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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - Money in the Bank Predictions
By Super Chrisss
Jun 27, 2014 - 3:48:14 PM

Hello, hello! It sure has been an eventful couple of weeks for WWE, hasn't it? From Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, to Roman Reigns simply giving no ****s about Seth Rollins turning his back on Dean Ambrose and himself, to Brad Maddox pretending to be stuck in a cave (ever heard of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", jackass), there's plenty to talk about.

This Sunday, one of my favourite yearly Pay-Per-Views comes to the WWE Network, even though the card is nowhere as stacked as previous installments of Money in the Bank. When you have not one, but two divas matches scheduled for the broadcast (neither of which the crowd will care about), it can mean only one thing: WWE stacked all of their top stars into the MitB ladder matches. Usually, that's not a bad thing, because in addition to the pair of ladder matches, there has always been both a world title and a WWE title defense taking place. Unfortunately, with the two world titles now unified, we're left with more divas singles matches than male singles matches on a PPV. Chew on that one for a second.

Nevertheless, Sunday's show promises to be unpredictable (as yours truly does not buy the Cena winning rumours, leaked DVD cover be damned!), so let's get started!

Big E vs. Rusev

Didn't we already see this match at Payback? Unless the former Intercontinental Champion is going to end Rusev's undefeated streak on Sunday (and he won't), I don't have any interest in seeing the two brutes go at it again. Their match at Payback was fairly intriguing because Big E was Rusev's first major test in terms of competition, and although they put together a decent match at the PPV, it was basically an extended squash. So why should we think that four weeks later, after Big E has lost even more momentum, that things will be different on Sunday? WWE, just do us all a favour by turning Jack Swagger face and have him feud with Rusev for the rest of the summer. Enough trying to make Donald Sterling a loyal WWE fan.

Winner: Rusev

Layla vs. Summer Rae (with Fandango as Special Guest Referee)

This match was randomly announced Friday morning, but there's a good chance it ends up on the pre-show instead, where it belongs. On the plus side, you have two of the hottest divas on the roster (in my opinion) going at it one-on-one. Neither of them are bad wrestlers, so that helps. On the other hand, who does this match really appeal to? This whole rivalry seems like something that would go on at my old high school every other week. Also, with Fandango being unable to choose between the two ladies (can you blame him?), I'm not even sure who's supposed to be the face here. Whatever, I'm going with Summer Rae for the win because...reasons. She's now a movie star, so let's go with that.

Winner: Summer Rae

Stardust & Goldust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

I'm not going to lie...when Stardust made his Raw debut a few weeks back, I didn't know what to think. Between a mixture of "WTF?!" and "this is cool", I was leaning more towards the former. However, a week-and-a-half later, I'm starting to come around to Cody Rhodes' latest gimmick. It helps that for the first time since Battleground, Cody - excuse me, Stardust - and Goldust actually have some direction. Their opponents, on the other hand, just happen to be the only other team left in the division (with The Usos defending against The Wyatts later in the show), so it's yet another match we've seen before. I don't see this match getting too much time, but I can see the winning team from a mile away...

Winners: Stardust & Goldust

WWE Divas Championship: Paige (c.) vs. Naomi

If, for whatever reason, there were people out there who actually liked Cameron, I imagine her duties at commentary last Monday on Raw showed you why she needs to be fired from the company ASAP. I could go on a tangent about Cameron here, but let's just say she's the worst, and leave it at that. For the record, I'm probably the biggest Paige mark here on LOP (it's 99% likely I'm bringing a Paige sign when I attend Raw on July 7th), but Jesus Christ, WWE seems to be doing everything in their power to make me either not like her, or not care about her at all. Fellow MP columnist Oliver said it best when he said there's two kinds of Paige - NXT-Paige and WWE-Paige. NXT-Paige is an ass-kicker who went out and had MOTN with almost any diva. WWE-Paige (I believe) has never cut a live promo, spends the majority of the match getting her ass kicked, and pulls a John Cena by hitting a few moves and picking up the win. That has to change immediately if Paige is to actually make it and not become a flash in the pan. Anyway, Naomi is this month's flavour of the month to pick up a non-title win over the champ and receiving a championship match on PPV. Expect Cameron to "accidentally" screw over her partner, which leads to a Cameron heel turn and more TV time for the bimbo. Yippie!

Winner, and STILL Divas Champion: Paige

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett(?)

Of course, luck would have it that the guy I pegged to win the match as soon as Raw went off the air last Monday might not even be able to compete in the match this Sunday. WWE has confirmed a shoulder injury to Bad News Barrett at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings, but as of this writing, he is still listed as one of the participants. Therefore, I'm going to cheat a bit and predict two possible winners of the Money in the Bank contract.

Obviously, the first is the Intercontinental Champion. Of the non-former Shield names in the group, Barrett has the most momentum of the bunch. He's also the most ready to take that leap into the main-event, in terms of character, in-ring ability, and crowd response. And before someone claims that a current title holder has a small chance of winning MitB, need I remind you that The Miz was United States Champion when he won the briefcase? I rest my case.

