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Posted in: Mr. Tito
MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Real Lives of WWE Wrestlers and RAW/Smackdown Thoughts
By Mr. Tito
Mar 16, 2017 - 12:39:03 AM

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Here we are, once again, exclusively at LordsofPain.net / WrestlingHeadlines.com for another Mr. Tito experience. I always laugh at the trolls who suggest that I'm "playing a character" or am "saying stuff just to get a reaction". NOPE. I believe 100% in what I produce for you to read in my column. Nothing fake, not trolling, and I write my true feelings on the pro wrestling business. This isn't a character... I have 18+ years of columns to validate it and to show that I'm consistent on my views of the wrestling business. Part of why many keep coming back...

Enough of that... Furthermore, I want to take a brief break on discussing Wrestlemania 33 and the wrestlers booked on that show.

What I want to discuss today is responding to WWE's YouTube.com Series, My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar. During the evenings and during the weekends, I'm constantly watching YouTube.com for wrestling stuff, shoot interviews, video games, stand-up comedy, music performances, or whatever my heart desires. I'm carrying my iPhone around the house and constantly getting 10-20 "bumps" at a time from YouTube content. Then, one day I stumbled upon WWE's series that they've done so far on Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and the Miz. Wow, I was really moved by those segments... In them, they have the PARENTS of those wrestlers discussing the early life and rise to fame of their wrestling son/daughter.

I'm particular, I REALLY liked Alexa Bliss's video... Her parents had Alexa when they were teenagers and that's not easy... However, her parents remained together and worked hard to provide a nice life for their daughter. At a time when many teenage pregnancies quickly break-up couples, it's like having Alexa brought her parents closer together and actually motivated them to both work harder to provide a nice life. I believe her dad created a successful private business, for example. Alexa's parents always kept her busy with various sports and activities and that helped build the athletic gifts that you see now. Then, it got deep into the eating disorders where her parents gave her tough love and then after the 2nd trip to the hospital, Alexa found a way to overcome the disorder by building muscle for bodybuilding/aerobic competitions. It's great stuff... But I LOVED hearing from Alexa's parents, particularly her Mom... As a father myself, you understand their undying love to see their child succeed at the highest level. The part where Alexa told her parents about possibly becoming wrestling and then their reactions to Alexa being a heel... Cool stuff.

Miz's was great as well, as his was more in depth about his high school days (his dad calling him "average", LOL). But it was nice hearing how proud his parents were of his career... I just wanted to hear their reactions to the night Miz brought Maryse home and how their jaws hit the floor. Finn Balor had a nice one as well...

But then there is Seth Rollins's video... Great relationship with his mom, of course... Went in depth with how big of a wrestling fan that Rollins was and why he became a pro wrestler. The best part about Rollins, and I didn't know this until I saw this video, was the fact that he had a wrestling school called "Black & Brave" Wrestling Academy. Better yet, Rollins owns a house that actually hosts wrestlers as they train in his school. Not only is Seth Rollins giving his stamp of approval on future wrestlers, but he's providing them room and board as well! Holy cow that is very generous. Not only that, Seth's mom actually acts like a caretaker to the house which she has embraced.

Now, normally I would say "THAT EXPOSES THE BUSINESS" which is immediately followed up by "GET OFF MY LAWN".

But I have a different though on these My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar videos, to which I hope that WWE produces MORE of them... It's NOT exposing the business but actually embraces it. If you consider WWE like a workplace, it's OK to show what wrestlers do when they aren't on 3 hours of RAW, 2 hours of Smackdown, 3 hours of Pay Per View, and wrestling Houseshows. You cannot wrestle 24/7, folks... These wrestlers have LIVES and FAMILIES which they manage even in the face of the WWE's brutal travel schedule. Obviously by this video, each wrestler has parents raised them and are proud of their accomplishments in the WWE. Furthermore, you have to have something else in your life besides wrestling. Seth Rollins has a wrestling school while Miz is a married man and doing quite well on a personal level.

Better yet... Think about this... Do YOU act the same way around your family as you do at your workplace? I'll admit that I'm a bit more intense at my job than I am at home... Away from your home, it's almost like a different version of yourself appears. You go from playing with your kids to putting on a suit & tie. Different environments. So... Furthermore, you have co-workers to deal with, some of which act out characters in their own way. You have some that act all happy like babyfaces, but then you have the heels who will stab you in the back at any cost. There's those employees that you absolutely hate, but then there's a powerful boss above you that employs a glass ceiling to keep you down. Furthermore, while wrestlers cut promos in the ring to show their heelish ways, what many say behind closed doors in an office setting can be very sinister. When you're at a workplace that is competitive and everyone is trying to maximize their own earnings potential, the heel knives come out!

