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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My Two Centsss - John Cena: WWE's Greatest Strength But Also Their Biggest Weakness
By Super Chrisss
Sep 20, 2012 - 6:38:53 PM

1. Day 1 - Chants You Shouldn't Be Chanting

2. Day 2 - John Cena: WWE's Greatest Strength But Also Their Biggest Weakness

1. Day 1

While watching Night of Champions Sunday night and the RAW replay yesterday afternoon (both shows I greatly enjoyed, by the way), I couldn't help but pay attention to the smarky crowds who were dying to be heard on television. I'm sure most of you reading this are already aware, but a vocal crowd can always add excitement to a show, especially wrestling. A lively, energetic crowd can make a decent show a bit better, or turn a great show into a memorable one. On the other hand, a crowd with has no ****s to give can have the opposite effect on the product by making the show or matches seem blander than they really are (a perfect example of a match being hurt by a dead crowd is Randy Orton vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 25, or more recently, any of the Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio PPV matches from the past few months).

Obviously, in order for a crowd to be heard, they have to create chants. Some are faint, like the occasional "Let's Go Ziggler!" chant (although in all fairness, Ziggler is receiving more and more face pops every week). Others, like "WHAT?!" are deafening (I'll come back to that one a bit later). For the most part, chants help improve the product because it not only gets the audience into the action, it helps backstage officials decide what's working and what isn't.

However, not all chants are good and fun. As evidenced by some of the things I heard at Night of Champions and RAW, some chants are so stupid and irritating they make me wish I could teleport to the arena and slap the douchebags who are saying it. But since I can't do such a thing (yet), I will share with you some of the most annoying chants in recent history, all of which I would be thrilled to never hear on TV again.

"Gold-Berg, Gold-Berg!"

If you or anyone you know has ever chanted this in response to seeing current WWE superstar Ryback in the ring, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yes, there are similarities between Ryback and Goldberg - both are powerhouses, both have very little hair, and both are known for their current/expired undefeated Streak. But that doesn't mean you have to chant Goldberg's name every time you see Ryback compete. I've seen countless people refer to Sheamus as Triple H's long-lost brother, yet I never hear any "Triple H" chants when Sheamus is around. Former WWE superstar John Morrison spent years being compared to Shawn Michaels, yet I never heard a single "HBK" chant break out during one of Morrison's matches. So why do people chant "Goldberg" when Ryback is in the ring? It's stupid.

"Albert, Albert!"

I'll be the first person to tell you that Matt Bloom's return to WWE has been disastrous thus far. Despite improving his in-ring work from his first run in the country, and being quite agile for a 40-year-old heavyweight, the Tensai experiment has been a failure. He was pushed too hard and too fast, and despite being dropped back down the card, is receiving the same amount of crowd reaction as the night of his debut - next to nothing.

But what Tensai does get is a shit load of "Albert" chants, which are almost as infuriating as the "Goldberg" chants. We get it, geniuses - Tensai used to compete as Albert. But, he also competed as A-Train. So why don't the fans chant "A-Train" during his matches? Under the same logic, the audience should chant "Idol Stevens" whenever Damien Sandow is in the ring, "Brett Major" when Zack Ryder competes, "The Giant" when Big Show competes, etc, etc. But, they don't. We know Tensai used to compete as Albert, so for the love of ****, please stop reminding us.

"You Can't Wrestle!"

This is the ultimate slap in the face to any living, breathing wrestler. I'll admit that there are times when the chant is warranted (a Great Khali or Kelly Kelly match, for instance), but there is practically nothing worse than being told by hundreds of screaming idiots you don't know how to do your job. It's like a classroom full of college students telling their teacher he doesn't know to teach. It's like the passengers of an airplane telling the pilot he doesn't know how to fly a plane. It's cruel and degrading.

Often, the "You Can't Wrestle" chant is used against the wrong wrestlers. How many times has John Cena heard this chant, only to shut up the critics time and time again? I don't know who these people think they are by chanting something so stupid, as Al Laiman will tell you that until you go to a wrestling school and learn how to take a bump or run the ropes, you don't know shit about wrestling. Please choose your words carefully, folks.


If hearing the words "You Can't Wrestle!" is bad, then a "boring" chant is even worse. As in the previous case, there are several instances when this chant is warranted (Triple H vs. Vladimir Koslov at Survivor Series, any Great Khali match, most heel Big Show matches and promos, are all great exceptions), but for the most part, this chant is insulting to the wrestlers who are busting their asses, either by wrestling a long match or cutting a lengthy promo.

When the fans started chanting "Boring" at The Miz last Monday night, I was furious. You're telling me that a Heath Slater vs. Brodus Clay match is more entertaining than a rejuvenated Miz on the mic? Get the **** outta here with that shit. Just because YOU don't like something, that doesn't mean you should ruin it for everyone else. Tell you what, Bridgeport - if you found Miz's promo boring, the next time WWE comes to your city, I hope they book a 60-minute Iron Man match between Big Show and The Great Khali. THEN you'll know what boring looks like.

In conclusion, it may be freedom of speech, but try not to be a dick about it.


Have you ever watched an episode of Impact, only for the crowd to start chanting for WWE? No. Have you ever watched an episode of ROH, only for the crowd to start chanting "TNA" or "WWE"? Me neither.

Therefore, can you please explain to me why someone would purchase a ticket for a WWE event only to start chanting "TNA"? I cannot comprehend the logic behind such a thing. It's like paying 100$ for a ticket to see a Madonna concert only to complain that you wanted to see Lady Gaga instead. You want to cheer for another company? Go ahead, just do it somewhere else. Dumbasses.


