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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Ask Al Laiman #7
By Al Laiman
Feb 8, 2013 - 7:57:42 PM

credit Tom Jenner

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IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Ask Al Laiman #7

Geed Lightfoot: What do you foresee, and also what would you do for the mania xxx card? I know it's a Long time away, but long term booking needs to be reintroduced.

They need to learn from the mistake of WrestleMania XX. The last time they did that anniversary show, while there were some tremendous matches at the top, most of the lower card was JBLawful.

While building huge marquee matches has become something of a trope for Mania in the last few years, what do they need to do differently for the big 30? Instead of having big matches between part-timers be the focus, take this year to build your current crop of younger stars into big stars that people will want to see finally face each other at the grandest stage of them all.

Don't give us these matches for free, either. If you know who you want to build into this, take this time and really get them over. Have worlds collide on the big stage, or put them against a part-timer, instead of having a part-timer face someone. The rumored CM Punk vs. Stone Cold example would be great, but even better would be building someone toward the point of legitimacy that Stone Cold could be the only one to stop him, similar to what Bret Hart did by passing the Torch of Overness (TM Al Laiman) on said stage.

Dolph Ziggler. Wade Barrett. Daniel Bryan. Antonio Cesaro. Kofi Kingston. These are names who need to become big stars for WrestleMania 30 to really mean something.

@Aaronman99: @AlLaimanLOP Way too early Super Bowl prediction?

I'd keep an eye on the Super Bowl commercials that air at the beginning of the season. Then you'll know who the NFL wants to be in there. Look at this year, the two teams that got commercials about the Super Bowl... San Francisco and Baltimore. My guess is they'll take another page out of pro wrestling's book and decide what storyline would make for the best WrestleMa... Super Bowl main event, and go from there.

In all seriousness, I think it's pretty up for grabs. I don't see Baltimore repeating... Thank JBL... But I think the NFC will come down to San Francisco and Minnesota. The AFC is anyone's guess, but I'd watch out for Andrew Luck in his second year. Personally, I'm not even thinking about the Super Bowl, I just want to see a .500 team for once. Save us, Jimmy Haslam!

Mark Adams: The WWE hall of fame was been met with a bit of ridicule over the years due to inclusion of people who arguably didn't deserve it such as Drew Carey, KoKo B. Ware, and the lack of inclusion of others such as Macho Man, Tony Garea, and Demolition. What could WWE do (or what would you do) to legitimize the HOF?

Have a voting committee, as the other sports do.

When it's the decision of one man, or a handful of yes-men, or a guy related to that one man, it can become a bit skewed. I don't see anything wrong with celebrating the past, but all sports have their questionable inductees. Including Drew Carey isn't fair, because it's a celebrity wing; that's the whole point.

Have former wrestlers, wrestling writers, and/or the current talent vote on who they think should be in. The various opinions they could get might legitimize the whole idea.

I seriously doubt, however, you'll find anyone willing to argue with ANY of this year's inductees so far. It's a shame that so many don't know who Bruno Sammartino is, and I hope the inclusion of him this year will enlighten them.

@TripleRLOP: @AlLaimanLOP with 3mb, the shield and others shoulf the wwe bring back the freebird rule



Granted, you do only have two triads right now, but that could be easily fixed. I am all in favor of not only more stables, but having them be involved with the tag titles. Plus, the Shield is totally badass, and trying to prepare for which one of them they'd be facing would be interesting in and of itself.

Unless they start giving 3MB some credibility, other than a weekly cavalcade of ham, I don't see them becoming a factor. I would like to, though. The more competition, the better.

Matt Nelson: would punk be similar to raven if he would of competed in the Attitude Era? was watchin old nitro and it got me thinking

I suppose their promos could be considered a bit similar, but I do think there's quite a variance in who they are and what their characters are. They might've made an interesting tag team. They're both very cerebral, and have a way of making everything they do justifiable.

The character CM Punk has now would've been a face back then though. Look at Stone Cold, The Rock, DX in their Attitude Era incarnations. John Cena would've been Kurt Angle circa 2000, and CM Punk would've been the smart-ass prick looking to take him down. Just the way things have changed in the time that has passed since that era.

@Kevin_logan1987: @AlLaimanLOP if you could go back to wrestling,be it with TNA or WWE,what would be your chosen gimmick? And would you be heel or face?

There's something to be said for both being a face and a heel, but I have to admit it's a lot more fun being a heel.

When you're a heel, you can seriously do anything you want, and when you're in-character, it's a ton of fun getting people to hate you. You vent your frustrations, and you tap into that dark side of yourself that you can't use appropriately in any other situations. Not to mention, staying in-character after the show and working the marks is incredibly fun, and are some of my fondest memories in the business.

If we're talking the current situation, WWE no question. The average shelf-life of a wrestler isn't that long, and you may as well cash in while you can. Former WWE wrestler sells a lot more on the Indies than current TNA wrestler does. Now that may change, especially if TNA finally keeps their momentum going, but where things are right now... I think I'd enjoy the paycheck from WWE, and then maybe cash in on the exposure gained from that time. It's nice that TNA also lets you work the Indies too, so there's some extra incentive cash.

