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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - SmackDown Tweeting Diary
By Super Chrisss
May 11, 2012 - 10:18:59 PM

1. Day 1 - RAW: Pros & Cons

2. Day 2 - TNA Wednesday: Dissecting The Television Championship

3. Day 3 - What If...Brock Lesnar Never Made The WWE Championship Exclusive To SmackDown?

4. Day 4 - SmackDown Tweeting Diary

(TeamFarrell, you're the man)

1. Day 1

Writer's Note: This column was ready to go 24 hours ago, but for some strange reason, LOP wouldn't let me post it. I apologize for the delay, folks.

PRO: Pipe...Bombed?

Another RAW, and another in-ring promo from John Laurinaitis to kick off the show. Now, I'm still a Big Johnny fan, but I'm starting to see what many people were worried about heading into the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny match at Wrestlemania, that if Johnny won, he would explode all over television, and that's exactly what's happened since April 1st. However, since Johnny is the kayfabe reason for Brock Lesnar's return to the company, and has a match with John Cena at Over The Limit next Sunday, I think his amount of television time is acceptable.

Anyways, a fairly entertaining promo by Johnny, in which he tried to convince the fans he was superior to Cena, but things really picked up when CM Punk came out to reignite his feud with the General Manager. This led to Punk dropping some "pipe bombs", only for it to blow up in his face, as Johnny would book Punk vs. Lord Tensai as punishment.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Punk and Laurinaitis have great chemistry whenever they interact, so I'm glad they were able to pick up where they left off back in January. Hopefully this wasn't a one-night-only thing, as Punk vs. Laurinaitis has the potential of being a modern day Austin vs. McMahon feud. Maybe that's taking things a bit too far, but I really enjoy their quarrels.

CON: Cody Can't Catch A Break

When both Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and his opponent The Big Show got full entrances for their match (even though the champion should ALWAYS come out last), I foolishly thought we'd be getting a lengthy match between the two, and a decent one at that. But, of course not. Rhodes hits The Disaster Kick not even a minute into the match, and when Show gears up for The WMD, Rhodes snatches his belt and takes a count-out loss. Afterwards, Eve (who looks incredibly fine doing her best Miss Tesssmacher impersonation) wastes everybody time by forcing Big Show to apologize for making fun of Big Johnny, which he relucantly agrees to.

I don't understand why WWE won't let Cody Rhodes beat Big Show clean at least once. Show has beaten him at Wrestlemania, pinned him in tag matches, and only dropped the IC title at Extreme Rules because of a technicality. Rhodes has pinned the likes of Randy Orton, Booker T, and even made Shawn Michaels tap out. Why is it so hard to put him over The Big Show? Just end this feud already.

PRO: The World Is Watching

It was nice to see Dolph Ziggler back on Monday Night RAW. Too bad the writers can't find room for Zack Ryder or United States Champion Santino Marella, but I digress. Ziggler squared off with one-half of the new tag team champions, Kofi Kingston (who will probably be a 20-time tag team champion by the time he retires), and despite it being the 79624th time these two have wrestled since their main roster debuts, it was a short but decent match. Ziggler always makes sure to make the most of the time he gets, and Kofi is no slacker, either. After a distraction from Vickie, Jack Swagger interferes, which allows Ziggler to hit the Zig-Zag on Kofi and pick up a long over-due win.

Oh, and backstage, A.W. was shown watching the match with his new clients Epico, Primo, and Rosa, when Mason Ryan randomly showed up. I guess we'll have to wait and see if Ryan joins Vickie's stable, A.W.'s stable, or goes back to Superstars. I'm intrigued.

PRO: Cena Is Live, Via Satellite

I was a bit surprised to see John Cena cut a promo via satellite. Not because it made him look like a hypocrite for spending months chastising The Rock for "bringing it via satellite", but because Cena did not reveal the interview was a swerve and show up to the arena like 95% of these interviews usually do. Anyways, I thought Michael Cole did a decent job drilling Cena, especially since Cena showed a lot of passion with his replies. I thought the segment did a great job of hyping Cena vs. Laurinaitis at Over The Limit, and also gave the show a unique twist, with Cena not actually being there.


