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My Two Centsss - The ONE Match I'm NOT Looking Forward To At Wrestlemania XXX...
By Super Chrisss
Mar 11, 2014 - 7:47:57 PM

(Tom Jenner is the man!)

Is Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. Just kidding. Like the majority of people reading this column right now, less than twenty-four hours removed from last night's Raw, I am PUMPED for Wrestlemania next month. As my partner on "The Doc & Super Chrisss Show" pointed out, WWE finally gave in and listened to the fans by tweaking the Wrestlemania card. The New Orleans was going to crap all over a one-on-one WWE world title match between Batista and Randy Orton, so WWE wisely saved it by adding the stipulation that should Bryan defeat HHH, he will be added to the main-event, thus making it a three-way for the top prize in WWE.

And let's be serious for a moment - of course Bryan will get added to Batista vs. Orton. It's a no-brainer. Personally, I'd prefer they go with The Doc's proposed scenario in which Bryan vs. HHH takes place second-to-last, rather than be the curtain-jerker or go on sometime around the halfway mark. Why? Because it allows doubt to creep into the minds of both the casual and the hardcore fan of whether Bryan will actually defeat The Game since their match is the final stop before the main-event. People will think, "Uh-oh, there's no way Bryan will have enough time to put away Triple H and still have enough in the tank to wrestle another match immediately afterwards". Then again, Daniel Bryan could wrestle a 60-minute IronMan Match with CM Punk and probably have more gas left in the tank than a 'fresh' Batista, but I digress.

I really like the idea of Bryan/HHH being saved for second-to-last because it's the perfect storyline arc for Bryan. How many times in both 2013 and 2014 have we seen Bryan be booked in Gauntlet matches on Raw? How many times has he been forced to pull double-duty on the same show? That was WWE's way of not only preparing Bryan for the real test at Wrestlemania, but also to see if Bryan had the stamina to accomplish such a feat. I believe he passed with flying colours, and come April 6th, Bryan will wrestle a lengthy Match of the Year candidate and (hopefully) immediately afterwards, save Batista and Randy Orton from, well, themselves. Again, kudos to The Doc for suggesting that possible game-plan.

I've been enjoying the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker feud a lot more than I thought I would. When the rumours started circling a few months back that the two were scheduled to meet at Wrestlemania, I was less than thrilled. Partly because I was holding out hope for 'Taker vs. John Cena, and partly because I had no interest in seeing two part-timers build to their WM match. Well, thanks to the genius otherwise known as Paul Heyman, I've changed my tune. I skipped Wrestlemania season last year, but from what I heard, Heyman and Punk's confrontations with The Deadman were usually the highlight of Raw. This year, watching Heyman tear into 'Taker - with or without The Beast by his side - has been a lot of fun, and Paul E. is doing a great job of playing up the possibility of The Streak coming to an end. I'm still a bit skeptic about what the quality will be like, but I have no complaints over how they've been building up to 'Taker vs. Lesnar thus far.

With the triple main-event set in stone, that leaves us with the midcard. I'm still not sure what The Shield will be doing on April 6th, especially with their recent make-up session on SmackDown, but I still think a triple threat for the U.S. title makes the most sense, especially since it doesn't look like Big E will be defending his Intercontinental Championship (I know Big E could, like Daniel Bryan, pull double-duty and have two matches at Wrestlemania, but with who? He's been nothing but a pawn in The Real Americans storyline). With there being only one world title, and the IC Champion booked for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, that doesn't leave a lot of gold being defended on the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, does there? I'm guessing Cesaro will take on Jack Swagger, The Usos will defend in a multi-tag team match, and we get Aj vs. Tamina for the Divas title (**** that nonsense about the Total Divas fighting over the title at 'Mania; Aj vs. Tamina has been quietly building for a while now and Aj deserves to defend on the big show).