I laughed at how shocked Alexa Bliss and Miz's parents were about them taking on a HEEL character... But yet when you watch those My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar, Miz/Alexa are speaking like normal human beings and were humble as can be. How is that?

Well, as just described in my personal and professional life... When you enter a work environment, you almost embrace a character or a different mode of yourself. Simply put, Miz and Alexa Bliss can EASILY explain that they are just being competitive at their workplace by hook or crook. Miz and Alexa resort to cheating to win matches because, well, it works... It's their competitive means in order to achieve success. Within the confines of the wrestling business, foreign objects, distracted referees, using ropes/tights, or interference is allowed as long as the referee misses it. In order to compete against other wrestlers, Miz and Alexa chose that route... Just like an office employee would choose destroying another employee behind closed doors with management. By hook or crook, as long as it's within the confines of the workplace. Some people like to play the babyface, some people don't always put on a happy face and want to play the heel. You ALL KNOW who I'm talking about at your workplace or if you're describing yourself.

However, think about Seth Rollins and his recent "babyface" run. Reason I put that in quotes is that I'm still confused at to HOW he's a babyface in the WWE? He proved how competitive he was at his workplace during 2014 when he turned HEEL on his fellow Shield members and remained a heel through 2016. However, because Triple H chose to back another wrestler instead of him, that instantly turns Rollins into a babyface? Sure, a heel attacked him (same argument with Jericho & Owens), but what exactly erases Rollins's heelish ways from 2014-2016? Furthermore between August and December, Seth Rollins was always questionable around Triple H's Commissioner Wife, Stephanie McMahon. His character appeared confused when around here instead of jumping down her throat as to what her husband did. It wasn't until late December and then at the NXT Takeover San Antonio event where Rollins FINALLY called out Triple H... It's been a rocky road for his early "babyface" days...

What if WWE embraced what Seth Rollins does OUTSIDE of the WWE? You know, like giving back to the sport of pro wrestling and giving potential wrestlers a temporary home to live in while the train. I admire that... Showing what a loving so is to his mom is another thing to embrace. You can simply incorporate the heel turn of 2014 as just an opportunistic move performed at a workplace. How is that so different from someone sucking up to a boss for better positioning in a company? Replace that steel chair to the back with cutting words said behind closed door, same exact thing... Unfortunately, workplace actions aren't captured on film and aren't as exciting as a steel chair beatdown.

Particularly if wrestlers are struggling to get a "character" over, then incorporate their real lives into their characters. If you want a great example, look no further than Mick Foley. The second that Foley's real life was incorporated into his characters, he took off! Remember the initial Dude Love home videos and the jumping off the roof? How about showing Foley at the Garden to see his hero, Jimmy Snuka? That 1997 feud with Triple H was full of real life exposure of Mick Foley and it got him more over because of it. Foley was an extremely big part of the Attitude Era as his work with Steve Austin, the Rock, and Triple H when they were main eventers and was extremely important to each of their elevations to the top. While Foley was a great wrestler, he got over when his personality began to shine through his Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind characters. Then you find out that he's a proud family man, it just enhanced your love and respect for the man.

WWE wrestlers have lives... WWE incorrectly presents its product as if ONLY what happens on RAW/Smackdown/Pay Per Views is only what happens in the lives of these wrestlers. I'm NOT saying that they should fully expose the business, but show that their wrestlers are HUMAN BEINGS too. Believe me, fans will relate to wrestlers acting one way in their home life and then completely different in their workplace. If you think that I'm obnoxious as Mr. Tito, the wrestling columnist... Try to work for the perfectionist, anal about every little detail, intense, and overly analytical character that I am at the workplace. If you think that I'm opinionated now, think about that on steroids especially in a situation where I can easily prove that I'm right. I keep great records and documentation, so thus if you attempt to double cross me, I'll jump down your damn throat!

Here's one last one for you... Bill Goldberg. Explain HOW he's popular during 2016-2017 but lukewarm with reactions from WWE fans during 2003-2004. How is that? Oh yeah, Goldberg is a dad and happily married man now... When Goldberg said that one of the reasons he returned was to have his wife & son see him wrestle in person, I related to that. That's why I like Kevin Owens... He's a family man and is damn proud of it. Same thing with him... He goes to work and does what he can to scratch & claw his way to the top. For him, he needs to be a heel to get the job done. Cheat to win or sell your soul to Triple H, whatever works. Use Chris Jericho to help maintain you as WWE Universal Champion, that works too.

There's nothing wrong with showing how WWE wrestlers operate as human beings outside of the ring... Many have families, hobbies, and interests that isn't about the WWE. Many are doing great things outside of the ring... That's much different than shows like Tough Enough, Breaking Ground, or Total Divas that flat out advertises to you that wrestling is SCRIPTED, how bumps and moves are done, and characters are created by WWE management (not by the wrestlers themselves). As Jim Cornette always says, a Magician would be absolutely ruined if they taught the audience how a magic trick was performed. How could a magician like David Copperfield make money if you knew how he performed his illusions? Why go see his magic tricks when you know how they are done?

