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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - Final Resolution Predictions
By Super Chrisss
Dec 7, 2012 - 10:59:24 AM

Well, it's been quite some time since I wrote about the 'other' wrestling company, better known as TNA. For your sake, I hope you've been keeping up with the storylines, because TNA has a Pay-Per-View coming up this weekend. On paper, Final Resolution looks to be a strong show. The top matches all have the potential of being show stealers (I'm looking at you, Roode/Hardy, Aries/Bully, Daniels/Styles), but the rest of the card doesn't look too shabby either. With the internet buzzing about CM Punk's knee surgery and the TLC "shake-up", many fans have forgotten about TNA having a PPV in two days, which is a shame. Here's what we're looking at:

This match is the only one on the card without any hype or interaction between the participants, but that's because TNA waited until last night to determine a new number one contender to RVD's X-Division title. For those who missed it, Kenny King defeated Kid Kash and Zema Ion in a thrilling triple threat match to challenge the former WWE/ECW/TNA World Champion at Final Resolution. I'm a bit shocked King won the match, mainly because he's been pretty non-existent on television since Destination X, and face vs. face match-ups don't happen too often nowadays. That being said, this is definitely a match to look forward to. Love him or hate him, RVD can still deliver in the ring, and King (from what I've seen of him) has loads of potential. I expect this bout to kick off the PPV but I don't think we'll see a new X-Division Champion crowned, at least not this time. King has a bright future ahead of him, but it's too early to pull the trigger on him.

Winner, and STILL X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Awww, Mickie vs. Tara, where have I seen this before? Oh, that's right, on RAW, on Impact, and on PPVs. These two have faced off plenty off times before, but their only memorable encounter was their main-event steel cage match on Impact last year. Actually, the card is filled with rematches (the top three matches have all been done earlier this year) but I think they'll all deliver. This one is no exception, even though I'm not a huge fan of either Knockout. I like the on-screen relationship between Jesse and Jesse's Girl, but neither woman needs the Knockouts Championship at this point in her career. I'm assuming Tara retains and goes on to feud with a freshly returned Velvet Sky into 2013, which might not be a bad thing. Sorry, Hardcore Country.

Winner, and STILL Knockouts Champion: Tara

I know a lot of people are disappointed to see Matt Morgan as part of a tag team instead of competing in the main-event but I don't see a problem with it. This is Joey Ryan's third straight PPV match since 'officially' joining the roster in October, and it's clear the company intends on pushing "The Big Organ" HARD (keep it PG, folks). Therefore, if Morgan comes along for the ride, what's there to complain about? We all know small guy/big guy alliances don't last long in the modern era - unless you're Robbie E & Robbie T - so eventually Morgan will have a huge face turn and ditch Ryan, with nowhere to go but up the card.

As for the tag team champions? I couldn't give any less of a shit about them. I don't think Hernandez has said a word since teaming with Chavo, and Guerrero just annoys me. I'm hoping we get new tag team champions on Sunday, and I have a feeling that's exactly what will happen.

Winners, and NEW Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

I know many people are freaking out over the thought of Garett Bischoff wrestling on a PPV that fans are expected to pay for. But there's a catch. After a few weeks - or months, depending on who you ask - of the Aces & 8's storyline running in circles, I'm predicting we get a new twist come Sunday. It's definitely time for TNA to reveal more members of the group, and I smell a heel turn coming. Garett is definitely turning, Wes Brisco will probably join him, but I don't think it's crazy to consider Samoa Joe as a potential member of Aces & 8's as well. Who knows, maybe it will be revealed that Aces & 8's are responsible for kidnapping Joe and throwing him in a van all those months ago. With TNA, anything can happen.

Winners: Aces & 8's

It feels like just yesterday these two were wrestling one of the best matches of the night at Sacrifice. But now, the roles have been reversed, with Aries playing the heel and Bully being the face/tweener. The reason why they're feuding may be a rehash of the John Cena/Aj storyline, but at least it hasn't taken over the show, and Bully is making the angle worth watching. As for who wins, that is not an easy question to answer. Bully hasn't had a big win in quite some time, but Aries has lost at the last two PPVs. I'm guessing the former world champion will win and this feud will carry on to the next PPV, but only after the two put on another great showing. It's still weird seeing Bully in a face role, but at least Aries is back to being a heel, which he excels at.

Winner: Austin Aries

*cough*Potential MOTY*cough*

These two have been feuding with each for what feels like an eternity - Daniels recently did an interview where he stated they've faced off over 115 times in their career - but at least every match has been good, if not phenomenal (pun intended). Their Last Man Standing match from Destination X stands as my favourite TNA match of 2012. There is no gimmick on Sunday, but honestly, they don't need one. Since I believe this will truly be the last time these two square off one-on-one, expect them to go all out and steal the show. I would LOVE to see Daniels win and put himself in contention for the world title, TNA has been marketing this match as the winner will also win the war. In that case, Styles will likely win, especially after that huge loss last month that put him out of world title contention for nearly a year. I hope Daniels wins, but it will still be a great match regardless of the outcome.

Winner: Aj Styles

I've been waiting to see these two go at it in the main-event of a PPV for a long time now. Both are slightly above average in the ring, but I think their styles mesh well together. Roode is arguably TNA's top heel and Hardy is without a doubt their biggest face so this is definitely a huge match in terms of star power. Personally, I feel a Roode win would be great because not only do we get to kick off the new year with one of the more entertaining world champions in TNA history, but there's lots of potentially fresh match-ups on the horizon - Roode vs. Bully Ray, Roode vs. Samoa Joe - or even one last Roode vs. James Storm match. Unfortunately, TNA are still worried about Hardy's contract expiring and they're probably going to keep the belt on him as long as they can to keep him happy. Like it or not, we won't crown a new world champion this Sunday. Bummer, I know.

Winner, and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy


As I said earlier, Final Resolution looks like it will be a really fun show. More than a handful of intriguing match-ups, as well as the possibility of some twists and title changes. Will you be watching Sunday? Why or why not?

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Have a great weekend!

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