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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS #334 - Thoughts on SDLive - 11-7-17
By Marissa Laiman
Nov 7, 2017 - 11:00:00 PM

Posted by Ris Laiman on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


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IN LAIMAN'S TERMS #334 - Thoughts on SD Live - 11-7-17

1. Tonight, on Crapsule Monsters, screen-in-screen interviews! Another phenomenal... LOSER! OH SNAP! You just got served, AJ! Jinder Beastmaster!

2. Shane starts off the show... Again... Let me guess? "What's up, Manchester?"

3. Shane vows revenge for the guy he disagreed with by standing against right across from Kurt. Whatever that means. And D-Bry comes back next week, which I really hope pushes toward wrestling Bryan and less super chill GM Bryan. This promo seems highly edited with oddly quick crowd reactions.

4. Someone said in the comments that this New Day thing is leading to New Day/Shield. That would be a clash of personalities if I've ever seen one.

5. Replays that I'm sure we won't see again many times, and they say their intention wasn't to screw them out of the titles, but that happened because under siege. I don't get it. They continue to reference the fact that since their Nexus-like locker room invasion, RAW has done jackall. Shane not having hips is nearly as lame as his sister ruining everyone's catch phrase, but not quite. Come on man, I'm sure Val Venis is available for a lesson or two.

6. Kevin Owens the Jericho-like monotoned sad face does not approve of these shenanigans. New Day imitates Sami Zayn by doing... The Trombone Charleston? The Charlestromb, if you will. All five of the people arguing about beating up on RAW came from RAW in the last year or less. Awkward. Nice Vince impression though, Sami.

7. New Day reacting to their own jokes might win the HAM two nights in a row; difficult to do in the brand-split era.

8. We get Sami/Kofi out of this? I'm in. Game on.

9. For a minute, I swore one of the commentators referred to one of the wrestlers as D'Von. Thought I missed something while trying to get my step goal in during commercials. Good thing though, since the championship match involves "AJ Style."

10. This match involves a lot of flips and spins, and I'm okay with that.

11. Kofi wins, but then KO jumps on immediately with SUPER ZOOM AND OUT REALLY QUICKLY! ENHANCE!

12. Hearing Jinder refer to AJ and Brock as appetizers and entrees makes me concerned that there's about to be some very unfortunate connotations in this angle.

13. Smackdown Elias is out except he has a four-way spotlight. I expect he will be in no way interrupted. Now, if they don't have Aiden and Elias have a sing-off, this isn't the company I know and love. I guess Rusev is the lion now, because reasons.

14. Who does Rusev face now that the match he was supposed to have is obviously not happening? He's facing... Orton? So he has to beat someone who is already in the match to get there? Kay. That makes sense.

15. Rusev Day chants everywhere. Finally something he's doing is over again.

16. Meanwhile, Shane pretends to have reactions to the match with Bobby Roode and Shinsuke, who seem to be over that whole grudge match they had recently.

17. Oh joy, Randy Orton won... again. That accomplished a whole helluva lot.

18. Meanwhile, Ellsworth has returned to his dogless form, and it sounds like he borrowed Cesaro's mouthguard. This shit is gonna get him smacked. Did he mention that he's the villain? It's so subtle. Just a reminder this guy got main event matches at one point.

19. Good to see another feud that started over Twitter. That's all I'm going to say about this entire segment. Becky wins, Carmella kicks him in the face. Thanks for coming.

20. The show equivalent of Roman Reigns' THE guy gimmick didn't sell as well as RAW, as the upper deck is tarped off tonight. And they don't seem to give a damn about this match either. An advertised tag title match ends up ending with a countout. Excitement.

21. Tom, not only is your script showing, but it's obvious you're reading straight from it. I'm glad we're getting a view of the series Damnation. That hasn't been airing every single commercial break. To be fair though, Luke Harper does look like Cullen Bohannon ate the Swede, so he fits in with the show.

22. So we've got another title match on the horizon that has the potential to set off the balance of all the heel vs heel champion matches.

23. I appreciate the Singh Brothers trying to mock Paul Heyman, but they remind me more of Ricardo.

24. That pop for AJ, similar to the one I heard at TLC live. It does feel like seeing a huge star in person, and I'm glad he's being treated like it. Tito's probably pissed about the challenger coming out second though. Is that because of the two-step intro?

25. 14 years since a WWE title changed hands on Smackdown? Was that the 60-minute match with Lesnar and Angle? Damn. Maybe that's why ratings are down. 14 years of the main title never changing hands on the show. That and having a joke of a champion could have an impact.

26. We're heading to commercial. Once again the main event gets no picture-in-picture, so we'll go with the hard sell here. Will AJ Styles manage a crowd reaction for a third of 3MB? Will Jinder Mahal stop looking like he just caught a vaguely bad smell? Will I kvetch about a certain columnist tweeting out the spoiler so I can't even act surprised when it happens? Find out the answers to these questions and more when we return for the conclusion of Smackdown Live. I'm also gonna guess yet again, no follow up from the RAW roster.

27. We come back with a test of strength. I used to go to a yearly show where the four guys in the front row would chant for a test of strength every single match. I couldn't help but think of that. They mention the sick smile on the face of Jinder, but I didn't see it. Kay.

28. Is it wrong that I giggled at the mention of "the incredible impact" on a move involving AJ?

29. At least AJ got the foot on the rope instead of someone kicking out of another finisher in a main event. What a reaction too!

30. I really, really hope this isn't another one of those hot potato title switches, and even though it was ruined for me by spoiler posts, I actually care about the WWE title again. It's been a void of giving a shit ever since Jinder Mahal even won a match to challenge for it. I'd sure as hell rather watch AJ face Lesnar than Jinder fucking Mahal. Good riddance, several month title reign.


New Day reacting to their own jokes, just because I can.

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