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Posted in: Mr. Tito
Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade
By Mr. Tito
Jul 9, 2017 - 11:06:59 PM

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Welcome to the Mr. Tito review of WWE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Pay Per View review exclusively here LordsofPain.net / WrestlingHeadlines.com. This column was produced as the show occurred and was posted immediately after the show. Very few places produce opinionated review columns immediately after the show with full match ratings. In order to enjoy such content when it's posted, bookmark LordsofPain.net / WrestlingHeadlines.com or you could bookmark Mr. Tito's Column Archive as well. You could also follow @titowrestling or @LordsofPain on Twitter. We'll have you covered for all of the News, Results, and Opinionated content that you seek.

Heading into WWE Great Balls of Fire, I was hyped for this show. Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe was the best hyped match since, well, Lesnar's last match against Bill Goldberg. Just like the Goldberg match, it felt serious and legit between 2 over-the-top serious wrestlers. Compare that to the wrestlers whom the WWE has been pushing hard for the last 3 years (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Sheamus, and recently, Jinder Mahal) and it's a breath of fresh air. Feels like a MMA or a prizefighter because both Lesnar and Samoa Joe appear as serious fighters whereas guys like Rollins, Reigns, Wyatt, Sheamus, and Mahal appear like products of the WWE Creative Team... In other words, they feel synthetic and give you no emotional attachment to care whether they win or lose.

Honestly, I'm over the "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" name being comical or stupid. There have been worse Pay Per View names created and there are worse Pay Per Views in existence. For example, WWE Pay Per Views like "Extreme Rules", "Hell in a Cell", and "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC)" are stupid to me. Hey, it's October, let's wrestle in a bunch of Cage matches! Hey, it's December, let's a have few variations of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches. At least Great Balls of Fire is a standard Pay Per View where the booking can organically create whatever match is needed.


It could be WWE "Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha" or WWE "Who Farted?" as Pay Per View names but as long as the WRESTLING IS GOOD, nobody would care about the name.

At the very least, it's getting wrestling fans talking about the name and then it could place attention to the actual Pay Per View.

That would be like me complaining that Ultimate Fighting Championship's Pay Per View names are BORING because they are just called UFC (Insert Number). No, what you care about is WHO IS ON THE DAMN CARD and not how vanilla the name is. If it has great match-ups with fighters that you want to see, you'll tune into that UFC Pay Per View. If not, you won't. Simple as that.

Same could be said about Commentators. Everybody complains about announcing teams these days, whether it's the 3 man WWE teams for RAW/Smackdown or how old Jim Ross may have sounded calling a New Japan team. Who cares? Are you tuning in to hear someone talk for 3 hours or are you there for the action? I remember when everybody complained about Michael Cole replacing Jim Ross during the late 1990s when Ross was having health issues. Me? I was happy to see Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock every week. Do you see my point? However, I will say that I REALLY like the trio of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T (major upgrade from David Otunga) lately. That's a solid trio of announcers that should never be changed. Even for my enjoyment of them as a trio, my issues with RAW is what happens in the ring.

WWE Great Balls of Fire is HYPED because of the matches booked for the show, end of story. The wrestlers and the matches will sell the show, NOT the name and NOT the commentator team!

End rant. Onto the review.


Did not watch the Pre-Game show, as I barely got in from a family event to catch the main show. Sundays are busy for me.

OPENING MATCH was Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins. Honestly, it wasn't a bad match... Both guys executed their usual moves. However, the match just lacked any heat with the fans and true competitiveness or hatred between the wrestlers. Just felt that both wrestlers were there together as "something to do" and had nothing personal. It's quite an admission that both wrestlers aren't in the WWE's Universal Title plans over the next year, if you ask me. I did like the finish, though, as Bray Wyatt hit an eyepoke on Rollins as he approached Bray by the ropes with the referee unable to see it. Bray then finished off Rollins. Good win for Bray but Bray is "damaged goods" at this point. Did you know that he was WWE Champion earlier this year? Sure as hell doesn't feel like it. [ *** ]

Second match was a waste of time between Big Cass and Enzo Amore. I guess it had to happen but it was an extended squash with Big Cass winning. So long, Enzo... You know what, though? Enzo is light enough. Put him on 205 Live to give that show some personality. After all, they need to fill the void with Austin Aries asking for his release from the WWE. [ No Stars ]

