA, and held it for a decent amount of time as well. Point: Robbie

Booking: WWE tries to push Fandango so hard, it's really annoying. Giving him a match at Wrestlemania while more deserving talent like Antonio Cesaro and The Rhodes Scholars were left off the card was a major indication of that. He's won more matches than he's lost, and that includes a Wrestlemania win over Jericho. I assume he'll continue to be booked strong going into next week's PPV, but like I said, there's no way he'll win. As for Robbie, the guy hasn't done much since splitting with Rob Terry, and nowadays, he's lucky to even appear on Impact. Point: Fandango

Future: Honestly, I don't see either guy having a great future with their respective company. The Fandango craze has cooled off, and once Vince accepts it, Curtis will probably be back to jobber duty. While I'm digging the newly-formed "Bro-Mans" (Robbie and Jesse plus Tara), I can't see them doing much but taking up some of Storm and Gunner's time for a month or so. I guess I'll give the point to Fandango, just because, really. Point: Fandango


With both companies scoring two points apiece, let's take a look at the final results!


#1 John Cena
#2 Dolph Ziggler
#3 CM Punk
#4 Kurt Angle
#5 Alberto del Rio
#6 Aj Styles
#7 Chris Jericho
#8 Sheamus
#9 The Shield
#10 Daniel Bryan
#11 Bobby Roode
#12 Magnus
#13 James Storm
#14 Mark Henry
#15 Chris Sabin
#16 Kofi Kingston
#17 Joey Ryan
#18 Antonio Cesaro
#19 Robbie E
#20 Bad Influence
#21 Team Rhodes Scholars
#22 Mickie James
#23 Aj Lee

That, my friends, is one impressive-looking roster. As for the winner, red outnumbers blue, so congratulations WWE for having the superior, current roster. It was a tough and close competition, but at the end of the day, Vince's army was just too powerful.

That does it for this series! I had a lot of fun making the match-ups and comparing all the wrestlers, and I'm glad so many of you have made it this far with me. Maybe I'll bring this back next year where you, the readers, get to choose the winners. But for now, thank you all very much for reading and debating with me.


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Take care, friends.

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