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Posted in: Kleck Presents
Kleck Goes Daily! Week 3- Day 21: BREAKING NEWS! Broken Hardys & Bully Ray Dudley Sign With ROH, And The Hardys Win ROH World Tag Titles!
By Kleckamania
Mar 5, 2017 - 3:08:28 PM

Day 21

Hello all and welcome to a bit of an unexpected day 21 of Kleck Goes Daily- a bit of some LOP breaking news! The Broken Hardys have signed with ROH, alongside Bully Ray Dudley. And in the same night Matt & Jeff bested the Young Bucks to win the ROH Tag Team Championships! Which brings us to our topic...

Breaking News! Broken Hardys & Bully Ray Dudley Sign With ROH (Is ROH Just Relying On WWE's Sloppy Thirds?)

This will be brief as it is mainly just to break the news on this website, but how long before fans say ROH is using too much former WWE talent? Okay, a bit tongue in cheek, but the point stands though. Talent is talent. WWE wasn't present at the dawn of time, so they don't have a monopoly on everything that exists. Dudleys were in ECW first. Hardys were in Omega and a bunch of other indy feds before WWF/WWE. Practically no one starts in WWE actually. And today, a big surprise blow hits WWE. Hardys didn't sign with them.

Undoubtedly the money wasn't worth the creative freedom, which honestly makes me happy. Pair that with a lighter schedule with less travel and the Hardys just kept it real. It is nice to see some wrestlers opting not to just take the highest paycheck possible at the expense of their artistic expression. Though I'm sad to see them leave TNA, bravo Matt and Jeff!

The other bit of interesting news here is that before Alberto Del Rio agreed to terms with TNA, they had Bully Ray coming back in that World Title spot. For some reason plans fell through, this might clear that up. Either that or TNA wanted Del Rio above Bully. Which tends to make more sense because TNA has a little more money to throw at talent. So all three of these men were set to be back in TNA and in days they all wind up in a different company- just goes to show how much parody exists in the world of pro wrestling.

These three signings are an aggressive move by ROH, which makes one wonder if they are possibly seeking to expand their audience and market soon. The Broken Hardys were wildly popular in TNA, effectively carrying them up as a company through their hardest time to date, and drawing in a large fanbase, including many casual viewers. Bully Ray broke through to the World Heavyweight Title scene in TNA, having picked up multiple runs in his time there. All three signings will have a big impact on the very top of the ROH card, which can only point to good things for the company. Though the Hardys have already proven that by picking up the World Title straps on their first night, Bully will undoubtedly be knocking on the door of whomever holds the strap after Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels clash at ROH's 15th Anniversary PPV on March 10th.

Regardless things just got interesting in ROH, and it will be interesting to see how these talent shake up the company, and it's trajectory going forward. They may have worked for other companies before, but they work for ROH now, and that's about all that matters.

And there you have it! On my daily series' 21st day we are dropping some exclusive news on LOP! Have any comments or want to discuss? Let's do it below. Until then I am Kleckamania, thank you for tuning in, enjoy WWE's Fast Lane PPV tonight if you are watching it, and see you all back tomorrow for the start of week 4 of my series, day 22, where I touch on the Fast Lane PPV. Enjoy your Sunday!

Day 20

Hello all and welcome to day 20 of Kleck Goes Daily! Today's topic stems from multiple news items about Kurt Angle and his impending return to WWE. Well then let's see...

Can Angle Accept A No Compete?

For a few years now I have seen fans speculate on Kurt Angle returning to WWE. Many hoping to see some more matches out of him for old time's sake. This always surprised me. I mean it's not surprising for a guy as revered as Angle to get that kind of response, after all it is pretty inarguable to rank him as one of the best professional wrestlers of modern times, or even all-time for that matter, but his last few years as a competitor in TNA were rough.

Angle has been suffering through a littany of injuries in that time, as the mileage of a long pro wrestling career caught up to him fast and hard. To the point where no matter how much Angle desired to continue wrestling, TNA was even hessitant to have him out there in the ring, which ultimately led to him being in the position to come back to WWE.

In an interview recently you start to see that dangerous side peeking out. Angle was asked about if he would be wrestling for WWE, he states and then reitterates multiple times that WWE made no mention to him of his role involving wrestling- and he sounds a bit defiant in his response to that. He insists he would pass the necessary physical this time around, and that it would be up to the fans ultimately, not WWE themselves if Angle would wrestle.

