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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - The Pros & Cons Of NOT Streaming Pay-Per-Views
By Super Chrisss
Aug 29, 2011 - 1:58:46 PM

1. Day 348 - Christian or Rey Mysterio: Who Was The Worse World Heavyweight Champion?

2. Day 349 - The Best WWE DVDs That Don't Exist...Yet (Part 1 of 2)

3. Day 350 - Matt Hardy, You Fail At Life

4. Day 351 - The Best WWE DVDs That Don't Exist...Yet (Part 2 of 2)

5. Day 352 - What's Up With Jerry Lawler?

6. Day 353 - Someone Needs To Step In And Save Matt Hardy

7. Day 354 - The Pros & Cons Of NOT Streaming Pay-Per-Views

1. Day 348

The introduction of the brand split in 2002 saw the WWE undergo some major changes. Half the roster would appear on RAW, while the other half would be exclusively featured on Smackdown!. When Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock for the Undisputed WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2002, he brought that title over to Smackdown!. As a result, the RAW roster was left without a world title to compete for. To even things out, former General Manager Eric Bischoff introduced the World Heavyweight Championship, which he presented to the first-ever world heavyweight champion - you may know him as Triple H. Since that day, the world title and WWE title would switch brands numerous times, but thanks to superstars like John Cena, Batista, and Edge, the world heavyweight championship was eventually considered as prestigious as the WWE Championship.

There have been twenty different world heavyweight champions since the belt's official debut, and some had longer reigns than others (cough*HHH*cough), while others had one day-long or even one week-long reigns. Among those twenty men, it's usually Rey Mysterio who gets the most flack as being one of the worst world heavyweight champions in history, and for a long time, no one could dispute that claim.

That is, until Christian lost the world title back to Randy Orton at SummerSlam last Sunday. At a glance, Mysterio and Christian may not have a lot in common. During the late-nineties and early-2000s, Mysterio was a WCW guy while Christian was putting tag team wrestling on the map alongside Edge. While Mysterio was winning the 2006 Royal Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania 22, Christian was making an impact in TNA. Mysterio has never been a heel on WWE television, but some of Christian's best work during his wrestling career came from being an antagonist. On paper, Christian and Rey Mysterio have almost nothing in common.

EXCEPT for the fact they're both former two-time world heavyweight champions. Not only that, but they may arguably be two of the worst world heavyweight champions in WWE history (which pains me to say, as I've been a huge Christian fan for years now). But rather than allow opinion and bias decide who's worse than who, let's look at the facts:

Rey Mysterio: (1st reign)

-Defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 22 to win the title
-Defeated Angle to retain the title three weeks later
-Lost to The Great Khali
-Lost to Mark Henry
-Fought to a no-contest with Kane
-Defeated JBL at Judgment Day to retain the title
-Defeated JBL again to retain the title one week later
-Defeated Gregory Helms
-Lost to Rob Van Dam
-Fought to a no-contest against Sabu at ECW One Night Stand
-Defeated Mark Henry by disqualification to retain the title one week later
-Defeated William Regal
-Lost the title to King Booker at The Great American Bash

Total duration of first title reign: 16 weeks
Win/loss/draw ratio: 7/4/2

Christian: (1st reign)

-Defeated Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules to win the vacant title
-Lost the title to Randy Orton on Smackdown! five days later

Total duration of first title reign: Five days
Win/loss/draw ratio: 1/1/0

Wow. You don't need me to tell you who had the better first run with the world heavyweight title, that's for sure. People often criticize Mysterio for being pinned cleanly by the likes of Khali, Henry, and RVD while champion, but they never mention his victories over Angle and JBL. Not only that, but Mysterio lost the title at The Great American Bash because Chavo Guerrero interfered on Booker's behalf. Christian, however, never successfully defended his world title, and was cleanly defeated by Orton days after winning the belt. I don't know about you, but four months is a lot more impressive than a five day-long reign. But let's see how each man's second title run played out...

