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Posted in: In Laiman's Terms
IN LAIMAN'S TERMS - Recap of Live Tweets for MITB
By Al Laiman
Jul 14, 2013 - 10:46:28 PM

credit Tom Jenner

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IN LAIMAN'S TERMS: Live Twitter Recap

7:46pm - I see the pre-show is getting the respect it deserves... Two midmatch commercials to sell just how urgent it is.

7:47pm - That Samoan Drop attempt... And I'm being generous with that... Really makes me miss Umaga's with air time.

7:48pm - Awesome four-man Tower of Doom there! Crowd seems to be on their feet, but can't tell with no sound.

7:49pm - A near fall cannot get any "nearer" than that.

7:50pm - Great combo for The Shield win there. Uso's definitely come out credible, and they deserve a future shot.

7:52pm - Shout-out to the "We Want Dr. Shelby" sign guy. We most definitely do need that outrageous dose of #Ham.

7:55pm - Ultimate Warrior on RAW? Oh for the love of JBL, please give him a live mic...

7:58pm - Fandango getting a huge reaction.. Or at least his music is.

8:00pm - Gee, I wonder which match is gonna be first...

8:05pm - President Chester A. Arthur leading out the new League of Nations with a live mic.

8:07pm - Cody Rhodes is coming out, and even the Notorious H.A.M. gets a little promo time. Always a good thing.

8:08pm - So what is Wade Barrett's entrance theme this week?

8:09pm - Almost had a Royal Rumble '05 standoff with Fandango in the beginning right there.

8:10pm - Rhodes Scholars and We the People now in a tag team duel to the job to Sheamus.

8:16pm - That's the most interesting thing Cody Rhodes has done in months! Wow, what a match so far!

8:17pm - Amazing sunset flip over the ladder from Fandango! Picture perfect!

8:20pm - Ambrose with some really clever ladder technique, and of course it was preceded by the laddercopter.

8:21pm - Cody is fired up and motivated, and after the last two years, gotta give him credit for that! Two Cross Rhodes in a row.

8:23pm - Cody's busted open! Hide the children, I don't think we'll made it to Tuesday!

8:24pm - It turns into a three-tag team melee with the Shield, We the People, and the Uso's, and Ambrose gets dumped on top. Crowd nuts for Cody!

8:25pm - Damien Sandow finally wins a match, and he does it by screwing over his friend Cody Rhodes. What a great opening match by all involved.

8:30pm - There is no such thing as a warm Philadelphia welcome.

8:34pm - @thiswaymilady is at least enjoying her puberty-stricken pretty boy hamming it up in the ring, I'm sure.

8:35pm - I think Vickie Guerrero deserves a "Good Sport" award.

8:36pm - I have to admit, I can't really hear him. I think this inept, oblivious character could be a refreshing change.

8:39pm - Do we really need the Twitter feed at the bottom of a Pay-Per-View? It comes off really bush league on a paid show.

8:40pm - Dammit Miz, you just caused the removal of the only interesting part of this match!

8:43pm - Wow, it's bland enough to turn a Philly crowd into 20,000 people distracted in muffled conversation.

8:44pm - Bill Burr yelling at this crowd would get a more positive reaction than a Miz heat spot.

8:49pm - That match was like drunken sympathy sex with a chick that scares you... At least it ended quickly.

8:51pm - The AJ/Kaitlyn feud is the best thing to happen to the Diva's Division since before it was ruined by being called the Diva's Division.

8:53pm - If your only hope for a life's redemption is a shiny leather strap with some gold on it, that garners the wrong kind of sympathy.

9:00pm - Good Diva's match with AJ getting the submission win. I see this feud continuing.

9:04pm - Chris Jericho's coffee-initiated feud had more buildup than the one with Ryback.

9:08pm - Well... At least we're getting all this out of the way now...

9:17pm - Apparently while I was distracted by literally anything else, Ryback's PPV losing streak finally came to an end.

9:19pm - A roll-up? I thought the Diva's match was already over!

9:23pm - Dolph Ziggler dressed up as Sin Cara? That would've won a #Ham for sure.

9:28pm - I try not to harp on it, but the Black Hole of Charisma just sucks the life out of the building.

9:30pm - Ziggler getting a great reaction from Philly. He looks as pumped as Cody Rhodes did.

9:32pm - ADR seems to be going after the concussion strike again. As long as he doesn't #RKOPunt him though, it's all good.

9:34pm - ZIggler with a top-rope X-Factor to a huge response. They're both bringing it tonight.

9:36pm - ADR hits a sick Voldemort Suplex for a close-fall.

9:38pm - A couple great counters lead to an awesome falling suplex for a Dolph close fall while AJ watches on at ringside.

9:39pm - I don't even know what I'd call that move ADR did off the top to Ziggles there, but it was awesome.

9:41pm - Attempted AJ interference gets Dolph disqualified. The split had to happen sooner or later with the crowd disposition difference.

