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Posted in: Mr. Tito
Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE No Mercy 2017 Pay Per View Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade
By Mr. Tito
Sep 24, 2017 - 11:00:39 PM

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Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING which you can only find exclusively here at LordsofPain.net / WrestlingHeadlines.com. Being totally honest here... I couldn't wait for tonight's WWE No Mercy 2017 Pay Per View. Not just because it featured Wrestlemania-like match-ups on a smaller Pay Per View (what I'd argue SHOULD be headlining Wrestlemania 34), but because it's a complete escape from the world we live in right now. This weekend has been baffling as to where priorities of our nation should be and it's nice to know that a scripted sporting event is there to "save" us.

However, my concern remains with the WWE following No Mercy 2017. After this Pay Per View, there are NO unique match-ups left in the WWE. We've seen Brock Lesnar wrestle about every significant guy on the roster... I suppose Finn Balor or AJ Styles would be cool just for them taking bumps, but nothing on a top drawing level. John Cena has wrestled everybody on the roster BUT the Undertaker... But do we really want to see that at this point based on Taker's performance at Wrestlemania 33? Eh, not me... Roman Reigns has wrestled everybody and has pinned most everybody. If he headlines his 4th Wrestlemania in a row against Brock Lesnar, that will actually be his second Wrestlemania against him. So what? Braun Strowman will have already wrestled Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar in just a 2 month span!

If I were the booker for Wrestlemania 34, the Rumble Match winner Braun Strowman would take on WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for the title and Strowman would be the guy potentially ending Lesnar's WWE career (3 year contract is up). Then, I'd have John Cena vs. Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34 instead and put that match on the biggest stage possible for the crowd reactions.

But nope... It's at No Mercy 2017.

WWE is out of ammo for unique matches and that's why I believe we're heading into a dark period for the WWE. Brock Lesnar and John Cena will soon leave and you're left with Strowman and Reigns... Well, they've wrestled many times already... What's new about that?

Now, if the WWE were to fully reunite the Shield and then build up a HEEL stable as opposition (hmmm... Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman) to maybe headline Survivor Series... Maybe? But with little sample data around from 2014, we don't know how fully well the reunited Shield as a babyface group would draw. And again, everybody has already fought each other in singles matches already.

Ever since the 2016 Brand Split, the WWE has been forced to burn through top level matches in order to keep interest. Matches that should be saved for Pay Per Views, they've burned right through them. Like on Smackdown last year when we saw every variation of John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and AJ Styles wrestling each other. How many times can we see Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns? And why on earth did we get a random match between John Cena vs. Braun Strowman on RAW recently? That was ridiculous!

It's as Arn Anderson said about WCW Nitro during 1997-1998... WCW was also burning through their big draw matches quickly that nothing became unique by 1998. Remember, WCW rushed Bill Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan to a July 1998 edition of Nitro just for a quick ratings fix against RAW and it was barely hyped in advance. The chase was over and I could argue that Goldberg wasn't ready to be champion quite yet. Once Goldberg had the title, he burned through match-ups quickly for the rest of 1998 and had NOTHING to show for it during 1999-2000 with the company. WWE is doing the same exact thing for 2016-2017 by giving away big match-ups too early and on shows of insignificance. Here's a simple thought... Why does BOTH Cena vs. Reigns and Strowman vs. Lesnar have to be on the SAME show? Wouldn't the RAW brand get more "bang for their buck" if one match headlined September and the other headlined October's Pay Per View?

Permanently under 3 million RAW viewers is coming following No Mercy 2017. I was a tad bit early on my prediction and could not forsee events like Bill Goldberg's return and utilizing Brock Lesnar well during 2017 (used poorly during 2016, in my opinion). Now, I'm confident. WWE has no unique match-ups to draw in fans and they still insist that Roman Reigns is the #1 guy. He's not and never will be, at least in terms of drawing fans to the product. Braun Strowman SHOULD be the guy to get the World Championship push during Wrestlemania but instead, we're trying once again on Roman Reigns. If he cannot get over after defeating CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Undertaker, Randy Orton, and dominating the rest of the roster in between... Another win against a big name won't help.

I hope that I'm wrong on my 3 million prediction, but I don't see any unique match-ups drawing in fans nor do I see anyone owning the #1 babyface spot to draw in new fans.

On to the review, which was performed as the show occurred.

WWE No Mercy 2017 PAY PER VIEW Review

Michael Cole's first words: "There's a Wrestlemania feel tonight".