HOWEVER, if WWE has no choice but to pull Barrett from the match, that leaves the field wide open. The only two guys who I'm 100% sure won't win are Swagger and RVD. Many would argue Kofi has no chance as well, but no one predicted Daniel Bryan would win MitB back in 2010 either. So never say never. If I was a betting man though, I would pick Seth Rollins to win it all. Winning the MitB briefcase for the second time in his career would be almost like pushing the 'reset' button on Ziggler's status, but the way WWE has booked him fairly strong recently, I'd say a Ziggler win is a red herring. I love Ambrose, and I think it would be awesome if won it, but I don't see WWE giving him the briefcase, especially since he has unfinished business with Rollins. Speaking of the devil, I wasn't going to pick either former Shield member because I assumed they would simply eliminate each other from the equation, but if Barrett can't compete, then Rollins would serve as an excellent Plan B. Hell, if Roman Reigns ends up winning his ladder match, I would pretty much guarantee Rollins cashes in on the same night.

Winner: Bad News Barrett OR Seth Rollins

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c.) vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Am I the only one who wants to stab Michael Cole in the eye everytime he yells, "USO Crazy!"? No? Cool, that's what I thought. I'm actually looking forward to this match and if I was one of the four participants, I'd be pretty stoked that a tag team title match is the third-biggest match on a PPV, even if it is kind of by default. Still, that's quite the feather in the cap for a team who one year ago were nothing more than jobbers, and another team who hadn't even debuted on the main roster yet. The Usos have had a nice little title run - nothing too memorable, but nothing too offensive, either - but I think it's time for The Wyatt Family to pick up some gold. I actually thought Harper & Rowan would be the ones to dethrone The Brotherhood back in January, not the New Age Outlaws, but better late than never, right? Time will tell if the entire family shall leave Boston with gold, but for now, I feel it's time for a change.

Winners, and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Harper & Rowan

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Kane vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Roman Reigns

Is it wrong that I'm far more excited for the less star-studded ladder match than this one? It just seems like there are far too many guys who don't need the title mixed in with a bunch of guys who aren't ready for the title. But I digress.

Let me start off by saying that one of the reasons why Cena won't be leaving his hometown(ish) is because a heel has to leave with the title(s). Plain and simple. Daniel Bryan will be on the MitB pre-show and he will probably give a return date and/or challenge the winner of this match at either Battleground or SummerSlam. I could see Bryan/Cena II taking place at SummerSlam, but considering how poorly the buyrate did with that match headlining a year ago, I doubt they'd go through with it again. Instead, I see Cena vs. Lesnar being the main draw for this year's SummerSlam...but not for the world title. SummerSlam is a member of the "Big 4" and there's no way WWE will put all their eggs in one basket by making their biggest match a title match when it's not necessary. So nope, Cena isn't winning on Sunday.

Sheamus, Del Rio, Kane...sorry guys, you're all old news and your main-eventing days are pretty much over. The U.S. title seems to be a perfect for The Celtic Warrior; Del Rio's WWE days are reportedly numbered; and a 47-year-old Kane won't be carrying the company's only world title in 2014. They're all out.

Cesaro and Roman Reigns are both future world champions in my books...but the future isn't quite here. While a Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar match writes itself thanks to Paul Heyman, Cesaro needs a bit more seasoning before he gets a main-event push. Just for the record though, I still say Cesaro vs. Lesnar happens at Wrestlemania 31. Reigns is even less ready than Cesaro is - even though WWE will try and tell you otherwise - but something tells me some outside interference will prevent Reigns from grabbing the briefcase. Maybe it's Rollins who attacks Reigns to set up a match between the two, or even Triple H at SummerSlam. Unless Rollins wins his MitB match and plans to cash in the same night, Reigns isn't your new champion come Sunday.

That leaves us with two heels (*hint hint*) in Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. One of those two men will be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Viper is the safe choice. After all, he's still one of the top heels in the company, aligned with the heel regime (The Authority). Orton winning the title could set up one more Orton vs. Bryan match, or even Orton vs. Lesnar, a match yours truly wouldn't mind seeing.

Again, Orton winning would be considered "safe" but I'm thinking WWE takes a bit of a risk and gives the victory to Bray Wyatt instead. I KNOW he's lost two matches to Cena, and I KNOW he's still relatively new in his WWE career, but Bray Wyatt as world champion would create some interesting television. Not only that, but Wyatt as champ would be the perfect villain for Bryan to chase as soon as he's healthy. They had a MOTY candidate back at the Royal Rumble, and I wouldn't mind seing them go at it one more time, but with the stakes raised even higher. I could see the triple-main-event of SummerSlam 2014 being Wyatt vs. Bryan for the world title, Cena vs. Lesnar, and HHH vs. Reigns. THAT'S a card that would not only draw, but could produce several top quality matches. Besides, if Harper & Rowan do win the tag straps, it only makes sense for their leader to win the big one, does it not?

Winner, and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Bray Wyatt


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Enjoy the show!

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