9:42pm - AJ, go to your room and think about what you've done!

9:46pm - That guy in the crowd called it. Funaki returns to be the seventh man and wins Money in the Bank.

9:48pm - It's nice of them to pipe in all these cheers for Cena in this highlight video.

9:49pm - Listen to that pop for Mark Henry!

9:54pm - When will it no longer be acceptable that the biggest star in the company gets half-positive reactions at best?

9:55pm - Mark Henry dominating the opening portion of this match. And most of Philly is loving it. Take a hint!

9:58pm - Cena tries to mount an offensive, and gets punched right back down... Huge pop. This is something else. Hammerstein Ballroom vibe in here.

10:00pm - Mark Henry continues to mystify John Cena and the Philly crowd with a drop toe hold, followed by a quick Lionsault for a near-fall.

10:01pm - The Twitter ticker is bad enough without someone pulling a Harris to cheer for John Cena. Stop it!

10:03pm - John Cena again pretends that he can't lift up Mark Henry. I don't know what to believe in anymore!

10:04pm - Cena's having flashbacks to his handicap match against Miz and Riley by taking this much offense.

10:05pm - Henry catches Cena off the top with a World's Strongest Slam, and the crowd wanted that win so badly. Cena kicks out.

@DarthSpiker: @AlLaimanLOP The awkward guy sitting next to you doesn't appreciate Mark Henry's agility.

@DarthSpiker He was too distracted by the chick in the white dress when he busted out the Shooting Star Press.

@DarthSpiker: @AlLaimanLOP BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD. You're an Ohio fan, should be used to not believing!

@DarthSpiker I stopped believing a long time ago. Don't tell Steve Perry.

@DarthSpiker: @AlLaimanLOP Creeper totally popped for Mark Henry's Chocolate Destroyer.

@DarthSpiker That's what he do... Before the match at the catering table.

10:10pm - Cena's dominated most of the match, comes with an STF out of nowhere, and wins. Decent match, predictable ending.

10:15pm - Philly just came unglued for RVD!

10:17pm - Christian needs the "At Last" theme back.

10:18pm - This could finally be Daniel Bryan's night, and this place would go insane if it is.


10:22pm - I like Punk's AC/DC-ish new t-shirt.

10:23pm - Funny moment in the beginning as everyone jumps on RVD when he tries for his taunt.

10:24pm - It looks like a divide and conquer mentality going on in the beginning here. Interesting psychology.

10:24pm - ROH staredown with Bryan and Punk, and everyone goes nuts. RVD gets knocked off the apron again.

10:26pm - We get some mat wrestling before the ladder jacks up everyone's day. RVD's finally allowed back in the ring.

10:27pm - RVD drops the Rolling Thunder on the ladder. That didn't look like it felt good for either party.

10:28pm - Well, I'm glad they brought the Hornswoggle ladder for this match.

10:30pm - RVD pushes the ladder with Sheamus up there and he takes an awkward fall. That was not pleasant.

10:31pm - How nice, Sheamus already got in one of his 48 trademark moves. Nice one though, with the Rolling Samoan on the ladder.

10:32pm - Sheamus having some Sin Cara flashbacks with Daniel Bryan and that ladder. Bryan doesn't wish to have his own light theme and counters.

10:33pm - All six are on top of the ladders now duking it out., Punk throws the briefcase which causes everyone to tumble. Orton favoring the knee.

10:36pm - Went to the John and saw a commercial for my place of occupation. Even on a day off can't get away from that place.

10:37pm - Love Philly chanting "NO!" anytime Sheamus hits Bryan. Bryan and RVD are incredibly over tonight.

10:37pm - Innovative twist with the ladder version of Punk's knee and bulldog combo.

10:40pm - RVD knocks Christian off the ladder with a ladder to the ass. Getting hit in the tailbone is never fun.

10:42pm - RVD steadies himself atop the ladder and hits a Five-Star Frog Splash on the proverbial whipping boy of the match, Christian.

10:43pm - Bryan starting to get his big shone of the match, throwing huge kicks and diving to the outside, taking out Punk.

10:44pm - Bryan comes back to return the Sin Cara favor to Sheamus, and he looks done.

10:45pm - Bryan makes his ascent and is taken out by... Curtis Axel? Whaaaaaat?

10:45pm - CM Punk hits the GTS on Countout Axel. Could a Bryan/Punk alliance be in the future?

10:46pm - Paul Heyman is bringing the #Ham yelling at Axel while Punk crawls in the ring.

10:47pm - Heyman finally turns on CM Punk by throwing a ladder into him during his ascent.

10:48pm - Punk looks like he's gonna have the crimson mask. No doubt the children are terrified.

10:49pm - Ugh, Orton wins.

10:51pm - Orton wins to a sea of apathy. Most likely anticipating his impending promos.

10:52pm - Overall the show was good, albeit with a disappointing ending. Lots of storylines set up though.

Thanks, Hustle.

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