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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - SmackDown Tweeting Diary
By Super Chrisss
Apr 20, 2012 - 10:14:19 PM

1. Day 1 - TNA Will Never Learn

2. Day 2 - RAW Tweeting Diary

3. Day 3 - Too Much, Too Soon For Lord Tensai

4. Day 4 - SmackDown Tweeting Diary

(TeamFarrell, you're the man)

1. Day 1

Believe it or not, TNA has been the talk of the town for the last several days. From Scott Steiner giving the company exposure via his anti-Hulk Hogan, Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard rants on Twitter, to the countdown to Lockdown, arguably TNA's third-biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, the wrestling world has been buzzing about TNA. Unsurprisingly, most of the talk is negative, but if you've read my TNA columns in the past, you'll know I tend to be more lenient when it comes to the company's...shall we say...stupidities? For every four guys who are trashing TNA and their booking decisions on social media, I'm the other guy who will stick up for them - usually.

But this time, I have nothing nice to say about TNA, partly because of what transpired at Lockdown last night, and partly because of what seems to be a consistent way of thinking in TNA's upper management. More specifically, after last night's show, I now 100% agree with a "theory" I've seen countless members of the IWC talk about:

TNA does not care about their PPVs. Their PPVs are used to build interest for the following set of Impact tapings.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "What kind of screwed-up logic is that? Why would a wrestling company charge people $40 to watch a show that has no pay-off, and give out the better stuff on free television instead?" My response, "I know, right?"

You see, TNA has a habit of making bad booking decisions at PPVs and then trying to "right their wrongs" at the following set of Impact tapings. A recent example of this would be Bound For Glory 2011 (a.k.a. their version of Wrestlemania). For those unaware, TNA spent a large portion of last year's summer grooming Bobby Roode as the new face of the company, someone who could "overcome the odds" and defeat Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. TNA did such a good job hyping up Roode's match with Angle that there was almost zero doubt who would walk away as the world champion that night. Many fans thought the chances of Roode losing were like The Undertaker losing at a Wrestlemania - not going to happen.

Unfortunately, TNA screwed up. Whether Hogan really did change the finish of the match and have Angle retain the title, or if the plan was to turn Roode heel all along (which I really doubt), Roode lost at Bound For Glory. The fans were outraged, as they all knew it was the PERFECT time to put the belt on Roode and make a star that night. TNA acknowledged that they made the wrong call, and so they booked Angle to defend his title against Roode's tag team partner James Storm the very next night at the Impact tapings. Angle, being injured, dropped the title to Storm in less than three minutes, and the next week (or night) Roode turned on his former partner to steal the world heavyweight title, the same belt he still holds to this day. If you're not keeping track, that's two WORLD title changes on free television.

Fast-forward to last night's Lockdown. Roode is scheduled to defend his title against Storm in the true rematch everyone was waiting for. Much like they did for Roode, TNA made Storm the number one contender months in advance, and used several personal, behind-the-scenes videos of Storm to get him over as a face. It worked for Roode, and it worked for Storm - the fans were 100% behind him going into Lockdown. Even with other big faces like Jeff Hardy, Aj Styles, and a returning Rob Van Dam on the roster, Storm did not look out of the place being in the spot competing for the biggest title in TNA against one of their top heels. Storm had waited since October for this match, and everyone - myself included - thought it was a given Storm would escape the cage as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Alas, it was not meant to be, as Roode barely retained his title, and like Bound For Glory, the face challenger came up short. Look, I'm a big fan of Bobby Roode and prefer him over James Storm, but even I have to admit the wrong guy won last night. Storm is arguably at the peak of his popularity, and deserving of a true run with the world title. What better time for it to happen than at one of the biggest TNA PPV's of the year? Instead, the Bobby Roode push continues, but in my opinion, Storm needs the title a lot more than Roode does. And you know what's the sad thing? I would not at all be surprised if TNA realizes they once again went with the wrong outcome and book a rematch for this Thursday's Impact between Roode and Storm, and if they do, I bet Storm will win the belt. In TNAland, that's what they do. Make fans buy their PPV, then fail to give them what they want, in an attempt to get a ratings spike for Impact.