I'm likely the only person who watched RAW and didn't mind the divas tag team match. Why? Because a) the match ended thanks to a legit finisher, Layla's Lay-Out, and not a SUPER ROLL-UP OF DOOM!!!; b) We got to see Natalya in a match, even though she never got tagged in, and c) We saw the RAW debut of Maxine, who I think is the hottest diva on the WWE roster. Like Cole mentioned on commentary, Maxine is pretty much exclusive to NXT, but she's awesome. Not the best female worker on the planet, but she plays an excellent bitch, and is the only diva on the current roster I would rate a perfect 10/10. Seriously people, Google/YouTube Maxine - you won't be disappointed.

PRO: A Bad Night For The Irishman

When it was first announced that Sheamus and Randy Orton would team up to face Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio, I didn't know what to think. Although all four men are great in-ring competitors, it felt like the two Over The Limit opponents being forced into a tag match with two top stars who had nothing else to do.

Fortunately, I was wrong, as we were treated to one of the best tag team matches we've seen on television in quite some time. Of course, it helps that the match got plenty of time, and all four guys are talented between the ropes, but they really played up on each other's strengths and weaknesses. The heels targeting Sheamus' bad arm was classic douchebagery, while Jericho and Orton continued to show their underrated in-ring chemistry (I hope they can one day have a legitimate feud - their late-2007 program was incredibly rushed). After several close two-counts, Jericho would avoid a Brogue Kick, which connected with Orton, and Jericho would hit The Codebreaker on Sheamus, getting a fairly shocking win for his team. Afterwards, Jericho and Del Rio would bicker in Big Johnny's office backstage before getting attacked by Sheamus and Orton, which led to Johnny booking a Fatal-Four-Way for the world title at Over The Limit.

A great tag team match, a surprise ending, and a welcome card change made this part of the show all kinds of win. No complaints here.

PRO: Good Match, Wrong Winner

Like I said in response to fellow columnist mizfan's RAW review, I really liked Brodus Clay vs. The Miz, as Miz got in more offense than all of Brodus' previous opponents combined, while Brodus proved he can hang for a longer match. However, I totally disagree with the outcome. Personally, I'm all but done with The Funkasaurus gimmick. WWE have no idea how to push Brodus. He goes from squashing jobbers, to disappearing from television, to feuding with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (which was a great idea), to getting Hornswoggle to join his entourage, to squashing JTG to wrestling a good match against The Miz. It's back-and-forth, back-and-forth. As a result, Brodus is nowhere as over as he should be, and could have been if WWE knew what they were doing from the get-go.

Anyways, I thought Miz brought his A-game last night, and I was sad to see him lose. The Miz needed the win a lot more than Brodus did, if you ask me. The Miz is the perfect candidate to snap Brodus' winning streak, but instead, he's the third former world champion to job to The Funkasaurus. Both men are being booked incorrectly, and it frightens me to think WWE might be building to a "huge" (not by my standards, obviously) match between Brodus Clay and. Lord Tensai (shudders).

CON: In Case You Missed It...

Since WWE assumes their fans have memories like goldfish, they decided to replay the Brock Lesnar/Triple H scuffle from last week. You know, the same one they replayed four-five times during last week's episode of RAW? The same one they aired on NXT, Superstars, and SmackDown? Well, if you still missed it, they decided to show it AGAIN. F*** outta here with that shit.

PRO: Heyman's Still Got It

Since RAW in Canada is on a fifteen-minute time delay, I tend to avoid using the internet while watching the show to not read any spoilers. Last night, I'm glad I did just that, because I was STUNNED to see Paul Heyman come out to the ring and announce himself as Brock Lesnar's legal representative. Instantly, Heyman showed the world why he's one of the best talkers in professional wrestling history by cutting a long, but awesome promo, which got him lots of heat, even if half the crowd didn't know who he was (damn you, kids, damn you!). Heyman's promo showed that even at someone his age, he can still a cut a better promo than 75% of the locker-room. Hopefully this will get the guys to work on their mic skills, because Heyman just took a lot of them to school.

I for one am thrilled to see Heyman back with WWE. It's rumoured he's only sticking around until SummerSlam, and exclusively as an on-air figure, so let's enjoy the ride while it lasts, folks.