That answer is how you can tell Kurt Angle just cannot let go. The man loves to wrestle, but he is proving that he loves it so much that he can't make an honest decision to step away from it, even when his own body has made it abundantly clear in the past couple of years that he should if he values his health and life.

Angle is one of the greats, I loved his run in WWE, it was one of the best runs you will ever see, but those days are gone. And as much as I'd like to romanticize over them, I have seen the aftermath in TNA.

I've seen him wrestle countless times when he shouldn't have, and seen how the piling up injuries have affected his in-ring performance so much that it was blaring. And I've also seen Kurt play it off both in his words, and his actions within the ring. Anyone who has watched Angle in TNA should be able to tell nostalgic fans just how dangerous he is to himself at this point, because he simply doesn't know when to hang them up. He simply won't even admit it to himself.

He can't let go. Like countless men and women before him, he is hooked. And we've seen firsthand how addiction to the sport has honestly pushed him into doing things he really shouldn't have, or should be doing. And yet he won't admit that, as is evident from the defiance and frustration in the tone of his responses in the interview. He's simply not ever going to be able to make the decision on his own to walk away as an active competitor.

Rumors are now swirling that Kurt is set to come in and take the General Manager role from Mick Foley for RAW in the near future, and with it most likely a legends deal. And correct me if I am wrong, but I believe once a deal like that is signed you can't perform in the ring for another company any longer. So if WWE has no intentions of him wrestling again, that could spell the end of his days as an active competitor. Is he willing to do that? After seeing his responses in the interview that sparked this column, I don't think he could do that, but if he signs on he may not have that choice.

And maybe WWE is aware of how much mileage he has at this point physically, and are even to an extent trying to protect him, but sadly I'm not sure if I believe that, because in the tone of his responses you can see a knowledge of the industry in Angle saying it would ultimately be up to the fans to decide if he wrestles again or not. WWE is also a slave to the wants of their consumers, at least enough to change their minds if necessary. So in essence, his wellfare rests in our hands.

If we chant "One more match" loud enough, and enough times, WWE will most likely make it happen, despite a possible good intention to keep him out of the ring for his own safety, and their own liability. Despite that if the need is there from their consumers, they will look to make it happen, even if isn't the best choice. And any kind of match we would get out of Kurt Angle in 2017 is quite honestly not worth the risk. Like I said, I admire the man's career greatly, but not even rose tinted glasses and a brain filled with nostalgia will mask his mortality now. And any fan who watched him in TNA can tell you as much firsthand.

At this point in time our nostalgia as fans could be a detriment to his health. Sorry to be the boring voice of reason, but I already feel like I have enough blood on my hands as a fan to take on any more color. I already feel guilty over guys like Chris Benoit, Jimmy Snuka, Daniel Bryan, among so many others. Watching these wrestlers set out to entertain us regardless of consequence for years, then watching them all fall apart and or die way younger then they ever should have, has left a mark on my psyche that I just cannot seem to shake- and I really don't want to add another tragedy to that list.

So against popular wish I sincerely hope he doesn't wrestle, as I'm content with merely seeing and hearing an old friend, I don't need to see him wrestle now to validate any of that. The question is though, will Kurt Angle be able to just let go, or is he determined to wrestle until he reaches a Randy "The Ram" esque finish? I think he is, which means as fans it is partly our responsibility to protect him now, even from himself, as the years worth of entertainment we got from him dictates. Sometimes you have to show love by knowing when to prevent a loved one from self destructing. I'm pretty sure this is one of those times. And if we really do love what he has done in a ring in his career, then we owe it to him to be the voice of reason his addiction won't allow himself to listen to.

As fans, we have more power then we think.

Well that wraps up yet another day. Any insight or comments on the topic? Let's hear your opinions below and discuss. Until then I'm Kleckamania, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you tomorrow for the finish to week 3!

Day 19

Hey folks! Welcome back to day 19 of Kleck Goes Daily! Tonight's edition is being written shortly after Kleck put his kids to bed! If any of you have been the parent of young children you probably have PTSD, and refer to this time of night as World War III. I'm feeling a bit like Bernie Mac at the moment (from his show, darn kids. RIP Bernie), and my brain is a bit melty from the war. So yeah, these predictions should be interesting. The blase idgaf exhaustion radiating from the very fiber of my being at the moment might mix as well with predicting a wrestling PPV as Bleach and Vinegar (Chlorine Gas fueled Fast Lane Predictions! Seriously though, don't be dumb and mix those things. You'd die!)

