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Posted in: The King's Corner
The King's Corner: Will the Sami Zayn Heel Turn Be Successful?
By KingKervin
Oct 10, 2017 - 11:04:37 PM

The King's Corner

Will the Sami Zayn Heel Turn Be Successful?

After the events that unfolded at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV put on by the blue brand of the WWE, we were left with more questions than answers. Since his arrival to NXT and now onto the main roster of WWE, Sami Zayn has been the most white-meat babyface a wrestling fan could find, even more-so than a John Cena. At least Cena pushed the line sometimes. Sami Zayn has only ever really done that once, and that was during his feud with Braun Strowman and his obvious anger towards Mick Foley at the time. Other than that, Sami has been as straight laced as they come.

Shoutout to my buddy Caleb Baldwin, who has given Sami the moniker of the George Costanza of the WWE. It’s hard to argue, as he is so erratic, but also someone you can’t help but adore, despite all of his shortcomings. I speak in terms of character, of course, as we know there are very few wrestlers in the world today who are as great as Sami Zayn. But, alas, it was all to change on Sunday, and now we are getting a fresh take on the Sami Zayn character.

After helping his former best-friend Kevin Owens escape from the clutches of defeat, we have learned that Sami was just doing the right thing. He was helping his friend, he was a guardian angel, so to speak. Sami has long been over-looked in the WWE, and in a lot of ways, he explained himself beautifully on Tuesday night. The reality of the situation is that despite a show that calls itself the Land of Opportunity, Sami brought light to the fact that it really isn’t. Sami hasn’t been given many opportunities, despite being one of the best wrestlers on the roster. And even when he was given chances, they were snatched away by some form of cheating or trickery when he had it won, and where was Shane? Nowhere.

This is the beauty of a heel turn in professional wrestling. Sometimes, as much as we love the heels that think they are justified when they really aren’t, in this case, we are getting a different look. Sami is 100 percent in the right for what he did. It’s almost as if he isn’t even a heel. He’s just woke, as the kids would say. It reminds me a bit of the Rusev and Enzo mini-feud from a while back when Enzo was hitting on Lana. Rusev got pissed and beat the hell out of him, and why? Because Enzo was hitting on his fucking wife. Rusev was the heel, but he really wasn’t. We’d all do the same in that situation. Granted, the company kind of crapped on that whole deal by making Rusev do things he didn’t need to do to get his point across, but in the beginning, that’s what this was.

It’s only amplified in its heeldom because Sami is aligning himself with Kevin. Had Sami decided to just help Owens, but only to make a point to Shane, then that’s one thing, but the ace in the hole is the alignment with a guy who will turn on you in a moment’s notice. And I think that’s the ultimate dynamic here. Sami has to know that he can’t truly trust Kevin Owens. He may realize that Owens is right in a lot of the things he says, but there’s no way he would ever truly trust the guy. So, the question remains now? Is this part of a long con?

Could Sami now be tricking Owens into thinking they are aligned, in an attempt to help his own personal gain? Or is Sami being the ever so gullable Sami he’s always been? I think that’s the perfect story to tell for a while, because they are forever linked given their history, but it’s always been Kevin turning his back on Sami, and we kind of expect it to happen again, because history repeats itself.

All I truly know about this entire story is that it can only benefit Sami Zayn. He’s needed to press the reset button on his character for a while. And how he does as a heel will be a true testament to his staying power in the WWE, and where his future is headed. Sami being able to pull this off could be the catalyst that gets a WWE Championship on him sooner rather than later. And I know that’s going to make a lot of people happy. As someone who never really loved Sami Zayn, he made a believer out of me with this turn and the promo that followed. The follow through was what mattered, and he nailed it. So, for those of you who don’t like this, keep an open mind, because this is only going to be a good thing.

And of course, until next time…

The King has spoken!


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Latta’s Lariat #27: Sami Zayn Saves Kevin Owens And Himself & HIAC Ratings

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