CON: Handicaps Are No Fun

Once again, mizfan said it best - handicap matches suck. The only time they're interesting is when it's an elimination tag team match, and it's down to 2 vs. 1 or 3 vs. 2. Almost never is a 2 vs. 1 match from start to finish any good, unless one of the competitors is Hornswoggle or some other non-wrestler. Anyways, the addition of Daniel Bryan was no surprise, as he and Punk need to interact before their WWE Championship match at Over The Limit next Sunday. I just don't understand why Punk had to go out on his own. I know he was being punished for his comments to Big Johnny earlier, but why not use Ryder or Santino as his partner? The heel team could still win, and the WWE Champion wouldn't have to take the pinfall.

Although I was happy to see Punk FINALLY in the main-event of RAW, Bryan came across as an after-thought. Tensai was the one who dominated most of the match, and he even got the pin on Punk (even though it should have been Bryan). Bryan got his heat back post-match by applying the Yes! Lock on Punk, but Tensai needs to be removed from the main-event scene ASAP. The feud should be between Punk and Bryan, not Punk and Tensai. Go away.

YouTube It: Punk and Johnny's interaction...Maxine...Sheamus & Orton vs. Del Rio & Jericho...Brodus vs. Miz...Heyman's return

Avoid It: Show vs. Rhodes...Any and all of Show's interactions with Eve...The Lesnar/HHH video package...Punk vs. Tensai & Bryan

Grade: B I thought tonight's show was a big step-up from last week's episode. Instead of getting eight matches, we got six, with two of them being decent, and one being really good. Like I said, sometimes less is more. Heyman's surprise return and the renewal of the Punk/Johnny feud definitely helped the show. Let's just get Lord Tensai away from the main-event and we'll be in a much better place. That, and more Zack Ryder, damn it.

2. Day 2

Welcome to the debut edition of TNA Wednesday! Much like my fellow columnist Romeo, I will be posting (hopefully) every Wednesday discussing something or someone TNA-related. This way, if I don't get a chance to watch Impact or post an Impact Tweeting Diary, I'll still be able to write about TNA at least once a week. Furthermore, I'm letting YOU, the readers, suggest the column topic. As a result, today's column comes courtesy of LOPR's very own Jeff, who wants to know how I would book the TNA Television Championship and it's current champion, Devon.

Well Jeff, I'm glad you asked me about that particular belt, because the TNA TV title is the most intriguing one in TNA today, and it doesn't even come close. Not because Devon is loaded with charisma and wrestling five-star matches every week on Impact, but because TNA are finally booking the title properly. Finally, after going through many "makeovers" from the Legends Championship to the Global Championship (which was a great concept that TNA messed up), the company seems to have settled on calling TNA's sole midcard title the Television Championship. At first, it was nothing but a name change, as former title-holder Robbie E and the current champion Devon often went weeks without appearing on the show, let alone defending it every week. But that all changed last month, when Hulk Hogan decreed that the TV title would be defended at every single Impact taping.

To TNA's credit, they've followed through with the stipulation, as Devon has been forced to defend his title every Thursday night for the past month. Many fans believe the trend won't last, that after Sunday's Sacrifice Pay-Per-View, Devon and the TV title will go back to being an afterthought. I, however, remain optimistic that TNA will stay true to their word and continue to dedicate at least five minutes to every broadcast to the TV Champion for as long as possible. Five minutes a week isn't asking too much, is it?

As for the current champ, Devon, I'll admit he's probably the most unlikely title-holder since Rob Terry's horrible reign as Global Champion. Then again, this is the same company who put the Knockouts Tag Team titles on ODB & Eric Young last month, so I wasn't too surprised to see Devon come out of nowhere and defeat Robbie E at Victory Road last March to win the title. If anything, I was pissed that Devon, who had done absolutely nothing since his feud with The Pope ended, defeated a guy ten years younger than him. But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to put a midcard title on Devon. Because of his huge success as part of Team 3D/The Dudley Boyz, Devon is a veteran who will always remain over with the older fans (even if his former partner Bully Ray is WAY more talented). Therefore, by giving Devon a lengthy run as TV Champion, it makes the guy who beats him for the title look like a big deal.

