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Hustle's Monday Morning Mayhem - Payback
By Hustle
Jun 17, 2013 - 11:04:30 AM

"Just another Manic Monday.."

Writer's Note: In case you missed it, LoP Radio went live on the air after Payback, breaking everything down and taking some calls from listeners. For future notice, we will be doing post-shows after every WWE and TNA pay-per-view, going on the air at 11pm EST. The show can be listened to at the following link..

LoP Radio's Payback Post-Show

Ten Things I Think I Think

1. Damien Sandow is one of the most dependable performers on the WWE roster. Obviously, every wrestler does what they're told, but with Sandow, he's one of the workers that can go out there and wrestle in lengthy matches, as well as quick matches. He can go out there and cut heel promos, with or without humor. In a single week, he can go out and wrestle in a six-minute match on Raw, in a 20-minute match on Main Event, and be involved in a ten-minute promo segment on Smackdown, and he can shine in all of them. I'm starting to come around on his in-ring work, although I still can't picture him as a main event player. He's definitely capable of holding a midcard title, but he really needs WWE management to get behind a real push for him, instead of the start-and-stop bullshit that he seems to be on all the time.

2. That was an impressive Triple Threat Match. If you know anything about me, you know I dislike the usual formula that Triple Threats feature, with one man always having to stay out of the match for a ridiculous amount of time, especially considering what move he just took. You'll see Wrestler A hit Wrestler B with a single clothesline, and Wrestler B will roll to the outside and sell it as if he was just hit with 20 consecutive Attitude Adjustments from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Then Wrestler B will come back into the ring and throw Wrestler C over the top rope, where Wrestler C would spend the next five-plus minutes on the outside selling as if he was just shot. It continues on and on, with only the occasional stretch with all three competitors working together. Last night was mostly different, and the second half of the match was a lot of fun. Kudos to Wade Barrett, Curtis Axel, and.. I guess.. to The Miz. The match result certainly didn't come as a surprise to anyone, but as I said, at least having a "Paul Heyman Guy" hold the Intercontinental Title means the champion will be on television regularly, which should improve the prestige of the title. We shall see.

3. Kaitlyn VS AJ Lee was, perhaps, the best Divas match since Trish Stratus VS Mickie James at WrestleMania 22. I'm not kidding. I've been praising the storyline and the build to the match, but I wouldn't have dreamed Kaitlyn and AJ would be given ten minutes to work with. They were able to tell a great story, and in an insanely rare moment, we got to see psychology in a Divas match. It wasn't just taking a random Diva, putting her in the ring with another random Diva, and telling them to wrap things up in less than three minutes. AJ winning the Divas Title is long, long, long overdue, and I can't remember the last time I was this excited to see what would happen with the Divas. Kaitlyn was on the verge of having a breakdown after the match. Maybe her character will have a much needed edge to it now, as she desperately tries to win the title back. Maybe the likes of Layla and Alicia Fox, who were there to try and console Kaitlyn, will try to get revenge for their friend. Maybe Natalya will be called upon to help bring the best possible matches out of AJ. Whatever happens, I'm interested, and that's what matters.

4. This might be another unpopular opinion, but Rob Van Dam's WWE return will be a success. For those that missed it, a vignette aired during the show, featuring RVD's WWE career highlights, with the announcement that the man will be returning to the company at Money In The Bank. Word is that he only signed a short-term deal, and won't be a full-time guy, but I like the move. While he's getting up there in years, and he hasn't exactly had a string of classic matches in recent years, all you needed to do was listen to the Chicago crowd last night after the vignette aired to see why WWE brought him back. There were multiple "R-V-D" chants, and you'll probably hear them regularly between now and Money In The Bank. Live crowds still love the guy. Oh, and Money In The Bank just so happens to be coming to us from Philadelphia, which means that crowd will go nuts for him. I don't think he'll win the WWE or World Title, but he'll bring some extra attention to WWE programming, from those old school ECW fans who are afraid to completely move on. Hooray for a temporary ratings boost!

5. I have no idea what's going on with Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Some are saying we saw a double turn last night. Some are saying we saw a Del Rio heel turn. Some are saying it was just an overly smarky crowd cheering for who they want, and not who WWE essentially tells us to cheer for. If you were to force me to choose a side, I'd say it was mostly just the Chicago crowd reacting the way they wanted to. If that's the case, I think the company noticed that crowd reaction, and I think they will run with it, if they weren't already planning to do so. The WWE Universe has been looking for a reason to cheer Dolph Ziggler for months now, and Alberto Del Rio.. well, most cities would rather do anything than cheer him. It's so bad that Chicago wouldn't even pop for Ricardo Rodriguez, who is over everywhere, simply because he's an associate of ADR. During the LoP Radio post-show, I went on a mini-rant involving Ziggler, concussions and the way the match was put together, so I don't want to get into it again here, but let's just say I'm not a fan. I'm interested to see if Dolph gets more time off, and what his crowd reactions will be moving forward, as he certainly looked like a sympathetic babyface last night, complete with shedding tears after the match as it sank in that he lost his title.