Honestly, I'm sick of it. Lockdown was a disappointing PPV in general not because of the sucky Nashville crowd, not because of the odd placement of matches, not because of the cringe-worthy segment between Hogan and Ric Flair, but because they continue to treat PPVs as previews for Impact. 'Super Garrett' got the win for his team, Devon vs. Robbie E was more about continuing their crappy feud than the TV Championship, and Crimson remains undefeated, even though Matt Morgan is the perfect person to end his bullshit undefeated streak. But most of all, the fans were once again robbed of their star-making moment, as Storm SHOULD HAVE gone over Roode - but he didn't.

I'm done with TNA PPVs. I'll continue to watch Impact, but their PPVs are a waste of time. Until they start making their PPVs worth paying for, they shouldn't be surprised whenever they get a 7,000 or lower buyrate.

TNA, stop promising change and just. do. it. Stop pissing fans off and start giving them what they want. If you do put the title on Storm at the next set of Impact tapings, enjoy your little ratings spike, but I guarantee they'll dip back to 1.0 in no time unless you get your heads on straight. You ****ed up last night, now deal with it - don't take the cheap way out. Take your PPVs seriously, and maybe the fans will too. Maybe.

2. Day 2

Welcome to the first-ever RAW TWEETING Diary! For those of you who did not catch last Friday's Impact Tweeting Diary here's some rules I followed when composing this thing together:

-140 character limit Well, it is a 'tweeting' diary, so to make it legitimate, each entry will not exceed 140 characters (and that includes commas, spaces, periods, etc.). However, I'll try and keep my grammar and spelling up to par.

-No excessive use of hashtags In other words, I'll only use hashtags to express emotion (i.e. #****YouHeathSlater) or to save space, since I only have 140 characters to work with. There won't be any useless #WWE or #HereComesThePain included, so don't worry.

-No ranting WWE has been known to piss me off with some of their decisions in the past, but to avoid sounding like a madman, I kept the rants to a bare minimum.

Sounds good? Then let's go!

8:59pm I'm excited for tonight's RAW . Not only is it being taped from London (who should be lively) we also have another WWE title match scheduled.

9:00pm It didn't take them long to include Brock Lesnar in the opening montage, did they?

9:01pm RAW is kicking off with the WWE Championship match, which means CM Punk will once again not be in the show's main-event. #smh

9:02pm To make matters worse, Mark Henry - Punk's opponent - gets the jobber entrance. Sigh. Big reaction for Punk, though.

9:03pm I have to admit, even from multiple angles, Chris Jericho breaking the beer bottle on Punk's head looks incredibly real. Wow.

9:04pm LOL - someone in the crowd has a "Del Rio stole my car" sign. Too bad Del Rio is nowhere as over as Eddie Guerrero was.

9:06pm I love the "Mark Henry stalking his prey" look. It suits him so well, and he legitmately looks like he wants to torture and dissect his opponent.

9:07pm Ha! Punk runs the railing and nails Henry with a bulldog. I can't be the only one who got flashbacks of old Jeff Hardy matches.

9:08pm I see the crowd is in a "YES!" mood tonight. That's always a good thing. #ThankYouLondon

9:09pm Really, Cole? It took you ten minutes into this match to figure out the No-DQ, No Count-Out stip favours Mark Henry? You so smart!

9:11pm It should be illegal for Henry to use a steel chair any point in his career. Those chair shots of his are just nasty.

9:12pm Everytime the crowd starts chanting for Punk, going "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and winding up, Henry stops Punk's momentum. Brilliant.

9:13pm This crowd is so pumped up, I love it.

9:14pm Holy shit! Punk does his signature elbow drop off the top turnbuckle onto Henry but with a steel chair in hand. That's gotta hurt.

9:15pm And with that, Punk retains the title. Good, long match to kick off RAW.

9:17pm I think I'm going to make "Punk! Hey Punk!" as my new ringtone.

