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Posted in: Mr. Tito
MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Happy for Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30... But Watch out for Batista!
By Mr. Tito
Mar 11, 2014 - 12:05:56 AM

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First and foremost, I'm VERY happy for Daniel Bryan. In case you missed it tonight on Monday Night RAW, Bryan and a whole bunch of his fans hijacked the WWE ring and made demands of Triple H/Stephanie. Eventually, Bryan was not only able to convince Triple H for a match at Wrestlemania 30, but to add a stipulation that IF Bryan beats Triple H, he's inserted into the Batista vs. Randy Orton match. Wow, that's a big change!

We did it folks... We've taken it to the WWE on most fronts. The live crowds have been screaming "YES!" as loud as they could, other sporting events are doing "YES!" chants, and being vocal about how Bryan has been booked. If you go back to the weeks before SummerSlam 2013, I warned everyone about Randy Orton's rise and how the real focus was Orton vs. Cena. I've been speaking out ever since and despite the repeat attempts to "bury" Bryan (Orton push, Wyatt family membership, not being in the Rumble match), eventually, the WWE came around to their senses. In fact, I thanked many of my critics for saying that "I was right" for calling Bryan's attempted burial after the Royal Rumble 2014 Rumble match exclusion. You're welcome.

BUT BE WARNED... SummerSlam 2014 plans have been reportedly formed by the WWE for Batista. He is to be WWE Champion heading into that event which coincides with is movie role in the August 1st opening of the Marvel Comics movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. SummerSlam 2014, by the way, is on August 17th.

I say this not to rain on Daniel Bryan's parade, as he's one of my favorite wrestlers going. In fact, Bryan and Brock Lesnar keep me going as a wrestling fan. But facts and history are on my side to make this warning.

Just go back to 2011 and 2013, specifically through the SummerSlam events. Vince McMahon has a history of using SummerSlam as a show that makes stars, often new World Champions. Most of the time, his plans for SummerSlam are "set in stone" just before or slightly after Wrestlemania. From Wrestlemania to SummerSlam, WWE considers that a storyline arc because SummerSlam remains the 2nd or 3rd top WWE event. For 2011, reports had it that Alberto Del Rio was going to become WWE Champion no matter what so that he could tour Mexico later that year as champion. Despite CM Punk's exploding popularity during the "Summer of Punk", Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase at SummerSlam 2011 to become WWE Champion. Then, WWE got high on Randy Orton again for SummerSlam 2013. Despite beating John Cena for the WWE Title, Daniel Bryan quickly lost the WWE Title when Orton himself cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Early on, the rumor is that Batista will enter SummerSlam 2014 as WWE Champion to either take on John Cena or Daniel Bryan, the two top WWE babyfaces (somewhere, they'll solidify Batista as a heel). When I hear that, I get worried that history is repeating itself given what occurred with Alberto Del Rio in 2011 and Randy Orton in 2013 despite the guys who were actually over for those years (Punk in 2011, Bryan in 2013). You may believe that I'm cynical, but I have recent history as an example.

Batista has been on mega-push since his debut, which has been baffling to many WWE fans. For one, he was a wrestler of diminishing returns when he left during 2010. Yet, the WWE brings him back for a high guaranteed contract for 2 years... He comes in and wins the Royal Rumble, possibly causing the WWE to lose a very loyal and dedicated wrestler in the price with CM Punk walking out. That, of course, grants him a Wrestlemania 30 match. Fans are ripping him with chants of "Bootista" and "you can't wrestle", which could be accurate from the awful cardio shape he's in.

But hey... I don't blame Batista one big. He can't help it that the WWE handed him a nice upper 6 or lower 7 figure guaranteed contract for the next 2 years. Furthermore, he's not a booker... It's Vince McMahon and Triple H who have assessed value in Batista and have given him this mega push. Batista is more than willing to take the WWE's money and the luxuries afforded to him by the Creative Team. I don't blame Batista one bit... He has his money...

Just like the WWE has YOUR money. That's right, that WWE Network money is flowing in...

What will WWE fans do if Daniel Bryan LOSES in that WWE Title match against Randy Orton and Batista, assuming he actually defeats Triple H at Wrestlemania 30. What will you do? Will you continue to hijack live crowds and complain online? What exactly will you do?

Oh wait, you can't do anything... WWE already has your money. Are you enjoying that WWE Network?

WWE officials are laughing because they can actually gamble on screwing a guy, like Daniel Bryan, because they're betting on WWE fans' forgiveness over the current product with all of the older RAW, Smackdown, and Pay Per View shows to enjoy on the WWE Network. As long as the Lemmings buy the WWE Network, things won't change. Vince and Triple H will continue to poorly assess drawing wrestlers while being smitten for wrestlers they like to see. Both Vince and HHH love the tall, very muscular wrestlers. That's why Randy Orton and Batista get so much love and indy guys like Bryan and CM Punk don't. I'm willing to bet that both Vince/HHH are pissed because the fans forced their hand to add Daniel Bryan to that match.

Do you seriously believe that the long-term plan has always been to add Daniel Bryan to the Orton/Batista WWE Title match? Please... Given how many script rewrites occur on a Monday afternoon before RAW begins, there is no way that the WWE had this planned. Once again, the fans forced their hands... Before, WWE was seriously going to book Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. With CM Punk leaving, Bryan took the Triple H match instead. Fans soon shit all over Batista and WWE realized that Batista vs. Orton would get thrashed by the New Orleans crowd. WWE was trying to play up animosity between Batista and Orton but that has suddenly stopped...

But again, watch out for Batista... Despite the mixed crowd reactions for his return, he has long-term plans in place for SummerSlam 2014 AND he has a big Marvel Films movie coming out on August 1st.

Now, that doesn't stop Daniel Bryan from winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 30. But the title reign might be short. WWE wants Batista to be WWE Champion when Guardians of the Galaxy debuts in theaters on August 1st. Period.

I wouldn't be surprised, however, that the WWE will use Wrestlemania 30 to "troll" Bryan's fans and then save Bryan's big WWE Title win by defeating Batista at SummerSlam 2014 instead. Almost seems too perfect that Daniel Bryan has been inserted into the Batista/Orton match.

Please understand what I'm saying, folks... Use (a) recent Summerslam planning history and (b) the fact that Batista has a major film release on August 1st to understand what could happen at Wrestlemania 30 or in the weeks/months afterward. All I'm saying... You called me "full of shit" on the Randy Orton call before SummerSlam 2013 and look who turned out right on that one.

Through Wrestlemania 30, fans should NOT let off the pressure on the WWE. We have to convince the WWE that Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title is the ONLY option for Wrestlemania 30. Too bad that many fans don't have the leverage as a consumer, you bunch of WWE Network buyers! Damn you!

This change in booking, however, has made Wrestlemania 30 become interesting again... It was losing me with only Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar to look forward to with a slight chance of Bryan/Triple H panning out. Now, however, Daniel Bryan could "save" the trainwreck of Batista vs. Randy Orton. Thank God for that.

One last thing... Can we get Sheamus vs. Christian as an undercard match at Wrestlemania 30? I've been HIGHLY entertained by their recent matches and the crowds have been too. Those two have great chemistry together and it would be a solid midcard match for all of us to enjoy. After those recent RAW efforts, they deserve a match on the biggest show of the year.

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