6. I'm happy that "Cult Of Personality" is still CM Punk's entrance music. We've all seen the rumors that Punk was going to return with a brand new entrance theme performed by the band Rancid, but I'm super glad that wasn't the case. For one, I'm not a fan of Rancid, and never have been. Two, "Cult Of Personality" is such a kick-ass tune, and selfishly, I'm not ready to see it go. There's nothing deeper to it than that. I just like hearing it. Sue me.

7. CM Punk and John Cena have better matches with each other than CM Punk and Chris Jericho do. What that does is further my opinion that Chris Jericho is overrated. Do not get me wrong.. Punk and Jericho haven't had any bad matches together. Far from it, actually. However, their level of in-ring chemistry doesn't even come close to approaching that of Punk and Cena. I'd even say that Punk and Rey Mysterio have more chemistry than Punk and Jericho do, and I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it if you felt Punk and The Undertaker have better chemistry, as well. These two just don't "click" like you would expect them to, and that's a shame. There's a lot of talent in the ring when they face off, but it's almost like both men are used to leading their dance partners, but refuse to be led.

8. I hoped it wouldn't happen, but now we're in a spot where Daniel Bryan is jogging in place, instead of moving forward. I broke down a few scenarios in my predictions column, and went over a couple that would have made people see Bryan as the next WWE Title contender moving forward. What we got last night was not one of those scenarios. Bryan took the pin, but we got no post-match shenaniganery. No heel turn from Bryan. No heel turn from Orton. Nothing. Just more teased friction between Bryan and Orton during the match. No matter what the reports say this morning, it would appear that we're much closer to seeing Daniel Bryan VS Randy Orton at Money In The Bank than we are to seeing Daniel Bryan VS John Cena, and that.. that gives me a sad.

9. I don't want to see Ryback in any more main events, at least for the rest of 2013. End.. the.. experiment.. already. Ryback.. was.. ruined.. by.. going.. heel.. and.. now.. he.. has.. lost.. 200.. consecutive.. title.. matches. His.. promos.. continue.. to.. be.. the.. same.. fractured.. sentence.. meathead.. bullshit. Just.. stop.. it.. WWE. I'm.. out.. of.. breath.. now.

10. Here are my star ratings for the entire card:

- Sheamus VS Sandow - 2.25 stars
- Barrett VS Miz VS Axel - 3 stars
- Kaitlyn VS AJ - 3.25 stars
- Ambrose VS Kane - 1.75 stars
- Ziggler VS ADR - 2 stars
- Jericho VS Punk - 3.25 stars
- Rollins & Reigns VS Bryan & Orton - 2.25 stars
- Cena VS Ryback - 2 stars

Nothing terribly offensive on the card. Almost everything was at least solid. I'd give the overall show a thumbs up, but it wouldn't be an enthusiastic thumbs up. Another show that is worth a download if you haven't seen it, but not worth ordering the replay or even purchasing the DVD down the road.

Factoid Of The Week That May Interest Only Me

San Antonio Spurs Guard Danny Green has already hit 25 three-pointers in the NBA Finals, which is an all-time record, and there might be two games left in the series. He's been absolutely on fire against the Miami Heat, and he has a legit chance to really put this record into rarefied air, where it probably won't be touched for a long time. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Tweet Of The Week

Tonight was a dream that took 14 years of will power & hard work to realize. I did it my way. This is the proudest moment of my life.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. I'm a big-time mark for when wrestlers who grew up as fans of the sport win titles and have emotional reactions, even if they're heels. AJ's story has been told time and time again, but it's great to see her fandom showing through in everything she does. She's come a long way, and she is more than deserving of being the Divas Champion for all of the work she has put in over the last year or two. The scary part? I think the best is yet to come from her and her character. She hasn't painted her masterpiece just yet. Congratulations, AJ.

Who I Like Tonight

I think we'll see another twist in the AJ/Kaitlyn storyline, probably with Kaitlyn continuing her descent into madness over losing the title. It would be a new twist on things to see AJ as the puppet master, so to speak, and to have Kaitlyn as the one who is losing her mind and going crazy over everything.

Just for fun, let's say we'll see Daniel Bryan VS Randy Orton tonight, after they have an argument backstage over how they lost their match at the pay-per-view.

Mark Henry will make his return and tease retirement, possibly even getting emotional as he speaks, only to turn that sadness into rage as he swerves everyone by saying he still has unfinished business to take care of.

I think it's safe to assume we'll get a match involving The Shield in some way, shape or form that approaches the 15-minute mark, if not tops it.

Still no Christian, but soon.. soon.

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