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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
The LoP 100: Part 2 (#70-#41)
By Hustle
Sep 23, 2013 - 8:04:19 PM

Writer's Note: In case you missed it, here's an explanation of what the LoP 100 is, as well as the first 30 names on the list..

LoP 100: Part 1

Now, let's get on with the next 30 names, shall we?

70. Zema Ion
Accomplishments: Came into the grading period as the TNA X-Division Champion (dropping the title on October 14th, 2012).. 4-12 record on TNA television
Breakdown: Obviously, he missed a large portion at the end of the grading period due to his medical issues, but people still gave him credit for being one of TNA's top X-Division guys while he was healthy. His record wasn't very good, but he closed it out with a 1-9 record, so he wasn't too bad to start things off. Expect things to be better for him upon his return, whenever that may be.

69. Carlito
Accomplishments: Won the Family Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Title on October 6th, 2012 (dropping the title on June 21st)
Breakdown: There have only been six FWE Heavyweight Title reigns in the belt's brief, two-year history, but at 258 days, Carlito's reign was the longest, so he has that going for him. As the months go by, it seems like less and less people are hoping for a WWE return for the man who used to be the guide as to what was and wasn't "cool", but he seems to be doing alright for himself since leaving the company, so I don't think he's complaining too much.

68. Eddie Kingston
Accomplishments: Current CHIKARA Grand Champion (won the title on November 13th, 2011).. Current Jersey All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion (with Homicide, won the titles on April 14th, 2012)
Breakdown: As you can see, Kingston just continued to hold on to his titles. As of the moment this gets posted, he will have been the CHIKARA Grand Champion for 674 days, and one-half of the JAPW Tag Team Champions for 521 days. To put that into comparison, CM Punk held the WWE Title for 434 days, and people were blown away that someone could keep a title for that long. Kingston has held two different titles for longer than that, and the days are still being added to the number.

67. Shinsuke Nakamura
Accomplishments: Came into the grading period as New Japan Pro Wrestling's IWGP Intercontinental Champion (dropping the title on May 31st).. Current New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP Intercontinental Champion (won the title on July 20th)
Breakdown: While people like Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Prince Devitt get most of the attention and the talk from people who watch New Japan, Nakamura has remained a steady performer that some view as the promotion's MVP. As the others get the attention, he just goes out and puts in work, and that's why I'm a fan of his.

66. Ivelisse
Accomplishments: Nothing of note
Breakdown: Honestly, I think a lot of what made people rate Ivelisse so high is how much improvement she's showing. She seems to get better and better in the ring with each passing match, and she's becoming one of the top women in promotions like SHINE, where many of the top female talents on the planet perform. It's only a matter of time before she starts seeing bigger and better success as she continues working for more promotions. She's come a long way since Tough Enough.

65. Jessicka Havok
Accomplishments: Current Women's Superstars Uncensored Champion (won the title on April 28th, 2012)
Breakdown: She continues to dominate everywhere she goes. She has held the WSU Title for nearly 17 months now, has one of the best win/loss records in SHINE, and has recently started working in SHIMMER, which is only going to expand her portfolio as she competes in bigger matches against different opponents. Her future remains incredibly bright.

64. Rain
Accomplishments: Current SHINE Champion (won the title on July 12th, 2013)
Breakdown: She surprised a lot of people by winning SHINE's tournament to crown the very first SHINE Champion, and is basically the face of the promotion, even though they have bigger "names" such as Angelina Love, Amazing Kong (Kharma), Jazz and others on the roster. She has already announced that she'll be retiring from the business at the end of the year, so her last few months are sure to be filled with entertainment and drama, especially as the women of SHINE try to take her title away.

Accomplishments: Current All Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion (won the title on March 17th, 2013)
Breakdown: In the rich history of that title, only Puroresu legends Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada and Stan Hansen have held it more times than SUWAMA has, and only Misawa has held it for more total days. He's actually underrated at this stage, with the aforementioned names from New Japan and guys from Pro Wrestling NOAH and Dragon Gate getting more "buzz" in North America, but he continues being successful and winning titles, and he gets love shown to him in the LoP 100 because of it.

