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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - Meet The 2013 Future Endeavoured Club (Spring Cleaning Time)
By Super Chrisss
Apr 26, 2013 - 6:49:53 PM

(Credit: Tom Jenner @ImageBlownOut)

*By Request*

I'm sorry if this makes me sound like a terrible person, but this is one of my favourite times of the year. It's spring, which means columnists such as myself get to speculate who's dream of being a professional wrestler (or diva) could suddenly come to an end. It's been a couple of years since WWE last went full-out revamping their roster (or in Gordon Ramsay's words, "cutting the crap") in the weeks following Wrestlemania, but with sooo many young men and women from NXT ready for the jump to the main roster, and a midcard that appears more regularly on Superstars than Monday Night RAW, I have a feeling WWE will in fact undergo a spring cleaning this year.

But the question on everyone's mind is unanimous - who? Who's time in World Wrestling Entertainment has come to an end? Be it due to never getting a chance to strut his stuff, pissing off the powers in charge one too many times, or getting injured just by lacing up his boots, there is a reason behind everyone's placement on this dreaded list. So in no particular order, I present you with my picks for the 2013 WWE Future Endeavoured Club.

Alex Riley

Poor A-Ry. Since his television debut on NXT Season Two, you could tell the company planned on pushing him. Pairing him up with The Miz as a pro, lasting to the final three, being Miz's lackey for months afterward, PINNING Miz clean on Pay-Per-View (which was a big deal at the time); it was clear somebody in the company was grooming Riley to be the next big thing. Heck, I remember a lot of people picking Riley as a favourite to win the 2011 RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match. By the end of that summer, all the hype, all the momentum, the man himself, vanished. Practically into thin air. He would continue to compete at live events, getting a decent reaction more often than not, but since the Night of Champions PPV, Riley's TV appearances has consisted of jobbing and, well, that's pretty much it.

There are rumours that John Cena is the one to blame for Riley's de-push, as it was reported online that Cena and Riley had a backstage argument which caused Riley to lose the backing of whoever was pushing him from day one. Whether the report is true or not, Riley has not been the same since, and WWE has shown zero interest in restarting his push. I could be wrong, but I think Riley has burned his bridges and will continue to be overlooked as more and more new talent start popping up. I just can't see A-Ry ending 2013 on a WWE payroll.

Jimmy Uso

I know a lot of people figure that if WWE decides to can an Uso, they'll get rid of both of them at the same time. I disagree. The Usos are a talented - and underrated - tag team but one thing that has always held them back was their extreme similarity. How is the crowd supposed to get behind a team when they can't tell either guy apart? Obviously, it's important for a tag team to have identical ring gear and even similar characteristics (see TNA's Bad Influence for a perfect example of being identical, but different). But when not even the commentators can tell the brothers apart, there's a problem. That's why I can realistically see WWE releasing one Uso (presumably the one with the recent DUI) and keeping the other.

Don't think it will happen? Carlito was released from his contract nearly three years ago. Many people expected his brother, Primo, to follow in his footsteps. Guess what? Primo is still a WWE employee, and despite being little more than a jobber, still appears on television fairly regularly. I know Carlito and Primo don't look alike, but they competed as a tag team for quite some time, and attained plenty of success. That's why it wouldn't surprise me at all if WWE cuts one Uso but keeps the other. It's not that I want it to happen, but I doubt the remaining Uso would become a [completely] lost cause - that's all I'm saying.


Speaking of guys who have managed to stay under the radar but somehow keep his job for years now, well hello there, JTG. Unlike Primo, JTG never recovered from the loss of his Cryme Tyme partner Shad (who he ironically feuded with prior to the big man's release). He has been nothing but fodder for over four years. The last time I can recall JTG winning a match was on a random episode of NXT last year when Alicia Fox of all people gave him a makeover. Unfortunately for Job This Guy, his luck hasn't improved since his "major" "repackaging" as many people continue to wonder why WWE keeps sending him a paycheck every two weeks. One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

The harsh reality is, JTG will almost surely never be pushed, and continue to make an appearance on this column every year until his time is finally up. Sorry, G.

