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Posted in: My Two Centsss
Beyond The Walls - Sweet Sixxxteen
By Super Chrisss
May 27, 2011 - 4:05:00 PM

Welcome to round two of Beyond The Walls, boys and girls. Even though we're still in the early stages of the tournament, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to participate thus far. It's been a lot of fun compiling the votes and reading about so many different opinions.

That being said, here is the fallout from last week's votes. If your favourite didn't make the cut, please don't bomb my house. I'm simply the moderator of this thing!

RAW Bracket:

#9 CM Punk defeated #1 John Cena, 34-10

(I can't say I'm too shocked about Cena being eliminated, especially considering his opponent was a favourite of the Internet Wrestling Community. That being said, even though Cena is currently "the man" in the WWE, Punk is the overall better performer: he can out-wrestle Cena in the ring, defeat him in a war of words, and has even suffered much fewer injuries than Cena has over the years. Many will disagree, but Punk deserves to move on.)

#2 The Miz defeated #10 Alberto Del Rio, 24-20

(This was one of the closest match-ups of the first round. For days, it was Miz in the lead. Then Del Rio would catch up and even surpass Sir Awesome. Finally, Miz was able to sneak out a victory. Maybe if this tournament had happened one year from today the votes would have gone the other way, but it is what is. Despite some bad booking in recent weeks, The Miz advances to round two.)

#3 John Morrison defeated #11 Kofi Kingston, 31-13

(Not even the rumours about Morrison being in the doghouse nor his abrupt neck surgery were enough to keep Morrison down this round. There are still plenty of people who feel Morrison is one or two big wins away from becoming a permanent main-eventer, and the votes prove that. Kofi, despite being the current United States Champion, seems to be stuck at the mid-card level and shows no signs of moving up the card anytime soon. Morrison takes this one rather easily.)

#12 Jack Swagger defeated #4 The Big Show, 30-14

(Another landslide, which may surprise some people considering how up and down Swagger's booking has been in recent months. Interestingly enough, many voters told me they were voting for Swagger simply because The Big Show has become far too stale for their liking, which I cannot disagree with. Hopefully a feud with Del Rio will change people's opinions. In the meantime, Swagger moves on.)

#5 Dolph Ziggler defeated #13 Rey Mysterio, 30-14

(Much like Swagger vs. Show, Mysterio had the early lead, but was eventually defeated by a surge of support for Ziggler. Bad haircut aside, Ziggler has had an eventful past couple of months, as he went from being the Intercontinental Champion to a ten-minute-long World Heavyweight Champion and making his RAW re-debut. As for Mysterio, well, he's been able to avoid suffering any major injuries, but he just does not appeal to many non-Hispanic or older wrestling fans anymore.)

#6 Drew McIntyre defeated #14 R-Truth, 38-6

(The first major blow-out this round comes to us courtesy of "The Chosen One". It's funny, people have been praising Truth's heel turn as the best thing to ever hit the WWE, while others consider McIntyre a "boring" athlete, yet the votes weren't even close. Either some people are simply being two-faced, or they voted not for McIntyre, but for his entrance music. Regardless, McIntyre advances, and R-Truth is out, so I'm happy.)

#15 Evan Bourne defeated #7 Santino Marella, 23-21

(Interestingly enough, the battle between two of RAW's most over jobbers was the closest match-up of round one. One day it looked like Bourne would win; the next Santino would gain the lead. It just goes to show how important it is to vote, because every vote really does count. For better or for worse, "Air Bourne" moves on to face...)

#8 Zack Ryder defeated #16 Chris Masters, 42-2

(I'm not even joking. Garnering more votes than every other superstar in this tournament is none other than Long Island Iced Z. Despite his lack of exposure on television, the internet sensation had no problem proving that the "Ryder Revolution" is still going strong. Maybe it was unfair to pair Ryder with Masters, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Ryder is an early favourite going into round two - you know it, bro!)

Smackdown! Bracket:

#9 Christian defeated #1 Randy Orton, 26-18

(Considering how the IWC has almost collectively turned against Randy Orton and showed their love for Captain Charisma, the results shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. However, it is interesting to note that both Orton and Cena have been eliminated in the very first round. In other words, this tournament is now anybody's game. As J.R. would say, "business is about to pick up.")