62. Davey Richards
Accomplishments: Won the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles (with Eddie Edwards) on August 3rd (dropped the titles on August 17th)
Breakdown: Ugh. All of my anti-Davey bias aside, I don't see how he was ranked this high. He had a poor year, all things considered, and his only title reign was a two-week stint with the RoH Tag Team Titles. He's a big "name" on the indy scene, though, and I think that may have had a lot to do with him being ranked here. It is what it is, though, and Davey gets a solid ranking in the LoP 100. Now, let's move on, before I start to rant about this asshole and derail the list altogether.

61. Jay Lethal
Accomplishments: Current Southside Wrestling Entertainment Speed King Champion (won the title on May 25th, 2013).. Won Ring Of Honor's Survival Of The Fittest Tournament
Breakdown: People thought this was going to be the year that Jay Lethal finally reached main event status in a larger company and would win the RoH World Title. We're about three-quarters of the way through the year, and he hasn't done it yet, but he's still in contention. He actually follows a pattern in RoH, where the company often waits too long to push people to the main event, and if another RoH trend is followed, fans will cheer for Lethal riiiiight up until the moment he finally wins the World Title, when they'll turn their backs on him and call him "boring" or "overrated" like the true hipster douchebags that they are. That's a different story for a different day, though.

60. Michael Elgin
Accomplishments: Won the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team Titles (with Brian Cage) on January 12th (dropped the titles later that same day)
Breakdown: He's been making his way up the card in Ring Of Honor for a while now, to the point where he just main evented an RoH event this past weekend, competing for the World Title. He wasn't successful in winning the title, but he was there, and looks like he'll be remaining in the main event scene. His rise was steady, and he was rewarded for it by the LoP voters.

59. Kaitlyn
Accomplishments: Won the WWE Divas Title on January 13th (dropped the title on June 16th).. 28-16-2 record on WWE television
Breakdown: She kind of came out of nowhere to become the Divas Champion, but she held the belt for five months, so all the talk of her getting her title shot on "accident" because of a botched spot in a Battle Royal were put to rest. She improved in the ring, and started to get more over with the WWE Universe as a result of working a solid storyline with AJ Lee. Kaitlyn is now a legit option in the Divas division, and should continue to be, moving forward, once this terrible Total Divas shit is over and done with.

58. Fandango
Accomplishments: 11-12-1 record on WWE television
Breakdown: If not for a stretch where he lost eight consecutive matches on television and pay-per-view, his record would have looked tremendous, and he probably would have seen a much higher ranking. I seem to go back-and-forth with what I think WWE will do with Fandango. At first, it obviously seemed like they wanted to capitalize on the "Fandangoing" fad and push him high up the card, but then the push started to fade, and he was dealing with a concussion. He's not at the level he once was, but it seems like he gets better in the ring and has better chemistry with his opponents the more he works. Unfortunately, he'll never be a main event-level guy with that gimmick, but he can build himself up into a very solid upper-midcard guy, competing for and winning United States and Intercontinental Titles.

57. AR Fox
Accomplishments: Current EVOLVE Champion (won the title on April 5th, 2013).. Won the EVOLVE Championship Tournament.. Came into the grading period as one-half (with CIMA) of the Dragon Gate USA Open The United Gate Champions (dropped the titles on April 6th).. Won Women's Superstars Uncensored & Combat Zone Wrestling's Queen & King Of The Ring Tournament (with Athena).. Ended the grading period as the Combat Zone Wrestling Wired TV Championship (won the title on September 8th, 2012).. Came into the grading period as the Combat Zone Wrestling World Junior Heavyweight Champion (unified/retired the title on September 8th, 2012).. Current Chile Lucha Libre International All-Star Champion (won the title on June 8th, 2013)
Breakdown: Man, I'm exhausted from just typing the man's accomplishments for the year. If you're not someone who follows the indy scene and you don't know who AR Fox is, that list of accomplishments is part of the reason why many people think he's a lock to be signed to a WWE contract within the next year or two. He wrestles all over the place, and he wins everywhere he goes. If he were a bigger "name", or if Ring Of Honor were on his list of places that he won titles, he'd probably be ranked much higher. He certainly deserves it, with as much as he's done this year.

