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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - These Are The Top Seven Feuds Of 2012
By Super Chrisss
Dec 21, 2012 - 3:42:51 PM

Writer's Note: Welcome to "doomsday" everyone! If you're reading this, then it looks like we survived the end of the world (yet again). Today's year-end countdown will take a look back at the top WWE and TNA feuds of the year. This list was harder to compile than I thought, but fortunately, TNA was there to prevent me from including something along the likes of Brock Lesnar/Triple H or Sheamus/Del Rio (shudder). So without further ado, let's get angry!

7. GM Warfare: John Laurinaitis vs. Teddy Long

Hate all you want, but I'm a sucker for some good, old-fashioned brand warfare. It's a shame the brand split died about a year ago, as brand loyalty would have made this feud even better. For the two people out there who don't remember, Big Johnny would constantly show up on SmackDown and meddle with SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long's business. Not wanting to be outdone by his extremely more interesting counterpart, T-Lo would show up on RAW and do more than just set up random tag team matches. This led to each authority figure assembling a team of superstars to do battle at Wrestlemania 28, with the winning team's captain becoming the GM of both shows. The match itself was a disappointment, but it could have stolen the show had it been an elimination match rather than single elimination. Nevertheless, People Power prevailed, and we even got to see Long wear an awesome "Hi, My Name is Teddy" nametag. In the midst of Vickie Guerrero and Booker T's reigns as GM, I really miss Big Johnny...

6. Aj Styles vs. Christopher Daniels (and Kazarian too, I suppose)

You probably think I'm nuts for including a rivalry that gave birth to the horrific Claire Lynch storyline last summer, but I like to focus on the positives. In 2012, we saw Christopher Daniels finally elevate himself to main-event status (thanks to an interesting twist of character and being booked stronger than in recent years). We also saw Daniels vs. Aj Styles several times, with both their Destination X and Final Resolution matches being among the best TNA matches of the year (a countdown of which is in the works, by the way). If that wasn't enough, even Kaz, who has never been anything more than a midcard talent, got plenty of time to shine and move up the card, and definitely pulled his weight as the other half of Bad Influence. We may have seen Daniels vs. Styles more times than Kane/Cena vs. Big Show, but the difference is, I could watch those two wrestle over and over and never get tired of seeing them go at it.

5. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

Another entry that might leave you shaking your head, but again, hear me out. For me, a great feud is when two or more wrestlers have a beef with each other and they back up their words in the ring. While the reason for Cena and Ziggler feuding the past several months is stupid, (an 'affair'? really?) they've put on some excellent in-ring performances. Their RAW match prior to TLC was great, and their ladder match at the PPV was even better. Better yet, Cena has made Ziggler look like a star, and this feud may - and probably will - be the one that 'makes' Ziggler. Considering this rivalry seems to have some chapters left in it, I have no issue calling it one of the best feuds of the year.

4. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

Like Cena vs. Ziggler, this is another more recent feud, and one that doesn't seem to be quite over. However, I think Aries/Hardy will be more well-liked than the first few entries, simply because these two guys have an amazing chemistry with each other. In fact, this is probably Jeff's greatest feud since his 2009 rivalry with CM Punk. Many people have already made links between Hardy/Aries and Hardy/Punk and for good reason. Both feuds saw an indy darling who had made it as WWE/TNA world champion, but who was not quite 'there' feud with Hardy, who's contract is running out. Both feuds began with Punk and Aries as babyfaces, but that would change as they voiced their jealousy for Hardy's popularity. But above all, both Punk/Hardy and Aries/Hardy has resulted in excellent promo work from the heels and one excellent match after another. Punk gained so much from working with Hardy; now we'll see if Aries can achieve similar success.

3. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

I was shocked (not really) that Punk vs. Jericho from Wrestlemania created so much controversy after I chose it as my favourite match of 2012. However, not even I could place their feud at the coveted number one spot. Jericho vs. Punk was a strange feud because it felt both rushed and planned out at the same time. You know what I mean? I think WWE should have had Jericho target Punk the night of his return rather than spending weeks getting Jericho over as a heel. His "silent turn" was a great idea, but not in the middle of Wrestlemania season. As a result, his feud with Punk seemed to spring out of nowhere and it felt like both men were holding back at times. The 'personal' stuff with Jericho going after Punk's family was not needed, as both men are more than capable of having a war of words based on any topic in the world. Nevertheless, their feud was still enjoyable, and their matches at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules were some of the best I'd seen all year long.

2. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Well, what do you know. I believe this is the first time in "My Two Centsss" history that a rivalry involving the same two guys has appeared in back-to-back greatest feuds lists (Cena vs. Punk would have done the same had Cena's injury not put a premature hold/end to their feud last October). Ladies and gentlemen, believe me when I say that Storm vs. Roode is the perfect example of what a rivalry in professional wrestling should be like. As we all know, they teamed together as Beer Money, Inc. for years before Roode turned heel last year and cost his former best friend the world heavyweight championship. These two had several amazing matches this year, including a well-hyped match at Lockdown for the world title, as well as a show-stealing Street Fight at Bound For Glory. Both men are great athletes, but don't have the wrestling ability of a Daniel Bryan or Aj Styles. Yet, everytime they lock up, sparks fly, and they project such a strong hatred for each other you actually wonder if they truly hate each other. One year ago today, both men had recently started feuding and many fans were wondering who would make it long-term as a main-eventer. The answer? They both would. James Storm and Bobby Roode are now two of the top names on the TNA roster, thanks in part to their epic feud.

1. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Although I greatly enjoyed Storm vs. Roode, they could not touch the awesome rivalry otherwise known as Punk vs. Bryan. Without even counting their Champion vs. Champion matches from early 2012, Punk vs. Bryan was every IWC member's dream come true. Their match at Over The Limit was not only one of the best matches of the year, but they followed that up by making great television by getting the likes of Aj Lee and Kane involved. You never knew what would happen next. Would Punk fall for Aj? Would Kane destroy both Punk and Bryan? Would we get a double-turn, with Bryan turning face and Punk turning heel? For a good portion of 2012, Punk vs. Bryan was THE reason to tune into Monday Night RAW every week. From wrestling one great match after another, to getting over as legit main-eventers, to Aj's rise to superstardom, and of course, the creation of Team Hell No, Punk vs. Bryan was easily one of the best things on WWE television for the better part of 2012.

Honourable Mentions: John Cena vs. CM Punk; Ryback vs. The Shield; Aces & 8's vs. The TNA Roster; Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher


Well, there you go. Another year-end countdown in the books. Did I forget about a feud I shouldn't have? Do you agree with my rankings? Then let me know:

- Email: captain_charisma16@hotmail.com

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See you soon!

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