WWE Fast Lane Predictions

It's time for that PPV where people hold their breath hoping WWE doesn't do something horrible, Fast Lane! A lot of fans are really sweating this one! Will Goldberg win? Won't he? What about Reigns? If Gallows and Anderson win does that make the Realest Guys In The Room a 1/4th of the man that Roman Reigns is? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions? Tune in below to find out!

Up first we have some of the best wrestlers in the world, in a match that not many people seem to care about. Why? Well mainly because WWE has booked them about as blandly and generically as the average grandma's unseasoned baked chicken. Of course I am talking about the Cruiserweight division (Keep proving Rey Rey right, WWE)!

In this match we see The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar face off against Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa. Though Tozawa is still relatively new and building, it feels like a feud is developing, which lends to the thought that The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar will pick up the win here. Expect Swann to eat the pin, and Tozawa to seek revenge in the immediate future for his first win/loss blemish. And also expect this match to be one of the best of the night in terms of sheer athleticism and technical precision. This match should be highly entertaining.

In the next match we have Sami Zayn versus Samoa (mmmm girl scout cookies) Joe. Who will win here? LOL. Don't get me wrong, this match should be awesome when you factor in that Joe is a stiff selling heel and Zayn is one of the best bumpers in the entire industry, but Samoa Joe undoubtedly picks up this win. Joe is the new bully heel on the block, and needs some momentum. This should also be one of the most entertaining matches on the card.

Up next is one of the most anticipated matches of the night... just kidding!, it's just Nia Jax versus Sasha Banks. I get the feeling Wrestlemania is building up to a moment that fans clammored for for a long time- Sasha vs. Charlotte vs. Bayley. That would mean Sasha Banks gets the win here. And then we get a month plus of Charlotte trying to turn Sasha and Bayley against each other. Which should actually be pretty excellent- unlike this match, which will probably be one of the least entertaining matches on the card.

Uh oh, here it is! Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman. I get the feeling WWE does the right thing here and has Braun Strowman win, and I think some kind of Undertaker related kookiness will cause the Reigns loss. And then we can look forward to the camera showing how shocked and frustrated Reigns is for an abnormally long period of time! I don't have high expectations for the quality of this match, as though Reigns has improved, he is against another big- styles don't really mesh, so I'd temper expectations for this being a top match on the night. If Reigns wins, do we riot?

And now we see who wins between Neville and the Gentleman Jack Gallagher for the Cruiserweight Championship. Despite my love for Jack Gallagher, it seems obvious Neville wins here. His heel work has given me some faith that WWE is redoubling their Cruiser efforts, and it seems to fit having a heel carry the belt to Wrestlemania. Expect this match to be another very entertaining one.

This brings us to Gallows and Anderson vs. The Realest Guys In The Room. I'm not quite sure what went down to seemingly piss creative off at Gallows and Anderson, but two weeks in a row they got handled by Roman Reigns by himself. I can't imagine how Gallows and Anderson retain here after that nonsense, especially not if WWE desires to make the tag division look even remotely valuable again, which means I believe Enzo & Cass pick up the win here. This should set the stage for their rematch at Wrestlemania, so expect this feud to intensify. Bada Boom.

Annnnd I just had to take a break and bust out the popcorn. Neighbors are screaming at each other. And I mean screaming. Wow! That was as out of nowhere as Randy Orton's sudden turn on Bray Wyatt! Who wins? Husband or Wife? I'm going with The Husband this battle, though she has a vagina, so ultimately she'll win the war (Just accept it men. We are slaves to it) And judging from the battle they just had Fast Lane could have really benefitted from my neighbors being on the card!

Speaking of catfights, up next is Bayley vs. Charlotte! Now I expect this match to be highly entertaining, though I get the feeling shenanigans will be involved. This, coupled with me picking Sasha Banks to win the earlier Women's match makes me think Charlotte Flair will regain the Women's Championship yet again, just to make Bayley's win at Wrestlemania that much sweeter. Expect this developing Triple Threat match to become one of the most interesting and entertaining feuds going in to Wrestlemania.