56. Triple H
Accomplishments: 1-5 record on WWE television
Breakdown: Not exactly the best winning percentage you're going to find, but let's also not forget that the last three losses were of the cheap variety to Curtis Axel, where he lost without actually really losing. When you remove that, he still has a losing record, but the other three matches he participated in were extremely high-profile bouts against Brock Lesnar. Their trilogy was either really underrated or really overrated, depending on how much of a Triple H fan you are. There's no real in between. Had he come out on the winning end of the trilogy, I think you would have seen him get a final ranking that was much higher than this, but as it is, he was a face that lost out to a heel when all was said and done. Fans of Trips should just be satisfied with this ranking, and move on.

55. Sami Zayn
Accomplishments: Nothing of note
Breakdown: Don't get the lack of accomplishments fool you, ladies and gentlemen. The man who used to wrestle as "The Generic Luchador" El Generico has been on a meteoric rise in the last few months. When he first signed with WWE, and it was revealed that he'd be changing his name and removing his Luchador mask, his fans all but gave up on him. They felt he would be yet another "indy darling" that the company would "ruin", joining the likes of Colt Cabana and Low Ki, but now, there may only be two or three people on the entire WWE roster that get the consistently overwhelming face reactions (obviously, altered for arena size, with WWE crowds VS NXT crowds) that Zayn gets. He is the Daniel Bryan of NXT, for all intents and purposes, getting a giant push because of an organic crowd reaction. It would stun me if Zayn is still in NXT by the time next year's LoP 100 is revealed, and to be honest, I might be pretty shocked if he even makes it to WrestleMania before getting a main roster promotion.

54. Adam Cole
Accomplishments: Current Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion (won the title on December 1st, 2012).. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle Of Los Angeles Tournament Winner.. Came into the grading period as the Ring Of Honor World Television Champion (dropped the title on March 2nd)
Breakdown: If the grading period was extended one more month, you'd see a much higher ranking for Adam Cole, as he just won the Ring Of Honor World Title this past Friday night. His ascension was seen from a mile away, though. It was crystal clear that RoH was grooming Cole for something big, and with him having a huge year for PWG, he was successful from coast-to-coast. Keep your eye out on him if you're looking for people that will probably end up on the WWE roster at some point. Earlier this year, Cole was rumored to be heading to WWE, but he re-signed with RoH at the last minute, but how long will that last? At some point, the desire to wrestle for the largest promotion on the planet has to take over, you would think.

53. Bray Wyatt
Accomplishments: 3-0 record on WWE television
Breakdown: He missed the first five months of the grading period due to an injury, and once he returned to NXT, his character really took off. The Wyatt Family built up a tidal wave of support, and they earned a main roster promotion. Since being promoted, every member of the group is undefeated, but it is the leader that gets all the attention, starting with a pay-per-view victory over Kane in an Inferno-style match. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bray and his henchmen, especially with The Shield around as a heel trio, but it's safe to assume that "The Eater Of Worlds" is in line for another big year.

