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Posted in: Mr. Tito
MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - Following Wrestlemania 30, the NEW Mega Powers with John Cena & Daniel Bryan
By Mr. Tito
Mar 23, 2014 - 12:29:34 AM

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Happy weekend, to one and all... The "Excellence in Column Writing" has returned with an exciting idea to try after Wrestlemania 30 that is guaranteed to draw. Guaranteed! As I read many of your comments below, on Twitter, or even email, most of you consider me to be very cynical about the WWE. While I may be at times, even though many can't read sarcasm well, I also give advice for any criticisms that I give. In my opinion, that's what sets my column apart... I criticize but then I back it up by giving a logical opinion on what should happen instead. Free advice that I logically think about and relay to the WWE through these columns.

So here I am... Advising on what should happen after Wrestlemania 30. And it specifically involves the NEW WWE Champion Daniel Bryan (assuming he wins) and the #1 babyface, John Cena. Lots of money to be made on this potential angle that could last up to a year, maybe more...

If you have the WWE Network, I request that you check out (a) Wrestlemania 4, (b) SummerSlam 1988, and then (c) Wrestlemania 5. If the WWE Network has Saturday Night's Main Event and/or the Main Event shows during 1988-1989 as well, check those out too. Specifically study the MEGA POWERS angle which was the teaming of Hulk Hogan and new WWE Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage and then ultimately, their break-up. In my opinion, besides the New World Order and Austin vs. McMahon, it's the best storyline ever assembled.

Hulk Hogan was the dominant WWE Champion between early 1984 through early 1988. Hogan was "the man" and helped Vince McMahon make the WWE as the #1 wrestling promotion in the country. During 1988, the WWE rolled the dice on giving another wrestler the WWE Title "ball" and he was the perfect man for the job. "Macho Man" Randy Savage was the perfect midcard heel, as he had an incredibly beautiful valet Miss Elizabeth that he'd verbally abuse. Savage did tremendous work as Intercontinental Champion and had an amazing feud with Ricky Steamboat. WWE felt that it was time to promote Savage up the card. They turned him face, as fans were beginning to enjoy his work in the midcard, and it made sense to promote his relationship with Elizabeth (and she was smoking hot!).

During early 1988, Andre "the Giant" defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWE under controversial circumstances and Andre gave the WWE title to "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase under a business arrangement. The televised WWE President Jack Tunney did not like that business deal and decided to strip Andre/Dibiase of the WWE Title and hold a tournament at Wrestlemania 4. Hogan and Andre went to a no contest and it led to the WWE Title tournament ending with Macho Man vs. Ted Dibiase. With the assistance of Hogan, Macho was able to defeat Dibiase to become the WWE Champion. A friendship was formed.

Fast forward to 2014 after Wrestlemania 30, an easy friendship between John Cena and Daniel Bryan can be formed by their ladies, the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki. As you may know, Daniel Bryan and Brie are engaged while Cena and Nikki have been dating for a while. They are practically family even if Cena/Nikki may or may not get married themselves. There was a ton of respect between the two heading into SummerSlam 2013 and Cena saluted Bryan after their match.

Back to 1988... Everything was going great for the newly formed MEGA POWERS. Their friendship peaked through SummerSlam 1988 when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage took on the MEGA BUCKS, Ted Dibiase and Andre the Giant. To end this match, the WWE flipped the switch on the added element to their storyline... Miss Elizabeth. Dibiase and Andre got the upper hand in the match but soon lost that advantage when Elizabeth stood on the apron and tore off her dress to show DAT ASS to a shocked Dibiase and Andre. Distracted, obviously, Dibiase and Andre soon lost the tag match to Savage/Hogan. But then, Hogan was a bit too touchy feely on Miss Elizabeth in celebrating the victory. Shades of the older Savage who was jealous of any wrestler who looked Elizabeth's way began to return.

Returning to 2014 for the "NEW" Mega Powers with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, their menace would be the reformed Evolution with Batista and Randy Orton officially joining forces with Triple H. WWE could build a summer-long battle with Cena/Bryan vs. Orton/Batista and it could draw incredible money. Then, both Cena and Bryan could repeatedly challenge Triple H and the Authority... But the role of the Bella Twins is very important. WWE is just wasting them right now in the Divas Division. No matter how hard they try, Bellas aren't impressing fans as babyface wrestlers. But as babyface cheerleaders for their men, John Cena and Daniel Bryan, it would work well. And if could find the sluttiest cheerleading outfits, with Brie having "YES!" on it while Nikki could have the "You Can't See Me" logo, it would work well. Finally, the WWE has a role for them... Valets. Imagine if they were against each other?

Through late 1988 and into early 1989, the jealousy and fear of losing Miss Elizabeth to Hulk Hogan was running wild in Randy Savage's head. It all exploded during February 1989's Main Event show when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage took on Big Bossman and Akeem. Miss Elizabeth took a bump and needed medical attention. Hogan immediately tended to Elizabeth and took her to the backstage area. That left Savage in the ring against the two hosses, Bossman and Akeem. This infuriated Savage and prompted Savage to confront Hogan backstage and then attack him. Savage claimed Hogan had a thing for Elizabeth and was jealous of him being WWE Champion. One of the best backstage segments of all time and it fed into an incredible Wrestlemania 5 match-up with LOTS of heat:

For 2014 or maybe even sometime during 2015 (to lead into Wrestlemania 31), it's officially time to turn John Cena HEEL. I know, I know... For years, I've told many fans that it's not a good idea to turn Cena heel. He's too important as a WWE Corporation spokesman, merchandise salesman, and houseshow draw. However, my point of contention is that WWE never had a true babyface replacement for Cena. CM Punk could have been "the one" during 2011, but the WWE killed his momentum... Unlike Punk, Bryan's momentum has been repeatedly sabotaged but his star remains strong if not growing. Daniel Bryan is "the one" to replace Cena as the #1 babyface. Why? Because John Cena will draw strong as the #1 heel! Many people bought NWO and DX shirts while they were heels, so why not Cena's heel merchandise?