And last but not least.... the match many fear- Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. Will Goldberg win? *spooky ghost noises* No. I really don't think so. Though who knows. If he signed an extended contract then he might pick up the win here, though I still feel convinced that Kevin Owens wins thanks to some undoubted interference by Chris Jericho. Afterall, Y2J promised KO would win this match, and Jericho is a man of his word. Especially when it gives him a world title shot at Wrestlemania. This is WWE though, so just expect the nonsenical opposite scenario to prevail here. I do expect this match to be very interesting at the least due to the implications it has, though maybe not a contender for match of the night, but still, drink it in. KO just made the list!

And that concludes day 19. What are your thoughts or predictions? I'd love to know, let's discuss it below! Until then I'm melty Kleckamania, thanks for reading, and hope to see you back tomorrow for day 20!

Day 18

Welcome all to day 18 of Kleck Goes Daily! I only have so much "free time" in a day, and you have no idea how hard it is to write these since I got a Nintendo Classic Mini! Seriously I'm playing Punch Out against King Hippo and having hardcore flashbacks of days when little Kleck watched Bret Hart get smushed by Yokozuna- aka a long time ago! I'm still here though, and the one thing that keeps going through my mind from this Monday's RAW is another thing that deflates me- WWE's care (or lack thereof) of their Tag Division.

How Not To Strengthen A Division Or Roster

This whole time we thought WWE was fumbling up their tag divisions, and in actuality they might just be teaching us exactly what not to do! If so, this past Monday's RAW was a wonderful lesson! Why's that Kleck? (Literally noone just said that to themselves until they just read this), well because Big Show.

If you caught RAW then you might have seen the match where Big Show demolished a tag team by himself. Granted, it was the shining stars, who are so bad that they didn't even deserve capitalization in this sentence, but this would mark about the third time in as many weeks that WWE has had one guy squash a tag team on RAW- with the previous two being split end free Roman Reigns standing tall over Gallows & Anderson. If the goal is to make the tag division look stupid and pointless, then WWE is really nailing it.

It's one thing when the Shining Stars get that kind of treatment, but Gallows & Anderson are the current RAW tag champs, and Reigns took them both on by himself twice in successive weeks. What message does that send to anyone watching? That the best tag teams WWE have can't even take down one of the top guys in the company by himself- which is a bit ludicrous.

And why does WWE do this? To build up one of the bigs before a major event. But isn't there any better way to do that?

It seems like there are just too many hands in the pot in terms of creative. I'd imagine, considering WWE runs tag matches on every show and every PPV, that it should care about the division. The division must be important to them on some level, but whoever is both booking and approving this kind of crap is just sabotaging the division into irrelevance.

I'm an old school tag match fan. Some of my favorite matches growing up were tag matches. There was a value in those matches back then, maybe I am just remembering with rose tinted glasses on, but some of those matches were magic. The Rockers, Hart Foundation, Quebecers, Freebirds, Horsemen, Dudleys, Edge & Christian, Hardyz, Steiners, e.t.c. So much value in the tag divisions then, and I think of modern times and I can't think of nearly as many examples in the big North American companies. Hell No, New Day, Bad Influence, Roode and Aries. And there are some seriously promising teams like American Alpha and The Revival that I can only hope will have a chance to create the kind of magic I am speaking of, but if WWE and other big feds book the tag division in this way, then we won't get it.

Tag teams years ago used to provide a much different dynamic to a storyline. Then teams used their numbers to take down top guys, or meddle enough that it became truly compelling television. Now it seems tag teams are used to feed the biggest guys on the roster to make them look tough before a high profile match. This is really stretching the suspension of disbelief. If it is a guy like Lesnar, Strowman, or Big Show it makes sense because they are monsters. It would make sense though for a man like Andre The Giant moreso, and yet I don't remember instances of him just demolishing tag teams by himself.

Which points to the notion that booking is becoming a bit lazy in how they build guys up. Maybe it is just the industry becoming a victim of modern culture and society- shorter attention spans equal shorter booking, making it harder to build a guy up to the same level in less time, but even then why wouldn't you protect teams and guys who are regular performers on the roster?

