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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Lords Of Podcast Roundtable - First Take: Hustle VS Repo
By Hustle
Jul 11, 2012 - 9:20:59 PM

LoPR is doing a show that isn't a pay-per-view predictions episode? Incredible.

Taking a page from ESPN's First Take, LoPR fan favorite Son Of Repoman joins me to debate multiple topics in the world of wrestling. It's an interesting time in both the WWE and TNA landscape, and we could have made the show twice as long if we really wanted to, in an attempt to cover it all.

Listen in, hear what Repo and I have to say, and then it's up to you, in ReaderLand, to choose who did the best job. A poll will be posted below the video, and it's simple.. decide whether Repo or I "won". Please keep your votes to the poll, or in the comments section at the bottom of the page, just for easier tabulation. Thank you.

First Take is going to be a weekly thing, with various people coming in to debate me every Wednesday. Keep an eye out for other LoPR personalities, as well as LoP main page columnists, joining the party, and maybe.. just maybe.. some extra special guests in the future, if all goes well. Here's the show..

Who "won": Hustle or Repo?
pollcode.com free polls 

Now, for my final piece of business tonight. During the show, I made mention of a vacation in Florida. The LoP/LoPR Ballin Ass Vacation & Entertainment Extravaganza is coming to Orlando in April. Your favorite LoPR personalities, as well as other surprise guests, will be heading to Orlando for vacation, staying in the mansion at this link..

Orlando Vacation House

The fun part is.. we still have room to accommodate more people. If you live in or around Orlando, or are looking for a nice vacation idea in April, please hit me up, and you can join us. For those wondering, we do have people bringing their significant others, so that won't be a problem if you want to bring your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband with you. Disney, Universal Studios, short trips to various beaches, sun, fun, wrestling throughout the state (NXT, TNA, SHINE, etc always running in Florida).. there's going to be no shortage of things to do during the week.

We're looking at serious inquiries only, so please don't look at the trip if you have $50 to your name. All of the financial numbers will be discussed with you upon your inquiry. It's going to be a blast, ladies and gentlemen. Well worth your time and money, I guarantee you.

As always, follow us on Twitter..

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