52. Curtis Axel/Michael McGillicutty
Accomplishments: Current WWE Intercontinental Champion (won the title on June 16th, 2013).. 18-7-1 record on WWE television
Breakdown: His record is changed if you remove his days as Michael McGillicutty. He was 0-5 as McGillicutty, making him a ridiculous 18-2-1 as Curtis Axel on television and pay-per-view. Yes, a lot of those wins were of the forfeit and countout fashion, but they were still wins, and he found himself involved with some very big names on television. If you just look at things at face value.. he defeated Triple H three times, John Cena twice, Chris Jericho twice, winning the Intercontinental Title, etc.. you'd think Axel was, at the very worst, a top ten guy this year. People still don't completely take the guy seriously, and give all of the credit for his push to Paul Heyman. Fair or unfair, he just missed out on cracking the top 50 in the LoP 100.

51. The Undertaker
Accomplishments: 2-1 record on WWE television
Breakdown: He wrestled two more matches than anyone thought he would this year, but personally, I'm glad he did. Not only was his WrestleMania match against CM Punk a Match Of The Year candidate, but he was involved in two really good matches involving The Shield, helping to really get them over even further. Obviously, he wasn't around for very long at all, and with only three matches, doesn't exactly have a lot of action to look at, but enough people gave him enough credit for what he did accomplish to nearly break him into the top half of the countdown.

50. Kenny King
Accomplishments: Won the TNA X-Division Title on February 28th (dropped the title on June 2nd).. 14-11 record on TNA television
Breakdown: If not for the fact that he was on the losing end of the last six television and pay-per-view matches he competed in, he probably would have ranked a lot higher on the list. He was a non-factor for the last three months of the grading period, and that's what people really tend to remember. He seemed to be a really promising young talent for TNA at one point, though, leading up to him winning the X-Division Title, so there's still potential for him to be a star with the company.

Accomplishments: Current Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Heavyweight Champion (won the title on January 27th, 2013).. Won the Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Tag Team Titles (with Maybach Taniguchi) on October 8th, 2012 (dropped the titles on October 26th, 2012).. Winner of the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Tag League (with Yoshihiro Takayama)
Breakdown: Poor, poor KENTA. First, CM Punk takes Go To Sleep and makes it famous, and now Daniel Bryan is using the Busaiku Knee to win matches. What's next? Dolph Ziggler going to change his name to DOLPH? I'm sure KENTA is just torn up about all of it. He's been having such a successful year, finally winning the GHC Heavyweight Title and the GHC Tag Team Titles after spending a few years as a successful Junior Heavyweight, winning the Junior Heavyweight Title three times and the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles three more times. He's now the "ace" of NOAH, and he appears to be there to stay.

48. Prince Devitt
Accomplishments: Current New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (won the title on November 11th, 2012).. Winner of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Best Of The Super Juniors Tournament.. Came into the grading period as the NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion (dropped the title on September 28th, 2012).. Current Real Quality Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion (won the title on November 16th, 2012)
Breakdown: Devitt is one of the more successful junior heavyweight/cruiserweight workers on the planet, and for good reason. He is, at worst, the fifth best in-ring worker on the planet. Obviously, that makes people wish that he would sign with WWE, giving them another international talent (an Irishman who is incredibly successful in England and Japan) and who isn't too small (5'11" and 180 pounds, which would make him taller than Daniel Bryan and probably heavier than Bryan's actual weight) to succeed on WWE's "stage". That's a move that could be beneficial to both parties.

47. Christian
Accomplishments: 15-6 record on WWE television
Breakdown: Christian is an interesting case. As you can see by his record, he's still quite successful, especially when you compare it to the records of other WWE names we've seen on this list. On the other hand, though, he seems to top off when it comes to the upper midcard, and it seems like more and more people want him to just go away already, even though he's still as good in the ring as he has been, able to put on entertaining matches with a variety of opponents. He's certainly getting up there in age, but if he's still handling his business in the ring, I say we should let him cook, as the saying goes.

46. Kazarian
Accomplishments: Came into the grading period as one-half (with Christopher Daniels) of the TNA Tag Team Champions (dropping the titles on October 14th).. 13-21-2 record on TNA television
Breakdown: Well, that's a pretty poor record. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were one of TNA's best tag teams throughout the year, win or lose, however, providing entertainment whenever they were on television, whether it was in the ring, on the microphone or hanging out backstage. I think he was rewarded for that, more than his actual success, but that's fine. It's not like he didn't have a title reign or anything.