9:18pm Punk vs. Jericho at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight? Good thing it's not Cena vs. Punk, or the fans would certainly get involved.

9:20pm Punk inadvertedly started a "Fish N Chips" chants. You see Dwayne, you're not the only one who can start random crowd chants.

9:21pm LMAO @ Jericho suddenly disappearing from the titantron. Can't tell if it was intentional or not, but Punk played along quite well.

9:22pm A United States Championship match in London, England? Why the hell not!

9:23pm R-Truth is back to being crazy R-Truth again. Yay?

9:25pm Santino was seriously wearing five sports jerseys over his wrestling gear? He must have been dying of heat backstage.

9:26pm Last week David Otunga main-events RAW, now he has a U.S. title shot? I told you he was "on the rise".

9:27pm ANOTHER 3-hour RAW next week? That will be a chore to get through, for everybody.

9:28pm Otunga hits his sloppy finisher and Santino struggles to get in position to place his foot on the bottom rope, which the ref almost doesn't see. #Fail

9:29pm I don't think Otunga and Santino have ever had a match against each other go longer than five minutes. That's probably a good thing.

9:30pm That Lord Tensai interview was rather...forgettable.

9:31pm Man, Brock Lesnar used to be absolutely jacked. I know he's ten years older than his first WWE run, but he was an animal back then.

9:32pm I'm usually not a fan of interviews/video segments like these, but this one was really well done. Interesting focus on UFC and Cena's busted mouth.

9:33pm **** it, there's no way in hell I'm missing Extreme Rules now. This video got me really hyped up for their No Holds Barred match.

9:34pm Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!

9:35pm It's Zack Ryder vs. Kane in the match we should have got at Wrestlemania 28. Please don't squash Zack, Kane.

9:36pm ****, it's not starting well for Zack.

9:37pm Yet another Ryder vs. Kane match that wasn't a match. WWE, the **** are you doing with Ryder?

9:38pm On the bright side, Ryder didn't get written off television again and Kane continues to look like a monster. It could have been worse.

9:39pm Daniel Bryan renaming his finisher the "Yes! Lock" may be the greatest idea the company ever had.

9:40pm Bryan chanted "Yes!" at least fifteen times, and the crowd was with him the whole time. That's amazing.

9:41pm Lesnar's open punch to Cena's mouth will never get old.

9:42pm Lesnar gave a very creepy smile before hitting that F-5 last week.

9:44pm Cena still does a dead-on impression of John Laurinaitis, it's hilarious.

9:46pm Cena's got a point. Lesnar has won pretty much everything there is to win. Except for the tag team and midcard titles, but who needs those, right?

9:47pm John Laurinaitis's music is so awesome, words cannot do it justice.

9:48pm We may only a few weeks removed from Wrestlemania, but Johnny is already becoming my favorite General Manager of all-time.

9:49pm Hmmm who will Laurinatis throw at Cena later tonight? It can't be Kane, it can't be Mark Henry. WHO WILL IT BE?!?!

9:51pm Time for Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan. If given at least five minutes to work with, this could be one hell of a match.

9:52pm But first we have to see Hornswoggle in a stupid backstage skit. I guess it's related to R-Truth's Sherlock Holmes, but I don't give a duck.

9:53pm Bryan is getting one of the biggest face reactions of the night. Good luck, Kofi.

9:54pm Am I the only one who thinks Sheamus is going to get booed out of Chicago at Extreme Rules?

9:56pm "Will it be No! No! No! or Yes! Yes! Yes!" - Cole with the line of the night so far.

9:58pm I don't think Cole and Lawler have called a single move of this match-up so far.

9:59pm This match has gone on much longer than I expected. Obviously, that's a good thing.

10:00pm As soon as I finish typing that last sentence, Bryan applies the Yes! Lock, and Kofi taps out. Still, a pretty good match.

10:01pm Sheamus comes out for the save, but Bryan avoids the Brogue Kick and runs away. What a chicken.