Last but not least is easily the oldest and most annoying chant in professional wrestling history. I respect Stone Cold Steve Austin for making the most out of his crowd reactions and sparking the popularity of this chant, but the "What?" chant needs to go away - forever. How is anyone supposed to take a heel seriously while cutting a promo if the fans are annoyingly responding to "What?" in between pauses? Saying such a stupid thing makes you: a) look stupid for not listening to the speaker, b) deaf for not being able to hear, and c) look like an asshole. Could you imagine having a conversation with someone in public, only to respond by saying 'what?' to everything they say? That's disrespectful, and gets old fast. In my opinion, the "What?" chant is easily the most irritating chant in WWE history.

Oh, and one last thing - LOL @ the "We Want Nexus" chant that broke out on RAW. Yeah, I don't think so. Nexus should stay dead and buried, for everyone's good.

What about you? What are your favourite/least favourite chants?

2. Day 2

Last Tuesday, it was reported that John Cena (you may have heard of him) would undergo elbow surgery. Now, this news came as a surprise to basically everyone, as the only reported injury to Cena was a rolled ankle that he sustained at Night of Champions during his match with CM Punk. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), the surgery will keep Cena out of the ring for no more than a month, possibly even less. Cena won't be able to work live events or wrestle on upcoming episodes of RAW, but he will be able to make appearances and cut promos until he is medically cleared to wrestle, which WWE is hoping will be at Hell In A Cell next month.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think WWE is making a HUGE mistake by not giving Cena a mini-vacation to take some time off and heal. I'm perfectly aware that Cena is in the middle of a red-hot feud with the WWE Champion, and is still WWE's number one draw, but letting Cena take some time off is by no means the worst decision in the world. Cena already spends most of the calendar year on the road, either wrestling or making media/Make-A-Wish appearances, and has been doing so for nearly a decade. Call me crazy, but I think the man deserves a break, and it shouldn't only come at the expense of a serious, career-threatening injury. If anyone deserves a rest, even a short one, it's Cena.

Sadly, WWE won't grant Cena any time off. It's not because they're cruel, money-hungry bastards; rather, without Cena, they're in serious trouble. Several months ago, the top babyfaces in WWE were Cena, Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus (in that order). With Cena injured and Punk now a heel, they are left with only two main-event faces - Orton and Sheamus, both on the SmackDown brand (which doesn't really matter, until it comes to touring). THAT is a problem, and WWE have no one to blame but themselves. In the past few years, they've had multiple opportunities to create new top babyfaces, but never follow through. Kofi Kingston, John Morrison (had he stayed) and even Zack Ryder could have moved up the card had WWE not derailed their momentum time and time again. And that's just on the face side of things. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, and (arguably) Drew McIntyre should all be more established than they are today, but WWE keeps making the same guys run around in circles.

Well, they should use this slim opportunity to try and right one of those wrongs. I know WWE intends on continuing the Cena/Punk angle regardless if Cena cannot wrestle for the time being, but that still leaves an open slot in the RAW main-event over the next few weeks. Knowing Vince, he'll take the safe route and book matches like Orton vs. Punk or Show vs. Punk (which means we'll get Show's 7497th turn this century) as substitute for Cena's absence - in the ring, at least. But why not test the waters and let someone else flirt with the main-event? The Miz is someone who I've been saying for several months now would benefit from a face turn. Why not have Miz turn face and challenge Punk by saying he doesn't need respect, only championship gold? The feud with Ryback could easily be post-poned, it's not like WWE doesn't randomly drop angles for no reason anyways.

Another interesting scenario would be for Dolph Ziggler to convince Aj or Booker T to over-rule the stipulation that Ziggler can only cash-in his MitB contract for a world heavyweight title match. Then, have Ziggler face Punk in a non-title match with Ziggler getting a win. This not only turns Ziggler face but it also gives him some much needed credibility in the process by beating the WWE Champion, cleanly or not. MitB is once again unpredictable as both Sheamus and Punk will have to watch their backs. Plus, what better match to cash-in after than a Hell in a Cell match?

However, the scenario I would go with if I was in charge of things is giving Kofi Kingston a long over-due shot in the main-event. I'm not talking about Kofi replacing Cena at HiaC or anything like that. Simply have Kofi and R-Truth go their own ways, and have Kofi stand up for a 'defenseless' John Cena. This would not only get Kofi a lot more fan support, it will add some much needed depth to his character as well. Besides, what would be so bad about getting a Kofi vs. Punk match in the near future?

The way I see it, WWE has many options at their disposal to fill up time until Cena can return to being a full-time wrestler. They would be wise to give Cena the entire month off to heal properly and not rush him back, which could result in a more serious injury, but we all know WWE doesn't think that way. They are too scared to take any serious gambles, and that angers me. I understand they're thinking from a business perspective, but what if Cena sustained - or sustains - a more serious injury, forcing him to take six-eight months off? As they are probably realizing right now, they haven't built anyone up to take Cena's place, and are therefore left grasping at straws (Punk vs. Big Show? Poor Australia).

Then again, they could always pull the trigger early on a Daniel Bryan face turn, and let him turn into the mega-star he has the potential to become, but what do I know?

Get well soon, John. WWE needs you more than they should. Hopefully this injury scares them into worrying just a bit more about a future WWE without John Cena to always rely on.


Did You Know?

During his time in OVW, John Cena's finisher was called The Killswitch. The move does not resemble Christian's finisher whatsoever though, as Cena's version was a twisting belly to belly side slam.

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