45. Devon
Accomplishments: Came into the grading period as the TNA Television Champion (dropping the title on September 26th).. Won the TNA Television Title on December 6th (dropped the title on June 2nd).. 13-17 record on TNA television
Breakdown: Despite what you think about the entire Aces & 8's storyline, Devon was definitely a major part of the group during the year. He was often outshined by the other members in the group, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad, but he was important nonetheless. The only real unfortunate thing for him is the fact that TNA gave him a title that they made to look like an absolute joke, creating "rules" for it that they would go on to completely ignore the following week. That isn't his fault, though, so I won't hold it against him.

44. Sting
Accomplishments: 11-6 record on TNA television
Breakdown: With every passing year, we all think Sting is finished, and then he'll pull out that one match that makes people want to chant "you still got it" at him. That's part of why I don't slander him as much as others do for being "old", "past his prime", etc. I'm also waiting for him to finally head to WWE for that mega payday against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Part of Sting being in this spot, and perhaps not higher as a "big name" is losing the match with the "you can't compete for the World Title anymore" stipulation on it. If he could have continued feuding for the TNA World Title, he would have had a bigger profile, even if he didn't win it.

43. Magnus
Accomplishments: Came into the grading period as one-half (with Samoa Joe) of the Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Tag Team Champions (dropped the titles on October 8th, 2012).. 17-9 record on TNA television
Breakdown: Right off the bat, Magnus is definitely someone to watch on next year's list, as a lot of people think he'll be a legit main event guy, and will probably get a TNA World Title reign before too long. I'm one of those people. I think he deserves it. He has come such a long way in such a short period of time, and is rounding into the "total package" (no, not Lex Luger) at this point. It would behoove TNA to put their title on someone that is viewed as a "TNA Guy", and someone that is young (he doesn't turn 27 until November 6th), in an attempt to change the general wrestling fan's perception of their product. What is there to lose, really? The company clearly likes him, as evidenced by the push they've already been giving him, and the general success he's had. Why not see what pulling the trigger on a real push can get you?

42. Johnny Gargano
Accomplishments: Current Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion (won the title on November 13th, 2011)
Breakdown: Every year, for the last few years, people ask one question about Johnny Gargano. That question is.. why in the hell hasn't he been signed to a WWE contract yet? He's young, athletic, has a good "look", is a very good in-ring worker, and has charisma to spare. He had yet another solid year, winning everywhere he went. As of this posting, Gargano has held the DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title for 680 consecutive days, meaning his two-year anniversary as champion is right around the corner. Considering the heavy WWE and TNA bias with many of the LoP 100 voters, I'm almost surprised that Gargano ranked this high, but it's a pleasant surprise.

41. Chris Sabin
Accomplishments: Won the TNA X-Division Title on June 2nd, 2013 (dropped the title on June 20th).. Won the TNA X-Division Title on June 29th (vacated the title on June 29th to earn a TNA World Title shot).. Won the TNA World Title on July 18th (dropped the title on August 15th).. 8-3 record on TNA television
Breakdown: While I have been very vocal about Sabin, quite possibly, being the worst full-time wrestler World Champion (so that excludes people like David Arquette, Vince McMahon, etc) of all-time, and is now one of the worst heels in recent memory, there's no denying the success he had this year. He missed a large chunk of the grading period with an injury, but since returning, he's been on fire. Yes, his title reigns combined to last a month-and-a-half, but he was still one of the most decorated members of the TNA roster with the two X-Division reigns and one World reign. He came out of nowhere to show the world that he could be a singles star, and that he wasn't going to fade into obscurity once the Motor City Machine Guns were split up.

Join me on Thursday as I deliver the names ranked from #40 to #11.

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