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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: 30 Thoughts... RAW 10-22-12
By Al Laiman
Oct 22, 2012 - 11:07:20 PM

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IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: 30 Thoughts: RAW 1014 - 10-22-12

1. I'm back for the second day in a row, and starting at a reasonable hour. Last night I took on 30 Thoughts as the Wrestling Challenge, and tonight is the take-home show for Hell in a Cell. I think this show is going to need to be very impressive, as the card looks pretty good, but not quite "must-see." We're starting off with a fast-paced curtain jerker, which is how wrestling shows should begin. Rey Mysterio returns after his reportedly serious illness, and along with Sin Cara, will vie for a spot in a tag title match against Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. The interesting dichotomy of this is that the champions are both a face and a heel, and therefore either the face or heel team challenging them would be reasonable booking. Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes look more like tag team partners with their attire, as Mysterio seems to have gone the way of the Riddler negative. That, or he's auditioning for a possible reuniting of DX. A sign just popped up that asked "Am I On TV," winning the "Your Momma Must Be Damn Proud of You" for the week. Mysterio has Sandow in a reverse headlock dragon sleeper-type hold, and Sin Cara hits a springboard moonsault onto Sandow! Damn impressive move right there!

2. Rhodes soon takes over and he hits a stalling suplex, which is something you normally don't see from someone Cody's size. The cheap heat has officially begun, and I love how these two are using old school heel tactics. They're keeping it simple, distracting the referee, and putting the "cheap" in the heat. This is a timeless strategy, and usually serves to get the face a good comeback hope spot. Cole goes into the history of how Rhodes made a name for himself in the tag division, mentioning Ted DiBiase but not ol' Sparky Plugg for some reason. Just as the crowd starts to really get into the match, we go to a commercial. Just as I thought we might get to see a full-length match without any interruptions... Damn you! Dammit all!

3. As we come back, Sin Cara is still taking some offense from both Rhodes and Sandow. Mysterio makes the save on a pinfall as Cole reminds us everything they say every week in every match involving Damien Sandow, just in case we forgot this time. Mysterio gets the hot tag and starts to clean house. Mysterio hits his finisher, but Sandow finds an innovative way to break up a pinfall by using his body to prevent the ref's arm from hitting the mat. As Sandow gets kicked out of the ring, Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes, one of my favorite finishing maneuvers, and I'm very much looking forward to their match with Anger Management. Speaking of Anger Management, they appear on the Titan Tron and actually seem to be rather unified. They work their new name into a unified declaration of their belief in the fact that the championships will not be changing possession with a slightly verbose exclamation of the negative persuasion. I approve of this, as they still have their tension, but for a few seconds looked like a real team.

4. Next out is the new and reinvigorated Kofi Kingston, fresh off his Intercontinental title victory. I'm not sure why they Tony Schiavone'd the finish and announced it a day early after building it up for Wednesday, but people were raving about the match. Two matches to start off Monday Night RAW? Do I have the right channel? Facing him is someone we haven't seen in a while, the master of the Moment of Genesis, Michael McGillicutty. Word is that he won a squash match as a face at a recent house show, so it only makes sense that he returned randomly as a heel with a jobber entrance. Genesis is getting in some pretty intense offense, and even though the crowd is responding like 2011 Eve Torres is coming out, he has obviously improved a lot. After dominating literally the entire match, Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere and wins. Oh yeah, Miz was whining the whole time on commentary too. Genesis looked pretty good in the time he was given, but there wasn't any time to build up heat for Kofi's comeback. And while recapping the last segment from last week's RAW, Cole botched McMahon's name. Whoops.

