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Posted in: Latta’s Lariat
WWE Raw 25th Anniversary Rap Review With Rich Latta
By Rich D Latta
Jan 23, 2018 - 9:06:44 PM

What's going on everyone. Returning readers, and folks I haven't spoken to.

While some may bring you a traditional written column reviewing what happened at a particular event, I decided to challenge myself and rap it all for you all. Over G-Eazy's "No Limit", I recapped Raw in a little over 3 minutes of rhymes. Let me know what you guys thought below. Enjoy.

I'll be back with another one after The Royal Rumble.

What did you think of Raw 25?

Rich Latta is a writer for LordsofPain.net & host of the One Nation Radio Podcast on www.SocialSuplex.com He appears monthly on Chad Matthews' podcast The Doc Says after Raw PPVs. GFX by @SirMikeFergus Give him a follow on Twitter, @RichLatta32 or drop him a comment below. If you like hip-hop, check out his music here. www.Soundcloud.com/RichLatta Look Him Up On Youtube As Well. 

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