I mean can I ever look at the Shining Stars and take them as a serious competitor or threat to anyone now? No. If companies like WWE just have to have squashes like that, why don't they just sacrifice some local guys who are simply looking for exposure? They do it often even in recent times, as most of Strowman's run has involved posterizing countless local indy guys, but why do they deviate at times and toss the Shining Stars or Gallows and Anderson under the bus? Hell they could even toss in some of the tag teams lower on the totem pole down in NXT, it could give them exposure and even add a dimension to their characters- perhaps a motivator for that team to improve and get stronger, or a wrinkle that creates dissent. It could even draw more crossover fandom from both fanbases. At least NXT is psychologically viewed as the minors to the main rosters majors, so it is a bit more protected then guys who are already up top. Guys who are needed and expected to build that suspension of disbelief.

When WWE books like this not just once, but three times in a row, it is as if they are intentionally trying to tell us the tag division holds no value, which is a major disservice to a division that might be the best division of professional wrestling on a historical level depending on who you ask. Count me among those people. Which is why, in particular, seeing Reigns make light work of the tag champs really rubbed me the wrong way- and I don't even particularly dig Gallows and Anderson- it is merely the principle behind it. Your top tag teams should be able to easily take down any solo act on the roster- it shows you what numbers and teamwork can accomplish, and it adds legitimacy to the entire roster as a whole.

I can only hope teams like American Alpha and The Revival are never booked like this, as in my opinion those two teams are the definition of a great tag team. They could both produce some magic moments if given the proper opportunities. Though if any teams continue to be booked this way on the main roster, or any full timer for that matter, then it will drag down the entire division, and by causation, the entire roster. So please WWE, stop sacrificing main roster teams and solo acts! As a division and federation are only truly as strong as their weakest link(s), and WWE just made theirs look like a couple of Glass Joes. And once you distinguish that there are Glass Joes, then not even the Mike Tysons, Roman Reigns', or Big Shows will be picking up much luster from besting them, because it has been established that everyone does pretty effortlessly.

Well there you have it, day 18. Any thoughts or comments? Discussion is welcome below! With that, I'm Kleckamania, thanks for reading, and hope to see you tomorrow when I most likely do a predicition column for Fast Lane! See you then.

Day 17

Hello all! It is turning into quite a busy news week in the world of pro wrestling! I've decided to do a bit on RAW tomorrow, followed by a Fast Lane prediction column on Friday, because tonight I kind of wanted to talk TNA, and how things are shaking up over there. Let's take a look...

What Is TNA Doing? Plus Two Former World Champion Signings I'd Bet On!

By now I imagine most everyone reading this knows about the TNA departures of the Broken Hardys (if you haven't yet, check out fellow MP columnist TripleR's newest one about the Hardys- good read by a great writer!) and Reby Sky (whom I will miss for all the wrong reasons- she's pretty hot imo), but the TNA news hasn't stopped there! We are now finding out that "The Miracle" CM Pun... I mean Mike Bennett is also parting ways with the company, as well as Maria Kanellis and Jade, among a few office people. After seeing all of that I started to wonder just what is going on?

Cue the TNA is dying people! I've already seen that sentiment stated about 63 thousand times this week, like any time any news about TNA pops up over the past 12 or 13 years. Sorry detractors, but it still isn't gonna happen.

Listen, I won't deny that losing the Broken Hardys is a terrible blow, but after reading more of the changes happening within TNA their departure in particular makes a bit more sense.

Which brings us to some positive news, Dutch Mantell has been named head of creative for TNA. This is a man with a brilliant wrestling mind that has loads of experience in the industry. This is why the breakdown in contract negotiations makes sense to me- a new head of creative. It is no secret that the Hardys had a lot of creative control over their characters, and when you bring in new people to take over creative it kind of handcuffs them when talent have creative control over their characters. Dutch could have some brilliant ideas up his sleeves and would possibly not be able to do anything about it if multiple talent have the final say- ie multiple hands in the pot.

Would I personally give them the creative control they want in order to keep them around? Yes, but I completely understand why TNA was pushing for a fresh slate. They are shaking things up- new ownership, new management, new creative head, even down to them seriously contemplating changing the brands name itself! TNA is looking for a fresh start. And when you are carrying around a bunch of edicts from old regimes you can't really do that as effectively.

I'm gutted by the Hardys leaving. Two years ago I would have laughed hysterically if someone told me I would feel that way about them, but this Broken gimmick has been nothing short of a career renaissance for both men, particularly Matt. And I am terrified of them going to WWE. I know people do not want to hear that, but let's be real- the Hardys won't have any creative control in WWE either. They would be paid a lot more, but WWE will run that gimmick into the ground hard and fast, and it will lose its value quick. I'm honestly kind of hoping they go anywhere but WWE, but it seems pretty inevitable that they will come back for one last run.