Mysterio: (2nd reign)

-Defeated Jack Swagger, CM Punk, and The Big Show at Fatal 4-Way to win the title
-Defeated Swagger at Money in the Bank to retain the title
-Lost the title to Kane moments later after he cashed in his MitB briefcase

Total duration of second title reign: One month
Win/loss/draw ratio: 2/1/0

Christian: (2nd reign)

-Defeated Randy Orton by disqualification to win the title at Money in the Bank
-Defeated John Morrison on Smackdown!
-Defeated Ezekiel Jackson
-Teamed with R-Truth to defeat Orton and Morrison
-Lost to Sheamus via count-out
-Lost the title to Orton at SummerSlam

Total duration of second title reign: One month
Win/loss/draw ratio: 4/1/1

This one's rather interesting. Both men held onto the world title for exactly a month, and each won it under varied circumstances (Mysterio won a multi-man match and Christian won via a DQ stipulation). However, Christian had a strong month as champion, winning four matches in a row, while Mysterio only competed twice after winning his second world title. Furthermore, Mysterio successfully defended his title at least once, while Christian lost his first title defence once again.

Christian had a better second reign as world champ than Mysterio did, but Mysterio's first title reign blew Christian's out of the water. Mysterio has a combined five month reign as world heavyweight champion, while Christian is barely over a month. Not only that, but Christian never pinned or made a champion submit to win a world title, while Mysterio did and even defended his title numerous times, unlike Captain Charisma. Therefore, as much as I hate to admit it, unless Christian regains the world heavyweight title before retiring, he will go down as the worst world champion in WWE history.

A little footnote, I did not put Shawn Michaels (1 reign, three weeks) nor Dolph Ziggler (10 minutes) in contention because Michaels's resume as WWE Champion (a different belt) speaks for itself. As for Ziggler, I doubt he will never regain the world title. If he doesn't, then he will probably go down as the worst world heavyweight champion of all-time, not Christian. But that's a story for another day.

Sorry, Peep Nation.

2. Day 349

A few days ago, I finally finished up WWE's DVD collection on Chris Jericho. If you've been reading my columns since I first started writing in the forums of LOP, you'll know that one thing that always ate away at me was how WWE are able to produce a million DVD sets for John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker, yet until a few months ago, had never published a single Chris Jericho DVD. Fortunately, it was worth the wait, as I thoroughly enjoyed both the documentary and the featured matches. 

With a Jericho DVD set officially in stores, and another long-awaited one in the form of a Randy Orton collection due out next month, it would seem that I would be content as a wrestling fan, right? Wrong! WWE has such a massive library of footage that I'm surprised they're not releasing a new DVD every single Tuesday (okay, a new DVD a week would be overkill but you know what I mean). WWE has everything they need to produce some epic, hot-selling DVD sets. If I was in charge of producing DVDs, I would come up with something like this...

First of all, I would do another WCW collection, A.S.A.P. Why so soon you ask? Well, since the first set was so successful (already considered one 2011's highest-grossing WWE DVDs) I would strike while the iron is hot. Many fans watched the initial DVD and not only liked what they saw, but were left wanting more. Rather than wait for that unfulfilled feeling to pass, I would produce a sequel to be released sometime in 2012, but with several changes. We all know about "the rise and fall of WCW", so instead of hearing about it for the millionth time, why not focus more extensively on the matches, especially the undercard? Guys like Jericho, Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero were putting on fantastic cruiserweight matches while Hogan and the NWO hogged up the main-event. I would focus more on those matches than the actual "main-events" the second time around. Also, as good of a job as DDP did as host, give the gig to someone else. Sting's contract expires around January, doesn't it?

Speaking of the former WCW and TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 2012 is the year Sting must come to WWE. I don't care if he only shows up on television once or only wrestles one match - WWE is losing out on so much money by letting Sting rot in TNA. I'm not talking about bringing in Sting to feud with Triple H or The Undertaker (although it would be pretty cool), I'm talking about WWE gaining the rights to produce a Sting-exclusive DVD. Whether you loved him as The Crow or wanted to bash him in the head as The Surfer, Sting's run in WCW was nothing short of epic, and so were a lot of his matches, notably those against Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Granted, Sting didn't wrestle too many five-star matches throughout his career, but I can guarantee you a Sting DVD would fly off the shelves. WWE has to stop stalling and partner with Sting for the DVD before the fans move on and simply give up hope.