Up next, it was the 30 Minute Ironman match between Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus/Cesaro (c). Just seconds in, Sheamus hits his kick and the Hardys lose fall #1. Why on earth are we even having an Ironman match when the champs can dispose of the other team in seconds? Of course it's Sheamus delivering it, too, because he's proven so much as a wrestler with the WWE. Yeah, how did that Wrestlemania 28 destruction of Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds work out for Sheamus again? And then 9 minutes later, Sheamus/Cesaro win fall #2 to go up 2-0. 1/3 of the way in, this match has been a letdown... Sheamus soon gets knocked off the side of the ring and announcers sell that as the "turning point" of the match. Matt Hardy comes in and fans are rooting heavy for him. Just pay Anthem already for that "DELETE" gimmick, WWE. Plus, you can help fund Jeff Jarrett's ongoing wrestling ponzi scheme. Matt Hardy starts to dominate and works on Cesaro and double teams soon follow for fall #3 going to the Hardys at about 13 minutes in. 2-1 Cesaro/Sheamus as Sheamus has recovered. At about 17 minutes in, Hardys get counted out to enable Cesaro/Sheamus to be 3-1. One would think that the more experienced Tag Team would do a bit better or not get dominated for the entire match? 2/3 of the way through, the match is still weak with just 10 minutes left. At about 23 minutes, Hardys do a double team on Cesaro where they split on Cesaro's legs while bridged in a backslide for a pin. That was nice. 3-2 Sheamus/Cesaro. Multiple pinning attempts tried on Sheamus (4) but that won't happen, even after a Tornado DDT and Moonsault off the top rope onto him. Finally, after everything plus the kitchen sink was thrown at Sheamus, Twist of Fate at about 27 minutes in makes it 3-3, TIED. Close falls within the last 2 minutes and then we have a whole bunch of confusion with Legal men to allow Cesaro/Sheamus to get in a roll-up pin on Jeff Hardy. 4-3. Matt tries a last minute Twist of Fate but times runs out. [ **1/2 ] Seemed to be a showcase of Cesaro/Sheamus as the dominated much of the match and Hardys were just merely fortunate to pull out a few falls. Too one-sided for my taste.

Next, it's the "keeping the title warm until Nia Jax wins it" bout between Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks. This is the match that should have been saved for a special date but instead it was thrown together for a random Pay Per View. Based on how Sasha reportedly injured Alexa in a match, there's real life heat between the two ladies that could have been played up. It's only a matter of time before Alexa loses the title whether it's directly to Nia or Sasha acts as a placeholder. Both wrestlers prove how good a well hyped feud could have been by being pretty aggressive towards each other during this match. Alexa faked a dislocated arm which had me fooled... Alexa's in-ring ability and athleticism are this good early into her career. Think about how good she'll be 2-3 years from now. Many call her "mini-Trish" now, but I'd argue she's way better than Trish starting out. After the Bank Statement attempt it was all Alexa and she was hitting everything well (Sasha selling perfectly). Sasha finally gets the edge after suplexing Alexa into the corner ropes. Nice action towards the end but then Alexa hangs out on the barrier to get counted out on purpose. LOL... See, I've argued this for a long time for ANY champions. Why not get Counted Out or Disqualified for ANY match if you're champion? And before you think that's a ridiculous idea, check out many of Ric Flair's televised matches when he was champion during the 1980's. Nothing but disqualifications! Whoooo. [ ***1/4 ] Match was solid but weak finish... But this match up has already been presented to WWE fans... Now what? Great unique match-up has been given away instead of saved for a more important event. If they wrestle again, it won't be as "special".

Miz vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title was up next... Same old, same old... The amazing part of this match was despite its placement on the card and the repetitive nature of their feud is the fact that Dean Ambrose remains over with the crowd. How the WWE ignores how popular Dean is with the fans is beyond me. Paint by numbers and the ending was totally expected with Miz's entourage interfering. If I were wrestling in this match, I'd either walk away or demand that the referee ban everyone from ringside. [ **1/2 ]