#2 Sheamus defeated #10 Mark Henry, 41-3

(Judging by how thin Smackdown!'s main-event scene currently is, I thought it would make sense to pair two of the brand's biggest heels against each other. That was obviously a mistake as Sheamus had no difficulty taking out The World's Strongest Man. Personally, I'm a fan of both men, but it saddens me that there wasn't more love shown for Henry. Anyways, The Celtic Warrior moves on.)

#11 Wade Barrett defeated #3 Sin Cara, 31-13

(This was another surprising outcome, at least for me. For months, people have been insisting that Cara was the next big thing, that he would be a world champion before the end of the year. Instead, Barrett took this one almost with ease. Despite being the Intercontinental Champion and leader of The Corre, Barrett has nearly become an after-thought since moving to the blue brand. Nevertheless, he has a bright future in the WWE, and the votes definitely agree with that.)

#12 Cody Rhodes defeated #4 Daniel Bryan, 25-19

(I'm not going to lie, this was the match-up I was most looking forward to. Partly because I'm a fan of both men, and partly because I wanted to see who the internet fans loved more. Well, Rhodes's new "wacko" character must be working, considering he beat many people's favourite, Daniel Bryan. Again, it just goes to show you how every vote counts. Like it or not, Rhodes advances to round two.)

#13 Kane defeated #5 Ezekiel Jackson, 29-15

(Interesting. Kane's former tag team partner The Big Show was defeated by Jack Swagger mainly because people were tired of the giant's character. Yet Kane, no stranger to face/heel turns, was able to get the best of Ezekiel Jackson. Maybe Zeke really is no different than every other "monster" WWE tried to push in the past but failed. Let's hope that's not the case. Kane moves on.)

#14 Justin Gabriel defeated #6 Tyson Kidd, 25-19

(Another close match-up, but The Corre manage to make it two for two. It's a shame that both men are currently heels because a Kidd vs. Gabriel feud would take Smackdown! by storm; imagine the matches they could have. Anyways, despite a pretty even contest, the South African pulls out the win and advances to the next round.)

#15 William Regal defeated #7 The Great Khali, 41-3

(Ouch! Maybe I shouldn't have paired the Internet-popular Regal against the detestable Khali, but I had to find a spot for the former world champion somewhere on the card. Nevertheless, Regal deserves to move on as his in-ring and mic skills are still better than those of younger superstars, and Regal's career is far from over. Hopefully he gets a push on Smackdown! sometime soon).

#16 Ted DiBiase defeated #8 Yoshi Tatsu, 31-13

(This was another shocking victory, in my eyes. People complain about how boring DiBiase is all the time, yet had no problem choosing him over Tatsu. Maybe they thought they were voting for DiBiase, Senior? I'll give the devil his credit; his interactions with Cody Rhodes the last few weeks have been entertaining. Let's hope this is a fresh start for the second-generation superstar.)

When I made the first round brackets, I definitely did not expect Cena, Orton, and Bryan to all be eliminated the very first round. But I guess that will simply make the winner a bit more unpredictable. Anyways, here are your "sweet sixxxteen" match-ups:

RAW Bracket:

-#9 CM Punk vs. #2 The Miz

-#3 John Morrison vs. #12 Jack Swagger

-#5 Dolph Ziggler vs. #6 Drew McIntyre

-#15 Evan Bourne vs. #8 Zack Ryder

Smackdown! Bracket:

-#9 Christian vs. #2 Sheamus

-#11 Wade Barrett vs. #12 Cody Rhodes

-#13 Kane vs. #14 Justin Gabriel

-#15 William Regal vs. #16 Ted DiBiase

Voting begins today, Friday May 27, and will end at midnight on Thursday, June 2, so you have plenty of time to get your votes in!

Here's my contact information for those who don't already have it:

-Send me an e-mail at captain_charisma16@hotmail.com
-Befriend me or message me on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Super.Chrisss)
-Follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/chrisss16
-Take the lazy way out and leave a comment below.

Until next week, happy voting!


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