Yes... Wrestling IS scripted, characters are named and implemented by WWE management, and wrestlers are taught how to bump properly... But the damn public doesn't have to know about the tricks and the trades of how to be a WWE superstar. However, it's OK to find out that wrestlers have lives beyond their workplace... You know, just like each and everyone one of us do... Because one of the best feelings in the world is to ditch that workplace character and come home to a loving family after a long day's work.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the My Son/Daughter is a WWE Wrestler, please check out the links below. Well worth your time!

- Alexa Bliss
- The Miz
- Finn Balor
- Seth Rollins



I enjoyed BOTH RAW and Smackdown this week... Seems that the intensity level has been increased on both shows as we head into Wrestlemania 33.

LOVED seeing Mick Foley FINALLY showing some balls of steel by attacking Triple H. ABOUT DAMN TIME. For the past year, Foley has just been second fiddle to Stephanie and he took it like a stooge. He finally snapped! Of course, that fed into Seth Rollins going on the attack...

Can't stand watching Stephanie McMahon... Just chalkboard scratching when she talks and gets to bully the wrestles. For Vince McMahon, a guy who has analyzed characters for almost 50 years now, to be completely blind to how awful Stephanie's character is... Well, I guess that shows you the power of being a dad and being oblivious to the obvious.

Wow, that AJ Styles attack on Shane McMahon was vicious! Styles beat the living piss out of Shane! That's assault brother! Talk about a hard selling of the intensity for their feud. In the previous seek, Baron Corbin had a forklift putting pressure on Dean Ambrose, but I think Styles's attack was a bit more intense. Why? Because AJ Styles doesn't viciously attack wrestlers like that whereas with Corbin, his attack feels like it fits in with his character. Shane, of course, refuses medical attention and then challenges AJ Styles to a Wrestlemania 33 match. So there you go, it's made... You just KNOW that AJ Styles is going to pull out all of the stops to make that match look great.

I don't understand what RAW is doing with their Women's Division. Don't get it.

Something is missing with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Just seems like the same old act of Heyman talking up Lesnar's greatness... OK, but WHY is Brock Lesnar even in the WWE (besides the easy money)? What is driving him to dominate in the WWE? There's just nothing there and Heyman is often repeating himself with the same promos to hype Lesnar. Lesnar just needs more character... Maybe embrace some real life stuff? He's driven to succeed because of his family? Maybe he wants to hurt every WWE wrestler as revenge with how his wife (former WWE superstar Sable) was treated by some wrestlers? I don't know... There's just a lack of an edge.

Thumbs up to Austin Aries... I think that we will see a strong representation of the Cruiserweight Division at Wrestlemania 33.

I LOVE every second of this Miz/Maryse vs. Cena/Nikki feud... It's kinda nice to see Nikki and Cena finally embracing their relationship on camera and because of that, we have a HOT midcard match-up. This angle has tons of heat going for it and it's continuing the great year that Miz is having. Finally, he's blossoming into a true WWE Superstar and Maryse was damn good on the microphone tonight too. I like how she has a little intensity to her which fits the role nicely as a heel manager.

The Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens association is fascinating... Where will it go? Will Triple H fully reunite them as a stable, possibly with other wrestlers? I have a counter proposal, here me out... REUNITE THE SHIELD by trading Dean Ambrose to RAW for Cesaro/Sheamus and have Rollins/Ambrose/Reigns together feud against Triple H/Joe/Owens. Anybody else up for that? And if you suggest that Owens is there to get pinned, then I'll offer you up Ambrose...

LAZY booking with a #1 contendership match for the RAW Tag Titles going to a No Contest. Gee, I wonder if a Triple Threat will be made instead?

DAMN IT WAS SO NICE to hear a 2 person Smackdown announcing crew! I enjoyed it so much!

FINGER OF SHAME to Smackdown for the Non-Title LOSS of Alexa Bliss to Mickie James. How about a DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGER OF SHAME for the Usos also defeating the American Alpha in a non-title fashion. Are we THIS LAZY on building a legitimate contender system? Non-title matches hurt the champion, period. You never saw ANY of the greats losing non-title matches, or at least not regularly. But in today's WWE with the DOGPATCH Creative Team in place, this is how we "build contenders". But if we can't build contenders, we'll do Triple Threats or Fatal 4 Ways instead! Yipee! You wonder why NOBODY can draw now as Champions. And the WWE did 2 of these in one show!!!

RAW > Smackdown, only because of the non-title nonsense. I'm so damn sick of that!!


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