And now it's the part of the show where I want to vomit because it's the Roman Reigns match! He was wrestling Braun Strowman in the Ambulance Match which is a ridiculous gimmick. I fully understand that Braun tossed over Roman's ambulance a while back but can we have a regular match? Fans are heavily booing Roman while cheering for Braun. But you wouldn't know that by the announcers, including Corey Graves, blowing Roman. LOUD "Roman Sucks" break out. Hopefully, WWE management figures this out soon or we're in for a LONG 2018. Seriously, just a few minutes into this match, Roman is in a full sweat and sucking wind. How is that possible? Doesn't he wrestle nightly? And of course, since it's a Roman Reigns match, we start off brawling on the outside with ring posts and the steel stairs. Cool to see Braun so easily pick up those stairs, though. That's unique. Roman would hit a poor looking Drive-by to Braun's arm and the announcers gush "that's a brilliant strategy". Roman attacks with the chair but then Strowman stops feeling pain... Woah. They clear off the announcer's table and Braun was looking to powerslam Roman but Roman slipped out and began hitting a bunch of his stupid looking uppercut punches. But don't worry, Braun is a favorite too and he just hurls Roman into the side of the ambulance. That's why Braun is getting over... His character is allowed to HURT Roman! Michael Cole gushes "this is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen in the WWE". What a moron. Roman recovers and starts slamming Braun's head into the ambulance doors. Superman punches soon follow and Braun is part way into the ambulance. Strowman, however, pulled out the backboard from the ambulance and used it as a weapon! Nice spot on the stage where Braun held up Roman for a powerslam but Roman reversed it and shoved Braun through the LED wall. Damn good spot. Reigns hits Strowman in the head with a light but then tries to go for a spear on Braun in front of the ambulance. Braun steps out of the way and Roman flies into the ambulance. Doors closed and Braun wins the match! [ **** ] That was solid thanks to Braun Strowman's athleticism and being allowed to actually hurt Roman. Of course after the match, Reigns busts out of the ambulance and attacks Strowman. Throws him in the ambulance and Reigns then drives away. Oh but wait, there's more! Roman then backs up the ambulance into a semi-truck! What stupidity... This is a WRESTLING show. After having a damn good match-up, they piss on that effort with ridiculous "sports entertainment". Just another indication of the over-booking needed to make Roman look "great". He looks like a complete fool, however.

Impromptu match between Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins is up next... But nobody is paying attention that as we get MORE "sports entertainment" with the backstage area being in chaos with Braun Strowman being smashed in an ambulance. Emergency help uses the "jaws of life" on a perfectly fine door and then Braun refuses medical assistance (bleeding & limping). Afterward, Michael Cole gives his best "Owen Hart voice" to sell the shocking events and almost tragedy of Braun's life being threatened. Oh, Heath Slater won his match. [ No Stars ] I do like the fact, however, that Braun Strowman was allowed to appear bloody. That's realism that WWE has lacked in this PG-Era.

MAIN EVENT time, as we're actually past the 10:50pm "go home" time for most Pay Per Views... Hmmmm... Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (c) for the WWE Universal Title is finally here and we'll see if it lives up to the hype. The atmosphere created by the live fans hyped for this match makes it feel like a legitimately big match. As Heyman was hyping Lesnar, Samoa Joe went on the attack! He threw Lesnar out of the ring and did a chokeslam (maybe Rock Bottom) like move on Lesnar to send him through the announcer's table! Holy cow! Lesnar staggers into the ring and Joe continues the attack to start the match. Lesnar fights him back in the corner but a headbutt by Joe gets him back on offense and then he tries to choke Lesnar out. However, Lesnar tosses Joe into the corner and it's SUPLEX CITY with 3 German Suplexes in a row and as Lesnar is trying for #4, Joe distracts the referee and delivers a low blow to Lesnar. Nice! Joe's chokehold is locked in now but Lesnar was able to pick up Joe for a Sidewalk Slam to get out of it. Lesnar then foolishly tries to spear Joe into the corner, but Joe avoids... However, Lesnar records and it's back to SUPLEX CITY for 3 more German Suplexes. Lesnar tries the F5 finisher but Joe slips out and applies the chokehold again. Lesnar pushes Joe to the corner but the referee doesn't break it up. *Shakes my head* ROPES BREAK THE HOLD, WWE! Joe moves Lesnar to the middle of the ring but Lesnar muscles Joe into an F5 and it's OVER, Lesnar defeats Samoa Joe. Good match but I'd argue the wrong result. Joe looked credible but despite giving his best to Lesnar, he still lost like everybody else. [ **** ] So long Samoa Joe as a big Main Eventer.

LAST WORD: Fascinating show that was way better than the last debacle of a RAW Pay Per View. Whether you liked this show or not, at least it presented interesting things to say the least. For example, I saw many fans happy about the Ambulance crash because it reminded them of the chaos of the Attitude Era. Overall in-ring wrestling was solid. My only fear is that the WWE is just continues to go down the wrong road with Roman Reigns when the real money could be on pushing Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman hard as your top guys. Joe and Strowman appear legitimately tough but Roman is purely manufactured. Roman is fake. Until the WWE can fix that obvious issue with Reigns being extremely synthetic, he'll never become that Main Event draw that they desire. No amount of ambulance crashes can fix that. [ A- ] We'll see what happens now for SummerSlam and Lesnar's opponent. Good show!


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