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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Lords Of Podcast Roundtable - Jimmy Jacobs Interview
By Hustle
Feb 20, 2013 - 1:01:05 PM

It has been seven months, to the day, since the last LoPR episode was posted, but we're back, and we're back with something very special.

We were blessed enough to be joined by Jimmy Jacobs for a very candid interview.

Five-time Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champion. One-time Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team Champion. One-time All American Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. A grand total of 48 title reigns in promotions all across North America. Jacobs has been a decorated wrestler for a decade, and is held in high regard by many (including myself) as one of the best "talkers" in the business, as well as a great wrestling mind.

The interview was conducted by LoPR co-host De (after my Skype crapped out on me at the last possible moment), and the questions were somewhat different than the "average" interview you'll see/read/hear. We tried to put ourselves in a different pair of shoes, figuring that Jimmy Jacobs has done interviews elsewhere, and has probably been asked the same questions time and time again. He was very open and honest in discussing topics such as the International Olympic Committee deciding to remove wrestling from the Olympic Games, his childhood hero's induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame, how he feels about seeing his former tag team partner achieve success with WWE, and what pro wrestling legend he feels handled himself in a foolish, unprofessional manner.

To see Jimmy Jacobs in action, head over to ROHWrestling.com and order their 11th Anniversary Show iPPV on Saturday, March 2nd, where he will team with Steve Corino to take on Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. His social media information can be found during the interview.

I want to take this time to send out my sincerest thanks, on behalf of the entire LoPR crew, to Jimmy Jacobs for joining us here. I would also like to thank De for handling the situation like a champ after my technical issues. Another set of thanks goes out to Kyle for busting his ass with all of the "behind the scenes" work. My final thank you goes to LoPR's Chicago Field Correspondent, Chief, for getting the interview lined up.

This won't be the last interview you see from the Lords Of Podcast Roundtable, ladies and gentlemen. We have some surprises being cooked up in the coming months, so be on the lookout for all of that.

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