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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Madness 2013 - Greatest WWE Moment Of The Last 30 Years (Final Four)
By Hustle
Apr 24, 2013 - 5:38:00 AM

Red Bracket
#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell defeats #6 Eric Bischoff Is The New Raw General Manager, 345-60
Spoiler alert.. this was the biggest blowout of the round, by a decent margin. While Bischoff walking out on WWE programming and hugging Vince McMahon was a shocking, surreal moment in the history of wrestling, it just didn't carry the lasting effect on people's memories that Mankind being thrown off the Cell did. If you believe Jim Ross, even he didn't know about the spot, so his famous call ("Good God Almighty!! Good God Almighty!! They've killed him!! God as my witness, he is broken in half!!") was 100% real emotion as he watched it unfold in front of him. In my opinion, that only adds to the moment, making it all the more incredible to witness.

Blue Bracket
#1 Hulkamania Is Born defeats #6 Chicago Crowd At Money In The Bank 2011, 217-188
With as much negativity as I've seen about Hulk Hogan and what the last decade or so has done to his overall legacy, he has still advanced to the Final Four of Hustle Madness, so it can't be that bad, can it? This one has been pretty close all week long, but the #1 seed built up enough of a lead in the first few days of the voting period that it stayed ahead, no matter how much of a voting barrage the #6 seed had. We get another top seed winning its bracket and moving on to the Final Four.

Orange Bracket
#4 The Montreal Screwjob defeats #6 Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Hug To Close Out WrestleMania 20, 213-192
This was one of those weird matchups that ended up being like a sporting event where one team is getting beaten, and beaten badly, for most of the game, but then they decide to flip a switch and they storm all the way back for the victory. With approximately 36 hours to go in the voting period, the #6 seed was in the lead by nearly 100 votes. It looked like smooth sailing, but for one reason or another, the #4 seed started getting votes. Then it started getting some more votes. Then some more votes. Then even more votes. It came all the way back and ended up winning. One of the more amazing comebacks in Hustle Madness history. Credit goes to the Screwjob and the lasting legacy that it has, even to this day.

Yellow Bracket
#1 Austin 3:16 defeats #10 Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Title, 287-118
All three top seeds that made it to this round have advanced on to the Final Four, and when you add the fact that the higher seed in the Orange Bracket advanced, we have a pretty "chalk" grouping for the rest of the competition. To compare, last year's Final Four was a #1, a #3, a #2 and another #2. 2011's competition ended with a #3, a #2, a #3 and a #1. The year before ended with a #5, a #2, a #2 and a #1. The top seeds saw some really strong support this year, and the fact that almost all of them advanced this far shows it.

Let's take a look at the next round..

#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell VS #1 Hulkamania Is Born

#4 The Montreal Screwjob VS #1 Austin 3:16

Things are coming down to the wire, so it's more important than ever that you get those votes in. Your votes must be sent to me by 6am EST on Sunday, April 28th to be counted. Happy voting!

E-mail: HIPRNFeedback@gmail.com


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