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Hustle Madness 2013 - Greatest WWE Moment Of The Last 30 Years (Sweet Sixteen)
By Hustle
Apr 10, 2013 - 6:51:20 PM

Red Bracket
#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell defeats #8 Mick Foley Wins The WWF Title For The First Time, 257-63
I'm not sure what saw more carnage.. Mick Foley's body flying off of the Cell and through the Spanish announce table, or the result of this matchup. From the beginning, the #1 seed ran out to a huge lead, and never really looked back. Does this mean my readers like seeing Foley struggle more than they enjoy seeing him succeed?

#4 Beer Bath defeats #5 Austin & Tyson, 179-141
Austin VS Austin, and wouldn't you know it, Austin wins. Go figure. This is another one of those bouts that, if not for a last-minute flurry of votes, would have been a lot closer than the final tally indicates. At two different points throughout the week, Austin & Tyson was in the lead by double-digit votes, but in the end, Austin making sure hundreds of people would fail sobriety tests that night, as well as Vince McMahon "swimming" in a beer puddle, was too much to overcome.

#6 Eric Bischoff Is The New Raw General Manager defeats #3 Chris Benoit's Death, 166-154
The first death to lose in this tournament. I guess I'm not really surprised, considering who it was that died, but even then, if you look at the margin of defeat, it really could have gone either way with the voting. I don't know if it was the dominant feeling, but a small handful of the 166 votes I received for the #6 seed were more along the lines of "I want the Benoit incident to be eliminated" than "I want Bischoff as GM to advance", so take that for what it's worth.

#10 The Rock's Return In 2011 defeats #2 Hulk Hogan Bodyslams Andre The Giant, 164-156
What a slugfest. Back and forth. Forth and back. Coming into this round, I figured this would be an interesting result to keep track of. The #2 seed happened 26 years ago, which was before a lot of you were even born, let alone started watching wrestling. Hogan's "aura" has taken a hit in the last few years. On top of that, The Rock is back and is the "it" guy in wrestling at the moment. When you add all of that up, I guess this "upset" shouldn't be much of an "upset", after all.

Blue Bracket
#1 Hulkamania Is Born defeats #9 Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Press At WrestleMania 19, 189-131
Remember what I just said about Hogan's "aura" taking a hit in recent years? Yeah. It probably had something to do with the #1 seed having a tough fight here in the second round, but it made it through, and really, that's all that matters.

#12 Eddie Guerrero's Death defeats #4 Steve Austin's First WWF Title Win, 182-138
This was another one that I was really looking forward to. You have the death of one of the most beloved workers (and people) of this generation, and it's taking on the beginning of the string of titles won by, arguably, the greatest performer in the history of the business. This week was essentially split into thirds as far as this matchup is concerned. The first third saw the #12 seed perform well, picking up a nice lead. The second third saw the #4 seed make a huge comeback, coming close to taking the lead outright. The final third saw the #12 pull back into the lead, giving us the final tally.

#6 The Chicago Crowd At Money In The Bank 2011 defeats #3 Vince McMahon Is Stunned For The First Time, 199-121
Never underestimate the power of a fantastic atmosphere, folks. The #6 seed advances here, defeating the moment that kicked off what many people feel to be the greatest feud in the history of the wrestling business. The #3 seed dominated the last 20 or so votes that I counted, otherwise we could have seen an even bigger blowout here.

#10 Shawn Michaels Kicks Out Of A Tombstone At WrestleMania 25 defeats #15 Edge Retires, 183-137
Apparently, Edge was a lot more loved and appreciated by the IWC than I thought. The #15 seed pulled off the huge upset in the first round, knocking off a #2 seed, and it damn near won again here. At one point earlier in the week, the #15 seed was actually in the lead. In the end, though, that "holy shit" moment I've previously discussed was enough to advance, giving us our second double-digit seed in the Sweet Sixteen.

Orange Bracket
#9 Bret Hart Locks Steve Austin In The Sharpshooter At WrestleMania 13 defeats #1 Ric Flair's Retirement Ceremony, 172-148
This was another "perfect" storm, as well, in my opinion. Ric Flair's "aura" has probably taken an even bigger hit in recent years than Hulk Hogan's has. It's also WrestleMania time, and with so many people going back and watching old Mania matches/events in the week(s) leading up to this year's event, a lot of people are witnessing the Hart/Austin match all over again. You put that together, and you have our first #1 seed to be eliminated.