10:03pm The Funkasaurus is here, and the crowd is loving it. What's the English translation for "Somebody call my momma"?

10:04pm Michael Cole is talking about dinosaurs for the second week in a row. As a dinosaur mark, I'm digging it.

10:05pm As much as I enjoy Brodus Clay, Dolph Ziggler REALLY needs to get the win tonight.

10:06pm Another match that wasn't a match. I don't see how that helped either Ziggler or Swagger. At least Brodus isn't doing squash matches anymore.

10:08pm Eve, Johnny, and Otunga step into Johnny's office for a one-on-one talk, except it's now a three-way. #shudder

10:10pm Nice tribute video to the late Chief Jay Strongbow. I missed his entire career, but heard great things about him. R.I.P., sir.

10:13pm The Great Khali and The Big Show are teaming together? R.I.P. their opponents.

10:14pm ...who just happen to be Epico and Primo, the tag team champions. They might wish they weren't back on TV just yet.


10:16pm A simultaneous Chokeslam/Punjabi Plunge two minutes later makes the burial of Epico & Primo complete. Hasta luego, amigos.

10:18pm Let's see who Johnny chose as John Cena's mystery opponent. I'm guessing it's either Alberto Del Rio or The Miz.

10:19pm Cena's opponent is - Lord Tensai? NO! NO! NO! He's only been on RAW for three weeks now, and is already in the main-event? Too soon!

10:20pm It will be interesting to see who wins this match. If Tensais loses, people will say he's been buried, but I can't imagine Cena losing, either.

10:21pm In what has to be a bad sign for Tensai, the London fans are dead for this match. Crowds are never dead for Cena matches.

10:23pm Tensai's manager gets in some cheap, yet effective hits on Cena. I almost forgot he was out there.

10:24pm The "Albert" chant begins. No surprise there.

10:25pm The crowd may not care, but this has been a pretty decent match so far. Tensai has improved so much since he's been away.

10:26pm After a David Otunga run-in, green mist, and his sitdown powerbomb, Tensai defeats Cena. Wow. HUGE win.

10:27pm As RAW goes off the air, Tensai celebrates his win, with Johnny showing his support at ringside. Sadly, the crowd still doesn't care.

#ThankYouChiefStrongbow: The London crowd for 95% of the show...Punk vs. Henry...Punk and Jericho's verbal exchange...Lesnar's pre-taped interview...Bryan vs. Kingston...The action between Cena and Tensai

#****YouRTruth: Punk once again not being in the main-event...Ryder and Kane still not having an actual one-on-one match...R-Truth's backstage stupidities...Brodus vs. Ziggler...Khali & Show burying Epico & Primo...No Miz...The crowd reaction for Cena vs. Tensai

Grade: C- Despite two strong matches and a decent main-event which was hurt by a lack of crowd reaction, eveything else on the show was pretty much "meh". Maybe a C- is a bit low considering the solid in-ring action we got, but the rest of the show was more of a miss. Hopefully next week's three-hour show will be better, but considering the history of three-hour RAWs, I doubt it.

3. Day 3

If you read my RAW Tweeting Diary on Tuesday, then you already know what this column is about (that, and by reading the title, obviously). But for those who did read my RAW recap, you'll know exactly where I stand when it comes to the recently returned Matt Bloom, a.k.a. Albert, a.k.a A-Train, now known as Lord Tensai. I praised his Extreme Rules match with John Cena, saying it was quite decent considering Tensai's size, but it was hurt by a crowd who was energetic all night long - until main-event time.

Go back and watch Tensai vs. Cena. You'll notice the dueling "Let's Go Cena/Cena sucks" chants that are present in 99.9% of Cena matches, but not much of anything else from the London crowd. I found that quite odd, considering that 1) the audience was vocal all-night long, even during dull segments like Khali-Show's burial of the tag team champions; and 2) like I said, and you probably noticed yourself, the match wasn't half-bad. But I know I'm not imagining the growing silence across the arena, as you could tell by reading Tensais's facial expressions (especially towards the end of the match) that he was bothered by the crowd's quietness. Even when Tensai sprayed the green mist in Cena's face, and pinned the so-called face of the company in his third match back on the roster, the crowd hardly reacted to the monster's dominance. To me, it looked like they were saying "meh".

