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Posted in: My Two Centsss
My 30 Day Challenge - Days 1-5
By Super Chrisss
Oct 5, 2012 - 5:23:04 PM

My 30 Day Challenge

1. Day 1 - Favourite Wrestler Growing Up

2. Day 2 - Favourite Female Wrestler

3. Day 3 - Favourite Male Wrestler

4. Day 4 - Least Favourite Male Wrestler

5. Day 5 - Least Favourite Female Wrestler

1. Day 1

We kick off the 30-Day Challenge with an easy topic, at least for me. As of this day, October 1, 2012, I have been watching professional wrestling for just over ten years. Yes, I missed The Attitude Era, and yes, I missed the Rise and Fall of WCW, but I managed to tune in just before The Rock discovered a new passion in Hollywood and Stone Cold Steve Austin took his ball and went home. Obviously, both mega-stars would later return to the company, either for a special appearance or to work a program, but when I started following WWE religiously in 2002, RAW had already become the Triple H show, while SmackDown was centered around Brock Lesnar.

There was, however, a reason I quickly became hooked to wrestling. Since I had no idea who 95% of the roster was (Eric Bischoff as the new RAW General Manager? Never heard of him; Chris who?; etc.), and I was yet to become a member of the IWC, so that gave me the liberty of liking any wrestler I wanted without worrying about what some internet geeks thought. Looking back, life was so much simpler when I was 12 years old. But I digress.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I'm not a big fan of rap music, but that hasn't always been the case. When I was in high school, I - like most people - did everything I could to fit in, and at my high school, dressing up like a gangster and listening to rap music was "in". So, I did my part and bought nothing but extra-large shirts, wore baggy pants, and even wore a cap. My playlist consisted of nothing but Eminem, 50 Cent, and several rappers that are no longer relevant today. I know, i know, what was I thinking, right? Fortunately, this phase of my life helped me to relate to a superstar who was also new to the wrestling scene and listened to the same kind of music I did.

Ladies and gentlemen, my favourite wrestler growing up was none other than...

John Cena

From 2002-2006, Cena was undoubtedly my favourite wrestler. Everything he did amused me. I found his rap promos hilarious, and I loved his feuds with The Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, and Kurt Angle way more than I should have. I remember watching Wrestlemania XX with two of my friends from high school and when Cena defeated Big Show to win his first title in the company, I lost my shit. I leaped up and down for joy, I screamed, I almost cried. Cena winning the United States Championship at Wrestlemania was my first-ever mark-out moment.

A year later, the night before Cena challenged JBL for the WWE Championship, I remember praying to God that Cena would be victorious at Wrestlemania XXI - I'm not even joking. After wrestling a great match against JBL (hey, I was 15, what did I know about match quality?) and winning the WWE title, I marked out once again, and once again, my friends thought I was insane. I didn't care what they thought - John Cena - my HERO - had vanquished the evil JBL.

That was the last time I ever marked out for a Cena victory.

As the months went by, my fandom began to diminish. I got older, became wiser, and accessed the world wide web more often. I saw countless people talk trash about Cena and put down his wrestling ability, but I continued to defend him. I bought his merchandise, I bought his DVDs - I didn't buy into the hate. That all changed, though when Cena began feuding with Edge in 2006. I really enjoyed Edge's new heel persona (Lita wasn't bad either) and I couldn't get myself to cheer for Cena against The Rated R Superstar. When Cena defeated Edge at Unforgiven 2006 in their classic TLC match to regain the WWE Championship, my love for Cena officially ended that night.

To this day, I am NOT a Cena-hater. It's impossible not to respect the guy for everything he's done for the company over the years. Sure, I may not be a fan of his character, but the guy is a great wrestler, can cut an awesome promo more often than not, and deserves to be the top guy. But if I were to make a top five, Cena would be nowhere near cracking the list. Nevertheless, John Cena is one of the main reasons why I got into wrestling, and truth be told, I wouldn't be here writing this column if it wasn't for him.

2. Day 2

Much like Hustle and Crow did during their 30 Day challenges, I'm going to go with two choices here, one for current favourite and another for that of all-time. Let's start with the latter.

As I mentioned in yesterday's column, i only began watching wrestling at the age of 12, ten years ago. Although it sucked to miss out on WCW and The Attitude Era, I was fortunate enough to tune in a time when women's wrestling truly peaked in WWE. Trish Stratus was in her prime, and she had plenty of credible, capable rivals in the likes of Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly, and several other women wrestlers. Keep in mind this was before the days of the model-turned-"wrestler" formula that produced abominations like Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox, but to be fair, Trish had almost no wrestling experience prior to her push in the women's division. However, unlike Kelly, Trish actually gave a **** about her job and worked hard to become an above-average in-ring competitor.