By the way, I did not catch the pre-show... Thus, this review starts from the 8pm & beyond main show.

OPENING MATCH was Miz (c) vs. Jason Jordan as I deliver an instant FINGER OF SHAME at the WWE for making the Champion come out first. It's one thing if this was Dean Ambrose or someone with more experince or prestige in the WWE... But it's Jason Jordan whose storyline as Kurt Angle's son has been an utter failure. Not that it's Jordan's fault, but he's NOT Kurt Angle's son and everybody knows it! Jordan deserves better as this "quick fix" storyline is going to ruin his career early on. Sadly, he has lots of athletic talent that could have been groomed for this spot with time. Crowd is not impressed to start and that's not a good way to start this Pay Per View (I would have went with the Tag Title match as the hot opener). Then, when Miz gets offense in, the Los Angeles fans cheer! "Who's Your Daddy" chants break out on top of that. OUCH. Jordan was hitting some sick stuff in his match, such as the back-to-back suplexes and then suplexing Miz into his Miztourage... The athletic talent is THERE but the marketing of Jordan isn't or has been poorly executed. Ah, Jordan's amazing suplex ability is starting to win over fans. Miztourage would eventually get involved and it's too much for Jordan. Match started to get really good when Jordan's athleticism was winning over the crowd... [ ***1/4 ]

Afterward, Jason Jordan is interviewed in the ring and it's to a mixed reaction... At least it wasn't the extremely loud boos to start the match. See my point? Just let Jordan's insane athletic ability get him over as a wrestler. He doesn't need a Soap Opera like storyline to get attention. He's a WRESTLER... Let him WRESTLE!

Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor is up next... Being honest here, Bray Wyatt needs a huge performance here as his 2017 year has been getting worse and worse since winning the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber. Anyone who ever bashes Executive Producer Kevin Dunn should first prove that they could do a better looking entrance for Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. Dunn makes about everyone look amazing before they hit the ring and rival companies cannot replicate what he does on entrances. Bray ambushes Finn Balor to start the match and Finn Balor sells an injury that requires referees to walk him to the back. Wyatt then questions Finn's manhood and that of course makes Balor return to the ring. Of course, Finn shows you how much the injury is bothering him by delivering drop kicks instantly... I guess that would be adrenaline kicking, as the announcers point out? OK... Bray Wyatt hits a BEAUTIFUL Superplex on Balor. Gee, where did he learn that? Oh wait, we cannot mention the FACT that Bray Wyatt's uncle is Barry Windham and that Bray's real name is "Windham". Gray tights for Finn Balor is totally throwing me off. I enjoy how Finn Balor uses the ring apron to trap his opponents on the outside. Both guys are being very physical with each other and it looks good... Those suplexes by Bray where he tosses Balor across the ring were sick. Seems like Bray is having the time of his life tossing around the lighter Balor. Finn Balor mounted some nice comeback offense throughout the match and tried to sell the hurt ribs later in the match. I appreciate that. Eventually, Finn Balor hits the Coup De Grace finisher. [ ***1/2 ]. That worked.

Asuka promo and it looked really good. Hopefully, WWE can make Nia Jax vs. Asuka seem special.

Up next, we had Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose(c) vs. Sheamus/Cesaro up next for the Tag Titles. What, is this "piss off Tito" day tonight? We're 0-2 on title holders coming out second tonight. Continuing on good entrances, I like the look of Cesaro and Sheamus's intro. Sheamus has really good theme music, too, and that's a shame it goes to waste for a guy with an awful haircut and damaged from years of overpushing. In fact, later during this match, Michael Cole was mentioning Sheamus's accomplishments (WWE Title, MITB winner, RR winner, etc.) but what does he have to show for it? Wrestling in the Tag Division. Heels dominated to start but then Seth Rollins gets the hot tag. Cesaro got busted open either by a slingshot to the ringpost or maybe the mini superkick by Rollins. Announcers say he may have spit out a tooth! Replay shows that Cesaro ate that ring post on the slingshot and busted out his top 2 teeth! OUCH! You watch, WWE will want him to go without those teeth to push something goofy like "Toothless Aggression"... Oh, that happened before? Tight, crisp wrestling between the 4 wrestlers and it shows the experience between the teams. Kinda sad that the WWE can't figure out how to get each of the 4 over as singles wrestlers. Speaking of Toothless Aggression, that's TWICE we've seen Benoit's Crippler Crossface tonight (Cesaro & Jordan). Heels continue to dominate with mini offensive outbursts from Ambrose & Rollins here and there. In WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FINISH, Cesaro caught Seth Rollins on the top rope and powerbombed Seth onto Dean Ambrose from the top rope! 2 count only?!?!? Fans erupted for that! Ambrose and Rollins overcome that and eventually work over Sheamus, Dirty Deeds to end. That was a solid tag match and then it erupted huge at the end. [ **** ]

