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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Madness 2013 - Greatest WWE Moment Of The Last 30 Years (Finals)
By Hustle
May 2, 2013 - 6:18:55 AM

Blue #1 Hulkamania Is Born defeats Red #1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell, 238-206
The theme that I kept seeing as I tallied the votes and read what many of you had to say was "era/wrestler definition". With the Blue #1, you had a moment that defined both. It created the phenomenon that would become known as Hulkamania, and Hulkamania helped to "create" professional wrestling in the minds of an entire generation of people who were unaware of the sport for one reason or another before Hogan came along. The Red #1, on the other hand, didn't define as much. It helped to paint Mick Foley as an absolutely insane individual, able to withstand levels of pain previously incomprehensible before, but that was a picture that had already been painted to the viewing audience. Some had witnessed his insane matches in Japan that involved barbed wire, thumbtacks, and heaven only knows what else, but for those who didn't see the matches, they were mentioned regularly on WWE TV, especially in the infamous sit-down interviews that Mankind had with Jim Ross the year before. The Undertaker wasn't being built up with his huge WrestleMania undefeated streak yet, but he had already been WWF Champion on two occasions by then, and had been involved in the main event scene for seven whole years. The margin of victory is a bit deceptive, because the losing moment had a bit of a spike in votes towards the end, narrowing the gap from approximately 70 votes down to the final margin of 32 before the deadline came and went. It was close in the beginning, but the winning moment began to pull away as the week went on, up until that final stretch at the end.

Yellow #1 Austin 3:16 defeats Orange #4 The Montreal Screwjob, 239-205
There were some similarities with the "era/wrestler definition" theme here. The Yellow #1 saw a man that was looked at as nothing more than a solid midcard talent for the majority of his career turn into something that people could look at and say "hey, they might be on to something with this guy". Austin's original WWF persona of The Ringmaster wasn't exactly known for mic skills and charisma, so it's fitting that those two things are what helped skyrocket Austin to heights never before seen in the wrestling business. The wrestlers involved in Orange #4 weren't put on the map because of what happened in Montreal that November night in 1997, but there was a legendary character that was born on that night.. Mr McMahon. Vince McMahon became one of the greatest characters in his own company, and it was all kicked off by the Montreal Screwjob. This matchup was a lot closer than the other one, pretty much all week long. At a couple points early in the week, the Orange #4 was in the lead, and on numerous occasions throughout the voting period, the leading margin was in the single digits. In the end, though, it was Austin's famous promo after winning King Of The Ring that advanced to the final round.

That gives us..

#1 Hulkamania Is Born VS #1 Austin 3:16

Hogan VS Austin. 1980s VS 1990s (although Hogan would have something to say about Austin "owning" the 90s). WrestleMania 1-10 VS WrestleMania 11-20 (yes, I'm aware they weren't involved in all of the events of "their" era). However you want to look at it, this is the matchup that has been building since I put the brackets together. There's a reason this is the first #1 VS #1 matchup in the history of Hustle Madness finals, ladies and gentlemen. Did Austin take the business to levels that Hogan couldn't dream of? Would Austin's fame have been possible if not for Hogan? The voting here is going to be very interesting, and very nostalgic, as everyone remembers the defining characters of the last two eras in wrestling history.

This is the final round, so your votes mean everything here. Your votes have to be sent to me by 6am EST on Sunday, May 5th to be counted. Happy voting!

E-mail: HIPRNFeedback@gmail.com


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