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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - Elimination Chamber Predictions
By Super Chrisss
Feb 19, 2014 - 1:02:43 PM

(Tom Jenner is the man!)

Happy Hump Day everyone! At least, that's what we call it in Montreal. I'm not sure if that nickname for Wednesday applies to the rest of the world, but it does where I'm from, so let's stick with it. Coming off another excellent episode of Friday Night SmackDown (the blue 'brand' has been on a hell of a roll in terms of quality, hasn't it?) and a memorable Raw that did an excellent job of progressing new stars in Cesaro, The Shield, and The Wyatts, as well as providing us with some great wrestling, I'm pumped for Elimination Chamber this Sunday. The absence of a second world title match has allowed for six 'new guns' to serve as the other major reason to tune in to the final stop before Wrestlemania XXX. Because, let's face it - Royal Rumble winner Batista vs. almost-an-after-thought Alberto del Rio isn't going to draw viewers in. But then again, what do I know?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Before we start discussing the actual Pay-Per-View, we have to get through the pre-show match first, correct?

Kickoff match: The Brotherhood vs. Rybaxel

Poor Cody and Goldie. They go from defending the tag team titles against The New Age Outlaws on the Royal Rumble pre-show to...facing off with Curtis Axel & Ryback on the Elimination Chamber pre-show. Well, at least they're on the card in some fashion, unlike guys such as Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Damien Sandow, who will be doing absolutely nothing come Sunday. So I guess that's reason for celebration in the Rhodes' camp.

Unlike last month, this tag team opener screams of nothing but filler and randomness. Why are they facing off? Is this supposed to be a number one contender's match for the tag titles? Are both teams feuding on Main Event? Is this the beginning of the end of The Brotherhood, which will lead to the long-awaited brother vs. brother match at Wrestlemania? If that is the case, this match should be on the PPV, to give it a bigger feel. Whatever the aftermath, I don't see the Rhodes boys' luck improving at EC.

Winners: Rybaxel

Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston (c.) vs. Jack Swagger

On Sunday, both of Zeb Colter's Real Americans will have a chance to secure singles gold (it's still a tragedy they never captured the tag titles as a team), and first up, we have the man who won last year's Elimination Chamber match challenging Big E for the IC title. I'm not going to lie - I'm rather disappointed how little WWE has done with Big E and the championship since TLC. I assumed when both world titles were unified, the Intercontinental title would be elevated as the secondary belt almost immediately. At first, it looked that way, with Big E going on a winning streak, number one contender matches galore, and Big E pegged as a dark horse in the Royal Rumble match. Instead, WWE seems to have soured - or forgotten - about both the champ and his gold in recent times, so much so that his match with Swagger feels incredibly rushed, when it should be much higher up on the card than it is.

Needless to say, I agree with Jim Ross that many people are under-estimating the possibility of Swagger vs. Big E being a worthy addition to the PPV. Swagger can really bring it when he's motivated, and Big E has risen to the occasion multiple times in the past. As for who leaves as Intercontinental Champion, my initial guess was Swagger, which would set up a feud between his fellow Real American, culminating at Wrestlemania XXX. But, looking at the rest of the card, I have a lot of heels being victorious, so I think WWE will keep the belt on the fan favourite here.

Winner, and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Big E

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Truth be told, I was expecting WWE to announce this match for the Kickoff show instead of the tag team match. But I guess they really seem intent on pushing Titus as a singles competitor (which I'm fine with, even though I prefer him as a face). My biggest concern about this match-up isn't the quality, since Young is a very underrated wrestler, and O'Neil has impressed in the past against bigger guys like Sheamus and Ryback. Rather, I'm worried the crowd will be deathly silent for this one. The Prime Time Players were together for a long, long time but they never got a sustained push to maintain their popularity as faces or heels. Therefore, I'm worried the Minneapolis audience will not be invested in this contest whatsoever. Hopefully I'm wrong, and both men are able to do enough to warrant their place on the card. As for the winner, is there really any doubt?

Winner: Titus O'Neil

WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c.) vs. The Usos

Believe it or not, this is probably the hardest match on the entire card to predict. On the one hand, you have a young team in Jimmy & Jey who have been heavy anchors in the tag team division for years now, and they're finally receiving a two-on-two title match on a PPV (and not a pre-show). On the other hand, you have a couple of veterans who returned as full-time competitors just over a month ago, with the assumption that Billy Gunn & Road Dogg are back to put younger guys over. The question is, will Sunday be that time? Or does WWE plan on letting the new guard overcome the NAO at a bigger stage like Wrestlemania?

It's a tough call, really. Many people believe The Usos should have won the titles at least once already, but keep in mind, The Outlaws only won the belts a month ago. Does defeating an old tag team who have only successfully defended the titles against one team hold as much stock as overcoming a legendary team at Wrestlemania with multiple successful title defenses? Not in my opinion, and I think that's what's going to happen, most likely via some sort of screwy finish or a DQ.