Fatal 5 Way between Bayley, Emma, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, & Alexa Bliss (c) as the champion finally comes out last for a match. Seriously, that's all I can nitpick about this Pay Per View so far. I really hate Emma's new theme music. The remix of her old theme that she obtained in NXT worked for her, especially with those hot poses. Alexa is going full Harley Quinn tonight with the hair... I like how Nia Jax is sold as the real threat of this match and she should be. She's legit and nobody in that ring matches her strength and size. They attack her at first, but then Nia comes in and delivers PAIN. The slam on both Alexa and Sasha looked effortless. Everyone piles on Nia to toss her out of the ring. I liked Emma in NXT, but I'm at a loss as to why she's in this match. Nobody knows her here. Between Emma and Paige, it goes to show you how their best roles were training the next class below them (Charlotte, Becky, Bayley, and Sasha). Nia tries to get back in to the ring and then Emma/Bayley hold her like a powerbomb and Sasha/Alexa dropkick her. Ouch! Nia hit HARD! I like the psychology of taking out the Nia Jax threat, but the rest of the match doesn't have much focus. Crowd is silent for them, too... Goes to show you who is the emerging star from that division. Size that his very agile matters, folks. Fans instantly pop when Nia returns to the ring. Nia's next reason for an exit from the ring? Runs into the post. Alexa Bliss retains via DDT after Bayley and Emma's heads hit and Bayley took the pin. Great when Nia Jax was in the ring... Seemed disorganized when she wasn't. Emma just didn't fit and it's not her fault for poor build up. [ ***1/4 ]

Here we go... John Cena vs. Roman Reigns is next. John Cena comes out first, if that means anything. Good babyface reaction to Cena arriving with "Cena" chants after his music completes. Roman Reigns comes out to heavy boos. I laugh at how his "Believe That" phrase is on the entrance way. Roman has a better looking chestpiece tonight, as he ditches the tacky looking red for gold instead. I like it. Wrestlers start off as like blind men at an orgy, as they'll have to feel their way around the ring. Cena, for some reason, leaves the ring to start the match and Roman chases him. Roman works him over in the ring to start the match and it is met with heavy boos and "Roman Sucks" chants. By delivering most of the offense so far, by the way, Roman is in a full sweat and sucking wind. WWE needs to give him an in depth physical examination. Cena briefly regained the advantage with the steel steps but Roman overcame that and hit the Drive-by. Referee is forgetting to do a 10 count... Roman continues to dominate Cena and prompts a "boring" chant with a chinlock. Hey now, that's a resthold... The guy needs it! Cena finally begins to mount some offense and the fans heavily yell "You Can't See Me" with him but Roman catches him with Samoan Drop. Cena couldn't get the Attitude Adjustment, either. Cool spot where Roman tried the Superman Punch but Cena locks him into the STF submission hold. Roman flips out of that and then powers Cena into a Powerbomb as Michael Cole creams in his pants (or at least imitates Vince McMahon doing so in his earphones). Cena then catches a body splash by Reigns and powers him into an Attitude Adjustment. 2 count only. Cena tries his top rope legdrop but Reigns caught him midair into a powerbomb. Superman Punch after that, 2 count only. Roman in the corner and signals his spear for boos... Cena sidesteps him and Roman eats the post. Cena then hits the Top Rope Attitude Adjustment after that, 2 count only. Ugh... That should finish anyone (including AJ Styles, the only weakness of their matches). Fans chant "one more time" but he has other ideas as he clears off the announcer tables for monitors and other objects. You know that it's a Roman Reigns match when the announcer tables are used! Cena tries an Attitude Adjustment but Roman fights it but then drives Cena into the table with a Spear and Roman landed on his neck for that Spear, too. Ouch! 2 count only as Cena/Reigns slowly make it to the ring. Reigns signals for the Spear but Cena catches him for an Attitude Adjustment. Then, Cena rolls that around for a 2nd Attitude Adjustment. 2 count only?!?!? That's horsecrap. Roman then hits the Superman punch and Spear to deliver the 3 count to fans booing heavily. [ ** 1/2 ] So you're telling me that Roman can kick out of a Top Rope Attitude Adjustment and then back-to-back Attitude Adjustments? But John Cena cannot kick out of a Superman Punch and Spear combo? The match wasn't bad, but the psychology was garbage by having Roman dominate most of the match and nullifying any finisher that Cena delivered. Now, we add John Cena to Roman's list of wins and what will that do for him? The WWE Creative Team won that match, not Roman Reigns. Artificial wrestler.