The reason for this reaction (or lack thereof) is simple - it's WAY too soon for Lord Tensai to be wrestling John Cena, let alone in the main-event of RAW. Squashing jobbers in short matches is one thing, but to transition instantly into the main-event, just to "shake things up" or to surprise Cena and the fans? It's a recipe for failure. Look at Brodus Clay. He re-debuted with his "Funkasaurus" gimmick nearly six months ago, and since then, all but two of his televised matches have been squash matches. Brodus may not be getting CM Punk-like pops, but his gimmick is slowly and constantly getting over. Now that he's in a feud with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, it's allowing his character to evolve, and the fans are into it. Why? Because after months of beating random opponents on RAW, SmackDown, and Pay-Per-View, Brodus is finally in a non main-event feud.

History shows that most of the time, debuting a new monster and instantly trying to make him a main-eventer ends up backfiring. Obviously, there are some exceptions, like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Sheamus, but not every big man is as fortunate as those three men. Take Gene Snitsky for example. Everyone remembers Snitsky for making Lita suffer a miscarriage (kayfabe, of course) and uttering that infamous quote, "It wasn't my fault." Snitsky was unable to lose that moniker, so WWE repackaged him and sent him to WWECW. While there, Snitsky would squash one superstar after another, but would never have an actual feud with anyone. After several months, WWE decided Snitsky was ready to return to the A-Show, and aired video packages featuring the "new" Snitsky. Shortly thereafter, Snitsky made his RAW re-debut in a squash match (shocking, I know) and squashed a few more jobbers before he was named as JOHN CENA'S MYSTERY OPPONENT in the main-event of an episode of RAW.

And you know what happened? The match bombed. Unlike Lord Tensai, Snitsky was nervous, and Cena had yet to reach the point in his career where he could carry big men to decent matches. As a result, the match was terrible, the fans shit all over it, and Snitsky returned to the midcard, and not long after that, he was released.

If you haven't caught on by now, the reason I recounted Snitsky's WWE career in such detail is because it's the first thing that came to mind when I watched Tensai face Cena last Monday. Like Snitsky, Tensai went from squashing a nobody one week to wrestling a huge superstar the week after. Like Snitsky's match, the fans did not seem to care about Tensai facing Cena. But hopefully, unlike Snitsky, Tensai will not let this random, mega-push hurt his career. Sheamus, Lesnar, and Taker aren't the only big men in history who have succeeded with early mega-pushes, and they won't be last. However, Snitsky is not the only failed experiment, either. Vladimir Koslov, Heidenrich, Ezekiel Jackson, Umaga, Big Daddy V - all of these men made a direct transition from squash match to main-event feud and it cost them dearly. And not because they were "buried", either:

-Koslov: main-evented Survivor Series for the WWE Championship against Triple H, only for crowd to boo the match out of the building.

-Heidenrich: feuded with The Undertaker, but nobody cared.

-Zeke: became the final ECW Champion by defeating Christian - look how far that got him.

-Umaga: faced Cena at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, but never got that high up the card again (R.I.P.)

-V: briefly feuded with Kane and Undertaker, but his refusal to drop weight cost him his push and his spot on the roster.

As you can see, Lord Tensai is about to embark on one of two paths: either the successful, Undertaker path, or the disappointing, career-killing, Koslov path. I'm rooting for the former, as I've been impressed with Tensai's in-ring work since his return a few weeks ago, and I was an A-Train mark back in the day. But it's up to Tensai to get the fans into his matches and keep his push going, or else he'll be just another footnote in the legacy of John Cena.

4. Day 4

Writer's Note: Today on Twitter, something awesome happened. Zack Ryder had a 30 minute Q&A session, in which he randomly answered questions from tens of thousands of his Twitter followers, and guess what? HE REPLIED TO MY TWEET! ZACK RYDER TWEETED ME ON TWITTER!!!