Winners, and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

Batista vs. Alberto del Rio

I remember many weeks ago - before Batista came back, won the Royal Rumble, and caused the IWC to collectively lose their shit - many people were predicting this match for Wrestlemania XXX. In all honesty, it wouldn't have been a bad idea. Del Rio is clearly out of the title picture, and what better way to reward him for his spectacular in-ring work from 2012-2013 than to give him a huge match at Wrestlemania with a returning star? It wouldn't have been one of WM's main draws, but it would have been a solid addition, kind of like Batista vs. Umaga from XXIV, or Sheamus vs. HHH from XXVI. Instead, we're left with what will be nothing more than Batista's "something to do" until the February 24th Raw.

Some people are predicting a squash, and while there's no denying Big Dave will go over, I'm hoping Del Rio takes this opportunity to embarrass The Animal by wrestling circles around him. Rumours are that Batista and Del Rio don't get along in real-life, and even though I've never been a Del Rio fan, I would love to see Del Rio expose Dave's lack of conditioning and stamina by once again proving to the office that they chose the wrong man to headline Wrestlemania.

Winner: Batista

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

If you've been keeping up with "The Doc and Super Chrisss Show" on LOPRadio (as you should be), you know how much the both of us have been enjoying the hell out of this feud. And, judging by live crowd reactions, we're not the only ones. This is a battle between two of WWE's best three-man stables in recent memory (sorry, Legacy) and to the company's credit, they've done an excellent job of making us want to see it. From the promo battles, to the confrontation teases in recent weeks, to the intentional/unintentional efforts to portray Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose as the heroes in this heel vs. heel rivaly, WWE have made this match must-see on Sunday. Like Batista/Del Rio, I would have preferred to see this go down at Wrestlemania instead, but it's highly doubtful The Shield will still be intact by then (my guess is it will either be a triple threat for the U.S. title or Ambrose vs. Reigns, one-on-one). While The Shield should get the win, as they are the superior, more credible team, I see The Wyatt Family be victorious and come Sunday, if not, shortly thereafter, The Hounds of Justice will [sadly] be no more.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c.) vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. John Cena vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

Question: what does the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, TLC, Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, and now Elimination Chamber all have in common? They now have only one gimmick match on each card! What's the point in calling a show "Hell in a Cell" when you're only going to have one cell match, or the February PPV "Elimination Chamber" with only one chamber match? Don't even get me started on Survivor Series! I think it's time for WWE to either do away with gimmick PPVs or shake up their line-up. With the WWE Network on the horizon, and thousands of people getting PPVs for free, they might just do that come 2015...

Anyways, we now get to find out who will defend the WWE world title against Batista (joy) at Wrestlemania. Once again, props go out to WWE for a last-ditch effort to establish both Cesaro and Christian as players in this match. I don't know why people were pissed that Cesaro fell to Cena on Raw - did you really want another Lord Tensai scenario, in which Cesaro would have nowhere to go after pinning the two top guys in the company (sans Daniel Bryan)? In reality, Cesaro was booked as a legit threat to Orton's title reign, even though he won't win. As for Captain Charisma, he has the least amount of momentum heading into the chamber, but did that sudden heel turn on Monday rejuvenate him, or what?

Sheamus headlining Wrestlemania? No thanks. Which leaves us with three possible winners: Cena, Bryan, and Orton. Four, if you include the outside chance of Brock Lesnar crashing the party, taking out Christian, and inserting himself into the match (but I don't see that happening now that Christian is a heel). I don't think a Cena victory can ever be completely ruled out, considering both his win/loss record in chamber matches, as well as what it would mean for Wrestlemania. Imagine adding Daniel Bryan to the world title match at Mania, and we'd get a variation of the WM XX main-event with the present (now: Cena, then: Triple H) defending against a former, big-name world champion (now: Batista, then: Shawn Michaels) and a future Wrestlemania main-eventer (now: Bryan, then: Chris Benoit). That would be an interesting match-up/scenario, in my opinion.

Speaking of Bryan, I could see him winning the match, only to be screwed out of the title immediately afterwards by Kane or Triple H. This is another likely scenario, as I think Elimination Chamber ending with Bryan as the world champion would be very hollow, like it was at Night of Champions. I, like many, want Bryan's big moment to be at Wrestlemania, not a secondary PPV like Elimination Chamber. So that rules out Bryan from winning - and leaving - with both titles.

Which leaves us with, you guessed it, Orton. By now, you'd think WWE would have clued in to the fact that the fans don't want to see Batista vs. Orton one-on-one for the WWE world title at 'Mania. If they do, they don't seem to care. I'd say there's a good chance Bryan gets added to that match in some way, but right now, WWE has Batista vs. Orton in their sights. Whatever makes you happy, Vince. I just hope you have an ace up your sleeve, unlike last year.

Winner, and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton


Your Two Centsss: What match are you most looking forward to seeing on Sunday - the six-man tag or the six-man chamber? Why?

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