5. Mr. Susan Komen himself is the next to appear, and I suppose we're due for a kayfabe explanation of why Cena lobbied for his rematch inside Hell in a Cell in order for Punk to define his legacy, but then suddenly was such a nice guy that he decided to give RyVD his turn. We're given the weekly update of how long CM Punk's reign has been, and Cena refers to what Punk said before he became WWE champion. This is of course the reason why we will see change in the form of Skip Reeves. Cena is giving Ryback the Daniel Bryan treatment and getting the crowd to chant his catchphrase, and even that is getting a pretty lackluster response. The crowd seems lukewarm to just about everything so far. Cena is basically giving a Ryback stump speech here, and it's so impassioned that you would think it's really a political candidate he's endorsing. "AND THAT'S WHY I THINK RYBACK WILL BE THE GREATEST HEAD DOG CATCHER THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!"

6. CM Punk cockily interrupts the verbal blowjob Cena is giving Ryback, and holy shit is he getting a face pop. Of course, we're in the northeast. Punk uses the phrase "football Giants", which hasn't existed since the 50s when the "baseball Giants" were also in New York, and Punk even makes a reference to it. History nerddom AND baseball? That's a double endearment, Mr. Punk! Punk is in full smarmy bastard mode, and now an "Over-rated!" chant breaks out. Now he's getting booed too; make up your mind, crowd! Cena then reveals that he wasn't medically cleared last week, but he's not going to mess with that match, but he challenges Punk to come down right now. Punk seems more than eager to oblige while Heyman once again tries to convince him otherwise. Punk then decides to powder, hopefully saving their next encounter for a traditional Survivor Series match, thus extending Punk's run to the Royal Rumble and giving us the match we deserve to see after RAW 1000.

7. As we went into the commercial, we were told we'd be seeing Big Show vs. Kane, but instead Claudio Castagnoli is out to face a jobber-entranced Justin Gabriel. As Claudio gets on the mic, Jimmy Jacobs 2.0 decides to get in a high spot against the US champion. The face shine doesn't last long, as Claudio starts using his vicious uppercuts to regain the advantage. After a Ghetto Stomp, a rest hold starts Gabriel's comeback... for a second, before he's vaulted to spreading the turnbuckle. Claudio summons a little Chris Hero with the second rest hold, and Gabriel's comeback lasts even shorter than the first one. Finally after a nice flip, JJ20 manages some offense. They're really building up JJ as the WWE's Bear Grylls. You know what would help that? Him winning in a relevant match once in a while. A standoff on the top rope ensues, and JJ20 appears to get the advantage, but Claudio comes back. A nice jumping kick gets JJ20 to the top rope, and a short but effective 450 and... I'll be damned. Justin Gabriel just got a clean win over the US champion. I must be wearing orthopedic shoes, because I stand corrected! Then again, remember Trent Baretta and Tyson Kidd's big upset wins?

8. Meanwhile, we get our first promo of the night after ::gasp:: THREE wrestling matches, and Mr. McMahon is in the ring with the inconsistently crazy AJ Lee. After 14 weeks of AJ's tenure resulting from Vince's own pick for the spot, AJ resigns due to fraternization with another superstar. However, she claims that these allegations are completely false... which is of course why she's resigning. I guess the L stands for Lance impression. Time to bring in an effective GM, as AJ was on fire before accepting the GM position, and really cooled off since. Well, we've had our political stump speech, and now we have our concession speech. We're really hammering home the election allusions tonight. AJ then goes through her backstory, which might've been more effective before her resignation, but it's pretty heartfelt.

9. AJ thanks Vince for giving her the opportunity that no one else would've before receiving a somewhat positive reception. Paul Heyman then interrupts the moment with his own smarmy bastardness. Heyman manages the awesome compliment insults before suggesting himself as the new GM in his own second half of a political attack ad. Heyman is so genuine that the crease between his eyebrows is very apparent.