Not to rag on Robbie E, the man who's currently feuding with Devon and a former TV Champion in his own right, but he brought zero credibility to the TV title. Whenever he did compete on Impact, he was either losing non-title matches or being booked in last-minute PPV bouts. Furthermore, besides his mini-feud with Ronnie from Jersey Shore, the fans had no way of connecting with him, as many people regarded him as a poor man's Zack Ryder. But if Robbie ends up being the one who finally dethrones Devon, he'll instantly become credible. Why? Because he beat a champion who defended his title every single week, not a nobody. Robbie defeating Devon won't make him a star, but for the first time in his TNA career, it will make him relevant.

And IF Robbie does become the new TV Champion, the cycle should start all over again. Have Robbie follow in Devon's footsteps and put his title on the line every single week, but let him keep it for a while. That way, the face who eventually defeats Robbie could find success, just like Robbie did. Like I said, maybe it's not a star-making process, but I guarantee TNA could use the TV title to get some guys over. Unlike WWE, whose midcard champions rarely defend their titles and are sometimes excluded from RAW and SmackDown (why Santino is competing on Superstars is beyond my comprehension), TNA could make their midcard champion seem like a big deal simply by putting them on TV every single week. If a wrestler is defending his television every week, and is not forgotten about, chances are, he will get over, unless he's some sort of charisma vacuum. It's not rocket science.

Since TNA is addicted to change, I'm hoping this is one title they do not tamper with. At the moment, there is absolutely nothing I would change about the TNA Television Championship. As long as it continues to be defended without interruption, I cannot complain. If both the WCW and ECW Television titles were successful in creating new stars, then I see no reason why TNA's version of the championship can't accomplish the same thing. One year from now, if TNA is still in business (and I don't see why they won't be), I hope to have seen the TV title defended at least fifty-four times. I would prefer the title not be defended at live events, but I'm fine with the champion defending at PPVs. People love watching championship matches, so why not give them at least one every week? Chances are it won't result in a massive ratings surge, but if done correctly, the TV title could regain it's status as the second-biggest championship in TNA.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Devon? Do you like the idea of having a title that is defended every week? Or will TNA once again redesign the title before the end of 2012?

3. Day 3

It's been quite some time since my last "What If..." column, but with the entire day to myself, it gives me the perfect opportunity to answer one of your - the readers' - questions. Unfortunately, today's topic was suggested such a long time ago that I can't remember who suggested it in the first place. I do know the question went something like this,

"What if Brock Lesnar didn't take the WWE Title to Smackdown exclusively after Summerslam 2002, and the World Heavyweight Title was never re-introduced?"

Fantastic question, so thank you for asking that, Mr. Who.

For those in need of a quick history lesson, Mr. Who is referring to the brand split from the early 2000s which saw RAW and SmackDown officially become different rosters. That's right kiddies - once upon a time, wrestling greats like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin used to appear on both RAW AND SmackDown. Anyways, it wasn't long until Vince McMahon decided he had an overcrowded roster and wanted to make a distinct roster for each show. But there was only one problem with that idea - in 2002, there existed only one world title, that being the Undisputed WWE Championship. After Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock at SummerSlam to become WWE Champion, The Next Big Thing declared he was taking the belt to SmackDown, his new home, and would be exclusively appearing on Thursday nights. This left RAW - WWE's flagship show - without a top title to compete for. RAW's General Manager Eric Bischoff quickly reacted by reviving the WCW World Title and putting it on Triple H, and today's World Heavyweight Championship was born.

As many older fans unkindly remember, this resulted in Triple H's "reign of terror" on the RAW brand, which saw The Game maintain a chokehold of the RAW main-event scene for the better part of two years. But what if things went down a bit differently? What if Brock decided he take the WWE Championship with him to RAW rather than SmackDown. Would Triple H still have main-evented so many RAWs and Pay-Per-Views in the years that followed? Would SmackDown have debuted their own world title? Would there even be two active world titles in the WWE today?

First off, it's a no-brainer that regardless of WHO was the world champion on RAW, Triple H was going to be at the top of the card for several years. With The Rock and Stone Cold leaving, and Shawn Michaels' future with the company uncertain, HHH was one of the few remaining "mega-stars" of The Attitude Era. Whether people thought he deserved the main-event spot or not was irrelevant - he was going to get it. WWE had done a fantastic job of building up Brock Lesnar as the future of the company, and even if Brock did join RAW instead of SmackDown, then a Lesnar/HHH feud would have been inevitable. And honestly, that wouldn't have been a bad thing. I would have rather seen Lesnar vs. HHH ten years ago instead of Lesnar vs. HHH at this year's SummerSlam, that's for sure. But regardless if Lesnar left in 2004 or not, there's almost no doubt The Game would have been heavily involved in the RAW main-event all the same.

