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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Live Thoughts on TLC
By Al Laiman
Dec 16, 2012 - 11:08:38 PM

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So I listened to the fans. While sitting in bed sick as hell, I started posting thoughts live as they happened, and after being told for the hundredth time that I should get a Twitter, I broke down and did so. Feel free to add it at @AlLaimanLOP. Here is a recap of my thoughts on tonight's damn fine show. If you guys enjoy it, I may start doing this for more Pay-Per-Views. Thanks to those of you fans who hung out with me during the show on the ILT Facebook page as well!

IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Live Thoughts on WWE: TLC

Be Kind, this is my first time doing something like this. If you like it, great. If you don't, well... I learned something. I'm new to this kind of thing.

Here's the HAM button, and with tonight's show, you're going to need it.

-Gotta say, the ringing of the bell in silence is still one of the saddest and most eerie sounds in the world.

-JBL is on commentary. This Pay-Per-View is automatically that much more awesome.

-Rhodes and Sandow turned it up to 11 for that promo. Extra ham on the "YOU'RE WELCOME!" Are they summoning Brian Blessed?

-Sin Cara is confused as to when Sheamus is going to show up and powerbomb him through a ladder

-Remember when Mysterio and Sin Cara coordinated outfits and made an effort to look like an actual team?

-Very strong, fast-paced opening match here. Really enjoying the work of all four involved.

-HOLY SHIT, WHAT A SPOT! Great ending to a great opening match!

-Thanks once again, Joker promo, for showing how improvised and unplanned it was by showing the names of the three members under it.

-Is that set ridiculously massive or what?

-He's gonna be a gooooooooooooooooooooood R-TROOF!

-That was an interesting time to remind us where TROOF is from; as he's making a comeback.

-Wow, Claudio's getting some love from that Brooklyn crowd. Solid win for him.

-Yep, it's ham night in Brooklyn. Dolphy Gunn bringing it full force.

-Interesting Miz mentions a trainwreck, because he's about as subtle as one. "LAUGH AT ME! LAUGH AT ME!"

-3MB is bringing so much ham that they could cross-promote with Beggin' Strips.

-I thought it was a joke when they said they were gonna turn Del Rio Face. I must be wearing orthopedic shoes because I stand corrected.

-Not to be outdone, the likely Ham of the year and his tag partner show off their stripes.

-The Brooklyn crowd loves them some heels.

-Kofi Kingston arrived three years ago at TLC with his match against Randy Orton? I assume by that, you mean he ended up getting annihilated in the feud and is just now coming back from it?

-Great counter/nearfall there by Barrett.

-Great match, and a much-needed decisive win for Kofi Kingston, as well as a strong showing for Barrrett.

-Wade Barrett lost his match and in the time for one App promo, his Skybox is swiped by CM Punk?! #WadeBarrettsSkybox

-JBL brought back the black helicopters. He must've heard it was HAM Night in Brooklyn!

-And Brooklyn comes ALIVE for the Undisputed HAM of the YEAR!!!!!

-The Shield are entering Edge and Christian-style. Maybe they'll do a five second pose!

-Steve Lombardi must be in this match, because I am seeing a Brooklyn Brawl!

-An old-school tables match with the Shield vs. The Dudleyz would be really interesting.

-Holy Superplex, Batman!

-That is one strong table, to hold Kane for that Flying Clothesline! #WWETLC

-You are correct, Brooklyn. This match is, in fact, awesome!

-When was the last time three new stars were made like this in their debut match?


-That might be a contender for match of the year. What an amazing match by all involved.

-Big Show, how do eyes smile?

-JBL with a Josh Gibson reference. I'm at least one nerd who gets it.

-Time for more standard, slow, boring Big Show offense, which consists of a lot of walking around and yelling. Joy.

-Now they're about to turn it up for the finale of this match. #WWETLC #ItsAShamefulThing #Lobsterhead #TooManyLimes

-Ugh, this match ends and reign continues with one shot of the Hammy Chair?


