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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Ask Al Laiman #3
By Al Laiman
Jan 11, 2013 - 9:26:11 PM

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IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Ask Al Laiman #3

It's that time again! You've Tweeted me questions or posted them on my Facebook, and I'm here to answer them!

@DarkFalz83: @AlLaimanLOP if you were head booker, with the current roster, what would your top three matches be for WM29

I know it's early in the feud to say this, but I already want to see the CM Punk vs. The Rock rematch at WrestleMania, especially as opposed to him against Lesnar or Cena. I would have Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE championship as my main event.

The time is running short for when again we'll get the chance to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and if not this year, when? That is a match that needs to happen, especially since John Cena is inching past needing to be involved in title scenes and becoming a special attraction like the Deadman has been for a long time.

The third match, as much as I didn't particularly care for the third one, it's inevitable to have a rematch between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. H always brings his best to WrestleMania, and I bet that would be a brutal affair. So we'd have a championship match with the biggest heel in the business against arguably the biggest name, the present against the legend, and the return match of a feud between two of the biggest names. It'd have the draw of The Rock and Brock Lesnar to non-fans, the nostalgia of Triple H and the Undertaker to casual fans, and the undercard of that kind of show would provide a tremendous opportunity for a Dolph Ziggler or a Daniel Bryan to steal the show.

The top matches are always what sells the card, but they come on last so that everyone else has a chance to not only leave an impression, but keep the new/returning fans coming back the next night. That chance is always there.

@JohnnyWhyte93: @AlLaimanLOP Do you think Sting will ever wrestle for the WWE?

Never is quite a long time, but at this point, why would you?

Most wrestling fans don't even know what TNA is, and WCW has been out of business for over ten years now. Not only has the demographic changed, but the general viewership is entirely different than it was back then. Yes, having Sting would appeal to a specific group of fans, but how many people other than those who remember him would it appeal to? Kids don't know who Sting is, new fans probably don't either. Sting is well past his prime, and while I do think he will be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday, what is there to gain from bringing in a new face to a majority of the audience at this point in his career?

It's not that I have anything against Sting or him appearing in WWE, I just don't think there would be much to benefit the company as a whole. Sure, they might get a nostalgia run out of it, but for how many people would that be relevant?

@ChrisssLOP: @AlLaimanLOP If you were a wrestler signed with WWE, whi would be your dream Wrestlemania opponent and why?

I think it'd be any wrestler's dream to face either Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker at WrestleMania. I mean, those are definitely the two that you know are going to bring their absolute best performance of the year at the biggest show of them all. Even losing to these guys at WrestleMania can make your career.

I, however, would be far more inclined to hope for a match with my first and all-time favorite wrestler, Kane. If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a Cleveland guy and have been since I was born. I pick something or someone and I stick with them, whether that be sports teams, favorite players, or significant others. The other day, I actually heard someone arguing, "At least I stayed loyal to my three teams!" Um... No. That's not how it works.

Kane has and always will be my favorite wrestler, even if as my experience as a fan grows and things change. Kane was my first favorite and will always have that spot for that very reason. When the day comes that he retires, there will always be something missing from watching the show for me. Although Daniel Bryan is quickly becoming my new favorite, Kane will be the one with whom I grew up and will always mean the most to me. So if I were a WWE Superstar and could wrestle anyone on the big stage, it'd be him, without question.

@RandallMorrison: @AlLaimanLOP if you had the chance, would you do it all again or would you avoid it and do something completely different?

It's hard to gauge that completely, because doing one thing different could've meant that everything else would've ended up differently. For the most part, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I learned more about life through pro wrestling than any other endeavor, and I'm proud of the time I spent and what I accomplished, given that I shouldn't have even gotten close to doing what I did. But there are two distinct places where if I could've done it differently, I would have.

The first time I went to training, I would've done far more research on the decorum and attitude you needed to take into a professional training facility. More than a few of you have emailed me asking for advice on going into wrestling training, and I wish I'd been smart enough to do the same thing. I went in with the complete wrong attitude, thinking I was a hotshot because I knew a lot of wrestlers, and I got my ass deservedly kicked for it. I hadn't been working out nearly long enough, I couldn't do it right, and I hotshotted the trainers and came off looking like a douchebag. It took me ten months before I had the confidence to try again, and had I done my research, I might've been on the scene a lot sooner and not been in the doghouse from moment one.

The other time, it was January 2010, and I'd just had not only the best match of my career, but my first win. I'd turned heel, gotten my first live promo, and impressed a lot of people with my win over a kid named Jimmy, who went on to be the company's champion because he was far more talented than I was. The way it was supposed to go is that I was going to have several more three-to-five minute matches like that with new guys and build myself up as a heel under my new gimmick, and during that time, I would take more extensive training and better myself before I got involved with anything significant. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way.

I was in a four-man stable with a tag-team and a manager. Unfortunately, one member of the tag team got his ass fired, and I got asked to move up into the tag title match that was booked for the February show. I knew I wasn't ready and I didn't want to do it because I didn't want to fuck up the push I was finally getting, but I got pressured into it. It turned out disastrous, and everything I was afraid that would happen did. I wasn't ready for the big stage like that, and maybe that would've happened anyway, but I wish I'd stood firm and stuck with what I knew, and that was that I wasn't ready to be in a big match, let alone a title match.

@MarkedOut: @AlLaimanLOP Is Jackie single?

Far as I know, she is. We've been friends since high school, and I won't go into her personal life, as that is not the nature of our partnership. But because I don't want to burst your bubble, she might be single. I never asked.

@MarkedOut: @AlLaimanLOP on a serious note, tell everyone how to get ur book

I'll do you one better, and I'll tell you how to get all five that I've written. All five of them are available on Amazon under my author name "Alexander Goodlive," but I'll summarize each one of them here.

The main one to which you're referring is "Taking Bumps: How I Made 49 Bucks in Pro Wrestling," which is of course my tale of my time in the business. But I've also written a satire on retail entitled "The Customer is Always Right," and I'm nearly finished with a blend of fantasy/modern series that is based in professional wrestling entitled "The Elven Warrior." I'm about a chapter away from finishing the series entirely, and if you're willing to dive into a novel, I'd love to know what you think. I've been writing them since 2006, so they mean a lot to me.

Taking Bumps is also available here
The Customer is Always Right is available here
The Elven Warrior #1 is available here
The Elven Warrior #2 is available here
The Elven Warrior #3 is available here

If you want a signed copy, hit me up personally and I'll work something out for you. Thanks MarkedOut for allowing me to promote my written works!

@thefrogbert: @AlLaimanLOP What are your views on WWE doing a PPV in a different country, like the UK?

At this point, I can't believe that WORLD Wrestling Entertainment has not done this! They make such a big deal about traveling to other countries... Why haven't they done a Pay-Per-View there? I mean, they used to do the Insurrexion shows, but have they had a major Pay-Per-View since Summerslam 1992 in a foreign country?

Foreign countries generally have very loud, appreciative crowds, because they don't get a show every three months like most major areas. I'm not only in favor of a different country PPV, but I'd be in favor of making it a semi-regular thing. In the age where the world is smaller than it's ever been and more connected and interactive than ever possible before, start with the UK and give them some bigger shows. I'm 1000-percent in favor of that.

That does it for this edition of Ask Al Laiman. Thanks to all of you for sending in questions, and I'll see you Monday for RAW!



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