10. Vince then begins to introduce the managing supervisor of Monday Night RAW to be... ::groan:: Vickie Guerrero. That means I have to hear her voice more on Monday nights? Bring back Big Johnny! To her credit though, Vickie's heat is so intense that you can barely hear what she's saying. Heyman then interrupts her by using her own catch phrase, and backtracks his own nomination to kiss up as a smarmy heel can, and asks her to reverse the decision that Vince made for Punk to face Ryback. Vickie takes it back by suggesting that she'll do things better than Booker T, and makes the main event of champion vs. champion, which would've been exciting if they hadn't given it away several times before in the last few months. She then announces that it'll be the largest lumberjack match in the history of RAW, which I'm not exactly sure how they measure that statistic. Heyman goes on a ridiculously hammy angry rant on his way out, and the crowd even pops a little for it.

11. Vickie then turns her attention to AJ, and then puts herself over as better for the job. Vickie reveals the allegations as not only fraternizing with the talent, but having an affair. Um, isn't that basically what fraternizing implies? And wouldn't having an affair be a big deal if she was... married to Daniel Bryan or something? AJ starts to walk out, but then finally brings back some Gil Crazy Eyes and attacks her like a wild woman. Joey Styles would be exclaiming right about now! I guess AJ has decided to go back to why people liked her in the first place. Gee, what a great idea!

12. It's time for some invisible pyro, and the T-1000 has been sent back from Skynet to rid the world of the presence of Mike Mizanin via carnivorous dining. Let's see if Miz can at least put up a better showing than his two-minute job as Intercontinental champion. A credible win against a former world champion would be a lot more effective. Ryback throws Miz in the ring before the match starts, and ol' Skip Reeves is getting something chanted at him that I can't decipher. They go out of the ring, just to go back in again, wihle Miz plays the cowardly heel. Miz fights his way out of a few moves before being slammed into the mat several times. Ryback misses the Clothesline from Skynet, but hits a decent shoulder block.

13. Miz tries to comeback with a snap over the ropes, but jumps right into Ryback's arms. I guess any hope of this match being competitive is out the window. RyVD hits the Clothesline from Skynet successfully before marching around the ring and dropping Miz like a bad habit. Besides the chanting and the finish, once again the crowd barely seemed to give a shit. I would've rather seen something at least somewhat competitive, as a loss like this even takes away from the new champion in Kofi Kingston if he can be that ineffectual. I know RyVD needs to look strong, but that can happen in a competitive match too, can't it?

14. Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, Eve is going on about rumors of AJ's fraternization while Kaitlyn... I think... Looks unimpressed. They bring up the Night of Champions attack, and apparently she went through her iPad. Kaitlyn tells her to drop the little nice girl act before calling her the meanest PG-appropriate thing of which she can think. We get the second catfight this hour, and Layla breaks it up before getting shoved. Layla goes all "aw hell no!" and starts brawling herself. We then go to Josh Matthews and Sheamus doing a sad cheap plug for a Brawling Buddy before an interview about the Lumberjack match. Sheamus pumps himself up before Big Show comes in to suck all the entertainment out of the room. He tells Lobsterhead to get serious and compares what he did to Sheamus' doll to the result of the match coming on Sunday.

15. Well, we've had a dead crowd so far. What's going to change that with a simple Wagner? Bryan Danielson, of course! Goat masks and crowd yelling galore, everyone is into it as usual. He's facing Dolph Ziggler, against whom he and Kane went over on Smackdown. Ham-on-ham combat at its finest, I'm sure it will be. We get some good chain wrestling to start it off, and I think Daniel Bryan is going for a Mike Knox beard. Ziggles does some Flair impressions and gets in some heat. I don't think the crowd knows for whom they should be cheering, as technically it is a heel vs. heel match. Ziggler's push appears to be in a holding pattern. Bryan hits an awesome reversal and puts Ziggler into a Mexican Surfclaw, I think. He tries to lock something else in, but Ziggles takes the advantage back. Ziggles hits a move that I've never seen successfully completed, and suplexes Bryan from in the ring the whole way to the floor, and Bryan might be hurt. That was an ugly landing. Kane's pyro hits, possibly concerned about his tag team partner, as we go into commercial. The dead crowd is absolutely killing a good wrestling match here.