While we're on the subject of superstar-exclusive DVDs, why not make one for CM Punk? He may have only debuted in ECW five shorts years ago, but that has never stopped WWE from producing a DVD with limited material to work with - hell, even JOHN FREAKING MORRISON has a DVD! Therefore, I struggle to find a problem with making a DVD for one of WWE's current top stars. His feud with the aforementioned Morrison in ECW resulted in some epic matches, as did his rivalries with Mysterio, Orton, and more recently, Cena. And of course, who could forget that amazing feud with Jeff Hardy from the summer of 2009? In my opinion, a CM Punk DVD is money waiting to be made.

This one may be a bit risky, but considering how "open" the company has been since Punk dropped some pipebombs on national television a few weeks back, it could work. It shouldn't expose the business too much, but rather look at it in a way. What I'm talking about is a "WWE Bloopers" DVD. Before you roll your eyes, ask yourself how many times did you watch a wrestling video on YouTube only to have a handful of videos "recommended for you", some of which involve a "botch" or a '"fail". One of the magical things about live television is that anything can happen, and when you've been going on live for as many years as WWE has, mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, rather than try and bury some in-ring miscues or commentary slip-ups, why not show them to the world and laugh instead? Take for example, the ending of a main-event tag team match a few months back between Orton & Christian vs. Sheamus & Henry. After Orton picked up the victory with an RKO, The Viper unexpectedly did a mini victory dance, which left everyone - Christian, the referee, the announcers - speechless. Show something like that on the DVD and include comments from Orton and his peers. It would be a nice change of pace from the serious and to-the-point DVDs WWE usually produces.

I have some more DVD ideas, but I'll share them with you tomorrow. In the meantime, what do you think of the four I proposed today? Am I crazy? Or am I onto something? Better yet, which one would YOU be more interested in buying - another WCW DVD, a Sting DVD, a CM Punk DVD, or a WWE Bloopers DVD?

3. Day 350

Dear Matt,

I cannot believe it has come to this. I have watched you and your little brother grow up and not once did I think you would both sink this low. You both achieved a life-long dream by wrestling for the number one wrestling company in the world, but you let that success go to your head. You became cocky, arrogrant, greedy - you thought your contributions to tag team wrestling and the evolution of the ladder match would merit you not one, but MANY world title reigns.

As someone who knows you better than anyone, I have to ask - ARE YOU SERIOUS? Despite having zero charisma or personality, WWE kept you on their payroll for nearly fifteen years straight. In fact, many people strongly believe the only reason you survived on the roster after "The Hardy Boyz" went their separate ways was because you're Jeff's big brother. Somehow, that staying power seemed to convince you that you were guaranteed to main-event Wrestlemania one day. You must have been smoking too much of Jeff's weed if you actually believed that. Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship at the Royal Rumble? No problem, I can buy that. But Matt Hardy vs. Anybody for the WWE Championship at any Pay-Per-View? Don't make me laugh.

Matt, you're a joke. No, you're worse than a joke - you're a myth. Years from now, new wrestling fans will arise, and they'll hear about your career from the veterans. Some will believe it and laugh, while others will have nightmares about you. "Matt Hardy Is Comin' To Get Ya!" will become an epidemic, and the WWE will have to do everything in power to erase you from the history books. That's how much you've shitted on your legacy, Matt. I hope you're happy.

I wonder what Amy thinks about your DUI arrest. Is she laughing at you for screwing up your life AGAIN? Or is she laughing at herself for spending all those years faking orgasms with you? It's hard to believe there was actually a time when people despised Adam for sleeping with Amy behind your back. They called it "disgusting, treacherous behaviour". Looking back at it now, Adam was simply doing the noble thing - saving a hot girl from a loser like yourself. After all, losers always finish last - just ask your brother.

But this isn't about Meth - I mean Jeff - this is about you. After begging Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to let you into TNA and share some more of Jeff's spotlight, you get yourself suspended by posting another one of your crazy-ass YouTube videos. Seriously son, who the **** films themselves daring his brother to tase his own girlfriend? Are you trying to get into the S&M business or something? It wouldn't be such a bad idea now that you are once again unemployed. Oh, and if you think Vince will take you back, you're in for another "shocker".

I just don't get it. How can you tweet on Friday that "you've cleaned up your life" and then not even twenty-four hours later, you go out, get drunk, and crash your car. Was that supposed to be sending a message? Was that supposed to be an example of irony? Because the only message sent was from TNA, and it said, "You're Fired!". Way to go, champ.