And though TNA will suffer a bit by losing them, one plus side is they were offering the Hardys the highest salaries of any performers in the company, which means TNA now has a boat load of money free to expand their roster. This is where I predict, no- nearly guarantee that two signings will be happening in the very near future.

Who? Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. Some may not have heard this yet, but Jack and WWE have just agreed to part ways. And who used to manage both Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in WWE? Good old Real American Dutch Mantell. It nearly makes me wonder if TNA partially put Dutch in that spot to lure in guys like these. And imagine how much heel heat a Real American gimmick could pick up nowadays considering the world's current social and political climate? It could be straight money in Dutch's hands.

This is also in addition to the extra money TNA will have as a result of no more Mike Bennett, again another great talent, even if I personally think he lays on the CM Punk persona just a bit too thick- still a great wrestler. Where will that extra money go? I am gonna speculate here and say TNA extends offers to Cody Rhodes and even possibly tries to coax Cesaro away from WWE. Cody is already working limited dates with the company, while Cesaro has to be losing his patience with a lack of a proper push in WWE, paired with the fact that he also used to be managed by good old Dutch as well.

Now even if all of these signings happen, it still isn't a guarantee that TNA will find success in the wake of losing the Broken Hardys and The Miracle, but with Dutch at the helm of creative I'm optimistic in how talent could be utilized. So there is definitely some bad news for TNA, but a bit of a potential bright side as well. Though I'm sad to see the Hardys in particular go, I'm interested in seeing what Dutch can do in his new spot.

And that wraps up day 17! Any thoughts on anything within this topic? Any predictions of your own that don't involve TNA going belly up? I'd love to hear them and discuss in the comments section below! Until then I'm Kleckamania, thanks for reading, and hope to see you tomorrow for day 18!

Day 16

Hello all and welcome back to day 16 of Kleck Goes Daily! Today my series is deep in its teens. I remember when it was just a baby (single tear). Anyway I said yesterday that most likely today's column would be about Monday's episode of RAW, but Smackdown just seems a bit more interesting to talk about tonight. Plus I figured I could touch on RAW tomorrow, and maybe follow it up with a bit of a prediction column for Fast Lane in a few days. Though tonight let's try to decipher what just happened on Smackdown.

Smackdown! Audibles Or Intended Deception?

What a confusing Smackdown. WWE used to have a tried and true method of booking matches for big events, and it seems like present day WWE is just doing the polar opposite on purpose now exclusively just to seem unpredictable.

I guess that is the logical progression of a business that makes it's money in the entertainment/storytelling industry, but nights like tonight just make me scratch my head. Last week we saw a botched finish in the Battle Royal to determine a new number one contender for Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, and tonight we were set to see AJ Styles square off against Luke Harper to finalize who would go on. And after the show was over I am still wondering if we got any resolution at all even tonight.

Yes AJ Styles won, but the way things went down both during the match and after makes me wonder if WWE is just juggling booking around just for the sake of it in order to keep people guessing until we are near the end of the road to Wrestlemania. AJ Styles thought he picked up the win, and who comes down to restart the match but Shane McMahon- a guy who is heavily rumored to be starting up a Wrestlemania feud with AJ Styles.

This was a bit jarring considering Shane is pretty scarce these days, with Daniel Bryan typically coming down to make the judgement calls lately. Shane coming out to screw AJ Styles, in AJ's characters eyes at least, just makes the audience wonder if we really are about to see that feud come to life. Though AJ just won the right to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania...

And then matters get even more confusing when Randy Orton pops up on the jumbotron and proceeds to stab Bray in the back now, way before Mania and while Bray is miles and miles away...

Huh. What the hell is going on?

Did not expect that one. I admit it was a decent way for Randy to turn by burning down the Wyatt compound that rested on Sister Abigail's grave, but it just seems a bit anti-climactic considering the build between Orton and Wyatt leading up to it. Just seems like Orton would wait until the title was right there in his grasp. I mean, if I were Randy Orton, I would opt to help Bray team up on AJ in their Triple Threat match at Mania until AJ was a bloody stump, and then twist that knife into Bray's back. Considering Randy is the methodical, shifty, opportunistic viper you'd think that would be the kind of thing he would look to do. So why didn't he? And why thrust AJ Styles into this feud when he really doesn't fit in it at all?