Afterward, John Cena tried to shake Roman's hand and salute him... Met with heavy boos. "Thank you Cena" chants erupt once Roman leaves as fans know that his time on top is over. Well, it has been since SummerSlam 2014 when Brock Lesnar smash him and WWE has lost viewers and butts in seats ever since. That's a fact.

Backstage, Miz wants to interview Roman Reigns tomorrow night on RAW. Poor Miz's downfall from the Superstar Shake-up continues.

Now, the bathroom break as Neville (c) vs. Enzo Amore face off for the Cruiserweight Title... Wow, Neville came out first and we're 1-3 tonight on respecting champions by making them come out first. Enzo is dressed as Beetlejuice tonight. Someone was telling me that he spends a ton on his outfits which means as a midcarder making under $500,000 on his initial contract (halved by taxes), he'll be broke soon. Man, he burned Neville on that promo. Crowd is totally dead for this match. Neville dominated much of this match to help keep things quiet in the arena (besides everyone taking a piss). Good top rope DDT by Enzo but afterward, Enzo eats a hard kick as he tries to dive through the ropes. OUCH! Neville then tosses Enzo over the barrier to attempt to win via 10 count. When 9 is yelled, Enzo reaches for the Cruiserweight Title and that causes Neville to run into the referee. Enzo brings in the Cruiserweight Title to the ring and the referee stops him... As the referee tries to return the title to the timekeeper, Enzo lowblows Neville and rolls him for the win! Match was "meh" but I enjoyed the finish. [ ** ] 205 Live needs something interesting to happen and Enzo's cheap win creates some heat. Neville just doesn't have much personality and maybe getting screwed out of the title will bring something out of him.

MAIN EVENT time as it's Braun Strowman coming out first before his match against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Fans in attendance are coming back to life for this match and I reiterate that this SHOULD be the headliner match of Wrestlemania 34. Braun Strowman feels no affect of German Suplex #1 and then chokeslams and Powerslams Lesnar for a close 2 count. Lesnar tries the F5 on Strowman but Lesnar sells early injuries in te match and can't get him up. Lesnar is a great seller when he wants to be and better yet, he's credible if he sells. Lesnar then locks his submission onto Strowman but Braun reaches for the ropes. Spinebuster by Braun, though, ceases that momentum. But, Lesnar gets back up and hits Germans (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) consecutively and then tries the F5. However, Braun reverses that into the Powerslam but he's too worn out to make the cover. Another Powerslam by Strowman but 2 count only. Bad night for finishers, yo. "We Want Tables" chant breaks out... Why, guys? Brock Lesnar soon hits the F5 and that match is over. [ **1/2 ] Just a slow paced back and forth between these two. Crowd was never into the match, as I wonder if the Cena/Reigns match killed them for good tonight. I don't know... Just nothing there other than power moves. Too early for Braun for this kind of spot, it appears.

LAST WORD: No Mercy 2017 was trending towards an All Time GREAT Pay Per View but then Roman Reigns dominated John Cena. That was just a bad match despite the major hype. And to humiliate John Cena like that is ridiculous and actually HURTS Roman Reigns. Roman has beat CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Triple H, and John Cena cleanly but he's still not respected by fans. Why? Each of those matches weren't great and his performance was never exceptional in those big wins. He's a 100% manufactured entity by WWE when most other champions were (a) over first by the fans and (b) promoted to the main event because they were over (and good wrestlers). Instead of No Mercy being praised for its strong midcard to complement the Main Event(s), this show will be forever remembered as the 2nd burial of John Cena. Watch now as many of John Cena's haters will suddenly realize how GREAT they once had it for the past 12 years. [ B ], as this should be an "A" show if Creative wasn't busy trying to get their Frankenstein over as the next #1 babyface. We'll just have to see how motivated Brock Lesnar is to cleanly put over Roman Reigns on his way out (assuming he doesn't sign another extension).

Thank you, John Cena. In my opinion, you are the 3rd greatest drawing WWE superstar only behind Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan (Rock benefited from having Austin around, in my opinion). But nobody did it consistently like Cena for a 12 year stretch and 2 great years of midcard action before that.


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