The saddest part about the whole situation is that somehow, during your time in the WWE, you managed to develop a strong connection with a lot of wrestling fans. So much so, that there are actually still people out there who feel sympathy for you. There are people who are still rooting for you, waiting for the bad times to pass, and want the "real" Matt Hardy to return. These people are such die-hard fans of yours that not even your creepy videos could drive them away, and your Twitter rants fell on deaf ears. Believe it or not, there are people who still believe in you, Matt.

But I don't. Me, your biggest supporter since day one - I no longer care what happens to you. I don't care if you go bankrupt. I don't care if you go home and play taser-tag with your girlfriend/slut until 3am. I don't care if you get arrested by the government for posting too many offensive videos on YouTube. Hell, I don't even care if you get deported to Hong Kong and work the rest of your life picking grapes in a field.

I love you with all my heart, but Matt, **** You. Get out of my life and stay out. You're a walking piece of garbage that fills people with false hope. Do us all a favor and move to a deserted island where you have no access to the internet. Trust me, the world will be a much better place that way.

4. Day 351

Since Part 1 was such a hit among you, the readers, I've put some time into trying to create some even better DVD sets. Chances are they won't be praised as highly as the first parts' were, but let's give it a shot.

Apart from CM Punk, the only other major WWE superstar who needs to have a DVD set released sometime in the near future is The Miz. Sure, his in-ring work hasn't been that "awesome" throughout his whole career, but I think he's had more than enough good matches to warrant a DVD set. From his days as ECW's Chick Magnet, to the epic tag team with John Morrison, and his rise to Superstardom on RAW, a Miz DVD would not be lacking of content. As for matches, off the top of my head I would include his ECW Championship matches against Punk, several tag team matches alongside Morrison, his match with Daniel Bryan at last year's Night of Champions, the TLC match against Jerry Lawler, his Falls Count Anywhere match against Morrison, and one or two matches versus John Cena. Hey, what do you know? For a guy who's "mediocre in the ring", The Miz has had some pretty good matches.

This next one may be a change of pace from WWE's "regular DVDs", but I think it would market well to not only WWE fans, but non-wrestling fans as well. What non-wrestling fan would purchase a WWE DVD, you ask? Well, how about a workout or exercise DVD. It's no secret that the WWE roster is filled with some nice bodies, both male and female (no homo). There are musclemen like Cena and Mason Ryan who are simply ripped head-to-toe. There are others like Morrison and Randy Orton who are big hits among the ladies because of their looks. Then of course you have divas like Natalya and Beth Phoenix who are both sexy and muscular (or "pin-up strong" as they like to be called). Therefore, why not create several workout DVDs which show how these athletes train to look the way they do. Cena could go through his entire workout on camera, while Beth could show her secrets to the world. While I somehow doubt a large portion of the WWE Universe would be interested in buying an exercise DVD, it could be very successful among the rest of the public world (which also results in positive mainstream exposure).

Doing a complete 180, let's consider a potential Evolution DVD. Now, I know the stable of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton weren't together for years and years, so the producers would have limited material to work with, but hear me out. Recently, WWE released a "DX: One Last Stand" DVD, which consisted exclusively of DX's last and arguably worst WWE. If WWE are willing to produce that DVD, and for it to be fairly successful, why wouldn't an Evolution DVD work? There was a time when all four members absolutely dominated RAW, even having every championship in their possession for an amount of time. The DVD could feature both the members versus the rest of the roster (i.e. Orton/Batista/Flair vs. Rock & Foley, Orton/Foley, etc.) or the members against each other (Orton/HHH, Batista/HHH, etc.). Call me crazy, but I think an Evolution DVD could be pretty damn interesting.

Rounding out the list of potential WWE DVDs is one that if ever produced, will be purchased by approximately 2% of the Internet Wrestling Community. With WWE working on a DVD feuds between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, it would not surprise me in any way if they were to eventually release a John Cena vs. Randy Orton rivalry DVD set. Love it or hate it, these two megastars still have plenty of years left in the business, and yet have already wrestled 2,823 times on television and Pay-Per-View. While not every match has been a work of art, you cannot deny the electricity that flows every time they square off. So much so, that some fans still want to see Orton vs. Cena main-event Wrestlemania one day. That's why I am confident that sooner or later, WWE will release a DVD containing nothing but Cena vs. Orton matches. Not only that, but chances are it will probably sell a shitload of copies as well.