So, yeah, I wanted to share that. Kind of a mark-out moment for me. Um, let's get to the diary, shall we?

20:00 Tonight's edition of SmackDown is once again emanating from London, England. Let's see how much WWE have edited the crowd reactions.

20:01 Sheamus, Orton, and Khali vs. Bryan, Henry, and Rhodes is the main-event? Kind of stacked towards the faces, if you ask me.

20:02 Daniel Bryan's kicking off the show, and I have only one word to say - interesting.

20:04 You can't help but sympathize with Bryan here. Who could ever live down losing the world title at Wrestlemania in eighteen seconds?

20:05 I said it once, and I'll say it again - Sheamus is going to get booed out of the building when Extreme Rules comes to Chicago.

20:07 AJ!!!!!!!!!!

20:08 "Stop, turn around, and go away" - Bryan to Aj. I love this guy.

20:09 WWE should really try to book Bryan and Aj on an episode of Jerry Springer. It would make for great television.

20:10 LMAO @ Bryan telling Aj he wishes she was never even born. That's a unique way to break a girl's heart.

20:11 Bryan spends 50% of the promo saying "yes", but ends it with a clear "no". #Irony

20:16 Natalya vs. Aj? Is this heel vs. heel? Heel vs. face? Face vs. face? I DON'T KNOW!!!

20:17 Wicked slap by Aj, so I guess she's a heel, and Natalya is a face? Ummm ok.

20:18 The ref disqualifies Aj for beating Natalya relentlessly in the corner. It's still more realistic than Kelly slamming Beth's head into the announce table.

20:19 Even when she cries, Aj is so damn adorable.

20:20 Oh, goody. We're getting Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio later on. Because their mini-feud last year contained so many awesome matches.

20:22 It's Bobby Roode! I thought he got a haircut...oh, wait, wrong show. It's Damien Sandow!

20:23 Mexican America is in the ring for our next match...****, still wrong show.

20:24 Brodus Clay just interrupted his own theme music and entrance to introduce his "little brother"...Hornswoggle?! Ugh.

20:26 Pairing Brodus with Santino is one thing, but pairing him up with Hornswoggle? I don't know, bro.

20:27 Does Hunico count as a jobber opponent, or is he actual competition for The Funkasaurus? I guess we'll find out.

20:28 Aaand it's over, but not until Hornswoggle hits Hunico with his Tadpole Splash. Anyone want to add Hunico to their Spring Cleaning list?

20:30 The problem with six-man main-events is there's usually a lot of filler before then. Looks like it's going to be one of those nights.

20:33 Why are Titus O'Neil and black John Cena on SmackDown?

20:34 Oh, so John Laurinaitis signed them to SmackDown. I'm not sure if I should care.

20:35 LMAO @ Johnny making Teddy Long a beat-beater. That's amazing.

20:38 Did Randy Orton just cut a half-decent promo? Not a single person in attendance was caught yawning, which has got to be a good sign.

20:39 Going into the fourth commercial break of the evening, we've had less than three minutes of wrestling so far. Could SmackDown receive an F?

20:42 That Stooge moron who bad-mouthed WWE on Conan the other night should really shut up and Be A Star.

20:43 Uuuuuuusoooooooo time. Can they keep their mini-push going with another win tonight?

20:44 They're going up against SmackDown's newest tag team, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. At least someone remembered about NXT.

20:45 I actually like the pairing of O'Neil and Black Cena. Mainly because they don't seem that thrown-together (although they kind of are).

20:46 The crowd is DEAD for this match. Considering one team is sparingly used and the other is debuting, I'm not surprised.

20:48 A double-team, tag-team finisher? I love it. Oh, and there goes The Usos' push, again. If given a chance, The Usos could be great tag champs.

20:52 Shinedown should perform the theme song for every WWE Pay-Per-View. Just saying.

20:59 Del Rio is a much better fit on SmackDown, I'll give him that much. He never should have been drafted to RAW so early, in my opinion.