Ezekiel Jackson

Do I really have to explain this one? Really? Fine.

The big man has been out of action for nearly a year now, partly because of injury and partly because the company literally had nothing for him to do. He keeps telling fans on Twitter that his return is imminent, but at this rate, I doubt we'll ever see him on WWE programming again. Think about all the big men that are currently on the main roster (and receiving TV time). We have:

-Mark Henry
-The Great Khali
-The Big Show
-Titus O'Neil
-Big E Langston

That right there is seven hosses, and in a day and age where wrestling is transitioning into a smaller man's game, seven is a lot. Sure, most of those guys are on the last chapters of their careers, but I don't see a desire in WWE to add to the ranks. Furthermore, with the exception of Khali, each of those guys can cut a decent to great promo, while Big Zeke is one of the most uncomfortable men on the stick I've ever heard. WWE did make Zeke the final ECW Champion ever, so maybe they see something in him no one else does. Then again, maybe they just wanted to shit on ECW's legacy one last time. Nevertheless, I think the big man's time has come and gone.

Sin Cara

Let's face it - you knew it was coming. Cara has been nothing more than a disappointment since his WWE debut which was surprisingly a few years ago. As one of his biggest critics, I'll admit he's taken a tad too much slander over the years, but even WWE seems to have realized the Sin Cara experiment has been a total failure. He's spent more time injured than actually travelling on the road, and you'd think he would have used the time off to improve his English. But, he hasn't. Cara was supposed to be the replacement for Rey Mysterio, who by the way I don't think will ever be released (unfortunately) but receive a sort of Legends contract instead, but with WWE turning Alberto del Rio almost overnight and pushing him hard as a babyface, it's obvious they've found their Mysterio replacement, and it's not Cara. Del Rio doesn't wear a mask but he does draw in that Latino demographic WWE loves so much.

As for Sin Cara, I can see him returning to Mexico by 2014 and WWE will be much better off backing Del Rio and scouting for other Hispanic talent.

For the final, huge, shocking member of the 2013 Future Endeavoured Club, I give you...

Randy Orton

...Then again, probably not. WWE is already low on star power and are probably hoping Orton doesn't hit strike number three until they have groomed the next generation of top stars (which they really have to start working on, by the way). Therefore, my final - and honest - pick for WWE's annual spring cleaning is none other than...


WWE clearly have no idea what to do with Ron Killings. He re-debuted in 2008 as an annoying rapper, turned heel and went crazy in 2011, turned face for no good reason in 2012, and is back to making my ears bleed by yelling "What's Up!" to me over and over and over. That's a lot of character changes in such a short time. Who does R-Truth think he is, The Big Show?

Seriously though, Truth will be turning 42 in the not-so-distant future, and unlike guys like Big Show and Kane, he doesn't exactly have the career credentials to warrant an extension with the company. His last real shot at the main-event was during his wacko Little Jimmy phase, but WWE is trying to pretend like it never happened. The company sees him as nothing more than midcard filler, and it would not surprise me to see The Truth go bye-bye in the coming months. Call it a bro's intuition, if you will.

What do you think of my 2013 Future Endeavoured Club? Is there anyone who's job is in more jeopardy than the others? Did I miss an obvious pick (Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, David Otunga?) Or do you think none of these guys will get the dreaded phone call of doom anytime this year? Then let me know!


I know I've been rather quiet lately, but there's a reason for that. April means warmer weather (especially up North) but it also means final exam time for students such as yours truly. My last final exam (ever?) is scheduled for Monday morning at 9, and after that, you can expect to hear from me a lot more regularly. So to my fellow students, happy studying and good luck!!!

What you saying, bro?

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Thanks for reading!

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