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Posted in: My Two Centsss
Beyond The Walls - The Great Eight
By Super Chrisss
Jun 3, 2011 - 10:31:13 AM

What's going on, everybody? It feels like a lifetime since the last time we talked. Okay, it's only been a week, but that's not the point. It's time to reveal who you voted for to advance into the top eight of the search for the BEST current WWE Superstar.

Many people emailed and messaged me saying they were torn on who to vote for on many of the match-ups, yet the funny thing is there were quite a few landslides in the second round. Don't believe me? Then watch and learn:

RAW Bracket:

#9 CM Punk defeated #2 The Miz, 26-7

(Considering how unparallel these two men's careers have been during the past sixteen months or so, I was kind of expecting more appreciation for The Awesome One. But i guess the Punk fans are still alive, and are not ready to die. The New Nexus leader takes this one rather easily.)

#12 Jack Swagger defeated #3 John Morrison, 22-11

(Not as close as I thought it would be, but at least it wasn't a slaughter like Punk vs. Miz was. Swagger is a former world champion while Morrison is yet to win the big one, but it seems like many people feel Swagger will one day return to the main-event and stay there, while others just don't believe in Morrison's hype. Either way, The All-American American moves on.)

#5 Dolph Ziggler defeated #6 Drew McIntyre, 22-11

(On paper, this seemed like one of the most intriguing match-ups of the entire round. You have two young superstars who recently joined RAW and have been "de-pushed" in recent months. Well, it seems that the IWC still has mighty love for Ziggler, which is fine, but I'm more of a McIntyre fan myself. It is what is though.)

#8 Zack Ryder defeated #15 Evan Bourne, 25-8

(Not many people gave Bourne much of a chance heading into his match-up against internet favourite, Zack Ryder, but he held his own. In fact, the first couple of days of voting actually had more people voting for the high-flier than Long Island Iced Z. Alas, although two of RAW's most popular jobbers certainly have developed their own fanbases over the years, it was the Woo-Woo-Woo Tang Clan who came out victorious in this one).

Smackdown! Bracket:

#9 Christian defeated #2 Sheamus, 24-9

(Yet another landslide victory, but that was to be expected considering all the Christian love over the past few weeks. I'm not saying Sheamus would have defeated Captain Charisma had this match-up took place three months ago instead, but Christian's world heavyweight title situation definitely played a factor here. Either way, Ireland is out, while Canada moves on.)

#12 Cody Rhodes defeated #11 Wade Barrett, 19-14

(Now THAT'S what I'm talking about, a very close match-up. Trust me, tabulating the votes for this one was a roller coaster ride all by itself. One day Rhodes would be in the lead. The next Barrett would pull ahead, and vice versa, until finally Rhodes got the last few votes and snagged the win. Both men are on their way up the Smackdown! ladder, but more people believe Rhodes will ascend before Barrett does.)

#13 Kane defeated #14 Justin Gabriel, 25-8

(Poor Gabriel. Despite his flashiness and incredible 450 Splash, it was not enough to hold back The Big Red Machine. Now that Kane and Big Show are no longer the tag team champions, one would assume Kane is destined for one last singles run as his career doesn't have much legs left in it. Him being the veteran in this match-up may have swayed people's votes, but at the end of the day, Kane moves on to the great eight.)

#15 William Regal defeated #16 Ted DiBiase, 23-10

(Even in defeat, DiBiase and his fans continue to amaze me. Usually, any wrestling forum or IWC member will be quick to tell you how much DiBiase sucks and should be a jobber for life, if not released. However, he squashed Yoshi Tatsu in the votes last week, and this time around, he put up a decent fight against the respected William Regal. Anyways, Regal advances.)

There weren't as many shockers compared to first round's voting but that might all change when I present to you this week's match-ups. Intrigued? Then check them out:

RAW Bracket:

-#9 CM Punk vs. #12 Jack Swagger

-#5 Dolph Ziggler vs. #8 Zack Ryder

Smackdown! Bracket:

-#9 Christian vs. #12 Cody Rhodes

-#13 Kane vs. #15 William Regal

And there you have it! We're down to the mighty, great eight. Only ONE of these superstars will be crowned the best current WWE Superstar and it's up to you to decide who. Decisions, decisions.

Voting officially begins today, Friday June 3, and will end at midnight on Thursday, June 9, so you have plenty of time to get those votes in!

To vote, simply:

-Send me an e-mail at captain_charisma16@hotmail.com
-Befriend me or message me on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Super.Chrisss)
-Follow me and/or message me on Twitter at twitter.com/chrisss16
-Take the lazy way out and leave a comment below.

Until next week, happy voting!


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