#4 The Montreal Screwjob defeats #5 Chris Jericho's Debut, 162-158
Wow. If you look at the number of votes that were cast in this round, and you do your math work, you'd see that this is just about as close as it can get. Two votes in the other direction would have meant a tie, and I would have had to advance the higher seed by default, as per the Hustle Madness rule book. As it is, though, the higher seed advanced, anyway. This was a lot of fun to watch. I swear, each side must have been in the lead at least a dozen times each. Even with the elimination, I think I've come to the official conclusion that I underseeded Jericho's debut a bit, but it is what it is.

#6 Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Hug To Close Out WrestleMania 20 defeats #3 Pillman's Got A Gun, 203-117
Two very different emotions coming across with these two moments. One is a real love, a bond between friends that turned them into brothers through the years. The other is a kayfabed hatred, with a bond between friends being destroyed to the point that one would pull a gun on the other and threaten to kill him. I guess I'm not really surprised that the "good" moment beat the "bad" moment here, even with Chris Benoit being involved in the "good". The moment was a great sign of what pro wrestling does, both for the wrestlers and the fans who watch them, as Guerrero and Benoit were able to share emotions over reaching the top of the mountain, and we were able to "feel" with them as we had watched their journeys.

#7 Pipe Bomb defeats #2 First Smackdown After September 11th, 2001, 207-113
I'm not really surprised that the #7 seed won, even as the lower seed, but I am surprised at the margin of victory. I know that CM Punk is another one of "in" names in wrestling right now, but I figured that the unique atmosphere of the #2 seed would carry it to some more votes, especially considering the fact that we've all seen shoot promos before, both of the legit and the worked varieties. Perhaps I've underseeded this one, as well.

Yellow Bracket
#1 Austin 3:16 defeats #8 The Rockers Split Up, 259-61
Well, this one wasn't even close, and I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone. I understand that the Rockers splitting up propelled Shawn Michaels to the heights of superstardom, but I really do think Marty Jannetty's substance abuse issues ruined the chance for the segment to create two major singles stars, and that may have hurt the segment in the grand scheme of people's memories when they look back at it, all these years later. The #1 seed in this round moves on in a blowout.

#5 DX Tries To Invade Nitro defeats #13 The Undertaker Becomes The American Badass, 254-66
Another blowout. I got a few votes from people who said that Taker's American Badass phase wasn't one they liked at all, and another handful of votes from people who said the phase didn't really last long enough to make big impressions in history, and that's why they voted for the #5 seed, which was a very historic moment on all fronts.

#3 Owen Hart's Death defeats #11 Roddy Piper Smashes A Coconut Over Jimmy Snuka's Head, 190-130
The fact that the #11 seed fared so well in this round shows me that the inclusion of deaths in this tournament has made some people uncomfortable. People weren't voting for Piper smashing a coconut over Snuka's head because they disliked Owen Hart or anything. They were voting to get the death of a man out of the tournament entirely, but it wasn't meant to be here. The #3 seed moves on by a relatively comfortable margin.

#10 Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Title defeats #2 This Is Your Life, Rock, 193-127
The Yellow bracket was home to the blowouts, with not a single "close" result to be found. The #2 seed was seen by more live viewers than any segment in televised wrestling history, but it wasn't enough to overcome to sheer happiness and joy that many of us felt when we watched Eddie Guerrero beat the odds and become the WWE Champion by beating Brock Lesnar. We have a third double-digit seed in the Sweet Sixteen, and one that will be a very tough "out", if you ask me.

With this round officially coming to a close, let's look at the Sweet Sixteen of Hustle Madness 2013..

#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell VS #4 Beer Bath
#6 Eric Bischoff Is The New Raw General Manager VS #10 The Rock's Return In 2011

#1 Hulkamania Is Born VS #12 Eddie Guerrero's Death
#6 Chicago Crowd At Money In The Bank 2011 VS #10 Shawn Michaels Kicks Out Of A Tombstone At WrestleMania 25

#9 Bret Hart Locks Steve Austin In The Sharpshooter At WrestleMania 13 VS #4 The Montreal Screwjob
#6 Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Hug To Close Out WrestleMania 20 VS #7 Pipe Bomb

#1 Austin 3:16 VS #5 DX Tries To Invade Nitro
#3 Owen Hart's Death VS #10 Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Title

Same rules apply here. You can vote in any of the 859 methods I have provided you, but your votes must be in by 8pm EST on Saturday, April 13th to be counted. Happy voting!

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