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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Madness 2013 - Greatest WWE Moment Of The Last 30 Years (Winner)
By Hustle
May 6, 2013 - 6:55:27 AM

Another edition of Hustle Madness has come and gone, and once again, I want to take this time to thank everyone that has taken the time out to vote in any of the rounds, to leave me feedback about the various matchups, or even to thank me for doing what I'm doing. I really couldn't do this without all of you. For next year's Hustle Madness, look for a change or two to take place. I can't go into detail about everything, but I can say that next year's Hustle Madness will feature a "voting committee" that will work with me to put together the brackets, instead of me doing everything solo. There's plenty of time for that, though, considering we still have 11-ish months until Hustle Madness rolls around again.

Before I get to the final results, I do want to keep everyone updated on a couple things.. one that I've previously mentioned, and one that I haven't.

1. LoP Radio is coming. You've heard me talk about it in the past, but many of your favorite LoP writers, both here on the main page and in the Columns Forum, will be working together and giving you audio content to go along with our columns. There will be live shows, pre-recorded shows, interviews (I'm already working on putting several interviews together), and even some non-wrestling content (sometimes MMA, sometimes sports, sometimes music, etc). Keep your peepers peepin right here on the main page, as you'll see other columnists beginning to promote the shows, and you'll also see a schedule that will be posted so you can see who is on the air at what time.

2. Many of you have been asking me about this through the years, and I've never had an answer for you, but now, I have an update.. it looks like LoP will be getting a mobile app in 2013. That's all the information I have to give you right now, but as things begin to happen, I'll be sure to pass on any updates.

Now, let's get on with the Hustle Madness results..

I had a lot of you hit me up with your private stories of wrestling fandom, thanks to the final matchup. I read each and every one of your stories, even if I didn't have time to get back to you. I enjoyed seeing all of the "Hulkamania is the reason I became a wrestling fan" stories. I enjoyed seeing all of the "Austin 3:16 is the reason I became a wrestling fan" stories. I even enjoyed seeing all of the "Austin 3:16 is the reason I became a wrestling fan again" stories. It allowed me to travel down memory lane, as well. It has been pretty well documented that Ric Flair is the first wrestler I ever saw on television, and he got me into the business, but it is Hulk Hogan and the Hulkamania era that kept me into the business. I was also lucky enough to be a high school student during the Attitude Era, and I got to witness the monumental rise of Austin 3:16 every week.

Of course, this isn't about me. This is about you.

It was an epic slugfest between the two moments that many of you predicted would be in the finals from the moment you saw the brackets. It was back-and-forth all week long, and it pulled out some very passionate responses from you fine folks out there in ReaderLand. This was easily the most memorable final in Hustle Madness history, but.. with the final score of 302-293, the 2013 Hustle Madness winner is..

Hulkamania Is Born

From the bottom of my heart, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for indulging me at times like these. Thank you. I mean that. I'll see you all on Monday night/Tuesday morning for another Raw Running Diary.

E-mail: HIPRNFeedback@gmail.com


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