-How do you make Alberto Del Rio interesting? Have JBL on commentary, that's how! Otherwise, still the Black Hole of Charisma... Just face.

-It's 3MB vs. Team Newlyface and the Brooklyn Brawler.

-Maybe they should've used Cryme Tyme's music for Brawler's entrance? Brooklyn, Brooklyn!

-Move over, Zack Ryder/Santino Marella/Sin Cara, the new Del Rio JOB Squad is here!

-Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena... Showing how having an affair is two single people hooking up, and is worth warrantless wiretapping to prove.

-Gee, I really can't tell who Brooklyn likes in the main event. They should be more vocal about it.

-These two are bringing it, and the atmosphere is very One Night Stand 2006... You know, plus 15,000 people.

-I have to admit, I always mark for the Boo-Yay punch exchanges.

-John Cena almost did the AA with Dolph on a ladder, and it was so awesome that even the anti-Cena crowd popped for it.

-I think Cena was going for a roll-up and halfway through he remembered he's in a ladder match.

-Cena tries to top Wade Barrett with the crossbody roll-through counter. This is a damn good match.

-Okay AJ, you win the Ham for the night for doing the Cena moves of doom, and then getting a huge pop by turning on him. #Ham

-Dolph Ziggler gets a huge win, and the AJ turn was awesome, even if we saw it coming. Great show with two amazing matches.

Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, everyone. I'll be back with 30 full-length thoughts on RAW Tuesday night, as I have to work at 6 in the morning on Tuesday, so staying up till midnight trying to write isn't happening. Thanks for understanding!

On Jaded Hope next week, here is your weekly dose of Jackie!


AJ wins in a night chock full of Brooklyn HAM !

1-9-12 – R-Truth
1-16-12 - John Laurinaitis
1-23-12 - William Regal
1-29-12 - Ricardo Rodriguez
1-30-12 - R-Truth
2-6-12 - Triple H
2-13-12 - Shawn Michaels
2-19-12 – Santino Marella
2-20-12 - John Cena
2-27-12 – Al Laiman, for thinking no one read this
3-5-12 – John Laurinaitis
3-12-12 - James Roday
3-19-12 - Theodore Long
3-26-12 - Booker T
4-1-12 - Santino Marella
4-2-12 - Dolph Ziggler
4-9-12 - Will Sasso
4-16-12 - Daniel Bryan
4-23-12 – CM Punk
4-29-12 - Teddy Long's name tag
4-30-12 - John Laurinaitis
5-7-12 - Paul Heyman and Jeff
5-14-12 - John Cena
5-20-12 - John Cena
5-21-12 - Santino Marella
5-28-12 - CM Punk
6-4-12 - Michael Cole
6-11-12 - Ricardo Rodriguez
6-18-12 - AJ
6-25-12 - Chris Jericho
7-2-12 - Chris Jericho
7-9-12 - Daniel Bryan
7-15-12 - AW
7-16-12 - JTG
7-23-12 - Mae Young's son
7-30-12 - R-Truth/Daniel Bryan
8-6-12 - Daniel Bryan
8-13-12 - Roddy Piper
8-19-12 - Kane
8-20-12 - Paul Heyman
8-27-12 - Kane
9-3-12 - Kane/Daniel Bryan
9-10-12 - Kane/Daniel Bryan
9-17-12 - JBL
9-24-12 - Paul Heyman
10-1-12 – Ricardo Rodriguez
10-8-12 - JR
10-15-12 - Kane
10-22-12 - Daniel Bryan
10-29-12 - 3MB
11-5-12 - John Cena
11-12-12 - Daniel Bryan
11-18-12 - AJ
11-19-12 - Paul Heyman
11-26-12 - Damien Sandow
12-3-12 - Damien Sandow
12-10-12 - Dolph Ziggler
12-16-12- AJ


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