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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
LoP Radio's Schedule For The Week (6/10 - 6/14)
By Hustle
Jun 10, 2013 - 11:59:59 PM

You rock, Maricel.

Brand new, hot off the presses schedule for LoP Radio during the week of 6/10-6/14..

Monday, June 10th at 3pm EST
The Rant's End, starring myself & De

We're known for our ranting, so why not have a show strictly dedicated to us doing just that? These shows won't be for the weak.

Tuesday, June 11th at 3pm EST
HAM Radio Weekly, starring Al Laiman

After a couple of test runs, Al Laiman makes his official LoP Radio debut. Vegetarians need not apply.

Wednesday, June 12th at 3:30pm EST
Untitled, starring The Doc & Super Chrisss

Sure, the show has yet to pick up a snazzy title, but what more reason do you need to tune in? It's The Doc. It's Super Chrisss.

Thursday, June 13th at 11pm EST
IMPACTheRevolution, starring LoP Mystic & mizfan

Immediately after Impact goes off the air, join two of LoP's biggest TNA fans as they break down the happenings, not only of the show that night, but of the TNA week that was.

Friday, June 14th at 7pm EST
Ultimate Champion, starring myself & Repo

In our take on The Deadliest Warrior, we pair two great wrestlers throughout history and pit them against each other in warfare as we try to determine just who is.. the Ultimate Champion. In this episode, we pair two heroes from different generations.

Click the following link to be taken to the official LoP Radio page at BlogTalkRadio..

LoP Radio

Check out the official BlogTalkRadio player here, where you can listen to our shows..

Listen to internet radio with LOP Radio on BlogTalkRadio

For those of you that have been asking us about alternative ways to listen to the shows, we're now on iTunes. Click the following link to be taken to our iTunes page, where every episode will be added soon after it airs..

LoP Radio on iTunes

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