With all this Trish talk, you're probably assuming Miss Stratus is my pick for favourite female wrestler of all-time. Well, she's not. As much as I admired her work ethic, I wasn't really entertained by Trish until she turned heel at Wrestlemania XX by turning her back on Chris Jericho and siding with Christian. That heel turn was excellently done and solidified herself as one of the greatest divas in wrestling history.

Instead, I'm going with a woman who has even less wrestling experience than Trish, but did not sign up to WWE because she wanted to be the Women's Champion. in fact, this woman didn't even HAVE to step foot inside a wrestling ring, let alone take several sick bumps throughout the years. Why? Because as a McMahon, she was already a part of one of the richest families in the United States. If you haven't already put two and two together, my favourite female wrestler of all-time is...

Stephanie McMahon

I've had a crush on the boss' daughter since I was too young to start dating girls. As I would find out as I got older, I was too late, as Triple H had already conquered the game of love and won Stephanie's heart, but that didn't matter. Stephanie was always one of the hottest women in wrestling. She played an awesome bitch, and I really enjoyed her brief stint as SmackDown General Manager, especially her feud with Eric Bischoff. Partly because she played her part to a tee and partly because I'm a sucker for brand warfare. Regardless if Steph was feuding with Bischoff, wrestling her father in an "i Quit" match, or taking an RKO from Randy Orton, Stephanie always found a way to melt my heart. For reasons that are pretty much inexplicable without the presence of photographs, Stephanie McMahon is my favourite female wrestler of all-time.

Honourable mentions: Trish Stratus, Victoria, Candice Michelle

Now, as for my current favourite female wrestler, or "crush" if you will, it's actually a pretty easy choice. Those of you who read my columns regularly already know who I'm going with, especially when I tell you she's a Knockout, not a Diva. Also, much like Trish, she started wrestling with very little experience under her belt, but worked her pretty little ass off to get where she is now. Obviously, I'm talking about the reigning TNA Knockouts Champion,

Miss Tessmacher

As someone who has been following Tessmacher's career from her days as Brooke in ECW's short-lived Extreme Expose, to serving as Eric Bischoff's personal assistant in TBA, to turning face and winning the Knockouts Championship a few months ago (and re-gaining it after only five days later), I see many comparisons between Tessmacher and Trish. Neither woman has the pure wrestling talent of a Natalya or Beth Phoenix, but they simply connect with audiences in ways you cannot imagine. Tessmacher has been wrestling full-time for less than two years, yet she is the champion of the women's division in the second-biggest wrestling company in North America. She continues to get better with every passing week, and trust me, she's something worth looking at.

Only time will tell if Tessmacher will have a legendary career like Trish did, or if she will go down the Candice Michelle route. I love Tess, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll show WWE what a huge mistake they made by releasing her a few years back.

Honourable mentions: Beth Phoenix, Tara

3. Day 3

For me, the definition of a favourite wrestler is someone you tune into wrestling for. They're the guy(s) you bring signs for at live events, cheer for the loudest, and if you're rich enough, buy the merchandise for. Whether they're cutting a promo or wrestling a twenty-minute match, you're captivated by everything they do. When you meet a fellow wrestling fan for the first time and they ask you to name your favourite wrestler, that's the name which is suppose to come out of your mouth.

When it comes to choosing an all-time favourite wrestler, that's no easy answer. I could go with the popular pick and say Stone Cold Steve Austin is my favourite wrestler. After all, there's a reason why The Texas Rattlesnake is one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - superstar in wrestling history. Not only could he entertain you by talking smack to anyone that crossed his path, but he was more than capable of backing it up. Like millions of other fans, Stone Cold always appealed to me because he was the perfect anti-hero; someone you couldn't help but cheer for, regardless if he was doing the 'right thing' or not.

Another good choice for all-time favourite would be The HeartBreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Unlike Austin, Michaels was more of the typical good guy who was often feuding with the villains and played the 'face in peril' better than practically everybody else. But what I always loved about HBK was his ability to steal the show. It did not matter who his opponent was on a given night - John Cena, Ric Flair, The Great Khali, a broomstick - HBK could carry nearly anyone to a good-great match. It's hard not to respect someone who despite having a history of back issues and being nearly twice as old as the half the roster could go out and have the match of the night. HBK is true WWE legend.

