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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - Being Smart Doesn't Make You Cool
By Super Chrisss
Jul 9, 2013 - 6:16:55 PM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

Writer's Note: This isn't going to be a very 'happy' column. No, I'm not going to bash RAW, as I thought overall, last night's show was much better than the week before, and did a fantastic job of building to Money in the Bank this Sunday. Rather, I wish to address a few things I did not like about the show, things that dragged down the show, and most of all, a group of people who tempted me to hop on a plane and head to Baltimore for an ass-kicking spree.

Admit it - RAW was pretty good last night. We got lots of exciting wrestling (Sheamus vs. Bryan was easily the MOTN, but Orton vs. Punk was a nice main-event with an even better conclusion), lots of build-up for Money in the Bank this Sunday, as well as a thrilling debut from the Wyatt family. Even The Shield's match with Ton of Funk was surprisingly competitive, and not a two-minute squash to make Reigns & Rollins look dominant before Sunday. In other words, RAW managed to surpass my expectations and really got me pumped up for Money in the Bank.

However, it was not smooth sailing from start to finish. There were certain things that happened which had no business taking place, especially not on the go-home RAW prior to a Pay-Per-View. One of those things was Vickie Guerrero's job evaluation. Not only was it a long, dreadful segment, but there was no logical reason to air that segment six days before a PPV. John Cena and Mark Henry's confrontation, Orton vs. Punk, Sheamus vs. Bryan, hell, even Del Rio vs. Sin Cara (featuring Dolph Ziggler) were all more important matches/segments than that job evaluation crap. Yet, we had to endure Vickie Guerrero screeching like a hyena and more McMahon "dick measuring" for a good twenty minutes just so they could build to some match that may not even happen at SummerSlam.

As LoPRadio personality Skip De Bayless pointed out on Twitter, the segment was done to set up a future match. That's fine, I get that. But you know what other segment built up to a match down the road? Brock Lesnar returning to RAW the night after Payback and F-5ing CM Punk. You know how long that segment lasted? Three minutes, tops. And you know when that segment happened? About a month before the next scheduled PPV. That is when you plant the seeds for a future, "big" match. You don't spend twenty minutes on a go-home RAW building to a match that won't even be taking place on the PPV that same week. That's just stupid. You want to remind the fans that a Vince vs. Triple H program is in the works? Fine. But don't waste twenty valuable minutes on people that won't be involved in any capacity at Money in the Bank.

One more point about the job evaluation. I wouldn't have hated it as much as I did if we got a decent blow-off to the angle. Instead, we now have Brad Maddox as the RAW General Manager. As the commentators pointed out, what credentials does Maddox posess to run RAW? Absolutely none. Furthermore, the guy's heat died when Ryback obliterated him in a squash many months ago. It would have been like Vince firing Big Johnny and putting David Otunga in power. Obviously, that wasn't going to happen, because Otunga wasn't over, and neither is Maddox. Just an anti-climatic way to conclude what was already a bad segment.

Fortunately, WWE followed up by giving us some in-ring action with Christain taking on Kane. The match was over before it began, with Kane hitting a Chokeslam for the win not even a minute returned from commercial break, but it was done to set up the debut of the Wyatt family, who the company had been promoting relentlessly for weeks now. Needless to say, I loved their debut. From the creepy video of them walking backstage, to Wyatt watching from his rocking chair as Rowan and Harper destroyed The Big Red Monster, it was simply awesome. Those of you who have followed the Wyatts on NXT have seen similar attacks from the trio before, but man was it refreshing to see them do their thing in front of a much, MUCH larger audience. I know a lot of people were concerned the creative team would 'tweak' the group as they saw fit, but thankfully, they kept their paws off Wyatt and the others. I thought the Wyatts lived up to the hype, without question.

But then, just as I was enjoying the Wyatts and their immediate impact on RAW, some morons tried to ruin it for everybody. A certain group of fans in attendance - smarks, to be precise - thought it would be cool to chant "Husky Harris" as Bray Wyatt joined the others at ringside to conclude the segment. If anyone of you are reading this right now, I have a question for you:

Are you proud of yourself? Do you feel special for being "in the know" because you know Bray Wyatt used to compete as Husky Harris? Because if you do, please, tell me what kind of drugs you're smoking. You, my friend(s), almost single-handedly ruined the Wyatts debut with your lame-ass chant. Because of you, your chant made it on TV, where it could possibly inspire other idiots to do the same thing to the Wyatts, week after week. Then again, I suppose you're also one of those intelligent people who chant "What?" when a wrestler cuts a promo, trying to get over. You also chant "Goldberg" at Ryback and "Albert" at Tensai/Sweet T. If that is the case, please contact me as soon as possible so I can make you a LOP columnist, because you're a rare breed of genius.

Tell me, Husky Harris fans, when The Rock shows up to the event you're at, do you and your friends chant "Dwayne Johnson" at him? When Kane wrestles a match, do you get bored and chant "Isaak Yankem"? When Daniel Bryan is in the ring, do you chant "Let's Go Danielson"? I'm assuming the answer is no, because I've never heard any of those chants before on television. So tell me, when a young guy like Bray Wyatt makes his re-debut after spending months in the developmental leagues, do you honestly feel that chanting his old ring-name or real-life name is going to help him over? I don't. Hell, when me and my friends attend a WWE live event - be it RAW, SmackDown, or a house show, we don't show our smarkdom by chanting stuff like that. We'll cheer for the heels, and boo the faces, but I can't imagine turning to my friends and saying "Hey, let's show how smart we are and chant Brett Major! No one is cooler than we are!"

I understand the concept of freedom and speech. But please, don't be a ****ing idiot. You wanna do the Fandango, then go ahead and embarrass yourself on national TV. At least it's a dance that is relevant to what is going on in the ring. You want to chant "U-S-A" when two non-Americans are in the ring? That's fine, geography was never my best subject in school either. But calling a wrestler by their old or real name doesn't make you look cool, nor does it add anything to the product. When I watch wrestling, I like to suspend my disbelief and believe I'm watching actual storylines, not actors. When I'm watching CM Punk cut a promo, and I decide I'm going to cheer for him, I won't be by saying "You rock, Phil Brooks!", I'll be chanting "Punk" instead.

It's a matter of respect, really. If you respect someone, you're going to address them by the name they prefer to go by. If Vince McMahon prefers to be referred to as "Mr. McMahon" and not "Vince", then you call him "Mr. McMahon". If your mom doesn't want you to call her by her first name, then you call her "Mom", simple as that. What those Baltimore fans did last night was extremely disrespectful to the Wyatts, and I hope I never have to hear those "Husky Harris" chants ever again.

There's nothing wrong with being a smark. But when you go to a wrestling show, try and leave some of that smarkiness at home. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but don't think you're cool by forcing yours' on others. Just my two cents...


I apologize if I offended anyone with this column, but I simply had to get this stuff off my chest, and I couldn't wait until my radio show tomorrow to do so. Speaking of which...

"The Way I See It" returns to LoPRadio tomorrow afternoon at 4pm eastern, where I plan on discussing:

*Last week's Impact
*Whether Chris Sabin has even a remote chance of beating Bully Ray for the world title at Destination X
*Alberto del Rio and his future
*The waste of space known as Bo Dallas

So tune in and call in!

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Until next time!

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