Which leaves us with one confirmed match I haven't touched on yet, that being John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. I mentioned this on my radio show last week, and I know The Doc will hassle me about it tomorrow night, but I'll say it again - Cena vs. Wyatt does nothing for me whatsoever.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there are a few reasons why I feel this way. For starters, I'm not as big of a Bray Wyatt fan as a large part of the Internet Wrestling Community are. A few months back, I posted a column ranking both the members of The Shield and The Wyatt Family in terms of potential and long-term success, and I placed Luke Harper above Bray. I reconsidered that ranking after his awesome match with Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble, but then Harper gave one hell of a performance at Elimination Chamber. Personally, I don't enjoy Wyatt's promos as much as others do, mainly because I usually have no idea what the hell he's talking about.

Going back to his in-ring ability, it was only during his last two Pay-Per-View matches that Wyatt showed me something. The problem is, both those matches were against amazing, fast-paced wrestlers like Bryan and Seth Rollins. Wyatt hasn't fared too well (quality-wise) against the likes of Kane, The Miz, and Roman Reigns. As a result, I'm worried about his match with Cena at Wrestlemania. Cena is a great wrestler in his own right; he has a long list of memorable matches for someone who "can't wrestle". BUT, I can't shake the feeling of Cena and Wyatt not meshing well in the ring together. I have no doubt Wyatt and Cena will bust their asses on April 6th to try and have a good match. The thing is, I just don't feel they can put together a match worthy of Wrestlemania. A great match for Raw or any other PPV maybe, but not 'Mania.

Another part of me doesn't feel that Wyatt is ready to face a star the magnitude of John Cena at Wrestlemania, at least not at this stage of his WWE career. Look at the list of past Wrestlemania opponents for Cena: The Rock, The Big Show, JBL, Triple H, Batista Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels, The Miz. All former WWE Champions or future/current Hall of Famers (and Miz). That's a who's who in wrestling, and someday, Bray Wyatt could find his name mentioned in the same breath as some of those men. But for a guy who has been on the main roster for less than a year - Husky Harris doesn't count - it just feels too premature for Wyatt to get a shot at Cena.

My last 'complaint' about Cena vs. Wyatt is they haven't given me a reason to care about their feud. Cena should be pissed as hell that The Wyatts cost him a chance to win the WWE world title not once, but twice, yet John has been in corny Cena mode for the past few weeks. As we saw on Raw last Monday, corny Cena is easily the worst version of The Champ. Cena is at his best when he's fired up and speaking from the heart. Cena making PG jokes does nothing for either guy. I'm just not feeling a sense of urgency in this feud, as it seems like they're going to have a match at Wrestlemania "just because". Quite a downgrade for Cena after years of main-eventing and/or competing for a world title.

I'm not complaining about Cena taking a backseat as this year's Wrestlemania in order to put a young talent over and let others fill the spotlight. Not at all. It's just the way Cena's rivalry with Wyatt has been booked up to this point that I'm not a fan of. WWE is yet to convince me why Cena should be paired with Wyatt at this crucial point of the year instead of someone else who has been around longer than Wyatt and could have a better match with (guys like Cesaro, a member of The Shield, or Damien Sandow come to mind). Maybe I'm being too cynical; it's possible my fascination with Bryan/HHH and Lesnar/Taker has watered down my interest in Cena vs. Wyatt. I'm probably over-thinking things as opposed to sitting back and letting it all play out.

All I'm saying is, as a non-subscriber to the WWE Network (#CanadianProblems), I'm willing to pay money to see Bryan overcome The Authority, possibly win the WWE world title the same night, watch Lesnar vs. 'Taker, and see what transpires with The Shield and the 30-Man Battle Royal. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena isn't making me reach for my wallet any quicker, at least not yet. Then again, they still have another three weeks to convince me otherwise...


Your Two Centsss: Assuming Daniel Bryan is a lock to be added to Batista vs. Orton, which of the confirmed Wrestlemania matches are you least looking forward to and why?

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