On the bright side, if Lesnar DID come to RAW opposed to SmackDown, chances are we would have been spared the AWFUL HHH/Steiner, HHH/Nash, and HHH/Goldberg feuds that bored many fans to tears from 2002-2004. I mean, there's a possibility they still would have happened, but the company was so intent on pushing Brock during his first WWE run that I couldn't imagine him playing second-fiddle to a HHH vs. Goldberg match. Just imagine, in addition to a Lesnar/HHH match, we could have also got some epic Lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels matches, and you know HBK would have bumped like crazy for Lesnar. That would have been sweet.

As for SmackDown, I doubt the loss of a world title would have kept them down for long. Keep in mind that Smackdown circa 2002-2003 was run by Paul Heyman and featured the "SmackDown Six" who out-drew RAW's ratings more often than not. I'm sure Brock Lesnar was one of the reasons SmackDown was so successful, but like I said, with Heyman in control, they would have bounced back. Instead of Stephanie McMahon coming out to award someone like Kurt Angle or The Undertaker with a new world title, I'm pretty sure a tournament would have been held to determine the new champion, with the belt ending up on one of those two superstars. As SmackDown proved in the early 2000s, and even today, the brand doesn't need heaps of star power to be successful. It could help, but the wrestlers are talented enough to keep the brand going.

Regardless which show Lesnar took the WWE Championship to, there would have been two world titles on the main roster from 2002 onward. And honestly, that's a good thing. I've been hearing the arguments for years about how WWE needs to end the brand split, that both world titles have been watered down, and there should be one world title for both brands - I still disagree. I'm fine with WWE superstars and divas appearing both shows, but I don't think it's wise to have one world champion just yet. WWE holds approximately seven-eight live events a week, and that's not even including TV tapings and PPVs. You can't have one world champion competing to every one of these shows, it's physically impossible. Furthermore, the fans would have missed out on so many epic title reigns if there weren't two world titles to go after. Do you really think guys like Eddie Guerrero, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan would have ever sniffed a world title if there was only one to compete? Probably not. The creation of two world titles was a great move.

Had WWE Undisputed Champion Brock Lesnar never left for SmackDown in 2002, today's WWE wouldn't be much different. The only thing that would have changed would have been the first few years that followed, and they probably would have made RAW a better show. Evolution would still have been created, and we wouldn't have been forced to endure Triple H's awful main-event feuds, so it's win-win. Therefore, I predict that WWE would have been better off had Lesnar never left for SmackDown.

What do you think? Agree with my conclusion? Disagree? Then let me know!

4. Day 4

20:00 It's been over a week since my last Tweeting Diary, and even longer since I last reviewed SmackDown. Let's see how rusty I am.

20:01 SmackDown kicks off with a recap of the tag team match from RAW that saw Sheamus "accidentally" hit Orton with The Brogue Kick.

20:02 I like the video package. It puts importance on the World Heavyweight Title, and doesn't feature Triple H or Brock Lesnar.

20:03 This leads us into the opening contest, a rematch between the two teams. Sheamus, the champion, comes out first. Makes sense (not).

20:04 Did WWE edit the crowd reaction to give Sheamus a bigger pop than Orton? It sure seems that way.

20:05 By Michael Cole's logic, Orton is getting a world title match at Over The Limit because he got kicked in the face. Sure, that works.

20:06 Smart move to start having Ricardo Rodriguez introduce Del Rio from the ramp, it no longer lets the fans know when Del Rio is coming out.

20:07 Did Booker T just turn heel for a second on Josh Mathews? That was weird.

20:08 I love the tension between both teams, especially how Sheamus and Orton forcefully tag each other in. Telling a story and building for the PPV.

20:09 Whenever I see Orton and Del Rio in the ring together, it scares me at the thought of them eventually feuding. The matches would be great, but the promos...

20:11 LOL @ Jericho waving his hands, trying to get out of the RKODDT. That was great.

20:13 Andddd we get a no-contest because all four men hate each other so much. I saw it coming, but why didn't they save this match/segment for last?