21:01 The white, old-school Intercontinental Title looks so strange on anyone but Cody Rhodes.

21:02 Uhhh, Booker, why would Big Show be in a bad mood? He's the new IC Champion, and has been dominating his feud with Cody Rhodes thus far.

21:04 Solid match so far, but the crowd is still dead. It seems like the constant crowd reaction for Alberto Del Rio.

21:06 Del Rio sets up for the Cross Arm Breaker, only for Big Show to counter it into a backdrop. Nice.

21:07 They should stop calling Big Show's running tackle a spear and refer to it as a "pounce" instead.

21:08 Rhodes runs in and while the ref is distracted, hits Show from behind, which allows Del Rio to steal a win. Payback's a you-know-what, Paul.

21:11 **** you Heath Slater. You don't deserve to stand in the same room as Drew McIntyre.

21:12 I seriously love Ryback's theme music. It's bad-ass.

21:13 Ryback just got a bigger reaction than Del Rio did his entire match. I wish I was joking.

21:14 On a side note, what do Slater and McIntyre have in common, besides being jobbers? I don't understand 99% of what comes out of their mouth.

21:15 Heath Slater thinks Ryback looks like an idiot? If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is.

21:16 Of course they're going to replay the Brock Lesnar interview from Monday night. Atfer all, no one watches RAW, everyone watches SmackDown.

21:24 WWE definitely played around with Regal's crowd reaction. No way that was the pop he actually got.

21:26 Antonio Cesaro! Half my Twitter timeline just marked all over their bedroom.

21:27 Main-event time, with over thirty minutes left in the show? This could be A LOT of fun.

21:28 Michael Cole now does his own impersonation of the "Yes!" chant. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing.

21:32 For the second time this week, Mark Henry receives the jobber entrance, and is the only member of his team who does. Note-worthy?

21:35 Why is The Great Khali introduced last instead of Randy Orton or World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus? Again, note-worthy?

21:36 Ah, because it allows Rhodes to take out Khali and make it a handicap match. You see folks, it helps to pay attention to the little things.

21:38 Big Show decides to join Team Orton and even things up. Meh, I'm pretty sure Sheamus and "Super Orton" would have been fine on their own.

21:41 Even though the show is taped, we come back from commercial with the match already underway. #Sigh

21:43 According to our friendly commentators, Sheamus has already been fined $500,000. I thought that hadn't happened yet?

21:45 Sheamus' strikes to the chest can easily be interpreted as pause-worthy, especially when someone like Rhodes bounces back and forth after impact.

21:46 Cole says Rhodes has been a different person since Wrestlemania. Does that mean he's back to being "Dashing"? Because that would be great.

21:48 Poor Henry. He's the only person in this match who got the jobber entrance and he's also the only man in the match not booked for Extreme Rules.

21:49 So...many...commercials.

21:52 WWE have put ZERO effort into promoting this Monday's three-hour RAW. They'll also freak out when the first hour gets a low rating. #Duh

21:55 Rhodes locks in the Figure-Four Leglock on The Big Show. Random, but I dig it.

21:56 Remember when Mark Henry's splash used to win matches? Yeah, me neither.

21:57 **** Big Show's WMD. It is my most hated finisher in all of professional wrestling.

21:58 Mark Henry, the only man not booked for Extreme Rules, eats all three finishers and takes the pinfall for his team. Coincidence? I think not.

21:59 Good match, but the result and post-match celebration made it feel more like a house show main-event than a TV main-event.

#ThankYouZackRyder: The ongoing drama between Daniel Bryan and Aj...Aj going pyscho on Natalya...Lots of new blood on SmackDown...Ryback's push being both different and successful...The six-man tag team match.

#****YouHeathSlater Very little wrestling from start to finish...Hornswoggle potentially joining Brodus's dance crew...The Usos continuing to be misused...Another Heath Slater appearnce...So much filler.

Grade: D A solid main-event and a strong opening segment, but not much else. I know the roster is tired because they're on a two-week, overseas tour, but way too much filler for my liking.


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