And there you have it, folks. Eight potential WWE DVD ideas in three days. I'm sure some people will prefer some ideas in favour of another, but that is to be expected. You can't please everybody, after all. Thank you to everyone who shared their DVD suggestions over the weekend and I hope you enjoyed mine as well.

5. Day 352

I have to admit, last night's episode of RAW was another good show. We got a strong opening segment, an entertaining match between WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison, more drama between CM Punk/Triple H/Kevin Nash, and crowned a number one contender for Del Rio's world championship (although Cena challenging for the title isn't anything new). Yet, the highlight of the night was when the surprisingly fluent tag team of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne defeated the worst tag team of the 21st Century - Otunga & McGillicutty - to win the tag straps. Kofi and Bourne's title win is just another sign that WWE is seriously thinking of revamping the tag team division.

Yet there is one man who was the center of controversy last night. He got people talking. He got people at home second-guessing. Hell, he even got Michael Cole to defend CM Punk, and Cole is not even a fan of the former WWE Champion. The man I'm talking about, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Jerry "The King" Lawler. What did the Hall of Famer do, exactly? Well apart from verbally burying Otunga and McGillicutty for the second week in a row (which was awesome), he also buried Punk on commentary. That's right, a "face" Jerry Lawler was talking trash about a "face" CM Punk. For example, when Cole asked his colleagues who Del Rio should pray becomes the number one contender, Lawler quickly responded, "CM Punk. Why? Because he's easier to beat".

After spending the last few years listening to Lawler defend the good guys on commentary, and watching him feud with heel magnets like The Miz and Michael Cole inside and outside the ring, I was completely taken off guard by his change of tone last night. Now, I know it's someone backstage who is telling him to bury Punk and the former tag team champions, but why now? Why wait until AFTER Money in the Bank, when Punk "left the company" to start berating him? Why wait until Otunga and McGillicutty have been champions for three long months to start bashing them on commentary?

I think there are only two possible answers to these questions. The first is the most likely one, in which the seeds are being planted for Jerry Lawler to revert to his heel persona from The Attitude Era. It's no secret that Lawler's best commentary happened when he was an antagonist, either arguing with his buddy Jim Ross, or calling the other superstars "idiots". In fact, it was Lawler's heel antics paired against J.R.'s fair commentary that made them such a great, beloved announce team. With J.R. now back calling matches on RAW full-time, it would make sense for Lawler to resort to his evil ways, with Michael Cole either playing a tweener or leaving the announce booth to manage a stable (Miz/Truth/Cole anyone?).

The second possible explanation for Lawler's edgier commentary is a bit more complex. Not only does it result in a Lawler heel turn, but The King also ends up revealed as one of the men behind the HHH/Nash "conspiracy". Before you start scratching your ehad in confusion, let's connect the dots. Who did Lawler target with his negative comments last night - CM Punk and the now-former tag team champions, Otunga & McGillicutty. Why would Lawler start putting Punk down and trashing him relentlessly without being provoked? Maybe it's because Lawler has orders from Stephanie McMahon or John Laurinaitis or "someone else" to bury Punk on-air and make him look bad. As for Otunga & McGillicutty, this goes back to all the talk of Triple H wanting to resurrect the tag team division. If Lawler and HHH are in cohorts, then it would make sense for Lawler to be HHH’s voice of sorts, wouldn’t it?

I don’t know where all this is heading to, as I have done nothing but speculate why Jerry Lawler has been so negative lately. Maybe this is leading to a much-needed heel turn for The King; maybe it won’t lead to anything at all. But in one night, Jerry Lawler has done something he has been unable to do for years now - make me care about his commentary again.

6. Day 353

It has been quite the week from hell for none other than Matt Hardy. In less than a week, he has been arrested for driving under the influence, released from his TNA contract, and was rushed to a hospital approximately 24 hours ago. Between all of these intervals, he has found the time to post some strange-ass videos on YouTube, one of which looked like a clip from the movie Paranormal Activity. Folks, whether you love him or you hate him, you cannot deny that there is something seriously, seriously wrong with Matt Hardy.