20:15 During the commercial break, I check my Twitter feed and Eve has announced that Del Rio will face Orton later and Sheamus will battle Jericho. Yay?

20:18 Michael Cole announces Eve's Twitter announcement. At least I found out first.

20:19 Aj!!!! Errrr, Crazy Aj!!! Or, CrAjy?

20:20 It's Aj vs. Kaitlyn, in a battle between two of the hottest divas on the current roster.

20:21 Like every other divas match in recent history, it's over in less than a minute. But at least it wasn't via SUPER ROLL-UP OF DOOM!!! #Sigh

20:22 After Aj's victory, her ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan comes out to confront his former flame.

20:23 LMFAO! Bryan looks Aj in the eye, says he likes the new side of her, and is looking forward to moving on...with Kaitlyn. That's awesome.

20:24 As we get ready for another commercial, Mathews tries to hype up the upcoming Bryan vs. Big Show match, but the YES! chants drown him out.

20:28 If this was RAW, you'd assume Bryan had the crowd chanting "Yes!" for five minutes straight. That would have been energy-draining.

20:29 Good for Cole recapping Big Show and Bryan's history together before the opening bell even rings. I told you he's getting better.

20:30 Bryan quickly locks in The Yes! Lock on Big Show, only for John Laurinaitis to randomly appear and ring the bell prematurely. Amazing.

20:31 Big Johnny is a busy guy. He's feuding with John Cena, CM Punk, and now Big Show all at once. i wonder where the angle with Show is going.

20:33 Johnny also cuts a quick promo about his upcoming match with Cena at Over The Limit, where he promises to "shock the world". I believe him.

20:37 Heath Slater is in the ring, cutting a promo. It's never a good idea to give this guy a microphone, like, ever.

20:38 Ryback! YES! Squash this mother-f**ker!!!

20:39 Even Cole is burying Heath Slater. Can we just release this guy already?

20:40 This is actually a Nexus reunion, but I don't think anyone in the audience realizes that. They're too busy chanting "Goldberg".

20:41 Ryback continues to get a louder reaction than Lord Tensai, yet Tensai is in a top feud, while Ryback is not. See what happens when a guy is slowly pushed?

20:42 Goodnight, Slater. Unless you're going to job to Damien Sandow or Antonio Caesaro next week, don't show your face on SmackDown anytime soon.

20:44 LMAO @ Cole reading Teddy Long's nametag on-air "Hello, my name is Teddy."

20:45 it must kill Teddy to have to introduce Antonio in such grand fashion. Oh, and Aksana looks STUNNING in her gymnastics outfit.

20:46 Antonio vs. Alex Riley. Two squash matches in a row? Strange booking.

20:47 Hustle was right. Antonio is a beast. A-Ry is no cruiserweight, but he power-slammed Riley like he was nothing.

20:48 Nice moveset by Antonio. I like him already. His music, not so much.

20:49 Afterwards, Aksana friend-zones Teddy and makes out with Antonio. OUCH!

20:52 Orton vs. Del Rio is next, but don't worry, they won't be cutting promos, just wrestling (I hope).

20:57 Back from commercial, and both Orton and Del Rio get the jobber entrance. That's a good start, I guess.

20:58 Remind me again why these two get to compete for the world title next Sunday? And no, "having nothing else to do" is not a valid answer.

20:59 It would be funny if Del Rio (kayfabe) injures Orton's shoulder/arm tonight, and then Jericho's sometime next week. All his opponents would be wearing casts.

21:02 I think Ricardo sells Orton's moves better at ringside than Del Rio does. I wish I was joking.

21:03 First Orton hits Del Rio with a sweet DDT off the second turnbuckle, and then RKOs Ricardo as he tries to jump off the turnbuckle, causing the DQ.

21:04 Seriously folks, that RKO was almost as impressive as the RKO on Evan Bourne from 2010. It was just awesome.

21:05 Afterwards, Del Rio gets his heat back by locking in the Cross Arm Breaker on Orton. Since the match ended in DQ, that means a Del Rio/Orton feud is coming for sure!

21:10 On RAW, we got Ziggler vs. Kofi. Since it's SmackDown, I'm not surprised we're getting Swagger vs. Truth, the less talented members of each team.

21:12 Poor Swagger. Ziggler was only world champion for ten minutes, yet Cole remembers Ziggler's reign more fondly instead.

