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My Two Centsss - Are You A New WWE Network Subscriber But Don't Know What To Watch? Let Me Help You With That...
By Super Chrisss
Feb 3, 2018 - 12:25:32 PM

Tom Jenner rocks!

Writer's Note:I'm actually writing this column as a favour to a real-life, longtime friend who has been an extremely casual WWE viewer since the end of The Attitude Era (so since we were in high school together). After hearing me and two of my buddies talk non-stop about how excited we were for the Royal Rumble last weekend in our Facebook group chat, he decided to take advantage of WWE's crazy offer to sign up for the Network and get three months for $1.99 (or something like that). He ended up having a lot of fun watching both Royal Rumble matches as he marked hard for the likes of Goldust, The Hurricane, Lita and Trish Stratus.

While he's still not ready to commit to following the weekly product, he does plan on taking advantage of his subscription. However, as many of us already know, the WWE Network is LOADED with thousands of hours of content. The poor guy has simply no idea where to start. Therefore, if you're in the same boat as him - a returning or casual fan who just signed up for the Network and doesn't know what to watch - this column will serve as a viewing guide for you. If you've had the Network since launch and none of this is useful to you, well, thanks for stopping by all the same!

Super C's WWE Network Picks & Recommendations

NXT TakeOver

If you're not watching NXT, you're missing out, you really are. I've seen every single TakeOver since the inaugural edition where Paige and Emma had a fantastic match to crown the first-ever NXT Women's Champion and that's the one you should start at. The last time I checked, there have been over 400 episodes of NXT, but don't bother watching the weekly, one-hour episodes. You can honestly just watch every TakeOver and instantly be caught up in the storylines, even if they are three months (or more apart).

Why should you watch every TakeOver, even though some are clearly better than others? For one, there isn't at least one four-star match or better on every single TakeOver (seriously). Even if you have to go through a few dud matches like Mojo Rawley vs. anybody or some of Baron Corbin's earlier work, the good will heavily outweigh the bad. Additionally, it's pretty cool to see plenty of main roster stars when they were not only younger, but had very different gimmicks. For instance, if you've only seen Sasha Banks and Bobby Roode wrestle on Raw, SmackDown or Pay-Per-View, try not to be too surprised with how good their heel personas in NXT were.

The Monday Night War*

*Unless you were a die-hard fan of WCW and WWE's Attitude Era, I strongly recommend you don't watch the entire Monday Night War series but rather, you look at the synopsis for each episode and pick the ones you find the most appealing. The reason being is that this collection is very, very repetitive. While the interviews and backstage stories are cool to listen to, they will often air the same interview with the same wrestler making the same comments for multiple episodes.

To get around that, especially since these are nearly sixty-minute-long episodes, just watch the episodes that focus on people or things that interest you the most. Were you a big Goldberg fan? Then the MNW episode looking at Goldberg's rise to superstardom in WCW is a must-watch for you. If you were (and still are) a Jericoholic, you'll definitely want to check out his episode as it looks back at his time with both WCW and the WWE. That being said, if you didn't give a crap about WCW's Cruiserweights, then don't bother watching that.

Despite the repetition, The Monday Night War episodes are really well-produced and one of the best wrestling documentaries out there. If you're curious to how WWE bested their rival, or just want to relive the old days, then (certain parts of) this series is for you.

WWE: 24

Speaking of Goldberg and documentaries, the WWE: 24 series is a much more modern series of documentaries that look at certain events or wrestlers. With the exception of the former WCW Champion and future WWE hall of Famer, you may not be too familiar with the majority of these specials, as they focus on newer wrestlers like Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, or recent events such as WrestleMania 33.

Much like The Monday Night War, WWE: 24 exposes a lot of WWE "secrets" and gives you a first-hand look into the day-to-day lives of WWE superstars. If you have no intention of keeping up with the product once your Network subscription expires, then you could skip this one. But if you're strongly considering getting back into wrestling for the foreseeable future, you should give these specials an hour or two of your time. There's not a single flop to choose from, but I have to say the aforementioned Goldberg, Owens and Balor episodes are my favourite, as is the one on Seth Rollins.


*Season One only.

If you enjoyed Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd, then this is the show for you, as it's essentially WWE's version of it. In season one, various wrestlers (Paige, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler - just to name a few) took up Kutcher's role of playing pranks on their fellow WWE superstars.

Without spoiling anything, some of the pranks include Seth Rollins (the WWE Champion at the time) being forbidden access to an arena he was supposed to be main-eventing in, a female interviewer who couldn't stop herself from letting out some gas, as well as a fan meet-and-greet gone horribly wrong. SWERVED! is very immature but doesn't take itself seriously at all. I found myself laughing out loud plenty of times while watching it.

Again though, don't bother with season two. According to reports, some wrestlers didn't appreciate being pranked and so the producers were forced to play tricks on fans instead - and it just wasn't as funny...

Table For 3/Ride Along*

*Again, don't watch every single episode, but rather, watch the ones featuring the wrestlers you know/like/care about.

I grouped these two series together because they're actually very similar. They both feature a group of wrestlers in a casual setting (either travelling to the next town or dining at a closed restaurant) basically shooting the shit. The only difference is Table For 3 is more likely to feature retired or semi-retired stars, such as Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, Molly Holly, etc. Meanwhile, Ride Along features members of the active roster joking and passing the time during their multiple-hour-long car ride.

This is more of a luxury watch than anything, as it's less of an informative episode as it is a reminiscing of old times or getting to know wrestlers outside of the ring. Some episodes are really cool, like Table For 3 with Mick Foley, Edge and Christian or Ride Along with The Shield. I use this as background audio while doing other things, actually. Just a fun series, both of them.

Any old WWE or WCW match or Pay-Per-View

Last but certainly not the least, one of my favourite parts of the Network is being able to watch any match or entire Pay-Per-View I want. Gone are the days of buying an entire DVD set just to relive a classic match or two, as is the era of having to dig through YouTube or DailyMotion for blurry uploads of your favourite matches. With the WWE Network, all you have to do is type in "Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Badd Blood" and you'll be given the option of watching either just the match or the entire PPV. That's awesome!

But what if you really want to watch WrestleMania 13 again but there are some matches you'd rather just skip? Well, WWE has been kind enough to include a scroll while watching which divides Pay-Per-Views into segments and matches. For instance, if you feel like rewatching last Sunday's Royal Rumble but were underwhelmed by the undercard, you can easily skip to the beginning of both Rumble matches and the Network will show you exactly where that is.

All in all, there is so much quality to be found on the Network, and I didn't even mention any past episode of Raw, SmackDown or Nitro. There are other great series on there as well, but the ones I listed are my go-tos. If you're a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin and him interviewing current and former personalities, you could check out his podcasts as well (the one with Vince McMahon is a must-watch, if nothing else is).

At the same time, I would avoid Holy Foley! unless you're a HUGE Mankind/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley fan but even then, I wouldn't bother with it. Legend's House is ok, but it kind of drags. Stay the hell away from Bring it to the Table, trust me. I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting about, but that should do it.

Enjoy your WWE Network experience! Whether you're paying $1.99 or $9.99, I guarantee you will have gotten your money's worth, even if you watch nothing but the monthly Pay-Per-Views.

**This column was not sponsored by WWE in an way (unless they want to pay me, which I'd be super cool with).


YOUR Two Centsss: As a current WWE Network subscriber yourself, do you agree with my picks?

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