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My Two Centsss - Something Must Be Done About Alberto del Rio (Plus GBOF & WWE 2k18 Thoughts)
By Super Chrisss
Jul 11, 2017 - 1:16:06 PM

Tom Jenner rocks!

Once upon a time, Paige was my favourite women’s wrestler. She really was. I followed her journey in nXt, and no one marked harder than myself when she randomly showed up on the Raw after WrestleMania 30 and actually won the Divas Championship on her very first night. Keep in mind, this was pre-Divas Revolution, so the Four Horsewomen of nXt were yet to make their mark in Florida. AJ Lee – the woman who Paige defeated to win her first Divas Championship – had been carrying the women’s division on her back for a long time. Paige’s main roster arrival meant AJ finally had some help to carry the dumpster fire of a division back then. Oh, and I was ridiculously attracted to Paige. I’m not into goth chicks per se BUT Paige had such a unique look; anytime she wore those fishnet stockings, there was no stopping those dirty thoughts from entering my mind…

Did you notice how many times I described my Paige fandom in the past tense? Ever since Paige joined the Total Divas cast twoish years ago, Paige has become a completely different person. The scripted E! series showcased a rarely-seen side of her: an immature girl who threw plenty of temper tantrums and did not behave in a professional way. Before long, Paige started letting her personal drama interfere with her work ethic, and just watching her in the ring, you could tell Paige had changed, and not for the better. All of her problems multiplied when she started dating the Pride Joke of Mexico, Alberto del Rio. No one saw this coming because of a) the near twenty-year age gap and b) wasn’t Del Rio married with children?!?

Regardless of Del Rio’s marital status, it didn’t take a love expert to figure out that the Paige/Del Rio relationship was…odd, to say the least. Like we saw on Total Divas, Paige apparently fell so in love with ADR that she was writing him Shakespeare-length soliloquies and posting them on social media, and even got “Papi” or something along those lines tattooed on her body. All of this took place not even a year into their relationship. You know who does these kinds of things? High school girls who start going out with their first boyfriend and are convinced he’s the one (no Justin Bieber or DJ Khaled). That’s when we have to remind ourselves that Paige is still in her early twenties and arguably a drama queen. Oh, and during all their time together, Paige got suspended from the WWE TWICE and Del Rio asked for his release after being drafted do a different brand from Paige last year. Surely there’s no co-relation in any of this, right?

I’m not defending Paige by any means, as she’s a grown woman capable of making her own decisions – right or wrong – but Del Rio is an asshole, plain and simple. How many reports have we read on LOP the past few years where Del Rio (with or without Paige on the scene) was involved in some kind of altercation? No-showed an indie event? Blasted the WWE (the same company who put the world championship on him numerous times)? More recently, there was another report of Del Rio and Paige being involved in some kind of incident at the Orlando airport (witnesses and video proof). Just this morning, Paige’s brother took to Facebook and made some serious allegations toward Del Rio, accusing him of beating Paige and worrying she’s going to follow in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse, who prematurely took her own life. This isn’t a storyline people – this is real life.

And something has to be done about Del Rio. Someone has to get through to Paige and help her escape this animal. I know many people reading this right now are probably thinking, “Well, if she is being abused, why doesn’t she just walk away?” I used to think the same way, but after having conversations with women – including my own mother – who were once in a abusive relationship themselves, the truth is that getting out isn’t easy. Some women stay with the abuser because a part of them in still in love with their partner and hold onto the hope that he’ll change his ways one day. Others are simply too scared to leave because the man might hold something above their heads (such as dirty laundry, life-changing secrets, in some cases, even his/her/their children) which prevents them from ending the relationship. We don’t know why Paige and Del Rio are still together. But based on the evidence we’ve seen – not our ‘jealousy’ or being love gurus – these are two people who simply don’t bring out the best in each other, and based on Paige’s brother’s Facebook post, future updates on the couple could be mortifying.

Can we take a moment to once again scold TNA for making the ridiculous decision to make Del Rio the face of their company (note: I know they rebranded as “GFW” but I don’t respect them enough to call them by their new name, so they will continue to be referred to as TNA)? I mean, I stopped keeping up with those morons years ago once they let all their talent walk out the door, but you’re telling me there was no better option to push as “the guy” than Del Rio? A 40-something year old who’s in-ring days are winding down, hasn’t paid any dues in TNA and has yet to show any loyalty to his bosses? Not even two weeks after becoming their world champion and Del Rio is detained at a public airport; if he was in WWE, he would have been released the same day. If TNA management don’t reprimand Del Rio by forcing him to drop the title at their next TV tapings (which judging by their schedule, will probably be sometime in early 2018), then fuck them too. Del Rio doesn’t respect women, doesn’t respect his job, so if TNA management looks the other way, then please stop supporting them. They’re already a joke on life support, anyway.