21:13 Backstage, A.W., Rosa, Primo, Epico, and Batista Ryan are checking out the match. I'd rather see Ryan with A.W. than Vickie, though.

21:15 After everyone gets physical at ringside, Truth hits Little Jimmy to put away Swagger. Why not, since at this point, Swagger's credibility can't get any worse.

21:18 After quickly recapping the Big Johnny/Johnny Cena feud, we prepare for tag team action with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Young & O'Neil. #WWWYKI

21:22 Damn you WWE for giving Long Island Iced Z a jobber entrance. Damn you.

21:23 LOL I'm really digging this Ryder and Santino tag team. Their backstage segment was entertaining.

21:24 I kind of like Young & O'Neil, but Ryder better not job to them.

21:25 If Darren Young ever makes Booker T's "Fav Five", the list will have forever lost it's credibility.

21:26 What's this? "We Want Ryder/Woo Woo Woo" chants. To anyone who claims Ryder is no longer over, you are again proved wrong.

21:27 Ryder just jobbed to these two clowns. **** this company.

21:28 Hey Titus O'Neil, you were on NXT for almost a year. No one ever told you to hold the mic close to your mouth when cutting a promo? I guess not.

21:29 Going back to Ryder, Miz seems to have passed on the losing curse when he pinned Ryder at Wrestlemania. It's bullshit, I tell you.

21:30 LOL @ Damien Sandow calling Matt Striker "Poor, sweet Matthew" which makes Striker visibly disturbed.

21:35 Dolph Ziggler is hilarious on "WWE Download". Just saying.

21:36 Okay, so Michael Cole now dances along to Brodus Clay's entrance. Either Clay is turning heel or Cole is high tonight.

21:37 Brodus Clay is in action against...Hunico, who cuts yet another promo that will be forgotten by the time I finish typing this sentence.

21:38 Before the match starts, Hunico and Camacho double-team Brodus. That's different, and different is good.

21:39 Never mind. Brodus no-sells the beating and puts away Hunico less than a minute later. WWE is really bombing with the gimmick, and the crowd agrees.

21:40 Jesus Christ, they're REALLY showing the same Lesnar/HHH clip from last week's RAW, that was replayed during the show, last week's SmackDown, and last week's RAW?

21:45 My God, they really are showing it again. STOP IT! WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! SHOW US SOMETHING ELSE!!!

21:46 Paul Heyman's promo >>> Lesnar "breaking" Triple H's arm.

21:49 It pains me that the last five minutes could have gone to Jericho vs. Sheamus instead. #Sigh

21:50 Whether the fans are completely behind him or not, at least Sheamus has been in the main-event of almost every SmackDown since Wrestlemania (unlike CM Punk on RAW).

21:52 As we head to commercial, I can't help but think, where the hell was Cody Rhodes tonight? It's not like he's the Intercontinental Champion or anything.

21:55 Remember when Jericho and Sheamus had a fantastic "Final Two" showdown at the Royal Rumble? It makes me think they can one day have an epic match.

21:57 I don't care who wins the Fatal-Four-Way at Over The Limit, as long as it's one of these two men. Just my personal preference.

21:58 Sheamus is able to get out of The Walls of Jericho and throw Jericho outside, which allows Del Rio to come down and inflict damage on both Jericho and Sheamus.

21:59 The Viper is out to even the odds, or at least get revenge on Del Rio. This leads to Del Rio eating each of his three foes' finishers.

22:00 SmackDown goes off the air with everyone but Del Rio looking strong.

#ThankYouRyback: The opening match while it lasted...Bryan once again being a jerk to Aj...Ryback squashing Slater...Teddy Long's nametag...Orton's RKO to Ricardo Rodriguez...Ryder getting a match...Sheamus vs. Jericho while it lasted

#****YouHeathSlater: Three matches that ended in DQ...Three squash matches...Ryder losing...The HHH/Lesnar segment being shown for the 472th time in less than two weeks...No Cody Rhodes

Grade: D- The show was pretty much built around hyping the Fatal-Four-Way at Over The Limit, but once again, WWE went with quantity over quality. There were nine matches, but not a single one stood out. Like I said, three ended in DQ, three were squashes, and the other three ended after a few minutes. Tonight's show felt like nothing but filler.


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