I have received a lot of mixed feedback for my "Hardy hate-column" last Sunday. The general feeling among my readers is that I hate Matt and I wish he would die. While I can easily name a few people who would pop a bottle of champagne if TMZ announced that Hardy had committed suicide over the weekend, let me set the record straight - I DO NOT wish death upon Matt Hardy. Do I like the guy? Not really, but that doesn't mean I want him to lose his life, especially at such a young age. Do I want him to stop making creepy videos and just disappear? Yes, but not if it means Hardy has to pass on to the next life. Having lost someone very close to me less than a month ago, I know first-hand that death is no laughing matter.

As you may already know, I work at McDonalds. Let's say, for example, there's this guy who's been working there for years but I never really liked him. He was annoying, disrespectful, and hardly put in any work. What if one day he was fired for stealing Chicken Nuggets, and was banned from ever stepping foot in the store again. Would I be happy to no longer have to see this ingrate every day? Damn right I would be. However, what if a few days after his firing a co-worker texted me saying that the guy had been brought to the emergency room and was on life support. Would I still be in a mood for celebrating? Of course not, and right now, I view Matt in a similar situation.

In case you're wondering why I keep mentioning death every few sentences, it's because I have a very bad feeling that Matt Hardy will not survive to see the new year. Hell, at the rate he's going, he may not even make it into next month - that's how scary Matt's situation is right now. Rather than dragging him to a rehab center to get his life on track, what are those closest to him doing? His brother, Jeff, is preparing a comeback to TNA; his girlfriend Reby Sky is moping on Twitter; and his "best friend" Shane Helms is assuring everybody who will listen that "things are okay". Sure, Shane. It's natural for people who are "okay" to be rushed to the emergency room unexpectedly. Get a hint, you dumbass.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Matt Hardy is going through a very dark time in his life and rather than helping him get through it, his friends are closing their eyes and are ignoring the problem instead of dealing with it. Like I said, I'm no fan of the man but I don't want to see another wrestler pass away so prematurely, especially when it can be averted. Someone has to tell Shane and Jeff to get their heads out of their asses before Matt is beyond the point of saving. Was it funny when Matt got arrested last Saturday - yes. Was it hysterical when TNA fired him - yes. But will we still be laughing when the news breaks that yet another wrestler has died - I sincerely hope not. Whether it's a Hall of Famer like Eddie Guerrero, or a smaller name like Andrew "Test" Martin, it's never pleasant to hear of a wrestler's passing, irregardless of your feelings towards them.

One of the reasons I'm writing this column is because of all the heartless comments that I've seen people post on Matt Hardy discussion pages over the last twenty-four hours. I've heard people say stuff like, "I hope Jeff does a Swanton Bomb on Matt's grave and breaks his neck in the process", and "R.I.P. Matt (not like anyone cares)". Honestly, I wouldn't wish these kinds of things on even my worst enemies, but there are some truly sick people out there who will get a kick out of seeing Matt's death in the headlines. To ridicule him for being arrested and losing his job is one thing, but to celebrate the fact that he killed himself is completely unacceptable. He may be a weirdo that bitches to his internet fans as often as he can, but he is also a human being.

Hopefully these Matt Hardy death rumors are just that - rumors. For all we know, Matt could be playing on people's emotions and "rushing to the hospital" just to keep the spotlight on himself, especially now that he's unemployed. Yet there's a part of me that insists something is seriously wrong with Matt and if nobody interferes on his behalf, we're going to never hear from him again. When I told Matt to go away, I wanted YouTube to suspend his account and for him to simply choose another career path, so the world of professional wrestling can move on without him. Instead, death may be the one responsible for removing Matt from our lives - permanently.

For years, Matt has been saying that "He Will Not Die". It may be one of the most annoying catchphrases of all-time, but I really hope there's some truth behind it.

7. Day 354

Keeping up with a tradition that I implemented about a month ago, today is the seventh entry in this "week's" series of columns, which means I choose a question from a reader and I reply as interestingly as I can. Today's inquiry comes from Leore R.:

"Why don't you watch the pay per views through a stream if you were interested in watching it? Save yourself a lot of money! Would you be able to write a column on streaming PPV's illegally?"