I’ll sum up my thoughts on the Del Rio/Paige situation by saying this: Paige’s brother worried we might have another Amy Winehouse/Whitney Houston story on our hands. When I read his post, and reflected on everything Paige has been through these past few years, I fear we might have a story similar to 13 Reasons Why on our hands. For those who don’t know, the show’s narrator (Hannah) took her own life after leaving behind a compilation of tapes explaining what and who motivated her to commit suicide. When you think about how Paige has had to go through being suspended from her dream job (twice), the humiliation of her sex ‘tape’ being leaked online, the reported abuse she has – and still is – suffering at the hands of Del Rio…well, let’s just say Paige may not be in a very good place right now.

God Forbid it comes to that, but Paige needs help, and it all starts by getting her the fuck away from Del Rio.


I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for Great Balls of Fire last Sunday. Some, like The Doc thought the show underwhelmed, while others, like Tito thought the show lived up to expectations. While I do agree that the show didn’t meet its expectations, the bar was set really high to begin with. When a Raw-exclusive Pay-Per-View advertises a card as strong as GBOF, it will require a miracle for said show to please everybody. I thought all the performers tried their best, but time was against them. Had Enzo vs. Cass been delayed until SummerSlam as I predicted, that extra time could have went to Ambrose vs. Miz or Joe vs. Lesnar. We all knew Cass was going to beat Enzo, but why rush the story? I maintain that Cass should have attacked Enzo before the bell – or backstage – and then we see the match at SummerSlam instead. Oh, well.

Time also could have been cut from the Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman ambulance shenanigans. They could have accomplished all of that in half the time, easily. Unless the plan is to turn Reigns heel, then that segment can go fuck itself, because we don’t need to hear about how Reigns is “willing to do anything to slay the monster among men”. That’s just stupid. Reigns is a failed babyface main-eventer; nothing he does as a face will ever get him over. Push Braun as the top face and Joe as the top heel when Lesnar isn’t around and send Reigns back to the midcard. Elevate guys like Ambrose, Balor, and Miz instead.

Banks vs. Bliss was my MOTY, with Joe/Lesnar being a close second. Banks and Bliss have amazing chemistry, and I really hope they don’t insert Nia Jax into their feud and book a triple threat at SummerSlam. Banks vs. Bliss – as evidenced on Sunday – is where the money’s at. We’ll talk about pushing another one of The Rock’s cousins when I can a) watch her matches and not have to worry about Nia dropping someone on her head and b) watch Nia matches and be entertained.

I liked Joe vs. Lesnar because from start to finish, there was an atmosphere of unpredictability. Was Joe going to get squashed in less than five minutes? Was Joe going to get DQed or counted out, leading to another match between the two? Would Brock sell for Joe? Would there be shenanigans? As much as I hated Goldberg squashing Lesnar at Survivor Series last year, I have to admit had that never happened, I wouldn’t have nervously watched Joe vs. Lesnar expecting the unexpected. I thought they kept a good balance of “Beast Mode”, Lesnar can lose if he makes a mistake, and Joe going pound-to-pound with Lesnar. Rematch, please.

Also, the only thing more pleasantly surprising than seeing Rollins put over Bray Wyatt relatively clean on Sunday was seeing The Kingslayer do it again, twenty-four hours later on Raw. I think everyone expected Rollins to beat Wyatt if not on Sunday, then surely in their rematch, but we were very wrong. Wyatt needs this kind of booking to be taken seriously again after the terrible feud with Orton and Reigns practically burying him last month. By the way, has anyone else noticed that since coming over to Raw, Wyatt and Miz are involved in many segments together, either directly or indirectly? Hmmm…

Speaking of Raw and The Miz, I thought it was another strong show, minus the women’s tag match which I just DVRed through. Samson vs. Balor was a good match, so was Goldust vs. Truth, believe it or not, and the Joe/Reigns/Angle/Lesnar segment was amazing. Add in the seeds of a Shield reunion and The Hardy Boyz teasing their ‘Broken’ characters more than ever, and I thought last night’s show was a great follow-up to GBOF. Meanwhile, we have Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison and Cena vs. Rusev in a Flag match to look forward to at Battleground. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that show.

While Great Balls of Fire won’t go down as the PPV of the Year, it was a major step-up from Extreme Rules and arguably the best Raw-exclusive show since the brand extension returned.


Just one quick comment on the upcoming WWE 2k18. They can release it on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBONE, PC, Mobile, Nintendo 64, Gameboy; they can boast the largest roster in WWE video game history; they can include every match type ever made. They can produce the best graphics ever seen in a WWE game; they can even get a half-decent commentary team for a change. However, none of that will matter if there is no GM Mode.

Simply put – no GM Mode, no buy. Plain and simple.


YOUR Two Centsss: Where do you stand on the whole Del Rio/Paige situation?

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