Maybe you're seeing this on Total Divas, but the squeaky clean John Cena that you see on WWE shows isn't quite the person in real life. He's a big uptight and sort of snobby in real life... Cena is great at playing the John Cena character for the WWE and turns that happy switch in front of fans. But as you can see with his dealings with Nikki on Total Divas, he can be a little difficult. Just look at his house. He's a complete neat freak and is a perfectionist... His real life persona is a perfect 180 from his current babyface WWE character. If Cena could push a snobby character and portray himself as "better than you" to the fans, it could get over HUGE. He could even play up being the corporate jewel of the WWE if needed. Cena would turn because he wants to become WWE Champion and is also becoming jealous of how popular Daniel Bryan has become.

But what about the Bella Twins? Cena turns first and then it puts the Bellas in limbo. Nikki doesn't know whether to side with family or to side with the man supplying her with SUV's, a nice house, and many other luxuries that come with dating John Cena. Nikki chooses greed over family and suddenly, we have Cena/Nikki vs. Bryan/Brie that can stretch into months and maybe even headline Wrestlemania 31 (I'm talking Cena vs. Bryan singles matches... Save the mixed tag matches for RAW). That simple.

WWE needs a "game changer" right now. Bringing back older stars just isn't cutting it. It was nice to have the Rock, but his lack of full time effort didn't show in the ring. Batista, thus far, is busting. For Wrestlemania 30, he should request an Oxygen tank near the ring in case he's out of breath... The trick is to finally, thanks to Daniel Bryan being over, turn John Cena HEEL. John Cena is going to turn 37 this year... Think about that... You might as well take a chance on the guy while he's still in his prime. Furthermore, a character change for Cena might bring many of his fans back. Those who were 12 years old 5-10 years ago are now more mature and looking for something that appeals to them. If their fan favorite turns heel, it's a more mature character for them to follow. It's much like Hulk Hogan during 1996 when all of his former Hulkamaniacs returned to pro wrestling because of the new heel persona of Hogan.

It's simple... Daniel Bryan and John Cena are great friends. Cena, however, grows increasingly jealous of Bryan's fame and WWE Title reign that he turns on him. Bellas are part of the deal too, as they are supportive of their guys and join the split of their respective lovers.

Makes so much sense... As I keep repeating, the WWE has this HUGE video library of ideas to use spanning from AWA, World Class, ECW, WCW, and of course, their own WWE programming. Why not recycle great storyline ideas?


From my last column following Monday Night RAW, I ranted on how poor the WWE Divas division was and how poorly booked AJ Lee was as Divas Champion. In fact, I went as far as declaring that they shouldn't get a Wrestlemania 30 shot.

Now, that's not fair...

But there are two ideas to present for the WWE Divas division. One, for Wrestlemania 30, one of commenters on my last column named Psychoho1ic had a great idea for a match. To maximize on the WWE presenting a strong Women's match, why not have WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee take on Paige from NXT. Paige has been NXT Champion since June 2013... Thus, it's long time Divas Champion versus long time NXT Champion. Paige is getting rave reviews from NXT and a great way to debut her huge and also add credibility to NXT for developing great women's performers (Emma is really growing on me, what a great wrestler!). It's a win-win... Finally, someone for AJ to wrestle that might be on her level. Paige gets a great debut and can officially join the main roster to strengthen the Divas Division along with Emma.

But the second idea for the Divas division is to involve Stephanie McMahon. A while ago, she talked down the entire division and all of them were shaking in their boots. Stephanie has become a great character lately. As I bash Stephanie for her Creative abilities, she does have a degree in Communications. She can talk with the best of them... While her skill set can still work with the Authority to rule along with Triple H, she should become the "Vince McMahon" of the Divas Division. Just act on pure intimidation as the boss and someone like AJ, Emma, or Paige can rise up as a babyface and challenge Stephanie. Somehow, they can generate a light version of Austin vs. McMahon.

Hey, there I go again about using the vast WWE video library to recycle great ideas!

Stephanie has as a ton of credibility talking down her own gender because it can lead to a match. If you want entertainment, to seek No Way Out 2001. She actually gave Trish Stratus a great match. Mind you, this was before Trish hit her peak as a wrestler so thus you cannot claim that Trish "carried" Stephanie. It makes too much sense to have a Stephanie boss character invading and intimidating the Divas Division. And I believe that the WWE is missing out on the potential of an AJ Lee babyface character... I've said that for a while.

See, I'm not quite the cynic that many of you paint me out to be. I offer advice. Today, I just presented multiple ideas on how the WWE could make easy money. And I did it for free, as always... I wouldn't still be here as Mr. Tito if I wasn't a wrestling fan. I deeply care about the pro wrestling business and I only strive to make it better. I love the business and have since 1988 when Sting vs. Ric Flair from NWA/WCW Clash of the Champions 1 inspired me to want to become a wrestling fan. And I love my readers as well.

Comments and debates are welcome on Twitter. Bring it on. @titowrestling


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