That's actually a very good question, Leore. I've been a hardcore wrestling fan since 2001 and you know how many WWE, TNA, and ROH Pay-Per-Views I've illegally streamed - none. Zero, zilch, nada. I'm not talking about missing SummerSlam and YouTubing it three days later to watch CM Punk vs. John Cena. I'm talking about rather than calling up my cable service on Sunday night and paying $45 to watch the event on television, going to an illegal site and watching the PPV through a stream while it airs live around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, not once have I ever done the latter. Why? Well, let's look at the situation through a "Pros & Cons" perspective of why I feel illegal PPV streaming sucks:


- I don't have to sit at my computer for three straight hours. I'm no stranger to spending several hours per day chilling on the computer, downloading music, writing columns etc., but for me to keep my eyes glued to a shaky screen, and sometimes uncomfortable computer chair? No thank you. I would much rather relax on my big, comfy couch and watch the PPV on my widescreen TV.

- I get to enjoy the show with friends. Out of curiosity, how many of you have friends who would come over to your house on a Sunday night to watch wrestling on your laptop? Probably not too many. At my place, whenever I order a PPV, especially a "classic" like Survivor Series or Wrestlemania, my friends bring over some beer and chips, and we all sit in my living room to watch the show on the big screen. If one day I decided that rather than watching the Royal Rumble on my TV, me and my two bros would huddle around my computer for three hours, chances are "Wrestling At Chrisss's" would suddenly come to an end.

- The loyalty to the company. This is the exact same reason I still go out and buy CDs, even though I own a 160 GB iPod. I order PPVs partially to support the WWE. People bitch and complain when WWE cancels their favorite PPV because of a low buyrate, but what did these moaners do to improve the buyrate? Probably nothing. Chances are they either didn't watch the event, or streamed it illegally. I mean, it's easy to tell other people to buy a PPV so WWE will bring it back next year, yet they don't want to be the ones dishing out the dough. Funny how that works.

- Feeling like an old-school, wrestling fan. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way, but what better way to express your wrestling fandom than to put on your favorite superstar's shirt, plop down on your sofa, and watch a wrestling PPV? It may sound corny, but when my mom asks me what I'm doing on Sunday night, I take pride in answering, "Watching wrestling with the guys". If you ask me, life was so much better before the "illegal PPV streaming over the internet" craze ran amuck.


- Paying a lot of money. I currently make over $12.00 an hour at McDonalds, but once you factor in other monthly expenses (cell phone bill, food, bus pass, etc.), spending $45 on a three-hour show every month is a lot of money. I definitely do not purchase every single WWE PPV, but I do order around four-five a year. That right there is almost $200 a year "down the drain" - I use the term because once you watch it, it's gone. I may not support illegal streaming, but I understand why people do it, especially in today's tough economy. That's why I'm a strong believer that the asking price for WWE PPVs is way too high, and the company needs to lower it, at least for a certain amount of time.

...And that's about the only con I can think of. I have no problem spending $45 to watch a wrestling PPV drinking beer, relaxing on my sofa, and joking with my friends. It's a lot more fun than watching a computer screen for three straight hours all my myself, that's for sure.

So unless the economy gets really bad, I lose my job and money becomes tight, or WWE starts putting on a piss-poor product, I will never stream a PPV for free. It may be free, but it's anything but fun.

I hope that clears things up for you, Leore.


Song Of The Day:

I told you not to expect something new from me over the weekend, didn't I? For those keeping up, I am officially re-settled into my mom's place for the foreseeable future. The bad news - I start school in eight days. In other words, I'll be coming and going without warning, so don't be surprised to see three back-to-back columns or sometimes a weekend without me making a peep. Just letting you know.

It's been MONTHS since I plugged some of my homies down in the Column Forums of LOP, but that ends now. There are plenty of awesome writers down there who you probably never heard of.

-eldandy examines the relationship between Twitter and the WWE in Sitting Pretty with eldandy - Hash Tag

-Former main page columnist Rey Ca$h debates with a broski about everyone's favorite wrestler, Matt Hardy, in MitB - Are We Hypocrites feat. KingKervin00

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