My ultimate choice for all-time wrestler is a man who is yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that his time will come, but for now, it is fair to recognize him as one of the best in the world at what he does. He may not be doing 'it' at this very moment, but when he does 'it', he does a kick-ass job. Believe it or not, my favourite wrestler of all-time is indeed

Chris Jericho

I've read his books, I've watched his DVD, and I've even met him in person. I became a Jericholic not long after I started watching wrestling, and unlike my Cena fandom, my adoration for Y2J never went away. Jericho has always been the perfect wrestler in my book. He's someone who can cut an amazing promo either as a heel or a face. As witnessed during his most recent WWE run, Jericho can control the crowd without saying a word. He can get them to turn on him or to love him without lifting a finger, which is something very few people are capable of. Better yet, Jericho's resume speaks for itself. He is one the most decorated champions in WWE history, and I can honestly not tell you the last time I saw a bad Chris Jericho match. Jericho has it all, really - mic skills, fantastic wrestling ability, charisma, durability. He is everything a wrestler SHOULD be.

It doesn't hurt that we share the same first name and come from the same country, but I digress.

There's no real point in creating a list of candidates for my favourite current male wrestler, is there? I mean, I could make several good arguments for why guys like CM Punk, Bully Ray, and Daniel Bryan are deserving of this honour, but if you've been reading my columns for at least a few weeks, follow me on Twitter, or simply know who I am, you already know my favourite current wrestler is:

Zack Ryder

Surprised? Yeah, I didn't think so. I've explained my Ryder fandom many times in the past, but I think it's interesting to note I was a broski before there were even 'broskis'. I was a member of the Zack Pack before the pack ever got together. In fact, I fondly recall posting a column in the LOP Forums in which I said Ryder would be the breakout star of WWECW and would even be the holder of a new midcard title. Well, I was kind of right. Ryder is still around, made up an Internet Championship, and has achieved things even I didn't think were possible. People laughed at me when I said Ryder could make it on RAW or SmackDown. Well, look who's laughing now?

I think the Ryder haters (and there have been A LOT in 2012) are really grasping for straws when they try and bury him. They say he can't wrestle, which is obviously baloney. These people watched Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler, Ryder vs. John Cena, and more recently, Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro, with their eyes closed apparently. The haters also say he's not over with the crowds anymore. While his popularity has declined from late 2011, Ryder is still getting some of the biggest reactions of the night, no matter what city WWE is in. Lastly, some people think Ryder will be released before 2013. Yeah, because WWE will clearly fire one of their most over faces, a guy that moves tons of merchandise, can get stuff trending on Twitter whenever he wants, and despite being little more than a jobber, continues to get more TV time than half the roster. Keep dreaming, haters.

Much like what happened with Cena, it would not surprise me to see my Ryder fandom eventually come to an end. Maybe Ryder will never turn heel and keep the "Woo Woo Woo" character for years, forcing me to grow tired of his gimmick. But on this day - Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - Zack Ryder is my favourite wrestler, and it doesn't even come close.

Woo, Woo, Woo. I know it.

4. Day 4

So. Many. Choices. Back when I started planning my answers for this challenge, I had my answer for this topic all ready to go. A few days later, I changed my mind and went with someone else. Now, here we are, and I have settled on someone completely different from my initial two choices. Before I reveal who gets the dishonour of being named my most hated wrestler, let's take a look at the competition, shall we?

-The Big Show is someone who I've really turned sour on in recent years. I remember not really minding Big Show during his feuds with John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown, but that's because he supplied me with plenty of memorable moments during that time period (his 'stomach problems', collapsing the ring with Brock Lesnar, etc.). Nowadays, especially since his heel turn last June, Show has been intolerable to watch perform. His promos are like sleep waves, his matches are slower than a snail on steroids, and he doesn't give you a single reason to care about him. He is not my most hated wrestler because I have to admit, cheerful, goofy Big Show can be entertaining at times, and the guy has some great matches under his belt (the feud with Mark Henry last year was surprisingly excellent). I may not like Big Show, but he's not my least favourite wrestler.

-If I was taking this challenge about a year ago, I would probably go with Hornswoggle. Not only does he remain guilty of killing the Cruiserweight Division years ago, but the guy was the most annoying character we'd seen in years. He couldn't wrestle, he couldn't talk, he couldn't make anyone older than five or six laugh. The IWC used to call for the little troll's head served on a platter on a weekly basis, seemingly. However, WWE finally let him talk like a human being this year, and his TV time has been drastically toned down when compared to his "pushes". I still hate him, but at least I don't have to put up with him as much as I used to.

-I have never been a fan of Sin Cara and honestly, unless he really starts improving in the ring and learns how to speak English, I probably never will like the guy. He botches 95% of his matches, and continues to be pushed simply because WWE cares so much about their Hispanic market that they need someone to take over from Rey Mysterio sooner rather than later. If that wasn't bad enough, his matches aren't only unwatchable because of his poorly timed and executed moveset, but also because the company insists on blinding the audience (and the wrestlers) with stupid lighting. Fortunately, WWE have realized Cara is not ready for a singles push and have teamed him with Mysterio, which is a great move as it lets get Cara get over, limits his in-ring time, and reduces the workload for Mysterio as well. Like I said, I'll probably never enjoy Cara's work, but he's not exactly my least favourite wrestler.

