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Posted in: My Two Centsss
Beyond The Walls - The Last Men Standing
By Super Chrisss
Jun 17, 2011 - 12:03:16 PM

After another impressive showing from YOU, the readers, it is my pleasure to welcome everybody to the final round of Beyond The Walls. Before today, there were only four superstars remaining in the competition, but your votes have determined who shall face-off one-on-one for the title of "Best Current WWE Superstar".

Since I know you're dying to find out the results, I won't tease you any longer. Here's how the votes went down:

RAW Bracket:

#9 CM Punk defeated #5 Dolph Ziggler, 28-7

(CM Punk has been on a path of destruction since the very first round. He has crushed the likes of John Cena, The Miz, and now, Dolph Ziggler as well. Considering that Ziggler was able to pull off an "upset" and defeat Zack Ryder last round, I was expecting more love shown for Vickie Guerrero's business associate. But I guess not. Punk is off to the finals, representing the RAW brand.)

Smackdown! Bracket:

#9 Christian defeated #15 William Regal, 23-12

(Sorry all you Regal and UK fans. The NXT announcer put up a good fight, but the IWC is simply going crazy for Christian right now. It's funny, becuase at the start of this tournament Christian was a babyface who just lost the world heavyweight title, and should he win both this tournament and the world heavyweight title on Sunday, Captain Charisma will have gone full-circle. Interesting how that works, eh?)

And there you have it. It all began with 32 superstars, and now we're down to two. Only one can be considered the true winner, because second place counts for jack-shit. Therefore, I present to you the "Last Men Standing":

#9 CM Punk vs. #9 Christian

It is the battle of the number-nine seeds, two of WWE's biggest heels, two internet darlings. Punk vs. Christian is what we're down to, ladies and gentlemen. But only ONE can be chosen as WWE's BEST Current Superstar. Who will it be? The power is entirely in your hands.

Voting begins today, Friday June 17, and will end at midnight on Thursday, June 23, so don't hesitate to vote, because you just might miss the deadline to vote in this final, crucial round.

To vote, you may:

-Send me an e-mail at captain_charisma16@hotmail.com
-Befriend me or message me on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Super.Chrisss)
-Follow me and/or message me on Twitter at twitter.com/chrisss16
-Take the lazy way out and leave a comment below.

This one's for all the cookies, people.


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