16. As we come back, Bryan does his springboard flip counter and lands just fine, so I guess his knee is okay. Bryan hits a sick dropkick for a close fall, and finally gets the crowd to do something with the No Kicks. Bryan counters a Fameasser attempt and we go into a series of counters. Kane cheers from ringside as Bryan hits a... DDT to himself out of a spear? During this, Vickie says she has a surprise for Anger Management, which given who D-Bry is facing, likely won't end well for them. Ziggler flies out of the ring after hitting the ringpost, and Bryan hits a high spot and then remembers that he needs to sell the knee. Finally the crowd begins to acknowledge the awesome match for a few seconds. D-Bry goes to the top rope, and Ziggles hits a top-rope X-Factor? Holy shit was that awesome! Danielson somehow kicks out of it, but that kicked ass! Bryan screams "NOOOOOO!" and kicks Bryan's head off. Kane becomes a cheerleader for Bryan, but of course Bryan doesn't like the "YES!" and that allows Ziggles to come up from behind and get the win. Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

17. Kane argues that he was trying to help Danielson, and the crowd chants to hug it out. They start shoving each other, and Matt Stryker interrupts them with the surprise she supposedly has for them. They're going to compete in a therapeutic game show, and Stryker is going to be the host. Please don't make this as lame as any NXT challenge, ever. Their opponents are Rhodes Scholars, and this could be an opportunity for some huge slices of ham.

18. Kane and Daniel Bryan are clearly not impressed with the Newly Tag game, and Stryker asks them to introduce themselves, because obviously anyone watching doesn't know who they are. Bryan proclaims to not have a goat face and to be the world's toughest Vegan. Kane introduces himself as a Scorpio who enjoys long walks on the beach, rainbows, and puppies. Oh Kane, that was awesome. Now Bryan and Kane get into a debate about whether or not Kane actually loves rainbows.

19. Rhodes Scholars comes out, and Sandow used the word "tomfoolery." I totally marked out for that. Sandow explains in very big words why they won't be participating in the game show, and Rhodes follows it up with an even better, "What he said." So... We set up a segment, complete with entrance music and extra chairs, and got nothing out of it. Why did you bother to set it up in the first place then? Couldn't they have just concluded with a promo after the match or something?

20. Kane remarks about how it was a total bust, and Stryker announces Anger Management as the winners of the competition. Bryan goes completely off the Ham Wagon and celebrates like he's going to DisneyLand. Stryker leaves the ring, and admits that he doesn't wish Anger Management any luck. He backs right into Big Show, who will now be out for the match with Kane. I'm not sure what the hell just happened, or why it was booked that way. There were some entertaining moments, but why introduce a concept if you're not even going to use it?

21. I hope you all have your DVRs set, because we are witnessing an incredible phenomenon here. Kane is facing the Big Show for the absolute first time in their entire runs in World Wrestling Entertainment. I have never seen such a contest set up in my entire tenure as a professional wrestling fan, and I am completely stoked to find what they can bring to the table. The match starts in the middle, because who needs to see a whole match, and Show is dominating with the same slow, boring offense mixed with the random exclamations about which nobody could give a shit. Some guy is even yacking on his phone. Dude, you're in the second goddamn row for Monday Night RAW. Get the fuck off the phone and watch the damn show! I know Big Show's in the ring, but come on, man!

22. In case you were already dying from overexposure to excitement, Big Show locks in a bear hug. Bryan starts slapping the mat, I guess to get the crowd involved, despite the fact that he blamed Kane for costing him the match before that pointless segment in between. Kane slowly starts to break the bear hug, and tries to pick up Show but he falls on him for a near-fall. Summon the monster, Kane! Embrace the hate, just for a few seconds! I have some of Big Show since Judgment Day that you can borrow if you need it! Kane comes back with a DDT and goes to the top rope for the flying clothesline. I'd make another remark about the crowd being dead, but Big Show's in the ring, so I really can't blame them. Rhodes Scholars walk out, and Kane is distracted, which gives Big Show a chance to hit the Cavalcade of Failure and end this misery fest. Rhodes Scholars attack D-Bry two-on-one, similar to what they did before they began their predictable tournament win. Not the best night for the tag team champions, but hopefully it gives them a chance to look good at Hell in a Cell.