-WWE is filled with wrestlers I don't personally like (for one reason or another), but if I have to name someone I absolutely hate, I'll have to head over to TNA. There is a man currently employed by Dixie Carter who has been pushed to the moon time and time again yet I cannot understand why. Hell, there was a time when he was being positioned to become a world champion in WWE land. Instead, he kept screwing up his own push over and over again, and it did not surprise me when news broke WWE finally parted ways with him. It sucks I have to watch him in TNA, where he CONTINUES to get pushed despite being a mediocre talent in every single aspect. Clearly, I'm talking about...

Mr. Anderson/Kennedy

What separates Anderson from the other guys I mentioned? At least with them, I can understand the demographic they appeal to. Show is a giant, people love seeing 'freaks'. Hornswoggle may be despised by most fans, but he is loved by the younger ones. Cara is a huge draw in Mexico, and he probably will be a huge star for WWE one day as long as he continues to improve. But Anderson has done one thing worthy of a push throughout his career, and that's introduce himself - nothing else. He's bland in the ring, cuts one-dimensional promos, and is just not interesting. He's been wrestling in a major company for nearly ten years and you know how many 'classic' matches he's had? Two - both of them against Kurt Angle. Every other match he's competed in has been either decent, bad, or forgettable. For someone who once held a Money in the Bank briefcase and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, that's a pretty crappy resume.

Another reason I just don't care for Anderson is he suffers from Big Show syndrome, in which he flip flops from face to heel and back so often you can't even keep track of his character. In fact, if you asked me right now whether he's currently a face or a heel, I would not be sure, and that's the truth. What really bugs me is that Anderson never seems to care when he's out there. He's feuded with The Undertaker, Sting, and other legends, yet none of that experience has ever rubbed off on him. To me, Anderson carries himself as a much bigger star than he really is, and is dissatisfied if he's not given everything on a silver plate.

Simply put, I just HATE Mr. Anderson. He's been given opportunity after opportunity to be the man, yet he flops every single time. I wish he would just retire already and stop plaguing professional wrestling with his presence.

5. Day 5

Today's column will be the shortest of the challenge so far. That's because there is no list of candidates to discuss, no runner-up, no narrowing down the choices. My pick for least favourite female wrestler both currently and of all-time is someone who was pushed as the face of WWE's divas division for no good reason. She can't wrestle, can't talk, has zero personality, and embarrasses her fellow divas everytime she laces up her boots. She sucks, and her name is

Kelly Kelly

Take a look at that picture. Besides her messed up eyes, what is wrong what that image? Does she look like someone who should be pushed as the number one female babyface in the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet? Hell No (not the tag team)! I don't know what Kelly did to merit such a huge, relentless push, whether it was sleeping her way up or manipulating backstage politics, but how she managed to get countless more hours of TV time than someone like Beth Phoenix is Natalya will always remain a mystery to me. I'll admit that Phoenix and Nattie won't be mistaken for Maxim models any random day, but they are both FAR from being unattractive.

When I heard about Kelly's release last Friday, I literally jumped for joy. I was shocked, but thrilled WWE decided to part ways with her. No matter how much time they had invested in her, Kelly simply wasn't worth the effort. How someone can work so many dates and wrestle so many matches without learning how to run the damn ropes properly is beyond me. Back when Kelly was feuding with Phoenix, I remember when Kelly showed her "aggressive side" and slammed The Glamazon's head repeatedly against the announce table. I don't know which was worse - having to watch Kelly's sad attempt of being taken as a threat, or watching Beth try and sell the attack. It was on that night I decided Kelly had done enough damage to the divas division and she needed to look for another job, ASAP.

I realize it may not be fair choosing Kelly as my least favourite diva considering she shares the same eligibility as some of the names I excluded yesterday (not being featured on TV a lot; lack of a push in recent months) but she has polluted women's wrestling in WWE for nearly six years, and that's not easily fogivable. Fortunately, she's gone, and I really hope an indy promotion hires her so she can get her ass kicked every night by real female wrestlers who won't worry about going soft on her. Maybe then Kelly will quit the wrestling business once and for all and just become a Playboy model or something (since she can't act to save her life, anyways).

I'm a week late, but good riddance, Kelly Kelly. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

What do you think? Was i too harsh on Kelly? Not cruel enough? Then let me know!


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