As for the gimmick, that changed all the time. My two favorites were both heel gimmicks though. One, I dressed in all black and wore a red tie, and basically did an assassin gimmick. I'd walk in, hit someone with a finisher, straighten my tie, and leave. My trainer gave me that idea, and it worked. Lot of fun.

But I'd love to go back and be a cowardly comedy heel again. I suppose that's part of the reason I love 3MB, because that is so much fun to do. You get to be goofy, sell like an idiot, and entertain the fans by having the good guys beat you up. I once did a match where we did nothing but trade other wrestler's trademark moves, and the crowd ate it up.

However, nothing beats an incredible face pop when your entrance music hits, and while that only happened a couple times, it still gives me goosebumps to think about it. There's something to be said for all of it, but if I went back, I think being the cowardly comedy heel would be the most fun.

CPR Productions: Discuss the most likely candidates to steal the ham at Mania

Ham at WrestleMania used to be tough, because there was usually only one backstage segment, and that's where a bunch of guys would get their WrestleMania payday. Santino is always a candidate, but I have a feeling Mick Foley and The Rock will be up to something and will take the ham away from the favorite as always, Daniel Bryan.

There's also Bob Backlund, and having him interact with Daniel Bryan or Chris Jericho, someone of that nature, could be downright hilarious, if partial insanity. For those who've never seen Bob Backlund in recent years, you need to YouTube that shit. Whether it's an act or not, he comes across as certifiable.

@nyh2dx: @AlLaimanLOP How would you book Daniel Bryan to take full advantage of his overness, from E.Chamber 2013 until W-Mania 30? #AskAlLaiman #ham

He needs to become a major main event player again.

I'm not expecting a win at the EC, but what a pleasant and redemptive surprise that would be. Daniel Bryan is doing everything right, and continues to be over, even with the shittiest of shit crowds.

Whether or not it involves breaking up with Kane, it needs to happen. I'd personally keep Kane with him, because Bryan is best when he has someone to play off of. But have him involved in a major storyline where he can fully take advantage of those reactions that he's getting, without changing the character much at all, and just let him go. Booked right, a major Daniel Bryan push could be the final piece he needs to become the true main event superstar he should already be.

Joshua Pugh: Who are your favourite musicians and bands Al? Your dismissing of Nickelback and your mentioning of Rammstein leads me to believe you're into some cool stuff.

Fuck Nickelback.

With that out of the way, I have a strange and eclectic taste. I tend to like things on an individual basis, as opposed to a genre.

My two favorite bands of all time are Dream Theater and Nightwish. I have every single thing ever put out by both of them, and if you've read any of my novels, the chapter titles make that rather obvious.

I'm a huge fan of original score, specifically Hans Zimmer the most. I listen to Hans when I'm writing, doing homework, or just whenever I feel like it. I feel like he's the modern day Mozart, and his work on Last Samurai, Inception, and the Batman movies, among many notable others, is untouchable. I also love Howard Shore's Tolkien work, and while there are many others, those are my two favorites.

I was raised on jazz and blues, and when someone like a Buddy Guy or Kenny Wayne Shepherd comes on, I can't help but rock it. Give me some of those old jazz classics too, can't get enough. Early Zeppelin as well, or the Jonny Langs and Keb' Mo's of the world. Nothing beats seeing someone like Shepherd or Mato Nanji of Indigenous live.

There's also a huge spot in my heart for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I suppose if I could pick a favorite genre, symphonic metal would be up there. Blind Guardian rocks the nerd metal, and I'm all about that.

I don't like a lot of modern day stuff. I do like Rammstein, but not a lot of others in that genre. If it's any rap after 2000, any country artist not named Johnny Cash, or any top 40 stuff, especially shit like Nicki Minaj, I want nothing to do with it. Most mainstream radio rock feels the same way for me, especially Nickelback, who've been making the same song for ten years and nobody seems to notice.

Then there's of course anyone who can make me laugh. Stephen Lynch and the Lonely Island are good examples of that. You all know I'm huge into standup, and when someone can play music and be funny, that's a double win.

@TheSharpShoot: @AlLaimanLOP how do agents book Rumble as far as when guys know they're eliminated? Was Cody telling truth he didn't know about Goldust?

I was in a Rumble-style match once, and almost nothing is planned outside of the order. I think the Goldust appearance was something special for Cody. But for the most part, as a professional wrestler on that level, you can work with anyone without any notice. There's just that experience and communication between all of them.

In my experience, if you didn't have a planned spot, you just went out there and went with it. Mine, there was a planned spot, and even the big names knew not to throw me out. Most people were told "go in for about five minutes, then get someone to throw you out." I'm sure it's different there, but for the most part, it's just a matter of going with it. The last four are planned, the rest is just mostly improvised.

Good questions this week guys, and to reward you...

Also, just so you know, my 100th episode of Jaded Hope is coming out next week, and there's a ton of guest stars, including LOP readers. It'll mean a lot to me if you check it out. Thanks everyone, see you Monday!


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