23. Meanwhile, Santino is backstage with AJ, offering his support and a few seconds on television doing something that doesn't involve losing in a one-minute match. Cena then comes by and shoos him away, and offers his support as well. Cena goes into a full-on defense for AJ's accusation, and she reveals that it was him. Apparently at a "business dinner," they were accused of fraternizing, and she didn't want to drag his name into it. He hugs her, and assures her that he's going to take care of it. This might make some sense... If Vickie Guerrero wasn't already known to be fraternizing with Dolph Ziggler. You know, the same Vickie Guerrero who just got appointed to be the "Managing Supervisor?" So they ask AJ to resign for fraternization to appoint someone with public fraternization? I realize this is professional wrestling here, but it might help if you guys considered putting some effort into making just a LITTLE BIT OF FUCKING SENSE HERE!

24. John Cena confronts Vince McMahon backstage about the hypocrisy of his decision, and Cena asks for a man-to-man answer. Vince finagles his way out of actually answering the question, and doesn't know what a managing supervisor is. The Chairman of the company doesn't know a position in his own company to which someone was just appointed. The CHAIRMAN of the COMPANY doesn't know what a POSITION in HIS OWN FUCKING COMPANY IS! Where is a giant desk? I'm going to go beat my head into it until I forget how stupid that is!

25. Speaking of stupid, the Black Hole of Charisma is out to fight one of his two favorite jobbers! Oh goodie, I guess Del Rio is going to show his "newfound" aggression, and we'll see the exact same Del Rio vs. Santino/Ryder match we've seen for the last half-year. After Big Show vs. Kane, I can't handle this much excitement in one show! It's now gotten to the point that even JR is mocking Ryder for his ridiculous gimmick. Poor guy, I'm not a fan, but he did manage to get himself over. He doesn't deserve this. Ryder starts to get some offense, and is about to get Santino'd, because he's setting up the Broski Boot. What a shock, less than a minute later, the newly aggressive Del Rio wins in a replay of the same match we all expected. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Alberto Del Rio is more convincing to having voices in his head than Randy Orton is. He goes completely off the wall and pretends that Zack Ryder is Randy Orton. He says that he's going to cut his head off at Hell in A Cell, which can't be good for the PG-image if Del Rio's turning into Subzero. I'm still not a fan of Del Rio, but I managed to say something positive about him. I'm trying, dammit!

26. Meanwhile, on All My Superstars, John Cena's righteous journey continues into Vickie Guerrero's office. Cena confronts her on the same thing we've been hearing all evening, and Vickie uses the phrase, "The reality is..." about four times before making my grammatical head explode by saying, "The reality is, you costed AJ her job." I'm just still waiting for all of this to somehow make sense. Trying to just mellow out. This show started so promising too, didn't it? Wrestling, exciting matches, a big upset, promises of Anger Management ham... What the hell has happened in the last hour?

27. Dolphy Gunn is ready to chime in with his thoughts, rehashing the entire accusatory line, even repeating the "fraternizing" line... Dolph, I guess you're forgetting your frat... Fuck it, I don't care. Ziggler joins in the misery parade and blames John Cena for AJ losing her job. The plot thinnens. A Ryback highlight video plays, and if Del Rio is Subzero, who would that make Ryback, seeing as he's now saying "FINISH HIM!"