The more I think about all of this though the more I realize there were variables in the booking that I didn't truly consider leading up to tonight's Smackdown. For starters, if Orton waited to turn until the actual match, why would there be a justification for him to even be in the match? Even when it seemed Luke Harper was set to win, why would Orton logically wind up in that situation? To teach Harper a lesson? Seems like something Bray would prefer to do himself, especially considering Randy could still help him from ringside, and in that scenario Bray doesn't have to worry about Orton screwing him over. This right here is a huge red herring that I, and I imagine many other fans glossed over. So logically it only made sense for Orton to turn on Bray before Wrestlemania, as anything else makes no sense from a character standpoint.

Though now they have added AJ into the mix? I'll admit after that botch that saw Luke Harper win the Battle Royal by a near 3 seconds, I'm a bit peeved that Luke now is essentially off the Wrestlemania card altogether. Mostly because I think he is an outstanding wrestler with a lot of untapped charisma whom deserves a greater spotlight on him, but partially because he blatantly won that match and WWE decided to just erase that, refuse to acknowledge it, and pretend it never happened. Hopefully Luke will still get an increase in opportunities going forward, though I'm glad I didn't hold my breath hoping for the same for Cesaro, cause I'd be pretty blue, bloated, and dead right now if I did.

And I think the answer to AJ not fitting is because he doesn't, and WWE isn't done throwing curveballs at us. Our biggest red herring for that leap of logic is the fact that Shane McMahon came down to restart tonight's match instead of Daniel Bryan. If that were the end of the angle, then it wouldn't make sense for Shane to make a rare appearance just for that. Especially when insider info points to them facing each other in the immediate future. So mark my words, Shane will most likely be screwing AJ out of that World Title opportunity in the coming weeks. If that does happen though, and at Mania the WWE Title match is just Bray versus Randy, then that is a very roundabout way of making that match happen. A roundabout way that involves WWE pretending a match ended a certain way when it didn't, and then negating the results of a match that officials guaranteed would determine a new number one contender for the strap. Kind of a crappy way to go about it.

And more frustrating yet, if WWE knew the end result was going to be Randy versus Bray, then why throw in any of that and instead just simply allow the plot to unfold itself leading into the Randy heel/face (seriously, which is it?) turn?

That answer seems to point to WWE just keeping people guessing as long as possible. Which is a bit annoying, but this is the day and age WWE, and pro wrestling is in- the age of needing to mask results so much just to prevent the product from becoming too predictable. And aside from the unexpected botched Battle Royal finish, I think this is exactly WWE's intention with all of this. I do think everything else was planned ahead, and that this isn't a case of last minute booking changes. It is simply WWE trying to be at least slightly unpredictable through intended deception- though in an extremely convoluted way.

So what to look forward to? Pretty much Bray versus Randy intensifies, while Shane screws AJ out of his title shot, thus setting the stage for their own feud. You heard it here, AJ versus Shane now seems a bit inevitable. Though I do think it will be a good match, I can only hope WWE doesn't do to AJ what they did to the Undertaker last year. AJ was a TNA talent though, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see them have Shane go over. Pretty much most fans biggest fear coming to fruition, and the start of a bad Wrestlemania streak for the Phenominal One. *Sigh*

What do you fine readers think? Any alternate predictions or guesses on booking leading up to, and or including Wrestlemania? Let's discuss it below! Until then thank you for reading, and hope to see you tomorrow. Kleck out.

Day 15

Hello all and welcome to day 15 of Kleck Goes Daily! I'm posting a bit early today as tonight might wind up too hectic to do so, and I wanted to keep this going! Today's topic was inspired from a discussion on a thread down in the Columns Forum of this very website a little less than a week ago. The CF is an awesome place to talk wrestling, or even try your hand at writing columns, or even do some LPW (Shout out to our Live 205 results guy Al Pyro, who runs the LPW down in the Columns Forum!). If you love wrestling the CF will feel like a 2nd home. I can't quite remember what started the discussion, but it wound up focused on WWE tag super group The New Day, and what their fate may be going forward considering their hosting duties for this year's Wrestlemania.

What Will Become Of New Day?

