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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - John Cena Should Stay Away As Long As Possible
By Super Chrisss
Sep 18, 2013 - 7:23:29 PM

It's hard to believe that less than six months ago I was seriously questioning my status as a WWE fan. Throughout the Road to RematchMania, I was suffering through painful three-hour episodes of Raw and couldn't care less about SmackDown, a.k.a. the Raw Rebound Show. But when I think about last Monday's Raw - or pretty much any Raw since SummerSlam - and I compare it to the product that was being put out last winter/spring, I see a massive contrast in quality. In my honest opinion, the Road to Wrestlemania was filled with lazy, uninspired booking and good, but predictable matches. In recent times, Raw (and SmackDown) has undergone a metamorphosis. It is no longer the John Cena show - it's now everybody's show.

Because let's be honest - whether you love the man or you hate the man, John Cena is a major reason why professional wrestling hasn't been the same for the past decade or so. Unlike my good buddy SkitZ, I do not believe Cena "saved" wrestling; rather, I feel that he's hurt the business instead of letting it thrive. Although to be fair, that's not his fault - it's WWE's fault for letting that happen. Instead of beefing up the roster with credible opponents for Cena to challenge over the years, WWE took the easy way out and simply coasted for the past eight years or so by feeding every heel with any bit of momentum to Cena. And you know what happened? They ran out of opponents for Cena. Let's be honest for a second; if John Cena miraculously returned from injury the night after Battleground, there is no one 'on his level' that he can feud with that we have not already seen before. CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, even Triple H - with the exception of Daniel Bryan, Cena has feuded to death with pretty much every main-eventer or top midcarder on the current roster. Even the part-timers like Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and Undertaker have extensive histories with John Cena.

So let me ask you this: what will John Cena do when he comes back? Other than inevitably demand his WWE Championship rematch or become number one contender? Sure, a match with The Deadman at Wrestlemania XXX will be a lot of fun, but then what? Back to chasing the WWE title?

This is why so many fans are sick of John Cena - he's done pretty much everything there is to do in the WWE. There is arguably no other wrestler in history who's resume or list of accomplishments even comes close to matching Cena's. But I think many fans are dreading the man's return mainly because they fear the company will go back to the status quo of the better part of the past decade. The status quo which is none other than booking the entire show around John Cena. Not having to worry about midcard feuds or tag teams because as long as they have Cena wrestling on the card, they assume the fans will buy the Pay-Per-View or attend the live events. In WWE's mind, as long as Cena is healthy and ready to go, they can simply phone it in week in and week out.

The only problem with that idea is that when Cena goes down with an injury, or has to take time off, WWE is left scrambling for stars to fill the void. They no longer have the stars of The Attitude Era to rely on, as most of them are semi-retired or no longer with the WWE. That's why we have been given quality programming the last month or so - because WWE no longer has their cash cow to 'easily' draw viewers in, or put butts in seats. The Creative Team finally has to put in some effort to give the fans a reason to tune in, and to their credit, they've been doing just that lately. Just take this past Monday, for example. With the exception of RVD vs. Sandow, every match on that show happened for a reason. We got Ziggler vs. Ambrose to further their U.S. title feud, a number one contender's tag team match between three teams who have received more TV time the past few months than they have most of their career, and a main-event with the new top guy making a young guy look like a threat. Gone are the random Orton/Barrett matches, Sheamus/Cesaro matches, etc., etc. Gone are the days of two guys feuding 'just because'. Night of Champions won't win the award for PPV of the Year, but there was a story behind every match on the card - nothing felt thrown together.

That's why I can't help but agree with the large portion of the IWC and hope John Cena stays away as long as possible. That may not be a good business decision, but then again, maybe it is. We're seeing guys get opportunities that they probably wouldn't have got if Cena (and Sheamus, to a lesser extent) was still in the storylines instead of sitting on the sidelines. They're still holding multiple live events every week, except instead of Cena or Sheamus headlining the card, now it's Bryan, Orton, Ziggler, and RVD. The whole Corporation storyline has made fallen stars like Cody Rhodes, The Miz, and even Big Show relevant for the first time in years. Whether or not you're a fan of the angle or agree with Daniel Bryan's questionable booking, you have to admit that the Regime storyline - and Cena's injury - has breathed new life into a stagnant company. Throw in a compelling Punk/Heyman feud as well as issues with The Rhodes Family, and suddenly, you have yourself must-see TV. I don't know where everything is headed, but I'm glad I'm part of the ride.

I'm no business expert, and I have no way of knowing whether Cena's absence has resulted in a major drop in profits in the short time he's been gone, but as a fan, I don't want to see him back in a WWE ring anytime soon. I think the man is a fantastic wrestler and doesn't deserve half the hate he gets on a regular basis, but unless the company plans on turning him heel sometime next year, I just can't get myself to care about his return. I want to see him face Daniel Bryan again, I WANT to see him wrestle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but that's about it. I don't want Bryan to be a place-holder until Cena comes back. I don't want WWE to shove all these newly elevated talents to the side once Cena comes back. I definitely don't want the creative team to shift back to cruise control. The quality of the current product is extremely high, and I don't want WWE to scrap everything just because Cena's back, which is my greatest fear of all.

How about you? Personal feelings for Cena aside, would you rather see him back inside a WWE ring sooner or later if it's "best for business"?


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