28. CM Punk gets a pep talk from Paul Heyman, which is like the fifth segment in a row. I guess they got all the matches out of the way so they could provide this can't-miss television. It's a good thing we put commercials in most of the matches so we could make room for all of these. Didn't that just add so much? Didn't that keep everyone so very captivated? As the lumberjacks start to make their way to the ring, we get... Guess what? ANOTHER COMMERCIAL! Hey, there's Brodus Clay! Told you that you wouldn't escape it, Sis! You're not going to fast forward the main event... or will you? Dammit, I can't fast forward anymore. Why did I start watching so early?

29. Hey everyone, did you know this was the largest lumberjack match in RAW history? In what terms, exactly? Most people at ringside? Biggest competitors involved? Most highly-rated competitors involved with the most people at ringside? Or are we just going to accept it and observe obliviously from Wade Barrett's skybox. Since, you know, he's down at ringside to be a lumberjack. Lobsterhead comes out to what I can best describe as a minimal reaction. Is it just that the arena has bad acoustics or something? How is the crowd this dead for a match like this? In fairness, I'm about as jaded as one can get by now, but I bet it's at least a bit better watching it live, isn't it? Lobsterhead gets tossed out early, and everyone gives him "respect" by not attacking him. Punk then gets sent out, and gets thrown back in by his old running buddy, Claudio Castagnoli. Sheamus is on the offensive, and for fuck's sake crowd, can you at least pretend to be invested? It's not two unknowns duking it out here. I've seen people watch grass grow more intently. Sheamus gets assaulted on the outside this time, so I guess the respect is gone, and... we're going to another commercial. Had to save time for four "Whodunnit" AJ/Cena segments, after all...

30. Back to the match, and Sheamus is grounded. Hey, William Regal was just talking to Wade Barrett. Now there's a pairing I wouldn't mind seeing! Big Show whines about something to the announcers, and Sheamus gets thrown to the outside again. It's malicious, and as most lumberjack matches do, the faces break up the heel attack. Hey, wasn't Team MP3 in the preview of the show tonight? Did that get cut for more Lifestyles of the Hungry and Fraternizing? Is it sad that JR being afraid of offending Big Show is more interesting than anything Big Show has done since he turned heel? Back to a rest hold, and Sheamus starts to come back... to lukewarm disinterest. The Forearm Chops of Doom at least manage a chant, and they're starting to make some noise. Say, did you know that this was the biggest lumberjack match in RAW history? They really should remind me more. These are facts that might help sell the show. They should really emphasize these things more often, so that we're all well-informed when enjoying some Monday Night wrestling! Sheamus hits a superplex for a near fall, and since there are so many superstars surrounding the ring, I guess that's a good time to tell us that it's the BIGGEST LUMBERJACK MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW! CM Punk hit a kick! That was the BIGGEST KICK IN A LUMBERJACK MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW! Ooh, Big Show stared intently! MOST INTENT STARE IN THE BIGGEST LUMBERJACK MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW! Punk misses the Savage Elbow and gets his back broken with an Irish Curse. Sheamus gets sent over the top rope, but walks back into the ring directly into the White Noise. The possibility of a BOOT TO THE HEAD! wakes up the crowd, and two other wrestlers get it. Show comes up on the apron and chokeslams Lobsterhead for the win. Before the bell can even ring, RyVD charges the ring. Punk tries to powder, and RyVD summons a little British Bulldog with a running powerslam. Punk again tries to bail, but the faces throw him back. This time he takes a powerbomb. Punk tries to escape into the crowd, and the faces again throw him back in. Punk gets military press tossed into the heels. How they're going to work this decision should at least be interesting, seeing as even the WWE champion hasn't gotten in offense on the T-1000 yet, but I suggest liquid nitrogen and a steel plant match. Well, the show started off pretty decent, and then the middle just tanked. Even the lumberjack match couldn't bring anyone back into it, and it didn't sell the Pay-Per-View very well. The lack of logic in the booking, not to mention the general apathy of the crowd really hurt this show.


Daniel Bryan's excessive celebration penalty gets him the return of the ham this week.

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