This question has been looming on a lot of fans minds for a good while, but the curiosity seemed to increase when it was found out that New Day would only be hosting this year's annual Wrestlemania, instead of competing. A role oft given to celebrities to breathe some life into the event between matches. A role which given to an active performer(s), could point to WWE not having immediate plans for them- hence some of the fan concern.

The bright side of this is the New Day are being given an opportunity to fill a spot WWE puts celebrities in- a spot that is used to try and draw in more casual viewers. That's actually a pretty big vote of confidence. I also don't believe this means an impending breakup on the immediate horizon.

Why? Because New Day are among the very top merchendise movers in the entire company. And even if WWE doesn't have intentions of pushing them much more, money talks, which is why I could see New Day staying together for at least the better part of another calendar year. I would also be surprised to not see them reclaim the tag team titles at least briefly in that time, and that might even be the the time that they dissolve as a group. The other thing that might help them as a team, and Xavier as a solo competitor eventually, is the popularity of his web show UpUpDownDown. Though the upside from that wouldn't be significant, but it is enough to consider.

As for what may become of them once a breakup happens? I can see Kofi getting a few more midcard title runs, though when you consider how long he has been wrestling now, you start to wonder what he envisions as a timeline for his career. I could see him wrestling for another 5 or so years, after that who knows. At that point he will be around 40 years old and have had been wrestling for WWE for about 15 years. Kind of almost hard to believe he has experienced so much success in just about 10 years time.

Xavier I can see experiencing some limited success- maybe a tag title run with a new partner on the heels of a New Day breakup, and a US Title run somewhere down the line. If he was able to use a gamer gimmick he could experience an unexpectedly big surge in popularity as a solo competitor considering how big that market has become. I could absolutely buy a crafty, mighty mouse kind of gamer gimmick out of him, and think he could be awesome in the midcard for at least a few years.

Big E I could see picking up multiple IC title runs, and maybe even a couple more US Title runs, though I have major doubts that WWE ever plans on elevating him much higher. He has the build, athleticism, and even the charisma for the most part if he has someone to feed off of, but judging from both how they booked him before New Day, and their seeming dragging of their feet now with him and I don't think that spells top things in store. I could possibly see them giving him a WWE title run (assuming an eventual Smackdown trade) if they do it either during the New Day run or immediately after, but otherwise we may never see him reach that next level. I do sadly think once he is entrenched in his solo run that he will kind of get blended into the roster and just orbit the midcard scene like so many before him.

And now a little bit of additional speculation far down the road. It is safe to say the New Day as a team will have put in enough accolades to get an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame one day, but what are the prospects for each competitor individually?

I think Kofi has already done more than enough to deserve an induction as a solo competitor, and a few more years of picking up the occasional mid card runs will just cement his spot. Kofi was a gatekeeper in the midcard scene for a long time, and racked up a title resume that some current hall of famers don't even measure up to, and Kofi's only been at this for about 10 years! I also think it is the least WWE can do inducting Kofi twice, as it seems clear they have no intention of elevating him to the upper card, which is a shame as I think he could have had an extremely believeable/entertaining run at the top, including a couple World Title runs.

I think Big E has an outside shot at getting in individually if he catches fire quick after New Day, otherwise I think he may be doomed to slip down the card before he quietly fades out of the company years later like guys of Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett's caliber. And I think Xavier has a very very slim shot of getting in as a solo competitor, unless his initial gimmick catches fire and WWE actually books him well, two massively big ifs.

Though regardless, we still have New Day as a team for at least the forseeable future, and I don't know about you, but I consider them to have had one of the best tag runs in modern times- only really touched on the main roster by Daniel Bryan and Kane, or in the semi recent past by teams like the New Age Outlaws, Edge & Christian, and the Hardy's. Though honestly at this point I'd say they've surpassed all of those teams minus maybe Edge & Christian. In other words, they're great, and there is a very good chance they aren't done yet, so don't you dare be sour, and enjoy their run for as long as they remain in power!

Well that wraps up day 15 nice and early! Wow, I'm not used to this! Now when I pull a double at work tonight I won't have to stress over this as well. So what do you think about today's topic? Any insight on the New Day's trajectory, their break up and subsequent solo runs, or if you think they will eventually get into the Hall Of Fame as a team and or as solo acts? Let's discuss it below! And hopefully you will join me tomorrow for day 16, in which I will undoubtedly cover something we see on RAW tonight. Until then I am Kleckamania, and thank you for joining me!

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